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Chapter 1669

After Stephanie stood there for a few minutes, she stood up and walked aggressively toward the bedroom.

She has already said that he has a fiancée, and she will never think of him.

If she didn’t resolutely reject him at this time, wouldn’t she have slapped herself, very shameless?

She also didn’t understand why. In front of Tom, she loved face.

She opened the door and found that there was no one in the bedroom, but the sound of flushing came from the bathroom.

It turns out that this person is in the bathroom.

She strode to the door of the bathroom, reaching out and knocking on the door.

“Tom, come out for me!”

There was no movement inside, but the sound of water was faintly heard.

Maybe washing his hands?

Then she will wait.

She knocked on the door so loudly, Tom must have heard the sound.

She didn’t wait long at the door before he slowly opened the door.

He asked her weirdly: “Are you in a hurry?”

“Ah? I’m anxious?” Stephanie’s face flushed, “I’m not that kind of person.”

How can she say this!

Listen, is she human?

Tom narrowed his eyes: “What kind of person?”

“I…” Stephanie looked at Tom’s puzzled look, vaguely realized that he might have misunderstood something, and misunderstood Tom.

“You care about me.” Stephanie hurriedly squeezed Tom away, entered the bathroom, and closed the bathroom door with a “bang”.

Tom stood at the entrance of the bathroom for a moment, and then vaguely recalled what she said just now.

He stood quietly by the door, listened to the movement inside, and found that there was no movement inside.

He smiled at the corner of his mouth and said: “I’m leaving.”

Stephanie sat on the lid of the toilet, and her whole body fell into a kind of regret of “self-thinking dirty”.

Suddenly hearing Tom’s voice, she was shocked: “Hurry up.”

Tom’s voice came from outside the door: “So let me go?”

At first, it sounded like there was no difference in normal times, but when distinguished it carefully, she found that there was a slight smile in the voice.

Stephanie panicked all over, shouting at him angrily: “Stop talking!”

Tom also knew not to make too much teasing, turned around, and went out.

When he walked to the door, he turned back as if remembering something, and stood in front of Stephanie’s bed.

With a long hand stretched out, he folded the thin blanket on her bed neatly and took it away.

Stephanie calmed down in the bathroom for a long time before cleaning up and washing herself.

When she came out, she saw her empty bed at a glance.

She felt that something is missing on the bed.

She walked out in doubt, and saw Tom lying on the sofa. Staring slightly at his eyes, she felt as if he was asleep.

And what he was covering was with her thin white quilt with little oranges.

No wonder she just felt that something was missing from her bed!

It turned out that he took her quilt away!

This is what she was overwhelmed!

Tom is really not particular about this person!

“Have you seen enough?” Tom suddenly opened his eyelids.

Stephanie paused, stammering: “I… why did you take my quilt away… this is mine…”


After Tom responded, he looked at her questioningly.

Stephanie pursed her lips: “You… go to bed early.”

Forget it, it’s impossible not to let him cover with the quilt, lest you have to rely on her if you catch a cold tomorrow.

Chapter 1670

“Good night.”

Tom pulled the quilt up, closed his eyes again, and looked quiet, as if falling asleep in a second.

Tom probably didn’t close his eyes much this night, it was almost bright, and it was normal to fall asleep in one second.

Stephanie whispered “good night” and turned back to the bedroom.

After tossing in the middle of the night, she was already sleepy and fell asleep not long after lying in bed.

When the alarm clock rang, she felt that she had just been lying in bed.

She stretched out her hand and pressed the alarm clock in a daze, recalled today’s journey in her mind, and got up from the bed with gritted teeth.

She thinks she was the eldest lady in the past, she can’t say she can stretch her hand out for a meal to open her mouth.

Not to mention the trivial matter of not wanting to get up.

Maybe this is life.

This is the suffering that life has given her.

Either accept business marriage or become self-sufficient.

As soon as she thought about the marriage, Stephanie immediately came to her senses.

If you don’t work hard, you have to go home and marry.

Just think about it.

All the food and clothing have always been for her parents, so even when she wanted to refuse the commercial marriage they arranged, she felt unreasonable and stubborn.

She could only sneak away.

It is more confident to feed yourself.

She cheered herself up, and suddenly became energetic again.

When she got out of bed and went into the bathroom, squeezing toothpaste, she remembered that Tom was sleeping in the living room outside.

She took the toothbrush, brushed her teeth, opened the door gently, and walked out.

When she looked outside, she found that Tom was no longer on the sofa, and her thin orange quilt with a white background was neatly stacked on the sofa, square, angular.

She shook her head around the folded quilt, shook her head, and muttered to herself: “Does Tom have obsessive-compulsive disorder? Does he usually fold the quilt like this at home?”


The sound of opening the door came from behind.

She still had a toothbrush in her mouth and foam on her lips. She seemed to be more stubborn.

With two bags in his hands, Tom glanced at Stephanie lightly, “I bought breakfast.”

He was originally a bit hygienic, and he couldn’t accept this kind of behavior of brushing teeth outside the bathroom.

But since he met Stephanie, his habit of cleanliness seems to have become less and less obvious.

Seeing her appearance, he can also look away without changing his face, take out his newly bought toothbrush from the other pocket and walk into the bathroom.

Her gaze followed him into the bathroom before continuing to brush her teeth in a daze.

She thought that Tom had left long ago, but she didn’t expect that he just went out to buy a toothbrush and brought breakfast back.

Stephanie was full of heart, and didn’t think about why he didn’t go back to his home early in the morning or go directly to the company to wash up. After all, bosses of this level live in the company when they are busy with the supply of daily necessities.

She rushed to the table and opened the bag to see what breakfast Tom had bought.

At this point, she was even more happy, because she loved to eat.

Unexpectedly, this Tom was quite good, staying with her for one night, knowing that he was grateful to buy her favorite breakfast.

But how does he know that she likes to eat these?

Did she tell him?

Stephanie is a person who loves to post on Moments. Sometimes she posts it for all meals. Did Tom even look through her Moments?

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