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Chapter 485

After he sat down, seeing Alyssa staring at him, was startled and didn’t say anything, so he bowed his head to eat.

Alyssa stared at him silently, and took up the chopsticks for a long time.

During the meal, she kept observing Karl.

Karl was in a daze, eating his own meal calmly, without raising his eyes to look at her.

He didn’t move until he finished eating.

He stood up and said without a rush: “I’ll go back first, and come to pick up Grace tomorrow.”

Alyssa was stunned, nodded and said, “Okay.”

He turned his head to look at Grace again: “Grace, I’m leaving.”

Grace was still fighting with the last chicken leg. She heard Karl calling her, but she didn’t even look at him, but said vaguely, “Goodbye!”

Karl raised his eyebrows slightly, got up and went out.

After he left, Alyssa sat at the dining table and pondered for a while, until Grace came over and pulled her: “Mom, can I watch cartoons?”

Grace spoke very clearly now.

This reminded Alyssa that when she first met Grace, although she spoke very clearly, she talked very little.

Children still have to have an adult to chat with her, and the faster they learn to speak.

“Yes.” Alyssa stood up and led her to the sofa and sat down.

She helped Grace turn on the TV: “I’m going to wash the dishes, you watch for a while, and when I finish washing the dishes, I will help you take a bath and sleep.”

“Yeah.” Grace’s attention had long been taken away by the cartoon, and a pair of eyes had been glued to the TV.

Alyssa touched her head and went to the kitchen.

When she came out of the kitchen after cleaning up, Grace had fallen asleep on the sofa.

At this time, Grace was already sleeping, and she should have been sleepy long ago.

Alyssa hugged her back to the room, helped her undress, wiped her face, and let her continue to sleep.

The next day.

Alyssa got up to make porridge and steamed sweet potatoes.

The sweet potato was brought back from the uncle. It is not big and has a smooth skin. It is not an option for breakfast.

After steaming the sweet potatoes in the pot, Alyssa went downstairs to buy buns.

There are not many ingredients at home, so breakfast can only be mixed with porridge and buns.

When she left the unit building, she saw a familiar car parked in the parking space.

Alyssa approached a little and made sure that the license plate number belonged to Karl.

The next moment, Karl opened the car door and came down.

He came out of the driver’s seat, indicating that he drove over by himself.

When he left yesterday, he said that he would come to pick up Grace today. Alyssa thought he was talking about picking up at night, but she didn’t expect him to come so early.

Karl also obviously saw her, locked the car and strode towards her.

“where are you going?”

“Go buy steamed buns.” Alyssa pointed to the outside of the community.

Immediately, she asked again: “Why did you come so early?”

Holding the car key in his hand, Karl said with his eyes downcast, “I didn’t have breakfast either.”

“Huh?” Came here without breakfast, are you in such a hurry?

Regardless of the stunned look on Alyssa’s face, Karl raised his foot and walked outside the community: “Let’s go.”

“Where to go?” Alyssa followed, and was a little baffled by Karl.

Karl turned his head and frowned slightly: “Aren’t you buying a bun?”

It turned out that he didn’t have breakfast just now, and he was going to buy buns with her.

Alyssa took two steps forward, but felt something was wrong again.

Now Karl would be willing to eat steamed buns for a dollar?

Since yesterday, she felt that Karl was weird, but now it does not seem to be her illusion.

She stared at Karl’s back and slowed down.

The bun shop is just outside the gate of the community, and there are already people in line.

Karl stood tall and mammoth there, very eye-catching and conspicuous.

He stared at the menu posted on the wall for a while before he joined the queue.

It is really rare for Karl to line up to buy buns.

When Alyssa walked over, it happened to be Karl’s turn.

The boss didn’t know if he recognized Karl, his voice sounded a little horrified: “Sir, what kind of buns do you want?”

Karl said indifferently, “Two of each.”

The boss was stunned: “How many of you eat?”

This steamed bun shop is more than ten years old, and there are more than a dozen flavors of steamed buns.

Alyssa hurriedly walked over: “Sorry, he was joking, two egg fried, two meat buns, one cabbage and one mushroom…”

After Alyssa said what she and Grace wanted to eat, she turned around and asked Karl, “Which flavor do you want?”

Karl’s expression was calm: “It’s okay.”

When Alyssa heard this, she made a decision for Karl: “Then add two more meat buns, one with cabbage and one mushroom.”

When the boss packed the buns and handed them over, Alyssa was about to reach out to pick them up, only to find that Karl had already reached out to pick up the buns.

Alyssa looked at him in surprise, and said lightly, “A little hungry.”

“…Oh.” Alyssa didn’t believe him very much.

She was thinking that Grace was still sleeping at home alone, and when they returned, Alyssa walked a little faster.

She walked in front, Karl carrying the bun and walked behind her.

In the elevator, Alyssa looked at the two people reflected on the wall of the elevator. She was a little fascinated. It was really like a couple going for a walk on the weekend morning and then buying buns for breakfast.

But it’s a pity that between her and Karl, it’s not like that now.

When Alyssa opened the door and went in, Grace had already gotten up and was holding the little tiger standing at the kitchen door and calling her mother.

When Grace lived with her before, when Grace got up in the morning, Alyssa usually cooked breakfast in the kitchen, so Grace would habitually go to the kitchen to find her.

“Grace is awake.” Alyssa hurriedly changed her shoes: “I just went out to buy steamed buns. Let’s wash our faces and brush our teeth, and then we can have breakfast.”

“Okay.” Grace rubbed her eyes, and cleverly stretched out her hand to let Alyssa embrace.

When Alyssa helped Grace after washing her face and brushing her teeth, she found that Karl had taken out all the buns and installed them in separate plates.

She didn’t say anything, just took Grace into the chair and sat.

Grace stretched out her hand eagerly: “Wow! What a big bun.”

Alyssa had just washed Grace’s hands, so she ignored her and let her grasp it.

She rolled up her sleeves for Grace, and then turned to the kitchen to serve porridge and sweet potatoes.

Sweet potatoes are small, sweet and glutinous. Grace likes them very much.

But Alyssa was afraid that she could not digest well, so she only let her eat two small ones.

“Don’t you taste it? Uncle packed them for us.” Alyssa looked at Karl, and then took a sweet potato and handed it to Karl.

Karl did not refuse, and reached out to take it.

Alyssa narrowed her eyes and stared at him, still not sure what she was thinking.

Chapter 486

When a person with few words or words changes his personality, words and deeds, those close to him can easily notice the abnormality.

What’s more, Karl’s changes were somewhat obvious.

Alyssa didn’t ask much.

There was another thing in her mind temporarily.

That is Clifford.

Clifford’s matter has been delayed long enough, and if it continues, she is afraid of recurring incidents, so she might as well figure it out earlier.

After eating breakfast, Alyssa said casually, “Are you and Grace leaving now? I have something to go out.”

Karl raised his eyes to look at her with a calm expression: “Where to go?”

“Go to Clifford and ask something.” Alyssa didn’t hide it either.

Karl was silent for a moment, then suddenly said, “I will go too.”

“What are you going to do?” Alyssa frowned slightly, she naturally wouldn’t think that Karl was going with her because she was going.

Karl uttered two words blankly: “See doctor.”

The car stopped in front of Clifford’s psychological counseling center.

Karl sat in the driving seat, and Alyssa sat in the co-pilot.

She glanced out through the car window, Clifford probably just opened the door here, and she can still see the cleaning lady doing sanitation.

The two were here to do business, so they didn’t let Grace come with them. Karl called someone to take her back to the villa.

Alyssa opened the car door and turned to look at Karl: “I’ll call Clifford.”

Karl was about to speak, his eyes suddenly drenched, he looked straight ahead, and said, “No need.”

Alyssa followed his line of sight and saw Clifford driving the car slowly towards this side.

“What a coincidence? Are you here together?”

When Clifford got out of the car, his straight white suit was dazzling white.

After he finished speaking, he turned his head and looked at Alyssa: “Why didn’t Alyssa call me ahead of time when you come. In case I have a patient when you come, aren’t you going to run for nothing?”

Alyssa smiled and said, “I was just about to call you, you came, and you haven’t picked up the patient now.”

Clifford smiled, his eyes fell on the car behind them.

He knew that Alyssa had also bought a car, but there was only one car behind them, which was a Bentley.

This Bentley is naturally Karl’s.

That is to say, Karl and Alyssa came together, not here by chance.

Clifford retracted his gaze very naturally and smiled and said, “Please follow me.”

When he arrived at the office, Clifford asked the secretary to pour tea for Karl and Alyssa, with a smile on his face: “I didn’t expect that Mr. Adams would really come to see me.”

“Mr. Dixon is famous, and there is no better psychiatrist in the country than you.” Although Karl’s words seemed to be complimenting, he could not hear a hint of compliment, and calmly seemed to be just stating a fact.

It seems to say: If there is no better psychiatrist than you in the country, why would I come to you?

However, it is unclear whether Clifford understands this way.

The smile on Clifford’s face faded a little, and he took out the notebook and said, “Mr. Adams can briefly talk about your situation.”

Karl did not speak immediately, but turned to look at Alyssa and said, “You say it.”

“Your situation, will you let me say?”

Karl asked her back, “You know better than me, don’t you?”

Alyssa thought about it carefully, it seemed that the same was true.

Karl was the person involved, and his memory had changed several times. As someone close to him, she felt more clearly.

Alyssa took a deep breath and said, “Okay, then I will help you.”

Immediately, she turned her head to look at Clifford, and began to say with a serious expression: “As early as three years ago, Karl was deeply hypnotized by a hypnosis expert. He forgot all his previous memories and everyone. Some time ago, he got better, but His memory of the last seven or eight years is missing again…”

Alyssa tried her best to make her expression clearer. After she finished speaking, she asked Clifford, “Do you understand?”

“Of course I understand.” Clifford paused before continuing: “However, compared to Mr. Adams’ condition, I want to know who hypnotized Mr. Adams back then.”

Karl sneered: “If you want to know, I have to tell you? Who do you think you are?”

The tone is extremely arrogant, this is Karl.

Alyssa held his hand calmly, motioning him to converge a little.

Karl glanced sideways at her, his expression unclear.

Clifford had seen Karl’s temper a long time ago, and his expression was slightly restrained, but he didn’t want to get angry and turn his face on the spot.

“Since Mr. Adams doesn’t want to say it, Dixon doesn’t force it.” Clifford stood up: “I only know a little about hypnosis. I won’t be able to achieve full recovery and effect, but it can help you recover.”

Karl hadn’t said anything, but Alyssa asked nervously, “What are you going to do?”

Clifford took out a lighter from the drawer of the desk, smiled and said to Alyssa: “Amnesia and memory confusion related to hypnosis must of course be solved by hypnosis.”

With a “pop”, Clifford pressed the switch of the lighter, and the expression on his face instantly condensed: “Karl, look at it.”

Clifford raised the lighter and motioned Karl to look at the flame of the lighter.

Karl was very cooperative with him.

“Your name is Karl, you are the CEO of the Adams Group, you are thirty years old this year, and you are…”

Clifford’s voice was very low and gentle, and it sounded strangely sweet.

Alyssa was sitting next to Karl, originally just staring at the lighter curiously. Before she knew it, she became more and more fascinated. She felt that the world suddenly became quiet and Clifford’s voice also disappeared.

Very quiet…

Suddenly, she felt a pain in her hand.

She suddenly woke up and realized that Karl was squeezing her hand.

As if waking her up deliberately, after she recovered, Karl released her hand, but he was still staring at the flame of the lighter.

Clifford was still talking, and lightly turned on the lighter switch he was pressing. When the flame went out, he didn’t make another “pop”.

Alyssa turned her head to look at Karl. He looked at the direction of the lighter expressionlessly. There was no change on his face. For example, Clifford’s forehead had already been sweaty.

Seeing Karl’s long silence, Clifford called him, “Karl?”

Karl raised his eyelids, his tone was unabashedly mocking: “I thought that what Mr. Dixon said was only modest. I didn’t expect that Mr. Dixon was not modest, but exaggerated…”

Clifford said with an ugly face, “You didn’t feel anything just now?”

Karl laughed, “How do I need to feel?”

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