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Chapter 451

The bodyguard was kicked abruptly by Karl, his head hung slightly afraid to speak.

Didn’t Boss say to throw that woman out?

Now they followed Karl’s words to do things, but Karl was not very satisfied.

Boss’s mind is really getting harder and harder.

The bodyguard carefully glanced at Karl and asked: “What Boss meant…”

Karl curled his eyebrows, waved his hand, beckoning him not to speak, and stepped back.

After the bodyguard left, Karl stood there, staring at the doorway for a while, then walked over with a strained face.

The door of the villa was empty, where there was Alyssa.

Karl clenched his fist on his side, with a hint of anger hidden between his brows.

On the way back, Alyssa received a call from Norris.

Norris naturally also learned about the news.

He comforted Alyssa: “Don’t worry about this, I will let someone handle it.”

The Weber family has now fallen into the hands of Norris. He himself is an ambitious person. In the past three years, the Weber family has developed very fast. He has made his debut in the business and has also become one of the upstarts in Rostenvel. There are still.

Alyssa knew that this incident was caused by the media people, not Norris’s responsibility.

Norris was willing to take the initiative to deal with this matter, and Alyssa was grateful.

She said in a complicated mood: “Thank you.”

Originally, she didn’t want to have too much involvement with Norris, but this kind of thing happened, it was very helpless.

Sometimes it is difficult to maintain a relationship between people, and sometimes it is difficult to distinguish the wiring, and it is also a bit difficult to not owe the two.

When dealing with things, it is often difficult to find the perfect way.

Norris said sincerely: “This incident was also related to me. If I hadn’t taken the initiative to find you, It wouldn’t be made up by the photos taken by the media. I haven’t considered this matter carefully.”

Alyssa pursed her lips slightly, not knowing what to say for a while.

As if he was aware of Alyssa’s mood at this time, Norris said in a timely manner: “Weber is also in the ascendant stage, and my personal image is also very important, even if the media took pictures of me and other women this time, I will do the same.”

Alyssa was taken aback for a moment, and replied, “I know.”

In fact, if she had to count it like this, she had caused Norris.

Norris followed her words and said, “I have something else, I’ll hang up first.”

After hanging up the phone, Alyssa was about to put her mobile phone back when Clifford called.

Clifford asked her straightforwardly: “Where is she now? What is the news? Can it be handled?”

Alyssa also guessed that Clifford called to ask about this.

She laughed and said, “It’s okay, someone will handle it.”

There was a moment of silence on the other side and asked: “Norris?”

Clifford was a very thorough person. He could guess that Norris was dealing with this matter, and Alyssa was not surprised.

Alyssa said half-jokingly and half-seriously: “Doctor Dixon is so smart, I can’t hide anything from you.”

“I’m just analyzing this matter according to the basic logic.” Clifford paused and continued: “If Karl made the shot, the news might be gone as soon as it appeared. How could it be on the headlines in the morning?”

Alyssa was dumb.

She remembered what she had done in Karl’s villa before, and her mood inevitably fell a little bit.

“I’m driving, so I won’t tell you anymore.”

Alyssa’s words sounded like she obviously didn’t want to talk.

Clifford was also very interesting and did not mention Karl again.

“Drive carefully.”


Alyssa threw the phone aside, reached out her hand and grabbed her hair irritably, speeding up a bit.

She drove the car to the community and just stopped when she saw a familiar figure coming down from another car in the parking lot.

Alyssa opened the car door and walked towards her, calling out, “Tina?”

Tina turned her head, stretched out her hand to support her shoulder, and looked at her carefully: “Are you back? Are you okay? I saw the news, did the big boss treat you?”

This morning, she was woken up by Alyssa’s phone. After getting up and changing clothes, she went to buy the car with Alyssa, and there was no time to watch the news.

She didn’t see the news about Alyssa and Norris until she separated from Alyssa and Alyssa drove to find Karl.

At that time, Alyssa must have been at Karl’s house.

Even if she called Alyssa to remind her, it didn’t help, so she drove directly to Alyssa’s house to wait for her.

Alyssa asked Tina seriously, “What do you think he will do to me?”

Tina thought for a while, and said, “Scare you to death with his eyes?”

Alyssa: “…”

Tina’s eyes rolled, and she asked tentatively: “It’s impossible for him to throw you out directly, right?”

Alyssa bent her lips, showing an expression that is not like a smile, and takes the lead to walk in front of the elevator.

“What do you mean by this expression?” Tina followed behind her: “He, he… he wouldn’t really throw you out, right?”

Alyssa walked into the elevator, staring at the slowly beating floor numbers, and faintly replied, “Yes.”

Tina still didn’t believe it: “Are you kidding me?”

“It’s mainly because I slapped him.” Tina’s eyes widened as soon as Alyssa’s voice fell.

She was sluggish for a few seconds, organized her language, and said: “Wait a minute, slow down, you slapped the big boss, and then he let people throw you out, is that the case?”

Alyssa nodded: “Yeah.”

At this moment, the elevator door just opened, and Alyssa raised her foot and walked out.

Tina continued to follow: “I can’t imagine the big boss being slapped. It must be very scary. However, if you slap him, you can still stand here well. I actually have a feeling that he has been gracious to you.”

Alyssa stopped and asked Tina suspiciously, “Karl is so terrible in your eyes? Although he has a bad temper and cruel heart, he is definitely not someone who hurts innocent people…”

Speaking of the back, Alyssa stopped suddenly.

Because she remembered that Karl was always making troubles unreasonably now, and didn’t make sense at all.

Tina saw that her expression was not right and stopped talking.

Entering the room, Alyssa poured a glass of water for Tina: “He has a worse temper than before. Norris and I were scribbled in the report. Karl seemed to be very angry and said something awful. I was so angry that I did it.”

Tina straightened her expression and said, “If you look at it from another angle, he will be angry, which means that he cares very much. Do you think this is true?”

Chapter 452

Alyssa sat down opposite Tina, not as optimistic as her: “That’s not necessarily true.”

Tina asked, “Then what do you plan to do next?”

“I want to calm down for two days. When I go back to see Grace, I will find a way to talk to him. He is like this now. It’s just because he doesn’t have the memory of the last few years and doesn’t love me. I can’t tell him?”

Alyssa sighed, closed her eyes slightly, her tone was a little low: “If I really breathe with him, he won’t come to coax me like before.”

There was a bit of grievance in her tone that she hadn’t noticed.

Tina didn’t know what to say, she felt that the situation of Alyssa and Karl was quite a headache.

Since Alyssa and Karl left unhappy that day, Karl hadn’t seen Alyssa for two or three days.

Recently, Alyssa appeared in front of him very frequently, and suddenly she didn’t see anyone for two or three days, and she always felt that something was wrong.

Smith also keenly discovered that Karl had gone straight home from work these days, instead of going to Alyssa for dinner.

Grace was also sent back to Karl.

Could it be that what happened to these two people when he didn’t know?

Smith held a stack of documents and put them in front of Karl: “Sir, these are urgent documents.”

Karl sat blankly on the boss chair behind the desk, with his hands naturally placed on the armrest of the chair, his eyes didn’t know where he was looking.

However, after hearing Smith’s words, he still responded: “Yes.”

Smith had doubts in his heart, but he didn’t ask.

Just as he was about to go out, Karl suddenly stopped him.


“Sir, is there anything else?”

Smith immediately looked back at Karl and asked him respectfully.

“You and your wife…” Karl’s frowning eyebrows tightened.

He seemed to be a little irritable and paused before continuing to say, “Will you quarrel?”

Smith was a little surprised that Karl would ask such a question, but he didn’t show it on his face: “Of course we will.”

Karl seemed to be very interested in this question, raised his eyes to look at him, and asked seriously, “What about after the quarrel?”

“She ignores me, I… I don’t care about her.” It was the first time that Smith was asked about this kind of private matter by Karl, and he was a little bit ashamed to speak out.

Karl’s eyes sank slightly: “What should I do then?”

Karl might not have noticed it himself. When he said this, there was obvious confusion between his brows.

Smith’s heart was like a mirror, and he was almost certain that Karl was quarreling with Alyssa.

It is not necessarily accurate to say that the quarrel is true. It is very likely that Karl unilaterally said something nasty, which aroused Alyssa’s anger and the two fell into a cold war.

“If it’s not a matter of principle, I usually take the initiative to reconcile with her. Women’s feelings are more delicate, and sometimes they just lose their temper.”

Smith felt that it was a good thing that Karl would take the initiative to ask him such questions.

Is it a matter of principle?

Thinking of the newspaper, Karl said coldly: “That Norris really is Alyssa’s first love-person?”

He has amnesia right now, but he knows everything he should know.

Before he and Alyssa were together, there was not a single woman. Alyssa was fine, and there was still some first love-person.

Smith began to sweat on his forehead.

This is completely a proposition.

If you don’t tell the truth, Karl will be angry, but if you tell the truth, Karl will be even more angry.

Karl was such a clever person, he hesitated all the time and did not speak, what else he didn’t understand.

He snorted coldly: “I see, you can go out.”

Smith sighed slightly, was about to go out, and suddenly remembered another thing.

“Sir, the hypnotist you asked me to find before, I found a few more prestigious doctors, look…”

When Smith said this, he raised his head to see Karl’s face.

Mentioning this incident, Karl’s face suddenly fell cold: “Find someone to try the hypnosis doctors first, and if they can block people’s memory, let them come to see me.”

Smith nodded slightly: “I understand.”

“In addition, there is one more thing I want to tell Boss.”

Karl frowned slightly: “If you have something, just say it all at once.”

“It’s about Clifford. He has a PhD in psychology and lives overseas. He returned to the country three years ago and was invited by the Criminal Investigation Team…”

Before Smith finished speaking, Karl interrupted him: “Say the main point.”

“Clifford is a more prestigious psychology expert overseas. His time in the country is still too short, so his reputation in the country is not great. In a sense, both psychology and hypnosis are the same. Sir do you want him to try?”

The expression on Karl’s face did not change significantly, and his tone was light: “Do you think I want him to try it?”

The less emotional, the more angry.

Karl was angry.

If Smith had never put forward this opinion before, let Karl find Clifford a try.

After all, the former Karl regarded Alyssa so importantly, he would have been compassionate if he didn’t deal with Clifford.

The main reason is that the relationship between him and Alyssa is still very weak, and that night was also thinking that Karl could get better soon, so he thought of this idea.

Smith didn’t dare to say anything more, and walked out with his head down.

Karl stretched out his hand and pressed his eyebrows. When he let go, his expression was a little hard to distinguish.

Alyssa only went to see Grace for the past two days when Karl was not at home.

And the time to go is not fixed, it may be in the morning or in the afternoon, just perfect to miss the meeting with Karl.

She didn’t deliberately avoid Karl, mainly because she hadn’t figured out how to face him.

What do you want to say when you see Karl?

How to reconcile?

However, to her a little surprise, when she went to find Grace, the bodyguards did not stop her.

Karl was so angry that he was about to throw her out, she thought that Karl might not let her see Grace again.

Fortunately, he did not.

Today she plans to go to Karl to see Grace in the afternoon.

On the way there, she bought small cakes for Grace.

However, she only walked to the door today and was stopped by a bodyguard.

“Sorry, Miss Alyssa, you can’t go in.”

Alyssa was taken aback for a moment and asked, “Why?”

“Sir ordered, don’t make us embarrassed.”

It turned out that Karl ordered it.

Two days ago, she was able to go in unimpededly to see Grace. Was it because Karl had forgotten to tell them that she could go in?

If you think about it carefully, this possibility is a bit high.

Alyssa turned and walked aside, took out her cell phone and called Karl.

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