CEO Ugly Bride Chapter 1691 – 1692

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Chapter 1691

When Stephanie woke up, the first thing was to go out to find water.

As soon as she opened the door, she heard movement outside.

She walked out with some curiosity, through the living room, and found that the sound was coming from the kitchen, she continued to walk forward, walked to the kitchen, and found that Tina was making breakfast in the kitchen.

Stephanie rubbed her eyes again, making sure that he was not mistaken, and then looking down at the time, he made sure it was only seven o’clock in the morning, and strode over.

“Ms. Tina?”

Tina heard the movement and looked back at her. She curled her lips slightly: “Morning.”

“Why did you get up so early?”

Stephanie discovered that Tina not only made breakfast, but also made several breakfasts, as well as other things.

It’s only seven o’clock, and she has done so many things, so she must have gotten up very early.

Stephanie asked in shock: “My God, Ms. Tina, what time did you get up?”

“If I can’t sleep, I will get up.” Tina turned around and continued to make her breakfast.

Stephanie said behind: “Ms. Tina, these are enough, don’t do it anymore, I will bring these to the table.”

Tina didn’t know if she was wandering, as if she hadn’t heard her voice.

Stephanie then reached out to stop Tina, and stopped her from making breakfast anymore.

“Really enough, Ms. Tina!”

Tina was taken aback, then stopped and looked back at her.

After a few seconds, she said, “Oh, good.”

Stephanie returned to the room, and after hurriedly washing up, she came out for breakfast.

When she came out, Tina was already sitting at the dining table, waiting for her to come over for breakfast.

The light in the dining room was brighter. After Stephanie sat down, she realized that she was sitting on the opposite side, with green marks under her eyes.

Because Tina’s skin is very white, the blue marks left by the lack of sleepy eyes are also very obvious.

Seeing that her face was so ugly, Stephanie couldn’t help but ask: “Did you sleep last night?”

Tina lowered her eyes slightly: “I was asleep, but I had a nightmare later and I couldn’t sleep anymore.”

Stephanie couldn’t see the expression in her eyes, but she didn’t think too much.

“Then you should rest at home today.” She recalled today’s itinerary in her mind. Today’s dreary work is not very heavy, so she can push it later.

Tina: “No, it doesn’t matter. I get older and feel less.”

Stephanie: “…”


Tina had an event this morning, a meeting in the afternoon, and then an interview.

Stephanie has other work in the morning and will go there to accompany her in the afternoon.

Therefore, the assistant accompanied Tina to activities early in the morning.

Tina’s arm-cast has just been removed, and the scars can still be seen, so the dress that Stephanie picked for her is also long-sleeved, but the sleeves are made of snow gauze fabric with a little lantern sleeve, which is hazy. The beauty is not enough to pressure the wound.

Before going to the event, Stephanie had been telling Assistant Molly to pay attention to the injuries on Tina’s arm, and be sure not to touch them. No matter what the situation, Tina’s body came first.

Molly answered earnestly: “I see.”

Stephanie repeated it again with some worry, and said, “If you have any situation, you must call me as soon as possible and notify me.”

Molly said, “Okay, don’t worry.”

“Okay, then I will go first.”

Stephanie turned her head again to say goodbye to Tina.

Chapter 1692

Tina sat in the lounge, waiting for the activity to begin.

Molly was there to help her hold things and waited with her.

At first, Tina stared slightly, leaning against the chair and taking a nap.

After a while, Tina suddenly said, “Molly, I didn’t sleep well last night and I am a little sleepy now. Can you go out and buy me a cup of coffee?”


Molly hesitated. When Stephanie left before, she reminded her that she must be careful about Tina. Don’t let her get hurt again. She must pay attention to Tina’s injuries.

If she goes out now to buy coffee, if something happens to Tina, let alone no way to confess to Stephanie, she will not be able to pass that level.

“Well, the activity will start in a while, it’s still too late.” Tina also looked down at the time.

Molly had no way to refuse Tina’s request, but she still hesitated: “But…”

“Stop it, go now, do you want to watch me make a fool of myself at the event later? This is a live broadcast.” Tina urged.

Molly thought for a while. She remembered that when she came in, she saw a coffee shop not far away. Now she would go out for a cup of coffee and then run back. It should take only ten minutes.

The event should not start so soon.

“Okay.” Molly immediately stood up: “I’ll be back soon, Miss Weber, call me immediately if you have anything to do.”

“I know, don’t talk nonsense, go quickly.” Tina waved at her, urging her to go.

Generally speaking, it’s impossible for a person like Tina to bring just one assistant. It’s just that her studio has just been established and everything is still just starting out, and she doesn’t want to bring so many people. Only a single assistant Molly accompanied her to the event.

Molly was still thinking about the way to buy coffee. After returning home, she must talk to Stephanie. Tina will go out to participate in activities in the future, and she must add a few more assistants.

After Molly went out, Tina’s complexion gradually cooled.

Last night, after she returned to the room, she basically didn’t sleep at night.

She can’t sleep at all in bed, even if she fell asleep, she had nightmares.

So, she said she couldn’t sleep anymore after having a nightmare, and it was not a lie to Stephanie.

She was thinking about texting photos and the things that Peter and Alyssa lie to her.

After one night, she also calmed down a lot.

She still needs to confirm whether these photos are real.

If it is real, then where did these photos come from, and what happened before she woke up in the hospital.

But if you want to figure this out, you have to see Peter.

She had a hunch that Peter must know everything, even if he didn’t know anything, Stephanie had been in secret contact with him, he must have checked it out, and he knew something.

She wants Peter to find her by himself.

By this time, she began to rejoice that she knew about Peter. Otherwise, she couldn’t let him take the initiative to come to her.

“Miss Weber, are you inside?”

The voice of the staff came from outside the door.

Tina regained her senses, raising her voice and asked, “Is there something wrong?”

The staff opened the door and said, “The activity will start in ten minutes, so you can prepare quickly…”

The staff paused and found that there was only one person left in the room, Tina, and asked in confusion: “Where is your assistant?”

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