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Chapter 497

Alyssa did not get a response from Karl.

She pressed her lips tightly and wiped off the eyebrows Karl had drawn for her, and began to paint herself.

She knew that she couldn’t believe Karl, a straight man without any artistic skills.

She even doubted Karl’s aesthetics.

When she first married Karl before, Karl could k!ss her with such an ugly appearance. Just now he drew her eyebrows like this and he could k!ss her…

Alyssa doubted that Karl had some kind of aesthetic obstacle.

She drew her eyebrows, put on eye makeup, and after the final makeup was set, Karl’s figure appeared at the door and asked her calmly, “You just called me?”

Alyssa stood up and walked to him, raised her eyebrows to look at him: “You said you can draw eyebrows?”

Karl moved his lips slightly, was silent for two seconds, and said sincerely, “…No.”

Even though he knew that his honest appearance was just pretending to calm her down, but I have to say that Alyssa still eats his suit.

A man who is usually arrogant and proud can easily make people feel soft when he obediently admits what he can’t do before her.

Alyssa was not very angry at first, and said, “I’m all ready.”

“Then come.” Karl said, and went to hold her hand.

Alyssa stiffened slightly, and let Karl hold her hand.

They thought so much, experienced so much, and in the end it was just to be together.

If the results are the same, why are you still being affected by those messy thoughts in your heart.

Karl also felt the changes in Alyssa in the past two days. Although she didn’t know why she suddenly figured it out, it turned out to be what he wanted.

After leaving the house, Grace clamored for Alyssa to embrace.

In fact, Grace seldom clamored for a hug, and Alyssa and Grace had been together for a short time, so long as Grace’s request was not excessive, she would agree.

Alyssa was about to lean over to hug Grace, and Karl stretched out his hand to pull her behind him, and lifted Grace to hold with one hand.

Grace narrowed her mouth: “I want my mother.”

“I’m coming.” Alyssa wanted to take Grace over after hearing this.

Karl turned sideways slightly and said with a calm expression: “She is sinking, I will hug.”

“I think it’s okay…” Although Grace has been a little heavier recently, she can still hold it.

Karl didn’t continue talking to her, and when he reached the elevator entrance, he pressed the elevator button.

When the family of three went down, Smith had been waiting for a long time in the car.

Seeing Karl’s family of three came over, he got out of the car and opened the door of the back seat for them.

It’s a bit far from where Alyssa lives to the old house of the family. It takes an hour to drive at this time.

Grace fell asleep in the car.

When they arrived at Adams’ Old House, Alyssa woke Grace.

Karl hugged Grace out of the car and stretched out his hand to hold Alyssa.

He stood outside the car door, in a straight suit, with long arms reaching into the car, looking like a polite nobleman.

Alyssa didn’t know why she wanted to laugh when she looked at it. She put her hand on Karl’s hand, and Karl tightened her hand, pulling her out of the car with force.

Alyssa got out of the car and was about to let go of Karl’s hold, but Karl took the lead and held her with the other hand.

Afterwards, Karl said indifferently, “Let’s go.”

Standing next to the car, Smith is watching Karl and his family of three warmly lead to the door of Adams’ Old House, smiles appeared on his faces.

Afterwards, he silently took out his phone and took a picture, and sent it to Peter.

He sent it via WeChat, and Peter quickly responded to him with a voice message.

“Smith, you post your wife, son, and your wife’s cooking in your circle of friends every day. You still give me pictures of Karl’s family of three. Do you think it’s not bad enough to abuse me? Is there no human rights?!”

Peter’s tone was full of resentment.

Smith replied very sincerely: “Mr Grant, I just want to share my joy with you.”

Peter hadn’t reacted yet when he saw the photo he posted. Hearing what Smith said, he reacted: “Is Karl really good?”

Yesterday Karl would take the initiative to ask him to go to Alyssa and Tina. He felt a little strange, but he had not had time to confirm this idea.

Smith thought about it, and said, “It’s almost a good thing.”

As soon as Alyssa and the others entered the gate, a servant greeted them.

“Sir…Little Miss…”

The servant greeted him, feeling a little at a loss when he saw Alyssa.

Three years ago, the servants in the old house were all replaced by Claire, and almost no one knew Alyssa.

Karl looked at the servant with sharp eyebrows, and said in a low tone, “Would you not call ‘Young Lady’?”

Upon seeing this, the servants hurriedly bent over and shouted in unison: “Young lady!”

Everyone’s trembling atmosphere didn’t make a sound.

Karl ignored them and took Alyssa and Grace directly to find Trevor.

Three years ago, Karl released the news that Trevor was kidnapped by his enemies. In the end, the kidnappers temporarily increased money, and Karl chose to call the police directly.

The kidnapper cut one of Trevor’s arm, he suffered all the torture, and was finally rescued and sent to the hospital with only half his life left.

After he was cured and discharged from the hospital, Trevor could only sit in a wheelchair and completely became a useless person.

Because of physical reasons, Trevor’s temperament changed drastically and he stayed home.

The servant took them to the door of Trevor’s room and knocked on the door gently: “Sir, Sir is here.”

There was no response.

Obviously, Trevor didn’t plan to see Karl.

The servant turned his head and said hesitantly: “Sir…”

Karl said blankly, “Get out of the way.”

The servant quickly turned and left like a pardon.

Karl directly reached out and pushed open the door.

The room was dark and the windows were tightly closed. Only the opened door of the room, with light pouring in, vaguely saw a person in the wheelchair.

That person is Trevor.

In the late autumn weather, he didn’t wear much, and he was covered with a blanket.

About to be alarmed by the door opening, he slowly turned his head and looked towards the door.

His eyes first fell on Karl’s body.

When he saw Alyssa, his face obviously changed.

Although he knew the news that Alyssa was not dead for a long time, seeing the three of them appear in front of him intact, it was a great irony to him.

He worked so hard in his life, but he didn’t get anything.

Lina lived madly in the nursing home, while Gerald was buried in the explosion on the island.

And he has also become a useless person, hiding in this dark place, relying on the trace of hatred in his heart to survive.

Chapter 498

Karl let go of Grace, pushed her to Alyssa, and walked forward alone, turning on the light in the room while walking in.

Alyssa turned and closed the door.

In the dark room, it was suddenly bright as day.

Karl took the lead to walk in front of Trevor, with a stern expression between his eyebrows and eyes, and his voice was cold and slow: “Long time no see.”

Alyssa led Grace to follow.

The child’s perception is very sensitive. After seeing Trevor, Grace hid behind Alyssa in fear, hiding her face behind Alyssa.

Alyssa patted her on the head and raised her eyes to look at Trevor.

She hadn’t seen Trevor for three whole years.

After a glance, she was startled by Trevor’s appearance, and a daze flashed across her face.

Trevor broke an arm and was sitting in a wheelchair. He looked very thin, with sunken eye sockets and chapped lips. The sweater was empty on his body, and he looked skinny.

If she met Trevor on the street, Alyssa was sure that she would most likely not recognize him as Trevor.

The changes in Trevor’s body were too great, weak, old, gloomy…

No longer has the spirit of being a top giant in power, but lives like a mouse hiding in the gutter and dare not see anyone.

“It’s you!” After Trevor saw that the people were Karl and Alyssa, his eyes widened suddenly, his eyes seemed to come out of his eye sockets, and his voice was as dull as a foothold. It sounds uncomfortable.

“Get out! Whoever let you in, get out of here!”

Trevor pointed at the door, his eyes cracking.

Karl sneered, and sat down in front of Trevor, with his legs folded together, his tone was sloppy and lazy: “I brought my wife and daughter to see you today. They have just arrived. You are going to drive us away. Is this your way of hospitality?”

Grace was shocked by Trevor’s roar just now, hiding behind Alyssa’s body, and refused to go forward.

Alyssa patted her on the head, took out her mobile phone and sent Smith a message, asking him to take Grace out.

Smith was originally guarding outside, he was also familiar with Adams’ family, and soon came over to pick up Grace.

After Grace was picked up, Alyssa walked to the side of Karl, who took her to sit down.

Trevor’s hands on the armrests clenched into fists, staring at Karl and Alyssa.

Karl and Alyssa sat side by side in front of him. Their faces were similarly calm and calm. In the past few months, Karl had also brought back some of the flesh on her body. Sitting with Karl, it was the same. To the golden boy and the girl.

The hatred and unwillingness in Trevor’s heart grew wildly like weeds, and his voice was hysterical and hoarse: “Get out of here!”

“Come on! Come on!”

No matter how Trevor roared, no one came in from outside.

Karl looked at Trevor who was on the verge of madness with cold eyes, and curled his lips: “You really have no patience now. You get emotional so easily. Back then, you kept the truth about mother’s kidnapping for more than ten years. .”

Alyssa turned to look at Karl.

His expression at this time was bitter, and his whole body exuded a gloomy feeling that no one should get close.

Alyssa could see that when he talked about his mother, Karl still hated it in his heart.

He still couldn’t let go.

When he was young, many deficiencies would be branded in heart, and one might not be able to let go of it in entire life.

Karl is like this, why is she not like this herself?

She may not care about Rachel, but occasionally she still envy others.

Trevor looked at Karl with a grim face, his voice was hoarse as if there was sand rolling in his throat: “What do you want?”

“I should ask you about this.” Karl sneered and leaned forward slightly, his voice low: “Up to now, have you not felt that you have done anything wrong?”

“What did I do wrong? Everything I did back then was to protect Lina and Gerald. I didn’t think about what to do with your mother! How would I know that those people changed their minds temporarily, and it was you who was wrong!”

“You have driven your own aunt mad and killed Gerald. You will be punished!”

Trevor’s body became very poor. After speaking such a long two paragraphs, he panted as if he was about to die.

A look of contempt flashed in Karl’s eyes: “So, you instigated Isabel to come to us for revenge?”

Trevor looked at Karl with wide eyes, a look of fear flashed in his eyes: “I ‘didn’t!”

He knew Karl’s methods. At this time, he couldn’t admit that he instigated Isabel to find Alyssa and the others for revenge.

“Don’t rush to deny it, I won’t treat you like that.” Karl showed a weird smile on his face.

Karl was not a person who laughed a lot, but it was even more disturbing to laugh like this.

Trevor’s expression suddenly changed: “You, what are you going to do?”

The smile on Karl’s face was deeper: “You haven’t been out in the past three years. You must really want to go out and have a look. Of course I will fulfill your wish.”

When Trevor heard what he said, his whole body seemed to have received a huge blow, shaking all over: “I don’t want to go out, I don’t want to go out!”

He hasn’t been out for the past three years. Except for one reason that Lina was driven mad, Gerald was blown to death, and his heart was overwhelmed, there was another reason, because he didn’t want others to see him like this.

He was once the ruler of the Adams’ family, admired by the wind, and he had the glamour and wealth that everyone envy, but now he…

This inhuman and ghost appearance is seen by others, and those people will laugh at him and watch his jokes!

He can’t let those people watch his jokes.

In order not to let those people read his jokes, his best way is not to go out.

“I can’t help but you.” Karl stood up, his voice so indifferent without a trace of emotion: “We could have been in peace.”

In one sentence, click and stop.

They could have been in peace.

Even if he killed Trevor, it couldn’t relieve Karl’s hatred.

If Trevor Adams had stayed in the old house peacefully, nothing would happen.

However, Trevor not only didn’t know how to repent, but also wanted to take revenge.

Since Trevor wanted to play, Karl naturally wanted to give him this opportunity.

Karl knew exactly what Trevor was afraid of.

After Karl finished speaking, he turned around and stretched out his hand towards Alyssa: “Let’s go.”

Alyssa, who quietly listened to him and Trevor talking all the way, stood up with his hand.

Karl led her and walked out.

Trevor’s hoarse roar came from behind: “Karl! Karl!”

After leaving Trevor’s room, Alyssa looked up to see Karl’s face.

He had a calm face, his eyes were sharp, his brows and eyes looked a little gloomy.

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