CEO Ugly Bride Chapter 483 – 484

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Chapter 483

The plane landed at Rostenvel International Airport.

Smith had arranged a bodyguard to pick up the plane in advance.

As soon as Alyssa and Karl left the airport, bodyguards greeted them.

The bodyguard nodded slightly and said: “Sir, Young Lady.”

Karl turned his head and asked Alyssa, “Where are you going?”

Karl had been very cold towards her for the past two days, and Alyssa was also immune to them.

She replied without change: “Go to your house to see Grace.”

When Karl heard this, he looked back towards Smith without any emotion on his face: “Go to the company.”

After he finished speaking, he raised his foot and walked towards a car.

The bodyguard drove several cars and saw that Karl was going to the company, so he took the initiative to open the door for him.

Smith glanced at Karl’s back, and then ordered the bodyguard next to him: “Send Madam back.”

Alyssa didn’t care what Smith said, and caught up with Karl and said, “I will leave you some of the things the uncle gave at house?”

Karl was about to bend over to get into the car, and after hearing her words, he paused slightly, then looked back at her: “No, you take them all.”

When he finished speaking, he bent over and got into the car.

The bodyguard closed the door, and she nodded respectfully and backed away.

Alyssa watched the car drive away, took a deep breath, and turned to another car.

Karl’s capricious character is completely unpredictable.

The bodyguard sent Alyssa directly to Karl’s house.

When Grace saw Alyssa, she ran over and rushed directly into her arms.


Little girl Grace seemed to have really gained weight, and when Alyssa hugged her, she felt a bit heavier than before.

“Mom and Dad were not here, have you eaten well and slept well? Huh?” Alyssa sat down on the sofa holding her.

A servant brought water over.

Alyssa said in a low voice, “Thank you.”

“Yes!” After Grace said loudly, she craned her neck and looked at the gate where Alyssa had just entered.

Alyssa also followed her gaze. After two seconds, Grace retracted her gaze and looked up at Alyssa: “Where is Dad?”

Alyssa’s expression faded suddenly, and a trace of sadness flashed in her eyes: “Dad has gone to the company, he has something to do.”

“Oh.” Grace’s voice sounded a little lost, but she soon regained her energy.

It doesn’t matter if the father is not there, it’s fine if the mother is there.

Alyssa stayed with Grace for a while before planning to go back.

Before leaving, Grace pulled her to go with her.

Alyssa reached out and touched her head: “Mom will be here tomorrow.”

“I don’t…” Grace pouted and held her, tears rolling in her eyes.

Alyssa felt distressed, and there was no compromise in principle: “Then I have to call father to talk about it, okay?”

Grace nodded quickly: “Yes.”

Although she is young, if she patiently reason with her, she will listen.

In fact, Grace still lacks love. She was always a listening when she was a child, or she was seeing a strict dad. In the end, children still prefer gentle and beautiful women.

Every child has a natural dependence on mother.

Alyssa held her in her arms and took out her mobile phone to call Karl.

What is rare is that after the call was made this time, it rang twice and was picked up by Karl.

“What’s the matter?” His voice was always low and cold.

“I’m at your house now, Grace wants to go back with me, and I want to take her to live with me for a few days.” Alyssa was actually not sure that Karl would agree.

She thought in her heart what she would like to say if Karl refused.

However, the wording she thought of was ultimately not used, because Karl agreed.

“OK.” He couldn’t hear the emotion in his tone, and asked her: “Anything else?”

Alyssa swallowed back when it reached her lips, and then said, “No more.”

“I have a meeting soon.”

Alyssa naturally heard that Karl was reminding her that it was time to hang up and don’t delay his time.

Since Karl had agreed to take Grace to live for a few days, she didn’t say much.

“Be busy, goodbye.”

After she finished speaking, she habitually wanted to wait for Karl to hang up.

Karl, who used to wait for her to hang up first, hasn’t appeared for a long time. Now she is used to Karl hanging up her phone first.

But she found that Karl did not hang up immediately.

Smith’s voice resounded on the other end: “Sir, the meeting will begin soon.”

Hearing this, Alyssa quickly hung up the phone.

She put away the phone and saw Grace blinking big eyes, looking at her expectantly.

Alyssa squeezed her face: “Do you think Dad agrees?”

Grace nodded dumbfounded: “Agree!”

“That’s right!” Alyssa put her down: “Do you have anything you want to take away?”

Grace banged her head and said, “Little tiger.”

Alyssa knew that she was talking about the puppet that Karl bought for her.

Grace still has clothes and daily necessities in Alyssa, but now she doesn’t need to bring anything.

Alyssa helped her take the little tiger and took Grace away.

When the mother and daughter left, they were sent back by the bodyguard who had brought her back from the airport.

There was no one in the house for a week and it was dusty.

Alyssa cleaned the room, Grace wanted to make trouble on the side, Alyssa also found gloves and an apron to tie Grace.

But Grace was too young, and looked particularly funny with gloves and apron.

Fearing that Grace would fall, Alyssa rolled up her apron again.

Alyssa found a newspaper and made a pointed hat for her.

Grace ran around the house wearing it.

Because of Grace’s presence, Alyssa’s work efficiency was greatly reduced.

Fortunately, there is not much dust, just a simple cleaning.

After Alyssa finished cleaning, she took off her gloves and apron, and then went to get Grace’s body.

When she helped Grace take the gloves and apron, Grace was still very good, but when she wanted to take the pointed hat, Grace hugged it and didn’t let her move.

Alyssa couldn’t help but asked her, “Do you like this?”

Grace nodded hurriedly: “Yes.”

“Well, then you wear it.” Children love to play and find everything new, so Alyssa will leave her alone.

After she finished speaking, she also helped Grace to correct the pointed hat on her head.


“Did the doorbell ring?” Alyssa had just returned, so who would look for her in such a hurry?

“I’ll open the door!”

Grace volunteered to open the door. Halfway through the run, the pointed hat on top of her head fell off and she picked it up and continued running.

She ran to the door and opened it laboriously then smiled and rushed at the person.

Alyssa walked over and found that the person who came was Karl.

Chapter 484

“How did you come?”

Alyssa didn’t expect it to be Karl.

Karl was still wearing the suit he had left from the airport in the afternoon. He glanced at Alyssa, bent over and hugged Grace to make peace, and walked straight into the house.

After two steps, he felt that Alyssa had not followed up, so he looked back at her and said, “Eat.”

Hearing this, Alyssa looked down at the time, only to realize that it was already seven in the evening.

Karl had already walked to the edge of the sofa and sat down with Grace. Alyssa quickly closed the door and followed.

Alyssa asked her, “Is Grace hungry? What do you want to eat?”

Grace sat on Karl’s lap, dancing and saying, “Chicken legs.”

“Drumsticks? Let me see if there are any.” Alyssa turned and walked towards the refrigerator.

When she went out, she planned to return for ten and a half days, so everything in the refrigerator was basically clear, except for the frozen meat in the freezer.

But she’s not sure if there are any drumsticks.

She went to the kitchen to open the refrigerator, looked at the freezer, and found that there were really chicken legs inside.

Children like chicken legs and chicken wings. When Alyssa goes shopping, she buys more and keeps it, even if Grace hasn’t lived with her during this period of time.

Alyssa held the refrigerator door with one hand and shouted in Grace’s direction: “Grace, there are chicken legs in the refrigerator. You play with Dad for a while and I will cook.”

Grace replied: “Okay!”

Alyssa took the meat in the freezer and glanced in the direction of the living room.

Karl turned on the TV, and the sound seemed to be a cartoon.

Grace sat next to him holding the little tiger and stared at the TV intently. Karl folded his legs and stared at the TV slightly.

The postures of the father and daughter are exactly the same.

Grace laughed from time to time, but Karl just stared at the screen blankly until he sat down.

Alyssa bent her lips and went to the kitchen to cook.

There are no fresh vegetables at home, except for meat, only a few potatoes and dried mushrooms.

Alyssa made braised chicken legs, mushroom slices, fried potato shreds, seaweed and shrimp soup.

Home cooking couldn’t be simpler.

When Alyssa was cooking the soup, she shouted to the living room: “Grace, have dinner, come to the kitchen to get your bowl and chopsticks.”

It didn’t take long for her to feel someone approaching and steps were a little heavy.

Every time Grace talked about eating, she was excited to go to the kitchen to get a bowl.

This slightly heavy person is naturally Karl.

She paused, then looked back and found that Karl had indeed come in.

He didn’t even look at Alyssa, but he walked to the cupboard very naturally, opened the cupboard and took the bowl from inside.

Grace’s bowl is a colored bowl for children. He first took Grace’s and then two small white bowls.

It may be that he felt Alyssa watching him, and he suddenly turned his head to meet Alyssa’s eyes.

Alyssa originally thought she was looking upright, but at this time she felt a little uncomfortable being stared at by Karl.

She smiled, turned her head silently, and went to see her soup.

In the seaweed and shrimp soup, the seaweed and the shrimp do not need to be boiled. Put them in a bowl and just add some salt, vinegar, and spring onions.

When she made the soup, a big hand stretched out beside her, and picked up the soup with one hand.

Alyssa turned her head and saw that he was still holding a bowl in his other hand, and said, “I’ll come…”

Karl ignored her, holding a bowl in one hand and soup in the other, and walked out easily.

Alyssa had to go with him and bring out the food by himself.

After Karl put the soup on the table in front, he said loudly, “Grace, eat.”

Grace was still watching TV attentively, and could not hear Karl’s voice in her ears.

Karl narrowed his eyes, stood up and walked over.

He walked over, picked up the remote control on the coffee table and turned off the TV.

Grace watched vigorously. As soon as her temper came up, she reached out and threw the puppet in her hand, pointed at Karl and said loudly, “Why turn off my TV!”

Because of her anger, her voice was raised a lot, and it sounded a bit sharp.

Karl was indifferent to this, pointed at the little tiger she had thrown on the ground, and said solemnly: “Pick it up.”

“I don’t!” Grace wrinkled her nose, snorted at him, and was about to take the remote control and turn on the TV.

Karl would not be able to see her small movements. When she stretched out her hand, he also extended his arm, took her by the collar, lifted her from the sofa and walked towards the dining table.

When Alyssa brought out the last dish, she saw this scene.

When Grace was picked up by Karl, she realized that he might be angry, so she didn’t dare to squeak anymore, clenched her small fist, and squeezed her lips tightly without daring to cry.

Alyssa put down the dishes and looked at Karl: “What’s the matter?”

Grace, who had slumped her mouth and dared not cry, cried out with a “wow” when she saw Alyssa, “Mom, I want mom!”

The cry was abnormally miserable.

Had it not been for Alyssa just witnessed the passing, she would have thought that Karl was abusing Grace.

Karl stuffed Grace into the children’s dining chair and said blankly: “It’s useless to call you for dinner now.”

Grace’s crying stopped for a moment, then raised her head and started crying with a “wow” cry.”

Karl’s face turned black all at once.

Alyssa: “…”

She was also the first time she saw Grace look so skinny.

Karl poured a glass of water and handed it to Grace’s mouth: “Drink water and calm down.”

Alyssa looked at Karl dumbly.

Did he coax children like this?

She couldn’t stand it anymore, and walked over to hug Grace, but was stopped by Karl.

Grace’s cry was lower, and she looked at Alyssa grievingly: “Mom…”

Alyssa was about to speak, but was gently pushed by Karl, and he repeated: “Drink water.”

His tone was serious, and Grace’s body trembled, and he actually lowered his head to drink water.

She took a big sip, then pushed Karl’s arm away: “Stop drinking.”

“Are you calm?” Karl put down the water glass and asked her.

Grace stretched out her hand to wipe the tears on her face, then whispered and said, “Calm down.”

Karl asked again, “Do you want to eat?”

Grace looked up at him and nodded, “Eat.”

Karl picked up her bowl, put the rice in front of her, and put another chicken leg for her.

Grace obediently picked up the chopsticks to eat, took a bite, and sobbed, “It’s hot.”

“Then wait for a while, and eat it later.”

Without raising his head, Karl continued to take a bowl of rice.

Alyssa watched Karl holding a bowl of rice and putting it in front of her, stunned.

Karl didn’t seem to realize what he had done, so he served Alyssa and served himself again.

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