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Chapter 499

Alyssa shook Karl’s hand backhand.

Karl turned his head to look at her, his voice was different from his expression, with a low and gentle expression: “What’s the matter?”

He is indeed different from before, vaguely a bit like Karl from three years ago.

Even if you are in a bad mood, you will restrain your emotions when facing her.

Alyssa asked him: “What are you going to do?”

Karl followed her footsteps, slowed down, hooked his lips but didn’t smile: “Don’t do anything. He has been in the old house for three years. I will take him out to meet people.”

Alyssa didn’t understand, Karl wanted to torture Trevor.

The more Trevor didn’t want to do, the more Karl wanted him to do.

Karl’s execution ability is very strong.

On the second day after seeing Trevor, Karl asked people to release the news to hold a dinner party.

The place for the dinner was chosen in a seven-star hotel, which was the hotel that Trevor liked to visit frequently.

The dinner he asked Alyssa to attend was also in this hotel.

When he heard that Karl was about to host a dinner, he asked sadly, “Sir, why did you suddenly remember that you are holding a dinner?”

He still remembered the last time Karl had said that he was going to hold a dinner party, and Karl had risen up to prepare for the dinner, but before the banquet started, Karl went to find Alyssa.

In the end, Smith stayed and dealt with the aftermath, while dealing with the company’s affairs on the side of the dinner party. Those days were so busy that it left a shadow on Smith.

This time Karl had another intention to hold a dinner party, so naturally he wanted to ask questions first.

Hearing the words, Karl squinted slightly and looked towards Smith with a blank face.

Smith knew this question and asked a little too much, and said with a slight change of face: “I just…”

Karl sneered and interrupted him at this moment: “Trevor has been bored in the old house for three years. As his only son, I will hold a banquet to bring him out for fun, what do you think?”

With the word “only”, Karl deliberately increased his tone, his tone was light and slow, and it sounded even more gloomy.

Smith’s scalp tightened and shivered.

“Sounds very good.”

“Go.” Karl raised his hand slightly, motioning him to do it.

Smith quickly turned around and walked outside, wiping the cold sweat from his forehead while walking.

Boss lost his memory for a while and then recovered some memory, making the whole person a little weird and more and more confused.

After that Karl leaned back in his chair, and did not move for a long time.

The banquet is scheduled for Friday evening.

Alyssa went out to meet Mattie to talk about the script. After the chat, Mattie also mentioned the dinner party.

Mattie asked her: “Have you received the invitation letter for the dinner?”

Alyssa shook her head: “No.”

After leaving the old house that day, Alyssa could faintly see Karl’s thoughts, but she did not ask carefully.

These two days Karl was busy with work and she was busy writing the script. Although the two got along day and night, they didn’t talk much.

She and Karl got along very harmoniously. She originally thought that after that day, Karl would move to her room and sleep together, but Karl did not.

She couldn’t understand what was in Karl’s heart.

Whether it was Karl’s thoughts about her, or Karl’s thoughts about his recent work, Alyssa couldn’t figure it out.

She didn’t ask, and Karl would naturally not tell her.

In these matters, he has never been an active person.

It is impossible to wait for him to speak.

Thinking of this, Alyssa sighed helplessly.

Mattie mistakenly believed that Alyssa was lost because she did not receive the invitation sticker for the dinner party.

Mattie blinked at her and smiled soothingly: “It’s okay, I have an invitation letter for the dinner, I can take you in!”

Alyssa twitched the corners of her mouth, feeling a little speechless for a while, did she act like that?

She actually didn’t want to go.

“Do I look like I really want to go to the dinner party?” Alyssa looked at Mattie grimly.

Mattie nodded: “Like.”

Alyssa Heating laughed in anticipation: “Whatever you say.”

The two of them had almost talked about today, and Alyssa planned to go back.

When she came out of Mattie’s studio, Alyssa checked the time, and it was only four o’clock.

Because she had something to do today, she asked Karl to take Grace to the company. There was nothing fun about Grace in the company. She was fine now, so it was better to take her home first.

Alyssa was sitting in the car and called Karl.

As soon as the phone was connected, Grace’s little milk voice came: “Mom!”

A smile appeared on Alyssa’s face unconsciously: “Grace.”

At Grace’s age, her concentration was not very concentrated. She called Alyssa and then turned to do something else.

After a rustling sound rang on the other end of the phone, Alyssa heard Karl’s low reprimand sounded on the other end.

“pick it up.”

Then Grace’s dissatisfied voice: “I don’t want…”

There was a moment of silence on the other end of the phone, and Alyssa guessed that Karl was again deterring his daughter.

Because in the next second, there was a compromising voice like Mr. Adams on the phone: “Okay.”

“what happened?”

Alyssa kept listening to the movement over there with her ears sideways, until Karl’s voice came from the phone clearly, she was stunned for a moment and said: “My work is over, I’ll come and pick Grace back.”


Karl didn’t say much, so he hung up the phone.

When Alyssa drove past, she had already taken Grace out by Smith.

Smith was a very cautious person. He took Grace and stood in an unremarkable place waiting for Alyssa.

As soon as Grace saw Alyssa, she ran towards her with her short legs: “Mom!”

Alyssa caught her and looked up at Smith.

“Madam.” Smith approached, nodded slightly at her, and then took out an invitation letter for the dinner and handed it to Alyssa: “I have something, please take it Madam.”

Alyssa glanced at the invitation letter in his hand and asked, “What’s the matter?”

“Madam, give this invitation to Mr. Clifford.” Smith’s tone was very sincere, as if he was really asking Alyssa to do him a little favor.

Alyssa felt like a surge in her heart. If this kind of thing wasn’t for Karl’s intention, he would never ask her for help.

Smith is a well-measured person. He treats her and Karl very respectfully. He is very efficient and has no difficulty in sending invitations. If it weren’t for Karl’s instructions, where would Smith ask her for help?

In other words, without Karl’s instruction, Smith did not dare to ask her to do such trivial things.

Chapter 500

Alyssa stared at Smith with a smile but didn’t speak, nor took the invitation letter over.

Smith naturally knew that Alyssa had already seen that this was something that Karl had instructed.

He hung his head slightly, and said bitterly, “Madam has friendship with Mr. Dixon, he will definitely save face if you come forward.”

Alyssa raised her eyebrows and said: “It seems like you come forward, Clifford will not come to the dinner party, he is not such a stingy person.”

Although Clifford and Karl couldn’t deal with it, Clifford was a generous person. As long as they sent the invitation letter, Clifford would definitely go.

Smith has a headache.

When he first chased his wife, he thought it was the hardest thing in the matter, but now it seems that it is not the hardest.

The most difficult thing is to have a boss with a weird temperament and a wife who doesn’t follow the rules.

Alyssa said that for this reason, naturally he would never go around with Alyssa anymore. He sighed imperceptibly, “This is indeed what Boss meant.”

Smith told the truth, Alyssa was not embarrassing him, frowned slightly and asked: “Why did he let me send the invitation letter?”

According to Karl’s psychology, shouldn’t she be prevented from meeting Clifford? Now he even asked her to send the invitation letter.

“don’t know.” Karl only confessed the incident at the time, without saying the reason.

Smith naturally did not dare to ask.

“I see.” Alyssa took the invitation letter over: “I will deliver it personally. Go back.”

Alyssa got into the car with Grace and Smith stood by the side of the road, waiting for Alyssa’s car to drive away before turning around and walking towards the Adams building.

He took the elevator straight to Karl’s office.

The office door was not closed, so Smith walked to the door and knocked on the door twice.

Karl didn’t say anything, just looked up at him and motioned for him to go in.

Without waiting for Karl to ask questions, Smith took the initiative to say: “I have already given the invitation letter to the young lady.”

“What did she say?” Karl looked down and flipped through the documents, his tone sounding casual, as if he didn’t care.

Smith vaguely heard something unusual in his tone.

He considered it for a moment and said the truth: “Madam said that she will send it to Mr. Dixon herself.”

Karl’s movement of flipping through the documents was slightly stagnant, and he raised his head slightly, his dark eyes as thick as ink as if ink was dripping from it.

“You say it again.” His voice was clear and cold, still in a calm tone, but every word was as sharp as ice.

Although Smith hesitated, he repeated his words very quickly: “Madam said that she will send it to Mr. Dixon herself.”

There was a moment of silence in the office.

Even if Smith didn’t look up and see Karl’s front face, he could still imagine how ugly Karl’s face was at this time.

But a few seconds later, he only heard Karl say: “Go out.”

Smith raised his head and planned to turn around and go out.

However, when he inadvertently rolled his eyes, he saw that Karl’s hands had been clenched into fists, and one of the hands resting on the document had already squeezed that page of information into a ball.

Smith was slightly surprised, but didn’t dare to say anything, and turned around and went out.

After he went out, he closed the office door and heard a “bang” sound from inside, as if he was smashing something.

Smith clasped his hands together and hung in front of him, standing respectfully at the door of the office, listening for a while, until he could not hear anything inside, he sighed slightly and went to his office.

He also reacted at this time. Karl asked him to show Alyssa the invitation letter, not really wanting Alyssa to send the invitation letter to Clifford.

Karl didn’t want Alyssa to send it away.

But Alyssa had to deliver it personally…

Alyssa is already very familiar with Clifford’s psychological consultation room.

She took the invitation letter and drove with Grace.

Halfway, she parked the car by the side of the road and bought some fruits along the way.

When she arrived at the place, when she led Grace in, the lady at the front desk knew her. Before she could speak, she asked directly: “Ms. Alyssa is coming to see our doctor Dixon?”

“Well, is he busy?” Alyssa asked with a smile.

“It’s okay today. There are not many guests and he’s not very busy.” The receptionist was very enthusiastic: “I will take you in.”

The lady at the front desk talked to her while taking her and Grace to find Clifford.

Alyssa originally thought that the lady at the front desk was just talking, but she didn’t expect Clifford to be really busy.

When she and Grace went, Clifford was sitting behind his desk reading a magazine, looking very relaxed.

“Doctor Dixon, see who is here!” The lady at the front desk walked in front. After she had finished speaking, Clifford raised his head and stepped aside. In this way, Clifford could just see Alyssa standing at the door.

He was taken aback for a moment, then he said: “Alyssa?”

“Aren’t you busy today?” Alyssa walked over and put the fruit she was holding on his desk: “Come and see you, I brought some fruit by the way.”

“Just come here, what do you bring fruit for? I don’t need your fruit to eat?” Although Clifford said that, he still put the fruit away.

“Of course there is no shortage for you, but I can’t come empty-handed.” Alyssa said, and sat down opposite him.

There are two chairs at Clifford’s desk.

After Alyssa sat down, she took Grace to another chair and sat her down: “Grace, his name is Uncle Dixon.”

Grace’s two little hands pulled the edge of the desk, his round eyes turned back and forth, and finally fell on Clifford, who obediently yelled, “Uncle Dixon.”

Although she and Clifford have met several times, they are not very familiar after all.

In front of unfamiliar people, she became a little quiet.

“Grace is here too?”

Grace was small, and Clifford was sitting and his vision was limited. He hadn’t seen Grace followed just now.

“Well, Grace is here to play.” Grace raised her head strenuously and looked at Clifford, and replied solemnly.

Clifford was amused by her, opened the drawer and took out a lollipop from the inside and handed it to Grace: “Can you eat?”

Grace moved her fingers, her eyes straightened, but she turned her head reluctantly to look at Alyssa and asked her for her opinion: “Mom.”

Alyssa laughed and asked her: “Does Grace want to eat candy?”

Grace nodded repeatedly. She likes to eat sweets the most, but her mother said that she can’t pick up other people’s things casually.

Alyssa touched her head lovingly: “Take it, you can take what Uncle Dixon gave you. You haven’t eaten sweets these days. You can eat it today.”

With Alyssa’s consent, Grace hurriedly reached out to pick up the candy, with a sweet voice: “Thank you Uncle Dixon.”

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