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Chapter 481

Alyssa thought about it, and felt that Smith was right.

It was hard to guess what Karl was thinking. She was also a little surprised that Karl was able to live here in the countryside these days.

There is always something about him that she doesn’t understand.

Karl said a few more words to the uncle, and then the uncle patted Karl, his lips moved a few times, and he didn’t say a few words, but Alyssa could not see what he said.

At this moment, Karl suddenly waved to her.

Alyssa walked over quickly.

As she approached, the uncle looked at her with a smile: “Don’t you like to eat my kimchi? I will get you a box to decorate and take it back. It should be eaten when it comes back in the weather.”

The weather in late autumn is already the season to wear sweaters, and food is not so easy to spoil.

Alyssa was a little touched: “Sit down and I will do it myself.”

Except for the first day she came here, she had a fever, and she was cooking for the next few days, and she also knew where the uncle’s kimchi was.

“Okay, then you go get the kimchi by yourself. I will go to the field and plan some sweet potatoes for you. There is no pesticide, and it is different from the ones sold in your city…”

As the uncle said, he was going to get a hoe.

Alyssa quickly stopped him: “No need…”

On the first clear day, the ground was still slippery, especially in the mud.

“I’ll just plan out a few for you, wash them, and take them away. I don’t have anything else here…” Naturally, the uncle would not listen to Alyssa’s persuasion, so he went to the field with a hoe.

Watching the uncle go to the field, Alyssa went back to the house to get kimchi.

The kimchi is filled with a large pottery jar, which contains a large jar of kimchi, which is very fragrant.

Alyssa packed a box by herself, and when she came out, the uncle had already returned.

He has been doing farm work in the country for a lifetime. Although he’s getting older, he has no major problems with his body and his movements are very quick.

The uncle washed the fresh sweet potatoes and packed them up, then went into the house and fiddled for a while, and when he came out he brought two big bags.

Alyssa remembered that she had read one on the Internet before, about the topic of children leaving home and parents stuffing boxes with things.

Ordinary parents always feel uneasy about their children, and after leaving home after the New Year, they will think of bringing a little to their children.

Alyssa had never received this kind of treatment from Rachel, but she had this kind of treatment for this old man who had only been with her for a few days.

The uncle put those things neatly into a nylon pocket, while tying the bag tightly, he said to her: “I’m afraid you will have trouble when you go back. Otherwise, I still have a lot of things to think about. Prepare for you to take away, these things are all grown by myself and they are very healthy…”

Alyssa walked over, helped him pull the bag, and said nothing.

Can’t speak.

It was a long time because of loading things.

By the time she was leaving, it was almost time for lunch.

The uncle frowned and stood at the door of the hall and said: “Otherwise, leave after lunch, it’s noon.”

Although he didn’t show it on his face, and didn’t say it, Alyssa already felt his reluctance.

Life is always gathering less and more.

She and Karl couldn’t live here forever, they would always return to their lives.

Alyssa raised her head and stretched out her hand to pull Karl’s sleeve, with a hint of pleading in her tone: “Karl.”

It was already noon anyway, and she wanted to accompany Uncle after lunch before leaving, but Karl might not agree.

And Karl did not agree.

“We have a lot of other things to deal with, so we won’t stay for lunch.” Karl looked at the uncle calmly, curled his eyebrows slightly, and groaned for a few seconds, then solemnly said, “Take care.”

The uncle sighed: “Okay, let’s go, I don’t have a bad leg, so I won’t give it away.”

After he finished speaking, he picked up the cat squatting next to him, turned around and entered the hall, closing the door.

Alyssa’s nose was a little sore, she took a deep breath, raised her head slightly, and restrained the slightly acidic eye sockets.

Karl looked down at her, his tone indifferent: “Let’s go.”

Alyssa walked far away and couldn’t help but look back.

He didn’t look back until she reached the place where the helicopter was parked and couldn’t see the two-story mottled blue brick building.

He and Alyssa sat side by side, and neither of them spoke.

So silent all the way to the County HQ.

After receiving the signal, Karl called home.

The servant picked up the video, and Alyssa saw Grace.

Seeing Grace’s joy, the loss in Alyssa’s heart was diluted.

Alyssa asked her with her mobile phone: “Grace, do you miss mother?”

Karl sat behind Alyssa warming his body. Grace saw Karl from the video, and her small eyebrows were frowned into a horoscope: “You go out to play, don’t take me…”

Alyssa was taken aback for a while, and said with a smile: “We will be back soon.”

“Okay.” Grace put her face in front of the phone camera, her face was all over the screen.

Alyssa talked to Grace for a while, then turned to ask Karl, “Are you going to talk to Grace?”

Karl said blankly, “Don’t tell me.”

Although he refused so simply, his expression at this time was obviously not the case.

If he doesn’t want to talk to Grace, what does he sit behind her for?

Alyssa thought for a while, and handed the phone to Karl: “Here.”

Karl glanced at the phone screen. The entire screen was filled with Grace’s face. He raised his eyebrows and said, “Grace, you are so ugly.”

Grace naturally knew what “ugly” meant. She wrinkled her nose and said in Karl’s tone: “Kalr, you are so ugly.”

Karl suddenly curled his lips, a smile flashed under his eyes, and took the phone from Alyssa’s hand.

He stared at the screen for a few seconds, and asked, “Are you fat again?”

Alyssa glared at him: “In the mobile video, I will be fatter than me.”

Grace blinked her eyes and touched her stomach: “It’s a lot of meat.”

“Know that you are fat, don’t pat your belly.” After Karl finished speaking, he handed the phone to Alyssa.

Alyssa took it, said a few words to Grace, and hung up the video call.

In the mountains these few days, Grace is the most worried.

She was sure that Grace was fine too, so she relaxed.

They live in a three-star hotel in the County HQ.

There are too many people in their group, and among them, there is only Alyssa.

In the end, the room was arranged, and they squeezed a room with other subordinates all the time, and finally only one room was left.

Alyssa didn’t have any complaints, anyway, she was sleeping with Karl in the mountains these days.

But Karl looked reluctant.

After entering the room, Karl asked her, “Where do you sleep?”

Chapter 482

After hearing this, Alyssa looked around the room.

After confirming that there is only one bed in the room, she asked Karl, “What do you mean?”

There is only one bed in the room, is she going to sleep on the sofa if she does sleep?

Karl didn’t speak, and asked the waiter to add a quilt in. He held the quilt and put it on the sofa.

Regardless of Alyssa’s expression, after putting the quilt on the sofa, he turned around and went to the bathroom to take a shower.

Alyssa watched Karl enter the bathroom, and stood still for a while before reacting, Karl was going to sleep on the sofa.

When they were in the mountains, they always slept together, but now he wants to sleep with her in a separate room?

Alyssa was a little bit dumbfounded.

It didn’t take long for Karl to take a shower, wrap a bath towel around his waist, and come out.

Alyssa didn’t speak to him, stood up and went into the bathroom.

Halfway through the bath, Alyssa heard a knock on the door.

When she listened, she heard Karl opening the door.

After she came out of the shower, Karl had changed into a set of pajamas and was sitting at the table, fiddling with a laptop.

The room was not big, and when she turned her head, she saw a set of ladies’ pajamas neatly placed on the bed.

Look at the color, and Karl’s body seems to be a couple model.

Karl’s voice sounded at this moment: “Smith bought it.”

Alyssa turned her head and found that Karl was still maintaining his previous posture, fixedly looking at the laptop screen, and tapping his hands on the keyboard regularly.

If she and Karl weren’t the only people here, she would have thought that Karl was not talking to her.

“Thank you.”

Alyssa picked up her pajamas and reentered the bathroom.

After coming out, she called Tina again.

When she went to the county town before, she called Tina and got the user reminder that she was not in the service area, and now she doesn’t know if she can get through.

After the call was dialed, there was silence for two seconds before a beep.

It got through!

The phone rang several times before Tina picked it up.

Tina’s tone sounded a little excited: “Alyssa? Are you okay?”

“I’m okay, how about you?” Alyssa turned and went to bed as she spoke.

She leaned against the head of the bed and briefly talked to Tina about the past few days.

Tina was in the village. The terrain over there was not convenient for helicopters to enter, so they couldn’t find a place to park the helicopters, so I couldn’t come out temporarily.

Moreover, the road into the village was so badly damaged that it was impossible to repair it for a while.

As long as people are okay.

Alyssa was also relieved.

Tina might not be able to get out for a while, and Peter was taking care of her, Alyssa didn’t say much, and didn’t plan to stay in the county to wait for Tina.

“See you in Rostenvel.”

“Well, see you back.”

Alyssa hung up the phone, looked up in Karl’s direction, and found that he was still sitting in front of the computer.

The serious look should be dealing with official business, even if he is wearing pajamas, his aura is not reduced.

She raised her voice and said, “Karl, I am going to sleep.”

Karl glanced back at her, his tone was as indifferent as his expression: “The light switch is on the bed, do you want me to turn off the light for you?”

Alyssa took a deep breath and spoke quickly: “No, I will shut it down myself.”

When she finished speaking, she reached out and turned off the light and lay on the bed.

The room fell into darkness in an instant, only the computer in front of Karl emitted a faint blue light.

Alyssa squinted slightly to adapt to the darkness in the room, and looked in the direction where Karl was.

In fact, she just wanted to persuade him to take a break, and the work is always endless. It is the same to deal with it after returning.

It’s just that Karl’s words blocked everything in her heart.

Alyssa tossed and turned, and fell asleep in a daze.

When she woke up again, it was already the next morning.

She opened her eyes and saw Karl lying on the sofa.

The sofa in the hotel room is not very big, not comparable to the presidential suite that Karl usually lives in. He slept sideways on the sofa, with one hand resting on his head and the other on his chest. It seemed that he could not sleep well. Too comfortable.

Most of the quilt fell to the ground.

Alyssa got up and got out of bed, and walked over to pull the quilt up and cover Karl’s body.

She just put the quilt on Karl’s body, he opened his eyes suddenly and grabbed her hand very vigilantly.

Karl stared at her for two seconds and found that it was Alyssa before releasing her hand.

Alyssa retracted her hand and said, “The quilt fell on the ground.”

Karl sat up, glanced at the quilt, and then set it aside, got off the sofa and went directly to the bathroom.

Alyssa took a deep breath, but it was especially unpleasant.

Wasn’t it good when it was Uncle’s house before?

She clearly felt that during the few days that Karl was at the uncle’s house, he had gotten closer to her.

Unexpectedly, when he came out, he changed his appearance and became so cold.

After breakfast, they set off for the city to fly back to Rostenvel.

At the airport, they met Clifford and his party.

Clifford said a few words with the bodyguard behind him, and walked over to Alyssa: “Alyssa, it’s such a coincidence, what time do you take the flight?”

Alyssa said, “One point.”

In fact, it is no coincidence that this is the closest city to the county with flights to Rostenvel.

They would choose to come here by plane if they want to go back to Rostenvel.

And this airport is very small, so meeting people you know is normal.

Clifford smiled: “We are two points.”

“Young lady.”

At this time, Smith came over: “We are going to prepare to go to the lounge now.”

Alyssa nodded at him, then turned around and said to Clifford, “I’ll go back first, and see you.”

Clifford smiled back and watched Alyssa walk away.

Smith followed Alyssa and hesitated for a while before asking, “How did Madam and Mr. Dixon meet?”

Alyssa heard the words and stopped to look at him.

Smith nodded slightly and said respectfully: “Madam, don’t get me wrong. I have no other meaning. Before you and Sir went to the island, Mr. Dixon was on the news with you. I just remembered it suddenly and thought ask a question.”

Knowing that Smith was also kind, Alyssa thought for a moment and said: “don’t know when I saw him, but when he appeared three years ago, I could tell from his tone that he knew me. .”

Smith nodded and said: “There is a sentence, don’t know when to say it.”

Alyssa smiled: “Just say what you want.”

“Mr. Dixon is unclear, so Madam should be careful.” Smith’s tone was gentle.

He is different from Karl. Karl hates Clifford’s behavior and is very straightforward, but he considers that Clifford has rescued Alyssa, and Alyssa is naturally grateful to Clifford.

Because of this complicated relationship, the more kindly reminded, the more gentle and euphemistic it is.

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