The Warmest Romance Chapter 1193 -1194

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Chapter 1193

Yu Yimo was silent for a moment. Finally he nodded and said in a light voice, “have a meal.”

Up to now, no news is the best news, and he doesn’t want to make everyone more stressed because of himself. The only thing he can do is to wait for news quietly.

It’s just that he didn’t expect the bad news to come so soon.

The next morning, at dawn, Yu Yimo woke up. He was sitting in a wheelchair, looking at the distance from the balcony, and his heart was always restless.

Since he returned to Jiangzhou city from Castle Peak yesterday, all kinds of things have been lingering in his mind. In his present situation, what’s the next step? Now in the eyes of everyone, he is a dead man. What’s the point of his sudden appearance? And Yu group, what should he do?

All kinds of questions hovered in his mind, and for a moment he couldn’t find the answer.

At this time, the door was suddenly pushed open. Su Yucheng stepped in and looked around. Finally, when he saw Yu Yimo’s figure on the balcony, he hesitated.

Yu Yimo turned his head, saw it was him, and asked, “is there any result?”

Su Yucheng was silent for a moment. He stepped forward and stood beside him. Looking at the distant scenery outside, he said in a soft voice, “well.”

Yu Yimo’s heart tightens and moves slightly. He doesn’t speak, but is waiting for his answer.

After a moment’s silence, Su Yucheng said, “the body of Abbot Zhenyuan has been found. One kilometer away from the temple, he was stabbed, while Wu en and other young monks are missing.”

These words, like a heavy blow, made Yu Yimo’s heart sink. His hand holding the armrest of the wheelchair suddenly clenched, and the tendons on his forearm swelled. It seemed that he was trying to bear it, but his body still trembled uncontrollably.

For more than a month, if it wasn’t for the Abbot’s acceptance and their care, he would never have lived to this day. On another level, they, including the whole monastery, were all his saviors.

Now, he didn’t have time to repay them, but he didn’t think that because of his own reasons, he brought disaster to them. The abbot died and others disappeared. How could he forgive himself?

A deep sense of annoyance and shame surged into his heart, but at this moment, because of his disabled legs and current situation, he didn’t even have the ability to go to Yu Gubei to settle accounts in person!

Su Yu has a preconceived idea. He quickly reaches out his hand and puts it on his shoulder to comfort him. “Lao Yu, things have come to this point. I’m so sad.”

For more than a month, in order not to let others find anything, Su Yucheng usually went to see him at night, and few times. Even so, he could still feel the kindness, tolerance, friendliness and sincerity of the people in the temple.

Knowing the news like this, he felt very uncomfortable, not to mention the metaphor of getting along with them day and night.

Needless to say, he knows that Yu Yimo must be very upset.

The man sitting in the wheelchair with his head slightly lowered seems to be trying to suppress his emotions, but his shoulder still vibrates slightly. After a while, he slowly calms down. When he raises his head, his scarlet eyes are clearly visible.

The man’s eyes are brewing complex anger and extreme cold. He turns his head and looks straight at Su Yucheng, saying word by word, “Yucheng, help me again.”

He wanted to find out whether the chaos of war he experienced yesterday and the nightmare of life and death he encountered in the Buddhist temple had anything to do with that woman?

Chapter 1194

Since she came back from Castle Peak yesterday, Ruan Shishi has never been out of the house again. First of all, she was tired, and the whole body was sore after a day’s climbing. Secondly, she was thinking about whether her decision was right or wrong. After all, after eight or nine of them searched for it yesterday, they never found any useful clues.

She began to think, before those who do not want to go up the mountain brothers, is not long expected is this result? Is there something wrong with her thinking from the beginning?

Originally, she and brother long and Xiao Meng agreed to find them for three days, but now it seems that what they did is useless, so he simply gave them a holiday to have a good rest.

In the morning, after dinner, Ruan Shishi walked in the bedroom bored, suddenly saw the small piece of paper on the table, his thoughts were suddenly led to yesterday.

This is the mobile phone number she asked for from the abbot of the Zen Monastery. After she came back yesterday, she didn’t have time to call back. Now I see it and I think of it.

After a moment’s hesitation, she stepped forward, reached for the small piece of paper, looked at it, thought about it, and finally dialed the number with a glimmer of hope.

Just dial, there came a mechanical female voice, “sorry, you dial the phone off.”

Turned off?

Ruan Shishi was a little surprised, but on second thought, on weekdays, the abbot did not contact the outside world, and it was normal for his mobile phone to turn off.

Thinking about this, she put the note aside and turned to other things.

In the twinkling of an eye, in the afternoon, as soon as she was ready to go shopping, she received a call from Song yean.

She gave a little pause, then pressed the answer button, “hello? Good night

Song yean calls her at this time. Is she already in Jiangzhou?

The next second, song yean’s clear voice came from the other end of the phone, “Shishi, I’m in Jiangzhou. Because there’s something wrong, I haven’t had time to go to Xiqiao garden. How about you and Sensen Shasha? How are you doing? “

Ruan Shishi’s heart quickly passed a trace of complexity. Then, she said in a soft voice, “we are all very well. Don’t worry. Where are you now?”

“Near the company, do you have time? Shall we have dinner out in the evening? “

Ruan Shishi put her mobile phone between her shoulder and ear, picked up her handbag and said, “I’m going to go out and buy some clothes for my parents.”

There came a man’s voice with a smile, “that’s just right. I’ll show you around.”

Ruan Shishi said, “OK, I’ll see you later.”

Now that song yean is back, it shows that An’an’s situation should be improved. When she meets, she will ask about the situation in detail.

The meeting place is in Xingguang building, where you can go shopping, and there are many food shops around. Most importantly, it is very close to song yean’s company.

Ruan Shishi waited for nearly ten minutes in the open caf é on the first floor of the building they had agreed. Before Song yean could wait, she looked down at the time and hesitated to call her. Unexpectedly, at this time, her hands stretched out from behind her and her warm palms covered her eyes.

Then, the ear came the man’s warm and pleasant voice, “guess who I am?”

Ruan Shishi raised his lips, opened his hand and said, “how naive.”

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