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Chapter 511

Karl’s eyes, which were already pitch black as ink, were dipped in a deeper black color, and Clifford staredly said, “My own person, I don’t own it. Should I give it to others?”

Clifford was stunned for a moment, and then laughed: “Mr. Adams makes sense. If there is nothing else, I will go out first. There are still people waiting for me outside.”

Karl knew that he had said this deliberately. When he said “someone was waiting”, didn’t it mean Alyssa was waiting for him.

Karl was never a good person. Clifford’s words were for this purpose. If Karl was polite to him, he would not be Karl.

“Then let her wait.” Karl sneered, stood up, and walked straight out.

Clifford hadn’t understood the meaning of Karl’s words.

But the next moment, after a few bodyguards came in from outside, Clifford understood what Karl meant.

The meaning is clear, Karl intends to let the bodyguard confine him and not let him go out.

Clifford felt that he still thought of the man Karl too well.

The smile on his face could hardly be sustained anymore.

“Karl, are you so unreasonable to Alyssa?” Where can someone just lock up people casually?

Karl directly ignored his words and ordered the bodyguard: “After the dinner is over, you will send Mr. Dixon back.”

Afterwards, Karl copied both hands into the pockets of his suit pants, he walked out slowly.

After the door was closed, the bodyguard said to Clifford blankly, “Mr. Dixon, please hand over the phone.”

Clifford: “…”

Karl thought thoughtfully.

Clifford took a deep breath and handed the phone to the bodyguard.

According to Karl’s previous instructions, the bodyguard found Alyssa’s phone number, edited a text message and sent it out.

Seeing this, Clifford frowned slightly: “What did you send?”

The bodyguard glanced at him, did not speak, and did not return the phone to him.

Clifford clenched his fist, then released it again.

Alyssa felt the phone in her handbag vibrate.

She took out her mobile phone and found that Clifford had sent her a text message.

“I have something to take care of.”

Very simple seven words, there is nothing special about it.

Alyssa stared at these words for a moment, then looked up at the entrance of the banquet hall.

She happened to see Karl walking into the banquet hall, and there was indeed no Clifford behind him.

Tina also saw Karl and asked Alyssa aloud, “Where’s Doctor Dixon?”

“He said he went back beforehand.” Alyssa said without looking back.

Tina said lazily: “What is so urgent, don’t say bye before leaving.”

Karl didn’t even look here, but walked directly to sit beside Trevor.

Alyssa lowered her head, found Clifford’s phone number in her mobile phone, and called him.

But the call was hooked up.

Later, she received a text message: “Driving.”

Alyssa stared at Karl for a while, then cast her eyes down in thought.

If Karl really wanted to do something to Clifford, he would not take Clifford away in front of her.

Clifford might have something to do.

Perhaps because of Miana’s presence, almost no women approached Karl.

Most of the people present today are business celebrities, but Miana’s family background is better than these business celebrities, naturally no one will actively offend her.

“It’s getting late, let’s go.” Alyssa put the phone back in her bag and stood up.

“Is this going away?” Tina didn’t really want to go, but wanted to watch the excitement for a while.

Alyssa quickly glanced in Karl’s direction, then retracted her gaze: “I’m afraid Peter can’t control Grace.”

As soon as the voice fell, Alyssa heard someone next to her say: “Whose child is this?”

“The little girl is so cute.”

Alyssa was about to turn her head to look, when she heard a familiar little milk sound.


It was Grace’s voice.

Alyssa turned her head and saw Grace who was looking around in the crowd.

“Grace!” Alyssa murmured, and walked towards her before she could think about it.

However, someone walked to Grace faster than she, and took the lead to hug Grace.

Miana picked up Grace, gently touched her head, and gently asked, “Why is Grace here too?”

Grace looked at Miana blankly and called out, “Mom.”

Then she began to look around, looking for Alyssa’s figure.

Upon seeing this, Tina couldn’t help but cursed: “Miana you’re shameless!”

Her voice was not too small, and it attracted the attention of others beside her.

But Tina would still care about this now, and gritted her teeth with a black face and cried out “Peter”!

See how she goes home to clean up Peter.

Miana comforted Grace in a low voice, shielding Grace’s sight, preventing her from seeing Alyssa, while coaxing her, hugged Grace and walked toward Karl quickly.

During the entire banquet, among the crowd of strange faces, Grace, who did not find Alyssa, still had a little impression of Miana, and unconsciously trusted her.

Alyssa stood in place with her hands clenched, her complexion deep.

Tina scolded Peter for being unreliable, and said tentatively, “I will help you get her back?”

When Karl saw Grace, he had already got up and strode towards Miana.

At this time, he happened to take over Grace from Miana.

Karl’s complexion was as heavy as Alyssa’s complexion. He hugged Grace and gently pressed her head to make her bury her face in his chest.

The eyes of those present were about to fall off.

“what happened?”

“Is that kid calling Mama Miana just now?”

“The news that broke before turned out to be true! They really even have children…”

Those people were discussing Grace in whispers, and others showed sympathetic eyes towards Alyssa.

Everyone felt that Alyssa had always wanted to find Karl to get back together, and she would do nothing to get back with Karl.

Now, Karl not only “admitted” Miana, he even “has a child” with her.

And Alyssa, an ex-wife who wanted to get back together, looked pitiful.

Some people even deliberately walked to Alyssa to see her.

Alyssa curled her lips and sneered, “Let’s go.”

After she finished speaking, she took Tina and walked out.

Tina yelled, “Just leave like this? I want to beat Miana now.”

She now felt that Miana was even more disgusting than Isabel.

Alyssa said without looking back, “Don’t worry.”

“??” Tina said in shock: “I can understand that you can’t agree to go with me to beat Miana?”

A coldness flashed in Alyssa’s eyes: “Most people who don’t know how to measure will end up doing it themselves.”

Chapter 512

Alyssa’s tone was not too cold, but Tina shuddered involuntarily after hearing her words.

Tina took Alyssa’s arm and leaned on her without bones: “Alyssa, you have been living with the big boss for a long time, and you are almost as crippled as him when you talk.”

Alyssa was amused by her: “You are the same as those marketing accounts said, getting more and more beautiful.”

Tina patted her.

When the two left the banquet hall, they saw Peter panting.

He saw Alyssa and Tina, so he stopped, too tired to catch his breath and said, “You…how come out… come out… Gra…”

Alyssa intercepted the words behind him and said, “Grace is inside.”

“Huh?” Peter looked towards the banquet hall in surprise.

In the next second, Tina took the bag and knocked on his head: “Let you take care of the child, even a child can’t be held by you. Don’t you call Alyssa when you have something to say! If you can’t hold the child, you don’t know to call what!”


The scenery outside is boundless. All the female stars want to tie up with CEO Grant, but at this time he can only hold his heads and be beaten by a woman.

Not only that, but also cannot fight back.

Alyssa looked aside for a while, and saw someone coming out in the banquet hall, she pulled Tina and said, “Okay, don’t fight.”

The lady’s handbag is not big, so she just plugged a mobile phone, put a small mirror, and put two lipsticks strokes. It didn’t hurt.

Peter didn’t fight back, because he wanted to let Tina get down.

Tina did calm down a bit, but she felt a little guilty about Alyssa.

“I’m sorry, if it wasn’t for my idea, otherwise Grace wouldn’t…”

Alyssa interrupted her: “Don’t say that. Grace is naughty and has big ideas. How can I blame you.”

She comforted Tina, then turned to ask Peter: “What’s the matter?”

Some people came out of the banquet hall one after another, and Alyssa motioned for them to talk and walk.

“Grace said she was hungry, so I wanted to order food to the room, but she insisted on eating buns, so I planned to take her out… and then…”

Even if he couldn’t stand a child, Peter felt embarrassed: “There were so many people in the elevator. When the door was opened, she followed them and ran out…”

Grace is usually a very good child, and usually doesn’t run around.

Alyssa was silent for a moment, and asked, “She wants to come out and find me, right?”

Peter nodded.

“Let’s go first.” Alyssa said, and walked forward first.

“Where is Grace? Miana is still holding her as a guise now!” Tina felt angry when she said it, and she couldn’t deserve it, let alone Alyssa.

“There is Karl here, it’s okay.” When Alyssa just noticed that Karl was hugging Grace, she was very careful to cover Grace’s sight.

Although she and Karl had not talked about whether to disclose Grace’s identity, they both protected Grace very tacitly and did not want her to appear in front of the public.

After all, she and Karl’s current relationship is not good for Grace to be disclosed.

Alyssa had also thought about this issue before. She thought it might be because she and Karl lacked family relationship, and both wanted to give Grace the best, and could not tolerate Grace being slandered by the outside world.

The child is innocent, but she and Karl are too aware of the sinister hearts of the world.

From the outside world, Alyssa and Karl had divorced three years ago, and so many things happened in the middle. She lived with Clifford for a period of time. Grace is now over three years old. It’s not easy to explain things together, just take out one and make a fuss.

It’s hard to guarantee that someone will not make trouble with Grace.

The most important thing now is to protect Grace.

So, she did nothing in the banquet hall just now.

When Alyssa spoke, her face was full of trust in Karl, and Tina followed with her heart.

Three people took the elevator directly out of the hotel.

When they arrived at the parking lot, Alyssa took out her mobile phone and prepared to call Karl.

She thought about it, and still called Smith.

“Young lady.” Smith answered the phone very quickly.

Alyssa asked directly: “Where are you now?”

Smith turned his head to look at Karl. Karl seemed to have guessed that Alyssa had made the call, and he was staring at Smith.

When Karl watched it this way, he consciously turned on the hands-free, and answered Alyssa’s words: “We are now ready to take the elevator to leave.”

“Tell Karl, I will wait for him at home.”

Karl could hear Alyssa’s voice, and said blankly, “Tell Alyssa that I am not going.”

When the speakerphone was turned on by Smith, Alyssa naturally heard Karl’s words.

He held Grace in his arms and she was already asleep.

Alyssa snorted coldly: “You tell Karl that if he doesn’t come tonight, he won’t come anymore.”

Karl: “Tell Alyssa, I will definitely not go tonight!”

Alyssa: “Tell Karl, don’t come if he has the ability!”

Smith: “…”

Alyssa and Karl had a phone call one hour and Smith between them, and they quarreled.

Holding the phone there was no chance to speak at all for Smith, so he could only stand in the middle, listening to the quarrel between Karl and Alyssa.

Although it was a quarrel, it was only a few words.

“Are you really not coming?”

“Not coming!”


Smith silently handed the phone to Karl, but Karl did not answer the phone.

“Don’t give me the phone, I don’t want to talk to her.”

The next second, there was a “beep” sound from the phone being hung up.

Smith’s hand holding the phone stiffened and turned to look at Karl’s face.

Karl stared at the phone with a dark face, “Hung up?”

Smith nodded.

“Heh.” Karl sneered. The elevator just came down, and he freed one hand to press the elevator and walked in.

Grace in his arms was not sleeping very peacefully.

She originally slept on Karl’s shoulder, suddenly raised her head to look at Karl, and said, “Mom?”

She had just fallen asleep, as if she heard Alyssa’s voice.

Grace shook her head and looked around, but did not see Alyssa’s figure, so she looked back at Karl with a look of doubt.

Karl stretched out his big palm expressionlessly and pressed-on Grace’s small head, with a slight effort, he continued to press her small head-to sleep on his shoulder.

Then he said coldly: “She is not there, you go to sleep.”

Grace was very aggrieved, so what if she wanted to come to her?

She squatted her lips on Karl’s shoulders, tears swirling in her eyes, and she still resisted not flowing out.

Dad is too fierce and misses mom.

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