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Chapter 493

Before Karl couldn’t speak, Peter grinned and finished the game: “I went there to do errands and met Karl, and then knew that Tina was eating here with you, so I forced Karl to come over.”

“Yeah.” Karl calmly agreed with Peter’s statement.

Alyssa glanced at Peter with a smile.

Peter gave her a look of “don’t reveal”.

Why would he be okay and ran to the Adams group to do errands, but Karl took the initiative to call him and asked him to have meal, but Karl brought him here.

As for how Karl knew that Alyssa and the others were here…

Peter didn’t ask much, and he felt that he had made a profit if he could have a meal with Tina.

Grace excitedly handed a wooden doll in her hand to Karl, “Dad, doll!”

It was just given to her by Tina. It is a wooden doll that can sing and has a very simple craftsmanship. It is not attractive to adults, but children find it strange.

Karl asked her, “Who gave it?”

Grace pointed to Tina and said grinning: “Aunt Weber gave it to me.”

Tina smiled and touched Grace’s head.

The waiter poured the water and asked, “Do you need to order now?”

Alyssa said, “Order now.”

She came out a bit early with Grace, and chatted with Tina for a long time without paying attention to the time.

Now that it’s lunch time, Peter and Karl are here, so naturally they have to order food first.

The waiter took the menu, and Karl pushed directly to Alyssa.

Alyssa pushed back: “Just click it.”

Tina, who was sitting opposite her, saw all this in her eyes. Just now, she and Alyssa only talked about the mudslides in the mountains, and they had not mentioned Karl.

Looking at the actions of the two of them pushing the menu at this time, it seems a bit difficult.

Tina calmly kicked Peter under the table.

Peter turned his head to look at Tina inexplicably, Tina lifted her chin and motioned him to look at Karl.

Peter shook his head. He didn’t know much about Karl and Alyssa either.

Karl glanced at Alyssa, but didn’t push the menu back anymore, he flipped through the menu and started ordering.

After ordering a few dishes, he passed the menu to Peter.

When the dishes were served, Alyssa found that half of them were her favorite dishes.

There is no doubt that it was given to her by Karl.

Now Karl has recovered more memories. It is not too strange that he can remember Alyssa’s favorite dishes.

While eating, Tina’s eyes turned around on these two people from time to time.

She found that Karl and Alyssa looked closer than before, but they were a little weird.

After eating, Karl offered to take Alyssa and Grace home.

“I will take you back.”

“I drove here by myself.”

Karl didn’t force her too much, he only asked her to drive carefully, and then went back to the company.

Naturally, Peter also left with him.

“You and the big boss, have you experienced something like that?” Tina said, blinking, and handing Alyssa a “you understand” look.

Alyssa was puzzled: “Which one?”

“That’s it!” Seeing that Alyssa was still at a loss, Tina added: “It’s just to draw a distance and have a good impression of each other… No, that’s not right, anyway, do you think he treats you? Close up or something?”

Alyssa thought for a moment and nodded, “Yes, he lives with me now.”

“Living with you? Did I understand what he meant by moving to you?”

Tina is indeed an actor, and her reading comprehension is excellent.


After receiving Alyssa’s affirmative answer, Tina stayed in a daze: “Are you reconciled now?”

Is reconciliation as good as ever?

It’s not actually counted.

Alyssa shook her head: “No.”

“I can listen to Peter. When in the mountains, the big boss risked his life to find you alone. Don’t you feel anything? Even if he can’t recover his memory, he knows the past. And he also cares about you, even if he can’t remember it, can’t you create some more memories…”

Tina continued to speak, while Alyssa’s thoughts were already drifting away.

She knew that Tina’s words also had some truth.

She has been thinking about these things over and over the past few days.

Karl is still that Karl, why does she feel different?

She had been thinking before that Karl could restore his memory and that they could go back to the past.

But now that Karl has more memories, isn’t it also a good thing?

Tina saw that Alyssa didn’t respond after listening to her words, and simply asked: “Just tell me, what are you thinking about in your heart, what are you hesitating about?”

“don’t know, I think Karl is still him, not him. I can’t do it like before…”

Before Alyssa finished speaking, Tina glanced at her and said disgustingly: “You think about what happened three years ago, and now, you two are still alive, and What are you dissatisfied with for such a lovely daughter Grace?”

Alyssa pursed her lips slightly, and listened to the words.

People always think more when they have more.

At first, when Karl looked at her like a stranger, Alyssa just wanted to go back to the past.

But now Karl’s situation has gradually improved, but instead she thought more.

Grace on the side was listening to them, and suddenly she said, “Affectionate.”

Alyssa and Tina looked back at her together.

Alyssa curled up her white and tender fingers, looking blank.

She just told Tina, she didn’t know what hypocrisy meant.

Tina teased her: “Who is hypocritical?”

Grace looked at Tina and Alyssa, and then said crisply, “Dad.”


Tina laughed unceremoniously. She couldn’t help but slapped the table and burst into tears: “Alyssa, Grace’s personality is up to you, so persuasive, the desire to survive is too strong hahaha!”

Alyssa pulled at the corner of her mouth, feeling helpless: “Tina, where is your idol’s burden, aren’t you afraid of being photographed by paparazzi?”

“Not afraid…hahaha!” Tina said two words and continued to laugh.

Alyssa had to turn her head to look at Grace: “Do you know what hypocrisy means?”

Grace shook her head straightforwardly: “don’t know.”

Of course she doesn’t know what hypocrisy means.

Alyssa touched her head: “Don’t say that about Dad.”

The children’s learning ability is so strong that they can remember everything the adults say. She is really worried that Karl will go home at night. Grace said in front of Karl…

Chapter 494

After Alyssa and Tina separated, they took Grace to the parking lot.

Maybe it was Tina’s words that came to her heart, and she was slightly distracted.

As soon as she took Grace into the car and fastened her seat belt, she heard the sound of high-heeled shoes behind her.

Alyssa didn’t care too much. There were not many people coming and going in the parking lot.

Until she closed the door of the back seat, when she looked back, she saw Isabel carrying her bag and arms around her, standing one meter away from her looking at her.

In the late autumn weather, Alyssa had already put on a thin sweater, while Isabel only wore a thin top and a ridiculously short leather skirt, with black transparent stockings and high heels.

Isabel raised her chin slightly, the scarlet lipstick on her lips was heavily applied, and she said lazily, “What a coincidence.”

Alyssa looked at her blankly: “Really, I don’t think it’s a coincidence.”

The place she made an appointment with Tina is just a small business area. Of course, a person who likes to show off like Isabel would not come to this small business area.

This can only show that Isabel followed her.

As for when she came here, Alyssa was not sure.

“I used to underestimate you. When you were a child, you pretended to be so stupid to please your mother, right? It’s a pity, no matter what you do, your mother still cares about me the most. You always hate me, right?”

As she spoke, Isabel took a step forward slowly, her eyes grimly said: “So, after you grow up, you have been against me everywhere! You killed my Gerald!”

Every time Isabel came to her, she would talk about Gerald, and when she talked about Gerald, Isabel would become like a lunatic.

Alyssa was not affected by Isabel, she calmly said: “Since you asked, then I will tell you, if you have to say hate, the person I hate should also be your stepmother, and only if you have love hate.”

After hearing her words, Isabel sneered: “You don’t need to be show duplicity. You obviously hate me, but you have to be kind on purpose. What I hate the most is your hypocritical appearance!”

It would be useless to talk to people like Isabel, and Alyssa gave up communicating with her.

Alyssa turned to get in the car, but Isabel strode forward to hold her.

Alyssa’s face was slightly angry, and she said impatiently: “Isabel, are you about to be unemployed? Don’t go to work all day, and follow me as soon as I go out. Is it interesting?”

Isabel clenched her arm and held her lips with a weird smile: “Of course it’s interesting. As long as I think about it, I will follow you and find a way to kill and revenge Gerald you took away from me. I find it particularly interesting.”

Alyssa felt a little anxious thinking that Grace was still in the car.

Fortunately, the windows are made of one-way perspective glass, and the sound insulation is also very good. The outside can be seen from the inside, but the inside cannot be seen from the outside.

Therefore, Isabel could not see Grace inside.

“If you have time, let your agent find a good hospital for you, lest you go crazy before you get revenge.”

After Alyssa finished speaking, she slammed Isabel’s hand away, went to the other side and pulled the car door and sat in.

She was about to drive, thinking that Isabel had moved her hands and feet in Clifford’s car last time, so she didn’t dare to drive.

Isabel was thrown away by Alyssa, and did not leave immediately.

Suddenly, she glanced at the back row of Alyssa’s car, and through the window, she could vaguely see that there were still people in it.

But because of the line of sight, it is not too clear.

She simply bent over, leaned to the car window, and looked inside against the glass.

Alyssa’s car is not very expensive, and the material of the window glass is not particularly good, so it is attached to the car window, and a child sitting inside can be seen vaguely, but the facial features are not very clear.

“What are you doing!”

The voice of security came from a distance.

Only then did Alyssa realize that Isabel hadn’t left yet.

Isabel was also a public figure anyway. Seeing the security guard had come, she stood up straight and left.

When the security was leaving, Alyssa just got out of the car.

People are always extra friendly to people who are outstanding.

The security guard saw Alyssa and asked with concern: “A young lady just leaned on your car sneakily. Did she do anything?”

Alyssa knew that the security was talking about Isabel, and smiled and said, “I’m not sure, can you please help me check the brakes of the car?”

“Yes I can.”

The security guard checked the brakes for Alyssa and confirmed that there was no problem, and Alyssa thanked him.

Grace’s little milk voice came from the back row: “Mom, that aunt…”

Alyssa glanced at her in the rearview mirror and asked, “What happened to that aunt?”

Grace still held the wooden doll that Tina gave her tightly, and said glutinously, “She just looked at me.”

Alyssa said warmly: “My Grace is so cute, that’s why they like to see you.”

Grace laughed, her big eyes narrowed into the shape of a crescent: “Mom is also cute.”

The smile on Alyssa’s face deepened a bit.

She remembered that Karl had said before that Grace had a temperament like her.

Now it seems that Grace’s temperament is really not like her, she was not as sweet as Grace when she was a child.

Soon, the expression on her face faded.

When did Isabel start following her this time?

A person like Isabel who used everything, but this time did not break the brakes of her car.

Is it because the same method cannot be used twice?

But every time Isabel saw her, she looked like she couldn’t wait to tear her up, she shouldn’t let go of every opportunity to kill her.

Even if it was a used trick like breaking the brake, Isabel wouldn’t mind doing it again.

After returning home, Alyssa didn’t want to understand.

Probably because of Tina’s words, when Alyssa made dinner, half of Karl’s favorite dishes, and half of Grace’s favorite dishes.

Karl came back early.

After living in with Alyssa, he almost never worked overtime. He would bring back work if he didn’t finish it during office hours.

When he came back, Grace scribbled on his desk.

She sat on the chair and couldn’t reach the table, so she stood directly on Karl’s chair, and the paper in front of her was messy.

Seeing Karl coming back, Grace enthusiastically recommended her paintings to him: “Dad, this is you, this is mother, this is me.”

Alyssa just came out with food, and Grace called her: “Mom, come and see my painting.”

Alyssa put down the dishes and walked over.

Grace pointed to a red line drawn on the paper: “This is mom!”

Alyssa smiled calmly: “It’s so beautiful.”

Grace pointed a green line to Karl, “This is Kalr.”

“Why is it green?”

“Green peppers are green!”

Karl groaned for two seconds, glanced at Alyssa, and said in a serious tone, “It looks good.”

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