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Chapter 457

Alyssa’s reaction was a little slow now.

She stared at Karl for a few seconds before realizing that Karl was scolding her again.

She bit her lip, and said in a rush: “If you don’t pick me up, what else can I do besides crawling back?”

This is not the case.

If Karl didn’t pick her up, Tina would also go to bail her out.

She didn’t know if it was because she had been with Karl for a long time, Alyssa felt that she had begun to be careful.

“It’s fine if you know.” Karl finished speaking, looking at her.

When his gaze crossed her chest, his eyes flickered, then he quickly moved his eyes away, and said coldly: “Next time, if you get a good drink and get yourself to the police station, you can crawl back by yourself! “

Alyssa noticed his gaze and looked down at herself suspiciously, only to find that she had taken a bath and changed clothes, and it was empty inside.

No wonder Karl’s eyes were a bit strange just now.

She subconsciously stretched out her hand to block in front of her, and then felt that it was unnecessary.

She changed the subject and asked, “Who helped me take a bath?”

When Alyssa said this, she looked a little uncomfortable.

Karl saw through her thoughts, sneered, and said, “Do you think it’s me?”

A trace of embarrassment flashed across Alyssa’s face, she did think so just now. ‘

Karl had also bathed her before.

But he replied with irony, which proved that he didn’t wash her before.

Karl didn’t wait for her to speak any more, raised his foot around her, and left her room straight away.

Alyssa looked back, watching Karl’s figure disappear, ran over and closed the door, turned around and threw back on the bed irritably.

Karl like this is really irritating.

Alyssa grabbed the quilt and covered her head, thinking bitterly, when Karl recovered his memory, he would have to torture her like this.

She thought about it in a daze, then fell asleep.

When Alyssa woke up the next morning, she felt something moving in the bed.

She stood up to look, and met Grace’s big watery eyes, which was incredibly dark and beautiful.

“Grace!” Alyssa embraced Grace happily.

“Hehe…” Grace smiled and put her arms around Alyssa’s neck, and asked, “Why is mother here.”

When she slept last night, she didn’t see her mother.

Alyssa felt a little guilty about thinking that she was drunk last night and went to the police station for a walk.

She pursed her lips and said, “I, I came quietly in the middle of the night.”

“Huh?” Grace was a little confused at first, then nodded: “Oh, quietly.”

Seeing that Grace was still wearing pajamas, Alyssa bypassed the topic and said, “Mom will take you to wash your face and brush your teeth.”

After half an hour, Alyssa and Grace’s mother and daughter changed their clothes and went downstairs. Karl was already sitting at the dining table.

Holding a newspaper in his hand, he heard the movement of Alyssa and Grace coming in, but he didn’t look at them, but still focused on the newspaper in his hand.

Alyssa thought about the news that she and Norris were photographed by the media before.

She did not speak, and started to eat breakfast in silence.

Grace couldn’t help herself. While eating, she curiously went to pick up the newspaper in Karl’s hand: “Dad, what are you reading?”

Karl raised the newspaper in his hand a little higher, avoiding Grace’s little hand.

“Reading the newspaper.” His indifferent voice rang from behind the newspaper.

“Oh.” Although she didn’t know what a newspaper was, Grace nodded satisfied after getting the answer.

Then she stopped making trouble and ate obediently.

But Alyssa still glanced at Karl curiously.

She only remembered last night thoroughly this morning.

To be precise, it was what happened on her way back from the police station to Karl’s villa last night.

Thinking about it now, she felt particularly embarrassed.

She has been stalking Karl recently, which is also normal.

However, if she remembered correctly, she and Karl were still in the cold war before last night.

It could also be that she unilaterally felt that she was in a cold war with Karl, and Karl might not want to see her at all.

Thinking of this, Alyssa not only lost the thought of sneaking at Karl, but also lost her appetite for eating.

The things on her plate didn’t move much, she just drank the milk and touched Grace’s head: “Mom has to go away when she’s full, Grace should be obedient.”

Grace looked up at her ignorantly: “Where is mom going?”

Alyssa thought for a while and said, “Go to work. Mommy has been busy with work lately, so you can live with Dad obediently.”

Grace nodded obediently: “Yeah.”

She still has a vague concept of work, but can vaguely understand the meaning of Alyssa’s words.

Alyssa comforted Grace and turned to look at Karl. Seeing that he was still holding the newspaper, she pursed her lips and said, “Thank you for picking me up yesterday. I will leave now.”

After she finished speaking, she did not leave immediately, but sat quietly in the chair for a few seconds.

Confirming that Karl would not take a look at her from the newspaper, she got up and left.

When Alyssa left, Karl threw the newspaper in his hand aside.

Grace leaned her mouth on the edge of the plate, took a fork into her mouth to pick up the fried egg, and looked up at Karl with both eyes.

When she saw the thick green marks under Karl’s eyes, she laughed out loud: “Dad panda eyes.”

The corners of Karl’s mouth were slightly stiff, and he picked the fried eggs on his plate to Grace: “Eat more.”

Grace looked at his face curiously while eating.

It was said that Grace’s eyes were like him, but he felt that Grace was more like Alyssa.

Grace is just a child, and he can’t just say what he wants to say to Alyssa, he can only turn his head and look to the side instead of staring at her.

He went back to his room last night and didn’t know what was going on. He didn’t fall asleep at night.

If he didn’t cover his face with the newspaper just now, and Alyssa saw him with such big panda eyes, he would not know what she would think about again.

Alyssa left Karl’s villa and took out her cell phone to call Tina.

Tina answered the phone soon. The background tone of the phone was at the airport, broadcasting flight information from time to time.

Alyssa asked her: “Are you already at the airport?”

“Well, I’m going to board the plane soon.” Tina said, handing the water glass in her hand to her assistant, and then walked to the side and asked in a low voice, “The big boss went to pick you up last night? He took you directly. Are you home?”

When she went to the police station to pick up Alyssa last night, the police told her that Alyssa had been picked up and was asked for an autograph by a policewoman.

Chapter 458

Alyssa nodded subconsciously, and then remembered that Tina could not see her current movements, and said, “I called him.”

“You called him, and he came to pick you up? I don’t believe it if he doesn’t feel at all for you…”

At this time, Assistant of Tina’s voice rang from the other end of the phone: “Madam, we are about to board the plane.”

Tina whispered back: “You go ahead.”

Then she said to the phone: “Alyssa, I am boarding the plane first, and I have to transfer trains and cars there. I guess there is no time to contact you. When I come back, maybe the big boss will have recovered his memory.”

“Have a good trip, I have time to visit the class.”

“It’s too far and the traffic is inconvenient, so don’t go there.”

“Okay, go and board the plane.”

Alyssa urged Tina to hang up, and took a taxi back on the side of the road.

The house was empty, and Alyssa changed her clothes, hugged her laptop and tablet to the window, ready to work.

Although she has watched “Lost City” several times, she still need to pay attention to the details so as not to have too obvious BUG and be discovered by the audience.

In this kind of industry, half is competing with itself and half competing with the audience.

To write a small business meeting, or to suppress bandits, you may need to check dozens of pages of information, and what you need in the end is only one or two pages.

Although the first part has been used as a basis, writing the second part is actually no different from writing a brand new story. Write some new stories and then string in the old clues to form a coherent story line.

Alyssa played “Lost City” on her tablet computer and tapped on the laptop.

When she was tired, she took out her phone and went online to watch entertainment news.

The previous news about her and Norris has long since been withdrawn, and there are basically no formal media on the Internet that still keep this report.

As for other small media companies that are not very authoritative, no one cares.

Alyssa saw from the beginning to the end, except for some celebrity scandals and the publicity of new dramas, there was no interesting news.

After reading a page of news, she went back to the top, refreshed her habitually, and found a new headline.

“Surprised: CEO Adams entered the police station late at night and took away a woman, suspected of having a new love…”

Alyssa clicked in. The picture inside was obviously taken with a telephoto lens zoomed in, and the picture looked particularly blurry.

In the background, outside the police station, Karl was tall and straight next to a woman with disheveled hair.

Karl’s face is not very clear, but he has appeared many times in the outside world in recent years. Even if he does not show his face, his temperament can be easily recognized.

And the woman with disheveled hair next to him…

After Alyssa enlarged the picture and read it several times, she couldn’t believe it was herself.

Couldn’t see the face, just seeing her dangling Karl’s arm, and her hair like a mess of straw, made her eyes a bit spicy.

The comments below are similar to her thoughts.

“You told me that this woman is Mr. Adams’ new love? Is that what Mr. Adams has?”

“Hahaha, this woman seems to be sick in her brain.”

Alyssa sneered, you are sick.

Continue to scroll down.

“I can’t see face, maybe it’s Mr. Adams’ cousin or something?”

“Back upstairs, there is no such possibility. It is rumored that Mr. Adams is a very cold personality. He would not be so close to his cousin.”

“That’s not right, doesn’t Mr. Adams have a fiancée? I never heard that he and that fiancée had a blow!”

“A couple can still get a divorce, let alone just a fiancée.”

Only then did Alyssa remember that Karl and Miana were an “unmarried couple”.

Thinking of this, Alyssa was even more embarrassed.

The news was just revealed, and don’t know if Karl knew about it.

Maybe Karl thought that she broke the news to a certain media outlet.

Alyssa found her mobile phone and called Karl.

Karl said coldly on the phone: “Speak.”

Really indifferent enough.

Alyssa said, “When you picked me up from the police station last night, it was photographed by the media. The news is on right now. It should have just been sent out.”

There was a moment of silence on the other side, before Karl’s voice sounded again: “I see.”

She felt that Karl was about to hang up after speaking, and hurriedly called out, “Karl.”

Karl’s tone was obviously a little impatient: “Is there anything else?”

“Are you coming over for dinner tonight?” After Alyssa said, she added: “You can tell me what you want to eat.”

Karl responded indifferently, “Yes.”

Alyssa was a little surprised, she didn’t expect Karl would directly agree.

Karl hung up the phone and sent a text message to Alyssa. The text message contained a list of names of dishes.

She just asked Karl if she wanted to come over for dinner, but she was indirectly asking him for an answer.

If Karl was still worrying about the news about her and Norris before, he would definitely not come over for dinner, but he agreed that he would come over for dinner, which meant that Karl hadn’t cared about it anymore.

It was originally a vain thing.

Because Karl was coming over for dinner at night, Alyssa drove out to buy vegetables in the afternoon.

She went to a relatively large mall in the city center.

From the parking lot, she always felt that someone was watching her.

That feeling became more obvious until she entered the supermarket.

She looked back vigilantly, stepped into the middle of a row of shelves, and then quickly went around the corner to hide.

Not long after Alyssa stood at the corner, a woman came over, as if looking for someone.

When the woman approached, Alyssa could see her face clearly.

It turned out to be Rachel!

Before Rachel saw her, she turned around and planned to walk away quietly.

However, it was too late.


Rachel called her, hurriedly walked to her and blocked her way.

She looked at Alyssa carefully, and a little surprise flashed in her eyes: “It’s really you!”

Alyssa raised her head to look at Rachel, and called out without expression: “Mrs. Hunt.”

When Rachel heard this, the expression on her face changed: “Alyssa, I haven’t seen you for so long, you still hate me…”

Almost immediately, Alyssa replied firmly: “No.”

Rachel looked up at her, a little dazed in her eyes.

“It doesn’t matter at all, it’s not about hating you. If I really hate you, I’m afraid you can’t stand here and talk to me properly.”

Alyssa’s mood at this time was as calm as her voice.

There is no feeling for Rachel anymore. If she does not show up, Alyssa will even forget that she still exists.

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