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Chapter 449

Norris is undoubtedly a problem for Alyssa.

Emotional matters have always been the most clear.

Alyssa thought for a moment, and said, “Norris, think about it from another angle. If I am with you now and Karl changes your identity, would you want me to continue to be friends with him?”

The smile on Norris’s face quickly receded like a tide.

He can no longer maintain his former handsome appearance, and his complexion becomes a little bleak.

His throat rolled twice, and he raised his head slightly to look at the dark night, his voice became a little hoarse: “I really envy Karl.”

Alyssa no longer continued this topic with him, she handed him the suit jacket again: “Thank you tonight.”

Norris didn’t say much, only reached out and took the suit jacket that Alyssa handed over.

Seeing Norris taking over the coat, Alyssa turned to the other side.

Norris looked at Alyssa’s back, took a deep breath, turned around, and walked in the opposite direction to Alyssa.

When Alyssa returned home, she was already exhausted.

There were too many traffic lights all the way back, and it was late at night when she got home.

She dragged her exhausted body to the bathroom, and came out of the shower, thinking that she could fall asleep quickly, but she suffered from insomnia for the first time.

When people are tired, they can easily become pessimistic.

She has spent almost the past two decades in ups and downs.

Marriage, career, love, affection…

So far, nothing is complete.

Alyssa moved around all night, got up early the next day, and asked Tina to send the car.

If you don’t compare with rich people like Karl, she is now considered small and possessive, and buying a car is convenient for traveling.

After choosing the car, Alyssa drove directly to Karl’s house.

At this time, Karl should not be at home, she just went to see Grace.

Only when she arrived at Karl’s villa, she discovered that Karl was actually at home.

After Alyssa realized with hindsight, today is not a working day, it is…weekend.

She stood at the door of the hall, looking at the man who was sitting lazily on the sofa, feeling a little at a loss.

She looked around for a while, and did not see Grace’s figure, so she strode over and asked him, “Where is Grace?”

Karl seemed to have not seen her, and ignored her at all.

Karl seemed to be too strong in his aura, but he was actually stingy in private.

Alyssa thought he was still caring about yesterday.

She sat next to Karl and turned her head to look at him: “I had something to do, of course I have to send Grace to you. After all, you are her father.”

At this point, she didn’t think she was wrong.

She loves Grace and is willing to pay for Grace, but it does not mean that she has to sacrifice her career as a prerequisite.

She had to be Alyssa first, and Grace’s mother second.

She must also plan for her own life. She must first be a good Alyssa before she can be Grace’s mother.

Karl sneered and stood up: “Yes, relive the old dream with the first love-person, but it is much more important than the daughter.”

Alyssa was stunned for a few seconds, then stood up quickly: “What do you mean?”

Karl threw a newspaper on the coffee table in front of her: “The popular screenwriter and the first love-reunion, relive the old dream, continue the front, and make a good story, Miss Alyssa, what do you think of this news headline?”

Miss Alyssa…

It seems to be very angry to call so much.

Alyssa glanced at him, reached out and picked up the newspaper.

The front of the newspaper was a photo of Norris putting his coat on her body when she was surrounded by reporters last night.

When Norris clothed her, she looked up at him out of surprise.

In this report, she saw that his eyes were interpreted as “emotional,” “involuntary,” and other sensational words.

Alyssa glanced through the content, and found that the person who wrote this report had taken great pains.

The report also mentioned that before, Isabel said that Alyssa robbed her fiance.

It is not a secret that she married Isabel into Adams’ house, as long as someone who is interested can find it out.

And she had liked Norris before, but not everyone knew it.

Alyssa’s circle of friends is inherently narrow, except that Isabel would be so evil to tell the media about this, who else would be so boring?

Isabel is really pervasive.

She will not give up any opportunity to make Alyssa trouble.

When Alyssa was reading the report, Karl was watching her.

He frowned when he saw Alyssa, but soon her complexion became natural, and she was not eager to explain.

Karl’s complexion sank a little again, and there was a dark breath between his brows.

Don’t know why, he always feels like something is going to rush out of his chest.

Something he can’t hold back.

After reading the report, Alyssa turned to look at Karl.

As a result, as soon as she turned her head, she met Karl’s gloomy face.

Alyssa shuddered involuntarily.

She put the report back, pursed her lips, and said, “Mr. Adams doesn’t know that some people in the media nowadays are the most telling people? You can believe what they write?”

When Alyssa said this, she chuckled, “I can’t tell, Mr. Adams is so naive.”

She took a mouthful of “Mr. Adams”, and when she heard it in Karl’s ears, she felt terribly harsh, and her complexion naturally didn’t look good.

Alyssa stared at him unwillingly to show weakness.

Suddenly, Karl stretched out his hand and pinched her chin: “Alyssa, do you think that if I have been tacitly allowing you to appear around me, you can be unscrupulous? You take yourself too seriously.”

The strength in his hand was a bit heavy, and Alyssa felt a trace of pain, but only twisted her eyebrows without making a sound.

Upon seeing this, Karl’s hand became heavier: “Stop talking? Huh?”

Alyssa pointed to his hand holding her chin, and motioned that she was too painful to speak.

Karl frowned and slammed the hand away.

As soon as he let go, Alyssa reached out and touched her chin. She just felt that Karl wanted to crush her chin directly.

Karl watched her biting her lip and inhaling gently, before turning his head to the side.

At this time, Alyssa explained to him: “I did like Norris before, but…”

Before she could finish her words, Karl coldly interrupted: “Shut up, I don’t want to listen, you can go.”

The first sentence is so ugly, and he doesn’t want to listen to the latter.

He didn’t mind listening to the stories of this woman and other men.


Of course Alyssa wouldn’t just listen to Karl’s words and leave, but when she spoke, Karl violently dragged her out.

Chapter 450


Alyssa was dragged by him and walked out for a few seconds before reacting and beginning to struggle.

Karl didn’t care about her strength.

He couldn’t help but grabbed her by the hand, he was about to pull her out of the door.

Alyssa couldn’t help him, and his temper followed.

She opened her mouth and said, “Karl, you are unreasonable, are you a fool? You believe in that kind of report? If you forget me, I don’t blame you. You are still right now because of an unnecessary report. You will really be angry like this!”

Speaking of the back, Alyssa didn’t know what she was talking about.

Anyway, just say what you think.

The sofa was very close to the door, and Alyssa didn’t know if Karl had paid attention to her.

When he reached the door, Karl dragged her to the door, and was about to shake her hand away.

He shook it, but didn’t shake Alyssa’s hand away.

He frowned and looked down at Alyssa impatiently: “Alyssa, do you want to be shameless?”

Alyssa stared at him bitterly, somewhat aggrieved, gritted her teeth, and said, “No!”

When the voice fell, she hooked Karl’s neck with another free hand and pulled him down.

Karl didn’t have any defense for a while, so she took advantage of the situation and lowered her head by her neck, and it was just low enough for Alyssa to k!ss him.

When Alyssa raised her head, she just happened to be able to k!ss him.

No effort at all.

When she was with Karl before, Karl had always taken the initiative to approach her.

And all her experience came from Karl, and Karl was basically guiding her.

The number of times she took the initiative to k!ss him is counted.

She got a bit j3rky, after touching Karl’s lips, she suck3d twice indiscriminately, and bit him fiercely as if she vented her anger.

She was still holding Karl tightly with her other hand, so she obviously felt Karl’s body stiff.

The next moment, Karl’s generous palm supported her on the back of her neck, and the other hand that was pulled by Alyssa directly buckled Alyssa’s waist, forcing Alyssa into his arms. paste.

He deepened the k!ss against the guest.

Alyssa was held in his arms and leaned in his generous embrace, his nose was the sound of each other’s breathing…

How long have they not been so close?

It’s been a long time.

Alyssa stretched out her hand to wrap around Karl’s waist, and slightly raised her head to meet his k!ss.

Her actions seemed to please him, and his k!sses and breathing became heavier.

The woman in his arms was boneless, soft as a puddle of water, and Karl felt that he could hurt her with a pinch.

He restrained his hand movements and could only k!ss more presumptuously.


The servant passing by saw the two people standing at the door k!ssing deeply, and was shocked to drop the plate in her hand to the ground.

This slightly harsh sound also awakened Alyssa and Karl.

Alyssa woke up suddenly, realizing that someone else was there, and quickly reached out to push Karl away.

Karl seemed to be reluctant to end like this, and when he left, he took a strong bite on her l!ps.

As soon as he let go, Alyssa quickly took two steps back.

Karl looked at the blood stain on the corner of her l!ps, and licked the corner of his l!ps unexplainably. He had just bitten through her.

Alyssa also tasted a bit of salty smell, and naturally knew that Karl had bit her mouth.

There was also a trace of blood on the corner of Karl’s l!ps. She realized that it was the one she had just bitten, and her face instantly turned red.

Karl’s black eyes stared at her tightly. He didn’t know what he had thought of. His complexion changed slightly. He looked at Alyssa and said blankly, “When you k!ssed Norris, were you so passionate? “

Alyssa’s complexion changed. She stood there stiffly. After a few seconds, she curled her fingers and felt her fingers were cold.

She couldn’t believe it, Karl said this.

They all said that Karl was a cold and terrifying man.

However, they forgot that the man who got up from the abyss knew how to cherish.

Before, even Karl had eaten Norris’s vinegar, but he would not say such hurtful words.

They are adults, not children, and they know what hurts the most. Even when they are most angry and uncontrollable, they will care about each other, and they will not pick the most hurtful words.

Alyssa’s eyes turned from shock to gray defeat, and Karl could see it, and even an inexplicable sense of panic rose in her heart.

He was slightly distracted.

Alyssa bit her lip, her voice slightly muted: “I have something more enthusiastic, do you want to try it?”

After she finished speaking, she let out a low smile, raised her hand and dropped it on Karl’s face.


The crisp sound was unusually harsh.

Karl tilted his head slightly, half of his face was slightly red.

Even if Alyssa slapped him, it didn’t hurt his perfect face.

Alyssa’s hands were a little numb, and she asked him coldly, “Do you feel my enthusiasm?”

Karl turned his head back like frost, and there seemed to be a layer of ice in those Mo-like eyes: “I said before that you were unscrupulous. I underestimated you too much. You are more than unscrupulous, you are simply bold.”

Unlike his eyes, his voice didn’t sound that cold, but it was scary enough.

After Alyssa started to get scared.

How could she slap Karl so impulsively?

However, what he just said was too hurtful.

Alyssa bit her lip, her tone was like a broken jar, “What do you want?”

Karl smiled extremely angry, he nodded to Alyssa, turned around and said coldly, “Throw this woman out for me!”

The next moment, there will be a bodyguard coming over and throwing her out.

Alyssa is a little dumbfounded, Karl is not kidding?

The bodyguards were obviously more afraid of Karl than Alyssa, they really took Alyssa out of the villa’s door and threw her out.

Alyssa was thrown to the ground, but she didn’t feel much pain, but she was a bit at a loss.

Did Karl really make people throw her out?

Alyssa slowly stood up from the ground, patted the dust on her body, and thought optimistically, at least she slapped him just now, didn’t she?

In contrast, she seems to be more profitable.

After the bodyguard threw Alyssa out, he went back to find Karl and said, “Sir, we already threw her out.”

Karl stared at the bodyguard in silence for a few seconds, and asked him, “How did you throw her?”

The bodyguard replied carefully: “Just threw her to the ground.”

Before the ending sounded down, Karl kicked him with his foot up, with a bit of inexplicable irritation in his tone: “Just threw her away? Let you go to die?”

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