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Chapter 1673

Stephanie sent Tina back home, only to find that Peter was not there at all.

It’s so late, Peter hasn’t come home yet?

She thought that Tina and Peter had been strained recently. It was probably because Peter had returned late or didn’t even go home.

Can’t help but ask in a low voice: “Is my cousin coming home late these days?”

After a deep pause, she turned to look at Stephanie.

Stephanie didn’t know what was going on, she felt a guilty conscience when she was looked at by Tina, as if she was thinking, Tina could see it.

“He probably won’t come to live with me recently.” Tina didn’t intend to explain too much, and took her to the guest room.

“I have toiletries, so just change the quilt.”

After Tina finished speaking, she looked at her. Stephanie understood, nodded, and said, “Okay, I see.”

Tina showed a satisfied smile, turned around, and returned to her room.

Thinking of Stephanie’s previous question, she was slightly distracted.

Peter is not coming home late these two days, he is not home anymore.

Whether he didn’t come back, she ended up at ease.

Perhaps it was because of what she said and made a decision.


Kellie’s affair, after half a day of fermentation, in the evening, it was on the trending search list.

It didn’t come down until the evening.

Moreover, every time a period of time passes, something will be updated about her.

However, there is still no clear explanation about the cause of death.

Despite this, a large number of people are determined to call it a suicide because of depression.

As for why she had depression, the argument is even more bizarre. Some people say it is because the company was too squeezing, others say it is because of feelings, and even worse, it is because of online loans…

There are so many different opinions, and it is difficult to distinguish between what is true and what is false.

Tina thought that it must be a very painful thing for such a young and very talented girl with a bright future to make the decision to end her life.

She has never experienced anything that can cause her pain to such an extent, but she can understand the breadth of this girl.

Until the next morning, Kellie was still a trending search headline on various social media platforms.

After Tina woke up, she then turned over several Twitter posts to read related things, and found that after one night, there was still no progress on this matter.

On the personal homepage of Kellie, the top Twitter comments have increased by tens of thousands, most of which are words of regret.

Tina gave up, got up to wash.

After washing, she found that it was still early, and Stephanie’s room was still quiet.

Recently, her hand was injured, she was idle, but Stephanie was busy.

The two sides of her arm can also be removed. In fact, it is not that difficult to move one hand. She can make a simple breakfast while it is early.

When breakfast was almost ready, Stephanie’s voice came from the living room.

“Ms. Tina, what are you cooking, it smells so good…”

Stephanie’s voice moved from far to near, and quickly entered the kitchen.

“Fried eggs.” Tina looked back at her.

Stephanie was so frightened that she was completely awake: “Your hands are not healed yet.”

“Small things, go brush your teeth, wash your face and change clothes.” Tina urged her.

“Okay.” she turned and left after speaking.

Tina took the cooked breakfast to the dining room and found Stephanie’s mobile phone on the table.

She walked over and planned to move her phone aside, and was attracted by the content on the screen.

Chapter 1674

Stephanie is an internet addicted girl who can’t do without a mobile phone.

Getting up every morning is to play with the phone for a while, and then get up again.

Tina actually has this habit.

Stephanie should have been busy washing up just now, fearing that he was carrying his mobile phone and thinking about playing with it, which would delay things, so she hurriedly put the mobile phone on the dining table, the page still stopped on a social media software.

At the top of this page is the title of this topic: Do you think there will be another suicide by Internet celebrities and stars in the short term? who can that be?

And the first highly praised answer was Tina.

“I think it is Tina. This is not a random guess, but after a deep analysis. In recent years, Tina has made rapid progress, and the resources are exceptionally good.

AdamPic’s boss is her boyfriend. The screenwriter of “City” is her good friend…The people around her don’t seem to be simple, other female stars should be envious of her? But I always think she seems to be unhappy…”

For this answer, he listed the events of Tina over the past few years and sorted out her network of relationships.

Finally, it is to analyze her mood or something.

If this person is not talking about her, but about someone else, Tina would probably believe it.

What kind of analysis are these?

However, she couldn’t help her curiosity, and continued to read the comments of this answer.

“I think this answer makes some sense.”

“I feel so too.”

“Written with your feet? Or sleepwalking?”

In the last comment, the author who answered the question replied: “It is definitely not written randomly. I have a basis. Tina’s life is not as glamorous as everyone sees. She is actually quite miserable.”

Tina laughed, where is she so miserable?

Obviously, these netizens who watched the excitement, like Tina, wanted to know what her misfortune was, and asked the author who answered the question.

But the author said: “This is a matter of privacy and a secret.”

There are still some people who believe this author blindly, and some say that the author is talking nonsense.

Tina returned to look at the other answers and found that many people had written her name.

If she was just a spectator at this time, she would have to believe it.

It’s just nonsense.

Where is she going to commit suicide?

Is there anything she can’t think of?


Such a neat statement does not seem to be a coincidence at all, but rather a deliberate act.

“Ms. Tina!”

As soon as Stephanie came out, she saw Tina looking at her mobile phone, and suddenly screamed inwardly.

She habitually scans various social media app when she wakes up to see what happens.

As a result, on this app, she brushed up on this topic. She originally clicked in and took a look, but she didn’t expect that these people all mentioned Tina’s name.

She naturally scolded these people, and couldn’t help but continue to look down to see what other people were saying.

But she walked too quickly and forgot to lock her phone.

As a result, it was like this, and Tina saw it.

She saw everything.

She thinks it is not good for Tina to see this topic.

Who wants to be called by others like this?

“It’s okay.” Tina looked at the full expression and knew what she was thinking.

Stephanie moved her lips, not knowing what to say.

After thinking about it, she said: “We can take measures. I think these people are like trolls bought by someone and don’t know what to post this kind of thing…”

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