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Chapter 509

Adams’ family’s Face

Others who watched a good show saw that Alyssa and Miana had also left, so naturally there was no reason to watch.

There were still some people who wanted to continue talking to Karl, but no one dared to come to him, seeing his looks bad.

After the people dispersed, Karl turned to look at Trevor.

Now there are only the two of them here, so there is no need to worry about talking.

Trevor looked at him mockingly, with a strange smile: “We are the same people, and you can’t get what I can’t get.”

Trevor calculated for a lifetime, and finally got nothing.

He and Karl had long ago turned each other into enemies, and there was no need to hide their hatred and malice.

However, Karl just said a word, and Trevor died down.

“How long have you seen aunt?” Karl’s tone was light and light, and it sounded like a casual question, but the impact of this sentence on Trevor was extremely strong.

Trevor naturally wanted to see Lina, but he was also a proud person, and he was defeated in Karl’s hands. Now that he looks like a human and a ghost, he naturally doesn’t want to be seen by Lina.

Even if he wanted to see Lina very much, he just thought about it and would never take the initiative to see her.

Trevor gripped the armrest of the wheelchair tightly, and looked at Karl angrily, his eyes were as fierce as he wanted to tear him apart.

Karl was very satisfied with Trevor’s performance.

“You must really want to see her, don’t worry, I will take you there.” Karl bent over and sat down beside Trevor, his voice low and slow.

From the perspective of others, the two sitting together are like ordinary father and son chatting, and there are people in the distance discussing the relationship between Karl and Trevor in a low voice.


Even if the relationship between the two had reached this point, Trevor still cared that it was a dinner party. Even if he was so angry that he could not tear Karl, he still lowered his voice to prevent others from discovering them. It has turned against each other.

Karl smiled sarcastically, “It’s really my good father.”

Even now, Trevor would still care about Adams’ face.

“Anything, directe it at me, don’t go to Lina, we are both named Adams, and it will be no good for you and me if we destroy this family!”

When it comes to Adams’ matter, Trevor’s eyes have also become sharper and more energetic.

The warning in his words is full of meaning.

When Trevor was still in charge of the family before, Karl didn’t put him in his eyes, let alone now.

Karl seemed to have heard some unusually funny joke. He stretched out his hand to support his forehead and laughed low before saying: “Let me remind you, Adams’s House is in my hands now, what I want to do? It’s all my business, as for you…”

“I will let you live to the end of your life. Enjoy it.” After Karl finished speaking, he took care of his suit and stood up: “And now, it’s time to take you to see your old friends.”

Without him speaking, Smith had already actively walked behind the wheelchair, pushing Trevor into the crowd.

For the first time in three years, Trevor appeared in front of others.

When Karl pushed him in, everyone present could clearly see Trevor’s current situation.

The Adams’ family is the top wealthy family in the upper-class society, and the wealth is considerable. Trevor Adams has been famous for decades, but when he was old, such things happened.

People have bad roots in their hearts. Among the people present, how many people showed regrets on the surface, but they have already gloated in their hearts.

As soon as they passed, someone took the initiative to talk.

“How many times have you come to visit, you don’t see guests, it’s rare that Mr. Adams is so filial and takes you out to see everyone, otherwise, we don’t know when we can see you.”

“That’s not it, it’s rare for Mr. Adams to be filial…”

“How is your body?”

“Go out and walk often in the future.”

“With such a prosperous son like Mr. Karl, it would be nice for you to stay at home and take care of your life…”

“Everyone of us envy you!”


Trevor endured the hypocritical concerns of these people, and his only hand was about to smash his sleeves.

This hypocritical concern was even trying to please Karl.

For a moment, he did not realize as deeply as he is now that he is no longer the glamorous Trevor, he is now just an old man who can only travel in a wheelchair.

He can only live on his breath now.

Everyone wanted to favor Karl, and no one really shut his body.

Karl didn’t speak, and took a glass of red wine from the waiter, leaning on the side, and didn’t even intend to pay any attention to these people.

Doesn’t Trevor care about Adams’ face?

That being the case, let him protect Adams’ face by himself.

Trevor had no choice but to be forced by Karl to deal with these people.

“Fortunately, Karl is pretty good.”

“I will often come out for walks…”

Trevor’s hatred for Karl had reached its extreme, but now he had to raise a smiling face.

Karl was trampling his self-esteem into the mud, which was more uncomfortable than killing him directly.

However, he is not a person who easily admit defeat, he can only endure it.

Alyssa stayed in an inconspicuous corner with Clifford and Tina, silently watching Karl’s series of actions.

Holding a glass of red wine, Tina asked Alyssa, “Boss, what is this going to do?”

She had only known that Karl was holding a dinner party before, and she didn’t even ask Karl why he was holding this dinner. For her, the dinner was just eating, drinking and watching the excitement.

“It doesn’t matter what he does.” Alyssa turned around and sat on the high chair, and asked the waiter to bring a glass of red wine.

Clifford also sat down next to her.

As soon as he sat down, his cold eyes rolled around her.

She has been paying attention to Clifford since just now.

Clifford’s temperament is clean, and the whole person looks very clear, with the rigor of a psychologist in his speech and behavior.

He is a bit contradictory.

Tina was relieved of her prejudice against him because of Clifford’s help to Alyssa just now, and he felt a little more favorable.

She asked Clifford with some curiosity: “Mr. Dixon, you are psychologists, can you easily guess what this person is thinking by looking at other people’s movements and expressions?”

When Tina spoke, Clifford tilted his head to listen to her intently.

After she finished speaking, Clifford thought a little bit before saying, “Ms. Weber said that, it’s right and wrong.”

Chapter 510

After Alyssa recovered, she just heard Clifford’s words.

She looked at Tina, then at Clifford, and asked, “What’s right or wrong?”

Clifford smiled and said, “Ms. Weber just asked me if I can tell from other people’s small movements and expressions what this person is thinking.”

Alyssa nodded after listening, and asked, “Can you?”

Clifford stared at Alyssa for a few seconds and said, “In theory, it is possible.”

“Then look at what Alyssa is thinking now?” Tina became interested.

As an actor, what you have to do is to shape the characters living on paper and present them vividly to the audience.

Psychologists can analyze people’s psychology by analyzing the eyes and movements of others.

The actor needs to make eyes and some actions to express the person’s heart.

In a sense, this is also regarded as the same goal in another sense.

Needless to say, Alyssa is also very interested in this script.

Seeing that both women were so interested, Clifford put down the goblet in his hand, examined Alyssa for a while, and said aloud: “Her sitting posture is slightly sideways, and her diagonally Mr. Adams.”

Click to stop.

Clifford didn’t say much, but looked at Alyssa with a smile.

Tina paused, then stretched out her voice, making a meaningful “Oh”.

Alyssa touched her nose, being uncomfortable by the two of them.

She moved and stopped sitting on her side. She did not deny it, but changed the subject somewhat uncomfortably: “Then you talk about Tina.”

“Miss Weber is a lively person.” Clifford said so first, then his eyes fell on Tina’s feet.

Tina sat with her legs pressed, and one of her toes hit the ground, as if she was about to get up at any time.

Clifford immediately added another sentence: “She likes to join in the fun.”

Tina reflexively retracted her legs: “So careful, in front of you in the future, I dare not put my hands and feet casually.”

“Ms. Weber laugh. Except for receiving patients, I usually don’t deliberately observe the behavior of others.” There was a smile in Clifford’s voice, and the whole person seemed more accessible.

In the past, Tina had a prejudice against him, thinking that he had saved Alyssa, but he hadn’t done anything to harm Alyssa, so he dared to confront Karl.

Her feeling towards Clifford was also a 180-degree turn.

A witty and easy-going elite man like Clifford is likable everywhere.

The three of them were chatting, but Tina suddenly fell silent.

A trace of doubt flashed in Alyssa’s eyes: “What’s the matter?”

Tina lifted her chin slightly and motioned to Alyssa to look behind her.

Alyssa turned her head suddenly, and saw Karl walking towards this side, not far away, he had already reached her in just a few steps.

The reason why “they” came up was because Karl didn’t even look at her, but stared at Clifford: “Mr. Dixon.”

Clifford stood up and smiled slightly: “Mr. Adams is asking me for something?”

“Otherwise? Do you think I am very idle?” Karl snorted coldly, his expression a little gloomy.

Alyssa didn’t expect that Karl invited Clifford to come, because something really happened.

However, looking at Karl’s expression at this time, it didn’t seem like he was looking for Clifford, it seemed he’s looking for something wrong.

She even suspected that Karl wanted to fight Clifford.

Clifford stood up and made a “please” gesture towards Karl.

The two left in tandem.

Alyssa turned her head when she saw the backs of the two disappeared.

Seeing her worried look, Tina asked incomprehensibly: “Why is the big boss looking for Doctor Dixon?”

Alyssa shook her head: “don’t know.”

Karl had an opinion on Clifford, but his attitude was obvious before.

He asked Clifford to “discuss” this time, and it was definitely not just “discuss”.

However, Clifford should not let himself suffer.

Karl and Clifford left the banquet hall one after another, and went to the lounge that Smith had prepared for Karl in advance.

Karl entered in front, Clifford followed closely behind.

When Clifford followed in behind, Karl was facing him and straightened his cuffs.

He tilted his head slightly and called out, “Mr. Adams?”

Suddenly, Karl turned his head and kicked him on the leg, and then a shoulder-crossing threw Clifford to the ground.

Clifford could see that Karl was not good, but he never thought that he would really fight him.

Karl used a lot of strength and was violent, swift and agile, even if Clifford had a trace of defense, he was caught off guard.

Clifford lay on the ground, frowned and closed his eyes slightly. After a few seconds, he stood up with his teeth clenched and patted the non-existent dust on his body. Clifford looked at Karl with a faint smile: “This is what you want. How does Mr. handle things?”

“No, I just think you look awkward, so I made you perfect.” After Karl finished speaking, he straightened his sleeves and sat down on the sofa.

Clifford never thought that Karl would say such…a reason.

It sounds like an unreasonable reason, but when Karl said it in a serious tone, Clifford felt that there was so much truth.


Clifford couldn’t laugh or cry: “Then I still want to thank you?”

“Thank me, no need.” Karl said loosely, and pulled out a copy of the material and threw it in front of Clifford: “Mr. Dixon is very concerned about my wife’s health.”

It was a physical examination report, and Alyssa was written in the column of the name.

Karl had taken Alyssa for a physical examination before, and there was information in the hospital. However, a few days ago, Karl discovered that Clifford had transferred Alyssa’s physical examination report.

And it is a very detailed inspection report.

The results of each physical examination and physical function of Alyssa were written very carefully.

“Mr. Adams’ words are bad. Alyssa is not your wife now. Your fiancee seems to be Miana.” Clifford sat down opposite Karl, still smiling.

Karl squinted his eyes, looking at Clifford with a gloomy expression, and his voice was so cold: “Clifford, what is your purpose, you know it clearly in your heart, and don’t try to hide it from my eyes.”

“I only care about Alyssa, this is not okay?” The smile on Clifford’s face narrowed a little: “Mr. Adams can’t just because Alyssa is your child’s mother, let her lose even the minimum right to make friends, right? Being too possessive is not a good thing.”

Clifford’s tone gradually lightened, as if he was admonishing Karl.

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