CEO Ugly Bride Chapter 1639 – 1640

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Chapter 1639

In the end, Rubin bandaged Peter’s wound.

Peter looked at the bandaged wound, very satisfied, but it was a little in the way, and it was not convenient to backhand when flipping through the documents.

However, this is not important.


In the evening, he got off work on time and went to Alyssa’s house to see Tina.

Karl knew that Peter was going to his home, so he called specifically to ask Peter to pick up Grace from school.

Peter was naturally very happy. After work, he dropped by to pick up Grace from school.

The children in the kindergarten are still young, but no matter how old they are, they will look at their faces. When Peter appeared, many children praised him for being handsome.

Peter went to pick up Grace and bought small snacks on the road, so he distributed snacks to Grace’s classmates.

The children who got the snacks were completely bought, and the screams of “Uncle Grant” were so sweet and charming.

Peter led Grace back to the car. He arranged for her to sit in the back row before going to the front to drive.

As soon as he opened the front door, he heard Grace’s voice coming from behind: “Are you coming to pick me up tomorrow?”

“What? Do you still want me to pick you up?” Peter asked with a raised mouth.

“You gave them so many snacks today. They will definitely ask me tomorrow, so I’ll find out in advance.” Grace hugged her arms with an expression of “I know all of them”.

“Do you even know this?” Peter laughed.

Grace proudly raised her chin.

Peter thought for a moment and said, “Come on, why not.”

He had to come to see Tina every day anyway.


After Peter and Grace arrived home, they found that Karl had returned.

Peter stepped forward and put his hand on Karl’s shoulder, with a distressed expression: “You actually got home before me?”

“Yeah.” Karl glanced at him, and he immediately removed the arm that was resting on Karl’s shoulder.

“Are you really…you are not afraid that Grace is sad?” Peter lowered his voice, still afraid that Grace would hear it.

Karl obviously had time to pick up Grace, so he left the job to him.

Don’t know, I thought it was not my own.

“I’m not sad, I’m used to it.” Grace came over, shrugged, and went upstairs with her schoolbag.

Peter looked at Karl with a bewildered look: “…”

“She always praises you for being handsome in front of me, and I am used to it.” Karl finished speaking blankly, and turned to the stairs.

In fact, he had just returned, and he hadn’t seen Alyssa. The servant said she was in the sunroom with Tina.

Peter gave a “tsk” and followed him.

Grace and Karl, this is really plastic father-daughter love.


According to the plan, Peter planned to wait a while after dinner before leaving.

But before the meal was finished, he was called away by a phone call.

He answered the phone and didn’t say what it was, only that there was something very important, and then left in a hurry.

Tina looked in the direction where he had left, then dropped her eyes slightly and continued to eat.

“You don’t worry, there should be nothing wrong.” Alyssa gave Tina some food to comfort her.

“I’m not worried.” Tina shook her head: “I just think that it’s a waste of time for him to run back and forth like this all day.”

Hearing this, Karl, who hadn’t had any reaction at first, couldn’t help raising his head, looking far away at Tina.

Chapter 1640

Karl’s eyes were calm, so he did not attract Tina’s attention.

Alyssa and Karl glanced at each other in the air, but they both said nothing, and each bowed their heads and continued to eat.


The next day.

One of the distribution groups ended the game and said that they would have a dinner together, and the other group was invited by Cody.

Tina thought that Peter had said before that Cody’s “suicide” incident was not that simple, so she wanted to meet Cody to find out the situation.

So she also went to the party.

Stephanie knew that Tina was going to the party, so she drove over to pick her up and accompany her.

On the way, Stephanie asked Tina, “Will my cousin go?”

“I don’t know.” Tina said while looking out the window.

Stephanie turned her head and glanced at Tina, trying to say something, but finally felt that she didn’t know what to say, so she didn’t speak anymore.

Soon, they arrived at the party restaurant.

Tina was injured and the news was in the trending search before, so those who sneered to see her were not surprised, but they all took care of her. They waited at the door early and waited for her to come.

After she entered the box, the girls gathered around and asked her about the injured hand in a frantic manner.

“Your arm is not a big problem, right?”

“It shouldn’t be serious…”

“This little face is so thin… I’ll give you some big hoof soup to make up later…”

Tina answered patiently one by one, and when they came back, they got involved in other topics.

Cody came a little later, and when he arrived, the basic people had already arrived.

As soon as he came in, Tina looked at him, he noticed Tina’s gaze, and walked towards her and sat next to her.

“Your hand…” Cody’s eyes fell on her bandaged arm.

“It’s okay.” After Tina answered, she asked, “How are you?”

“I’m fine, just choked on some water and fainted. I’m fine now.” Cody smiled.

“Have you found out who pushed you?” Tina lowered her voice and asked him in a low voice.

When she asked, Cody understood that it was Peter who told her about it.

“No idea as of yet.” Cody shook his head.

Tina fell silent.

She twisted her eyebrows slightly, fell into thinking, and was so focused, she did not feel Cody looking at her.

Cody stared at her for a long time, and said: “What’s wrong with you, you don’t seem very happy, what happened?”

Tina ignored this question and asked: “Who gave you the checklist you gave me that day in the restaurant?”

Speaking of this incident, Cody’s complexion was a little uncomfortable.

On that day, he asked Tina to come out and gave her the checklist. He really thought that if she didn’t help him, he would threaten her with that thing.

He didn’t want to remember such a despicable self.

“I don’t know.” Cody shook his head: “Someone sent it to me anonymously, and he also sent me a text message saying that the thing must be true. I was crazy at the time…”

“Is there no clue?” Tina interrupted him.

She didn’t want to listen to him explain anything, she just wanted to know who was behind it.

This stage accident not only felt suspicious for Peter, but she also felt suspicious.

She debuted for so many years and participated in events, large and small, at least a few hundred, and there were indeed stage accidents.

However, this is the first time that the happening was such an outrageous one.

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