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Chapter 517

Karl smiled inexplicably after hearing Alyssa’s words, then took out his mobile phone.

In front of Alyssa, he searched for a while on the phone, and then played a recording.

“will you marry me?”


The man’s voice was incredibly soft, but Alyssa could hear that it was indeed Karl’s voice.

And the following soft response…

A touch of discomfort flashed across Alyssa’s face, and she glanced at Karl who was looking at her for a while, then looked at his mobile phone, clenched her fingers, and stretched out her hand to grab it when Karl was not paying attention. The mobile phone in Karl’s hand.

However, with Karl’s observation power, how could he not see that Alyssa wanted to grab the phone.

He easily avoided Alyssa’s hand and put the phone in his pocket.

Then he asked her in a leisurely tone: “Have you heard?”

Alyssa pursed her lips, and said, “It doesn’t count!”

Karl didn’t say much, just asked her, “Did you not say this yourself?”

“…” Alyssa fell silent, the voice was indeed hers, and she was also speaking.

But under the circumstances like that last night, she hadn’t heard Karl’s question at all, nor was she answering his question.

Alyssa bit her lip and cursed, “Despicable!”

“You can scold me, but you agreed to it anyway.” Karl was not only upset by her scolding, but even dared to k!ss her shyly.

Alyssa turned her head and slapped Karl’s forehead, pushing his head back.

“I don’t want to see you now!”

Karl smiled lightly: “It’s okay, anyway, we will meet every day from now on.”

Alyssa was about to laugh at Karl. Does this man know how to write the word “to face”?

At this time, the doorbell rang.

“I’ll open the door.” Karl stood up and took the initiative to open the door.

When Alyssa went out, she saw Karl putting breakfast on the table. The logo on the package was Best Day.

Probably Karl called and asked someone to bring breakfast over.

Karl heard the footsteps and looked back at her: “Eat breakfast.”

Alyssa walked over and sat down silently.

During the whole breakfast, Alyssa barely spoke.

On the contrary, Karl, who has a lot of rare words, said something to her from time to time.

Although Alyssa pretended to ignore him, she actually listened.

“I have already arranged to go to prepare for the events, and I will arrange it in the last few days, and then I will pick the wedding dress.”

“If you want Miss Weber to accompany you, you can…”

Alyssa always acted indifferently, but Karl still told her nothing in detail.

After eating breakfast, Karl left directly.

Only then did Alyssa had time to call Tina.

“Alyssa, are you okay? Why didn’t you answer the phone all the time?” Tina’s background sound sounds particularly empty, apparently answering her call in an empty space.

Alyssa asked her: “Where are you?”

“I was outside to rush the announcement. I saw the news on the Internet in the morning, and you didn’t answer the phone even though I called you a number of times.”

At this time, a strange voice came from Tina’s end: “Sister Weber, it’s about to start.”

The voice sounds a little far away.

Alyssa was afraid of delaying her work, and said quickly: “I’m fine, you can go to work first.”

“No, Alyssa, this is not what I want to say.” Tina’s tone became serious, and then she was silent for a moment.

Alyssa guessed that she was watching if there were anyone around to prevent anyone from hearing her next words.

“I looked at it before. The news first came out in the early hours of the morning. Peter told me before that he and Smith had already dealt with this matter, but it hasn’t been suppressed yet. This shows that someone behind the media is supporting , But it’s not clear who it is, and no one has ever dared to fight against Adams!”

There was also a hint of curiosity in the calm tone.

Alyssa just glanced at the news roughly, but didn’t know that these things were going on in the middle.

“It’s okay, you can do your work first.” Alyssa said to calm Tina, “Those people just didn’t dare to oppose Adams’ family before, it doesn’t mean they don’t want to. Now even if someone is supporting them, you think Karl can’t handle it. ?”

“That’s true.” Tina looked like there was nothing Karl couldn’t solve.

After hanging up the phone, Alyssa went online to read the news again.

Even on Twitter, it was ranked No. 1 in the trending search, and there were two or three topics behind, discussing her and Karl, as well as Miana and Grace.

However, the focus is still on the relationship between her, Karl and Miana.

The feelings of the three of them are entangled, which accounts for three topics, and there is one topic, mainly because they discuss Grace.

She didn’t care at all about the three previous topics, and only clicked into the topic of “Karl’s daughter”.

“Karl actually has a daughter?”

“I really envy his daughter. I also want to have such a rich father. Seeing Karl hug her, I feel so spoiled. This is the true princess in the legend! Thousands of love and wealth!”

“From the posture that Karl hugged her, it can be seen that he is deliberately blocking his daughter’s face. Is this because he is afraid that others will see it? It stands to reason that Karl’s people will check the banquet like last night to prevent reporters from being confused. Go in. At that time, he blocked his daughter’s face so tightly without knowing that a reporter was there. Why was he afraid that others would see his daughter? It was because the daughter is not good-looking…”

Before Alyssa finished reading Twitter, she clicked into the blogger’s Twitter account to read it.

Almost all of this blogger’s Twitter is the kind that ignites the heat of celebrity events and steers the whole thing to the wrong place.

It’s a marketing account with a rhythm.

And under the Twitter that he said Grace is not good-looking, there have been nearly 10,000 comments.

Alyssa clicked into the comment.

Unexpectedly, the first hot comment is to scold the blogger.

“The blogger is so hot to die XX’s mental retardation.”

“As an adult commenting that a child is ugly on the Internet, don’t you feel bad?”

“Even if Karl’s daughter is the ugliest in the world, it is the most successful that someone has a father like Karl.”

“The blogger’s jealous disease is in the late stage, and the identification is complete.”

“…I think the blogger puts it right. If you are a healthy child, why don’t you take her to the dinner party and not show her to others? Isn’t it because the daughter is ugly and afraid of others seeing her?”

Alyssa sneered when she saw this follow-up comment, and retired from Twitter.

She thought of what Tina had said before. This time, the news and topics on the Internet could not be suppressed. There must be no doubt that someone was secretly against Karl.

But who has such a great ability to compete with Karl?

Chapter 518

Alyssa could not imagine anyone daring to fight against Adams’ family.

At this time, the doorbell suddenly rang outside the door.

Before Alyssa went to open the door, she looked in the cat’s eyes and found that it was Smith before opening.

“Mr. Smitht, why are you here?”

After opening the door, Alyssa realized that Smith had brought a few bodyguards with him.

“Sir asked me to come.” Smith said, nodding slightly.

Alyssa turned her body to one side: “Come in and talk.”

In her cognition, Smith is a reliable person.

“I won’t come in, young lady, Boss asked me to pick you up to see the wedding dress. If it is convenient for you, we can set off now.”

After hearing Smith’s words, Alyssa was stunned.

She still remembered what Karl said before, but she didn’t expect him to arrange it so quickly.

It seemed that he couldn’t wait to get married.

Alyssa frowned slightly and asked him, “Where is Karl?”

Smith is still respectful: “Sir is dealing with other things.”

Alyssa asked again: “Where is Grace, where is she?”

“She is at Sir’s house.” When it comes to Grace, Smith couldn’t help but smile.

“What if I say I don’t want to go to get the wedding dress?”

“Then I will send them to the house, what do you think of it Madam?” Smith’s tone and expression were exceptionally serious, as if he gave a serious answer after thinking about it.

“Mr. Smith!” Alyssa increased her tone: “You also know that it is not time to talk about my marriage with him. There are still too many things that have not been handled properly. Why don’t you persuade him?”

When Smith was suddenly arranged by Karl to deal with their marriage, he was also a little surprised.

It was too sudden after all.

And he is a person who was married and remarried after divorce.

The result is a very important matter and should be treated with caution.

Sometimes, you don’t get married when you fall in love.

He and his wife got married after graduating from college, and they got married too early, so when there was a problem in their marriage, both of them were too tired to let go.

As Karl and Alyssa have gone through so much, he feels tired as a bystander and hopes that they can be happy.

But Karl was too strong, and sometimes the way he handled things was a bit extreme.

In Karl’s world, what he wanted to do would definitely be possible.

“Young lady, you can’t persuade him, how can I persuade him?”

Smith’s words left Alyssa speechless.

Karl was such an arrogant person, seldom heard other people’s words.

“Boss’s personality is a bit different from ordinary people, but no one can stop him from doing what he has to do. I know that marriage is just a formality for you and Boss. You are not satisfied with him and his attitude.”

Smith said these words into Alyssa’s heart.

Alyssa remained silent for a while.

Smith also noticed this, and continued: “Boss has a personality defect, and you know this too well, but because of his hypnotized memory loss, it seems that his personality is worse than before, but he loves you. His heart has not changed. You should know this in your own heart.”

Alyssa understood what Smith said.

There are only two meanings in his words.

One is that Karl is alone, but he always loves her.

The second is that this marriage must be tied or not, and no one has ever held up Karl.

Seeing Alyssa still had no response, Smith said straightforwardly: “Think from another angle. After you get married, it’s up to you how you want to talk to him.”

Alyssa originally frowned because of Smith’s previous sentence, but when she heard this sentence, she was only shocked.

Alyssa was stunned: “Mr. Smith, it’s a pity you don’t become an emotional expert.”

Smith coughed a little awkwardly.

It’s really difficult for him to be an assistant. In addition to finishing the work assigned by his boss, he also needs to help him deal with emotional problems.

How many can be an assistant who can do his job?

A frustration flashed across Smith’s face and asked Alyssa: “Does the young Lady has time to see the wedding dress now?”

“Look, why not?” Alyssa took a deep breath: “Karl is rushing to marry me now, and wants me to share the property with him. Why not do it.”

Alyssa went to the bridal shop with Smith.

Smith’s words also played a role in her heart.

What Karl wanted to do was to achieve his goal by unscrupulous means.

As a man, he is smart when he sounds good, and weird when he sounds bad.

Alyssa’s little cleverness is not enough in front of him.

But she couldn’t do anything to him, she simply said like Smith did, marry him, and then pit him well.

Alyssa sat in the car, turned her head and looked at the building that kept receding outside the car window. Her eyes flashed and she saw a venture capital firm.

Suddenly, she had an idea and thought of something.

Alyssa suddenly said, “Stop.”

Smith looked back at Alyssa: “Young lady?”

The smile on Alyssa’s face was deep: “Go to Adams’, I’m going to find Karl.”

Smith didn’t ask her what she was doing with Karl, so he drove to office directly.

She and Grace had also visited Karl before, but they both went directly to Karl’s office from the exclusive elevator in the underground parking lot.

When the car drove to the door, Alyssa said, “Stop at the door. I’m going to go through the main door.”

Smith took a surprised look at Alyssa in the rearview mirror, but didn’t say much, and stopped at the gate.

Alyssa didn’t wait for the bodyguard to come over and open the door for her and went out.

Seeing that she got out of the car so quickly, Smith said anxiously: “Young lady wait for me, I’ll stop first.”

Alyssa has not entered the Adams’ through the gate, and the front desk will definitely not let people go easily.

Alyssa only said: “You go first.”

She raised her head and glanced at the Adams building, then stepped in with high heels.

The lady at the front desk recognized her as soon as she entered.

Their faces were filled with surprises that could not be covered.

“May I ask this lady, do you have an appointment?”

Alyssa chuckled lightly and said, “Since you don’t know me, how do you know that I am looking for someone?”

A trace of embarrassment flashed across the face of the small receptionist who had just spoken.

With good professionalism, the lady at the front desk kept a smile on her face and asked, “Excuse me, lady, are you looking for someone?”

“Yes, I’m looking for your CEO, Karl.” After Alyssa said, she added: “Is he there?”

“He’s… but if you want to see him, please make an appointment.”

The front desk lady probably read the news and believed in the news, so when Alyssa said she was looking for Karl, their eyes showed a hint of disdain at the same time.

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