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Chapter 491

Karl didn’t get angry after hearing her words. Instead, he said in a serious tone, “I can’t take care of myself. Can I sleep in a room with you?”

Alyssa was startled by his tone that couldn’t be more serious.

It seemed that if she really said “yes”, he could make himself unable to take care of himself.

Alyssa was too lazy to talk to him again, walked over to organize Grace’s toys, and then took them to Grace’s room.

Don’t try to reason with this man.

And he is naive sometimes.

Karl stayed in Alyssa’s rented house.

When he went to work the next morning, he took the suitcase with him, and when he returned at night, he took another suitcase with him.

Shoes, towels, ties… all his things.

In the shoe cabinet at the entrance, Alyssa’s shoes were placed on the upper floors, and Karl’s leather shoes were vacated on the lower two floors.

Karl’s leather shoes and suits seem to be basically the same style, but Alyssa knows that these are not the same style, and every pair of shoes is different.

The suits are the same brand, but not the same style.

Only the style of the tie should be clearly distinguished, after all, the color and stripes are different.

There are also a lot of men’s products in the bathroom.

The bathroom was originally not big, and the things to keep Alyssa and Grace were just right, plus the daily necessities of an adult, it seemed a bit crowded.

Alyssa watched Karl sorting out his things in an orderly manner, looking like a husband who had returned from a business trip, putting his things in his home again.

Although this “home” is just a house rented by Alyssa.

Alyssa didn’t help him either, she just watched him go around.

The weather was actually a bit cold, but Karl took off his jacket as soon as he walked in. He only wore a trolls blue shirt. The cufflinks had been untied, and his sleeves were pulled up to his forearms. He took care of his shoes and cleaned things.

At this moment, a knock on the door suddenly sounded outside.

Alyssa glanced at Karl, then turned to open the door.

The door opened, and two people in work clothes outside carried a large cardboard box: “Hello, are you Mr. Adams’ wife? This is the desk ordered by Mr. Adams, please sign for it.”

Alyssa was stunned.

She didn’t know if she should go in first to praise Karl even the desk was prepared, or sign first.

She took a deep breath and glanced into the room, just in time to see Karl coming out of the bathroom.

Alyssa withdrew her gaze and lowered her head to sign.

The worker brought things in: “Ms. Alyssa, where to place it?”

Karl heard the movement and walked out, and pointed to the floor-to-ceiling window: “Let it go there.”

Alyssa raised her eyebrows, her tone of voice was not very good: “You even thought about the place.”

“Yeah.” Karl was not affected by Alyssa’s tone. He said with a constant expression, “Here is my desk, and the other is you and Grace.”

His tone was natural as if he really regarded this place as his home.

Alyssa could not say anything, so she went to the side and watched the workers install his desk.

Perhaps considering that the house is not very large, although Karl’s desk is equipped with a bookcase, it does not occupy a lot of space.

This house is an old house in the past. Although the decoration is exquisite, the floor plan is very simple. The living room is slightly larger. Compared with some new floor plans, the living room in this house is a bit unreasonably large.

There happened to be a small half-empty place. Alyssa had also wanted to buy a desk before returning, but she didn’t expect it to be boarded by Karl quickly.

The worker installed the desk and left.

They left with their front feet, and someone knocked on the door on their back.

Alyssa stood still and said, “Go open the door.”

Karl didn’t say a word, and went straight to open the door.

Smith stood outside the door, holding a cardboard box in his hand: “Sir, this is the information you asked me to bring.”

When he was off work before, Karl suddenly asked him to organize the documents that he had not processed recently and send them to Alyssa’s.

Along the way, Smith’s heart was particularly restless.

Boss asked him to send the documents to the young lady’s house?

This means that the relationship between Boss and the young lady has gone to a higher level, and they are living together directly?

Before Karl reached out to pick up the carton, Smith immediately said, “Sir, let me take it in for you.”

He really wanted to know what happened between Boss and the young lady between the last time and now.

Karl refused loudly: “No.”

“Really don’t need it?” Smith held the cardboard box and didn’t let go, his expression a bit sad.

It may be because people have experienced divorce and remarriage in middle age, so Smith is now particularly concerned about Karl and Alyssa.

He divorced his wife three years ago, but after being driven out of the Adams’ family by Claire, he remarried with his ex-wife.

He was particularly satisfied with his current life, and the most worried thing was that Karl would recover his memory.

Seeing Karl went to open the door, Alyssa got up and walked over curiously.

As soon as she walked over, she saw Smith handing a cardboard box to Karl.

When Smith raised his eyes and saw Alyssa, his face exuded a rare brilliance: “Young lady!”

Alyssa asked aloud, “Brought the documents?”

“Yes!” Smith nodded.

Alyssa smiled slightly, and said the words that Smith wanted to hear: “Come in and sit down before leaving.”


Smith responded and raised his foot to come in, and heard Karl’s voice faintly sounded: “Smith, don’t you need to go home to accompany your child? Do you know how important companionship is to your child? Especially…”

Karl had a sudden stop and raised his eyebrows: “You quarreled with your wife recently.”

Smith was stunned for a moment: “Sir…how did you know that I quarreled with my wife?”

Karl never asked him about his personal affairs, how could he know about his quarrel with his wife.

Karl’s gaze fell on his suit: “Your suit is not as smooth as before.”

Smith looked down at the suit on his body. Before the divorce, and after the remarriage, his wife ironed the suit for him. He didn’t do it well.

These days, he did quarrel with his wife.

His wife went out to play with her girlfriend. He had to take care of the children and iron his suit.

These are small things.

The relationship between him and his wife for so many years, small noises are all fun.

Karl didn’t want to let him in.

Smith was actually curious for a while, and said in a witty way: “Then I will go back first.”

After Smith left, Karl immediately closed the door.

He turned around, and looked at Alyssa’s eyes: “Why not let him come in and sit down?”

“No reason.” After Karl said, he bypassed Alyssa and walked toward the desk.

Chapter 492

Karl put the cardboard box on the desk with a calm expression.

He can live in by stalking, so why can he be easily invited by Alyssa to sit in and sit all night?

Karl snorted, then looked up at Alyssa, then retracted his gaze, opened the cardboard box and took out the files inside.

Alyssa didn’t go to Karl’s side, planning to go into the room to see Grace.

Grace went to take a nap in the afternoon. She hasn’t gotten up yet. It’s almost six o’clock now, so she has to wake her up, otherwise she won’t be able to sleep at night.

She checked the time and realized that Karl had come back quite early today.

As soon as she walked to Grace’s door, the door was slowly opened from inside.

Grace stood behind the door with a mess of hair and yawned, “Mom.”

“Grace is awake.” Alyssa picked her up, stretched out her hand to tidy her hair, and hugged her to wash her face.

When she saw Karl passing through the hall, Grace called out, “Dad.”

The voice is a little small, the voice of little girl just waking up.

Hearing the sound, Karl raised his head and glanced at Grace before responding, “Yes.”

A desk and bookshelf were newly added to the other side of the living room. Grace probably saw the difference. When she entered the bathroom, she looked curiously at Karl’s direction.

After coming out of the bathroom, Alyssa put on Grace’s coat, Grace ran to Karl’s side with joy.

She is barely tall enough to be flush with her desk.

She stretched out two fleshy hands on the table, tiptoes and tilted her head up high to see the file Karl was playing with: “What are you doing, Dad…”

She actually didn’t say this kind of sentence very clearly, but Karl used to listening to her, and he would naturally understand it.

Karl did not raise his head: “Work.”

Grace asked curiously: “What work?”

Karl raised his eyelids, and saw Grace struggling to scratch the tabletop and looking up at him. Because of too much effort, her eyebrows were frowned into horoscope eyebrows, and her lips pressed secretly.

Karl stared at her for two seconds, stretched his arms across the desk, pinched Grace’s armpits with both hands, and lifted her up on the desk at once.

When Grace was lifted up, she stretched out her hand nervously and grabbed Karl’s arm. When she was safely put on the desk, she breathed a sigh of relief: “Oh!”

Karl raised his eyebrows: “What are you sighing for?”

“No sigh.” Grace shook her head and reached out to grab the file in front of him.

Karl reached out and held down the document, his tone was habitually indifferent: “Don’t move.”

Grace was so frightened that she withdrew her hand back, looked at Karl with her big eyes, and put her hand behind her silently, as if she was afraid that Karl would beat her.

Alyssa watched this scene not far away, and couldn’t help but laugh.

This little clever ghost.

Grace was quiet for less than ten seconds, then leaned forward to Karl to look at the file in his hand, and eagerly reached out and touched it.

Karl raised his eyes, and she quickly retracted her hand.

Grace is on the verge of being beaten.

After repeating this several times, Karl turned his head and looked at Alyssa: “If you have seen enough, take your daughter away!”

Alyssa stood up straight, and she said: “I’m going to cook, take Grace with you, don’t make her cry.”

Karl curled his eyebrows, he could hear the gloat from Alyssa’s words.

Alyssa went into the kitchen after speaking. Karl looked down at Grace, and Grace also raised her eyes to look at him.

The big and the small looked at each other for a while, and Grace whispered to him, “Dad.”

Grace’s tone was cautious, similar to the tone Alyssa used to talk to him when he was angry before.

Karl’s frowning eyebrows stretched out like that, and he touched Grace’s head: “Be good, don’t move, I will give you your Burst Speed ​​Car.”

Grace’s eyes lit up suddenly: “Okay!”

Karl brought the Burst Speed ​​Car over to Grace to play.

Grace took the Burst Speed ​​and started playing intently. Two small thick legs dangling on the desk, muttering in her mouth, playing very intently.

Even Karl looked at her for a long time, but she didn’t notice it.

This is his daughter.

But it’s a pity to be more like him. It would be better if she looked like Alyssa.

In the evening, Alyssa received Tina’s call.

Tina and Peter returned to Rostenvel.

The next day, Alyssa and Tina made an appointment to eat out.

Now Karl and Grace both live with her. Karl goes to work in the company, and she naturally wants to take Grace out with her.

Although Tina looks more carefree on the surface, she is actually very careful.

She knew that Alyssa would take Grace out and also brought Grace a small gift.

Alyssa said warmly: “She has a lot of toys. She can’t play with too many toys.”

Tina said indifferently: “There are no children who don’t like gifts. Toys are used to play with. Do you think you have too many clothes?”

Alyssa felt unable to refute, she did not think she had too many clothes.

Seeing her expression loosened, Tina said, “It’s an inexpensive gadget anyway.”

Indeed, Tina didn’t buy that kind of special valuable things, but it looked very interesting and full of thoughts.

The two talked about what happened in the mountains before.

After listening, Tina nodded: “That uncle is fine.”

Just as Alyssa was about to speak, she saw Tina’s eyes falling behind her.

“What?” Alyssa followed her gaze and looked back and saw Karl and Peter walking towards this side.

Peter walked over and sat next to Tina with his arms stretched out. He leaned on the back of the sofa behind Tina and asked her, “Haven’t you ordered?”

Tina turned him head and stared at his arm.

Peter immediately retracted his arm and put it on the dining table.

At this time, a waiter brought water over, and Peter took a cup of water to conceal his embarrassment.

Alyssa watched the interaction between the two in her eyes.

Alyssa and Tina sat at the card table by the window, Grace sat on the side against the wall, Alyssa sat on the side near the aisle.

Karl sat down next to Alyssa, his expression faint.

Alyssa turned her head to look at him. Without waiting for her to speak, Karl consciously answered her question: “I came out to eat, and met Peter on the way.”

Alyssa looked at her watch, only to realize that it was late and it was time for lunch.

She raised her eyes and looked at Karl with a cold expression: “This is about 40 minutes’ drive from office, and office is a half-hour drive from AdamPic Media. How did you meet?”

Karl’s remarks could not stand scrutiny, how could Alyssa believe him.

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