The Warmest Romance Chapter 1331 -1332

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Chapter 1331

What’s more, she once said that she would have a good life with him

At this time, Ms. Liu said, “you just know what’s going on. I don’t want to say more about marriage, but mom really doesn’t want to see you and song’s son-in-law having a bad time. Besides, your father and I are going to travel next month. You two are so worried before we leave!”

Ruan Shishi raised her lips and gave a faint smile. She took Ms. Liu’s hand and said naturally, “we’re all right. Don’t worry about it blindly. We can play when we should.”

Seeing that Ruan Shishi regained her smile, Ms. Liu also breathed a sigh of relief and said with a smile, “OK, the premise is that you have to make me and your father worry less!”

“All right, all right, I see!”

Ruan Shishi said with a smile, watching Ms. Liu smile, turned to leave, also relieved.

Then, she picked up her mobile phone and turned out the wechat song yean dialog box. She was eager to try it several times, but she didn’t know how to open her mouth.

Suddenly, she thought that when she met with Xiao Meng today, he said that song yean is very busy these days, and she will accompany her clients to play golf tomorrow, and she will have dinner party in the evening

All of a sudden, she slightly hook lips, had a plan in mind.

At a glance the next day, Ruan Shishi packed up her things and went to Zhisheng golf course in the east of Jiangzhou city. Although she didn’t ask for the specific name, she probably knew it, because she knew song yean had Zhisheng’s VIP black gold membership card, so most of the time they agreed to go there.

Arriving at Zhisheng golf, she went to the front desk and asked song yean for information. When she learned that he was dining with some friends in the restaurant, she went directly to the VIP restaurant upstairs.

Entering the lobby, far away, she saw a big round table surrounded by people. Song yean was also sitting there. He had changed his clothes and was wearing a white polo shirt, relaxing and relaxing. The rest of the people on the table were strange faces to her.

Ruan Shishi takes a deep breath and steps forward. I don’t know if it’s telepathy or something. Song yean, who is listening to other people’s conversation, suddenly feels something with a faint smile. Subconsciously, she turns her head and looks at her side.

Two people’s eyes in that moment, each other is a Leng, but soon, song yean’s face has emerged a bit of mild smile.

He turned to the people beside him and said something with a smile. Then he stood up and walked towards her.

He raised his eyebrows at her and asked softly, “what are you doing here?”

His tone was relaxed, without any unpleasantness or embarrassment. On the contrary, it seemed that nothing had happened between them.

Seeing this, Ruan Shishi said with a smile, “it’s boring to be at home. Yesterday I heard Xiao Meng say that you’re going to play golf, so I directly came here. It’s just a relief.”

Song yean smiles and looks at her gently, “OK, then follow me.”

Then, naturally, he reached out and took her by the shoulder, walking towards the big round table.

All the people on the table over there looked at them with different looks. When a man in his forties saw them, he took the lead and said with a smile, “I said that song always didn’t need a beautiful woman just now? There are beauties around

Song yean smiles and gently pulls Ruan Shishi to sit down beside him.

Chapter 1332

Seeing this, the waiter next to her immediately brought her new tableware and wine glasses. As soon as she picked up the wine bottle to pour wine for her, song yean stopped her.

“I’m sorry. Please give her a fresh orange juice without ice.”

The waiter immediately nodded and turned to prepare.

For a moment, the eyes of the people on the table looking at Ruan Shishi were more meaningful, and the women next to him looked at Ruan Shishi.

None of these CEOs who often cooperate with Yunye technology has ever seen song yean take a woman when he goes out to play. Today, he suddenly has a beauty around him, and he is still so partial, which is obviously rare.

It’s strange that no one asked, and song yean didn’t take the initiative to say that he just came and went. Everyone ate, drank and chatted, but no one mentioned it.

The other managers all have female companions, one is young and beautiful, but they have heavy makeup. No one knows what kind of plain face those women have under their rouge and pink faces. By contrast, Ruan Shishi is an exception.

Her face is beautiful, her skin is shining with health, and she is smooth and white. She puts on a little light makeup, but she brings the advantages of facial features into full play. Her temperament is elegant. Obviously, other women are not the same.

At the same time, a couple of seasonal lobsters came up with a strong aroma. Song yean asked Ruan Shishi what, then with a smile, he picked up chopsticks and added some lobsters to the plate in front of him. He put on disposable gloves and gracefully peeled the shrimp shell.

Shrimp shell is very hard, pull out the head, to bring a few skills of the shrimp tail meat pulled out, he peeled for a long time, just a few shrimp peeled, action naturally put in front of Ruan Shishi plate, soft voice way, “taste, his lobster is not bad.”

Ruan Shishi felt warm and laughed. She reached for chopsticks and tasted them. She didn’t notice the expressions of the other women on the table.

Naturally, there are men around them, but no one takes the initiative to peel shrimp for them like song yean. For a moment, they look at Ruan Shishi and feel more and more uncomfortable, and they don’t like to see him in their eyes.

One of the women raised her chin disdainfully and glanced at her. Then she took a shrimp and slowly shelled it, dipped it in sauce. Then she put her hand to the man’s mouth and gave it to him with a smile. “Lao Chen, have a taste, can I peel it more fragrant?”

She said this without any intention of avoiding others. Although her voice was not big enough, it was clear enough for the whole table. Her tone was full of coquetry.

Others immediately laughed and looked at the person called Lao Chen and joked with him, “Lao Chen, you can do it! It’s pretty fancy to play with your family! “

Old Chen ha ha a smile, pet drown of looked at the woman beside, open mouth to hold that shrimp, also specially put her finger in the mouth for a while.

For a moment, there was a lot of laughter.

It seems that because she got everyone’s attention, Sisi was a little more proud. She glanced at Ruan Shishi and raised her chin disdainfully. Then she put her hand around the boss’s arm and said in a coquettish voice, “our old Chen Na, don’t say anything else, just hurt me…”

This words inside and outside, obviously a little more arrogant.

At this time, another woman beside said with a smile, “Sisi, you are wearing Cartier’s new limited edition on your wrist! It’s said that this is the only one in Jiangzhou city. How did you get it? Is it from Lao Chen? “

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