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Chapter 519

Alyssa suddenly realized, “I need to make an appointment?”

“Yes.” The lady at the front desk still kept a smile, but there was still disdain in her eyes.

Alyssa can understand them, after all, in their hearts, Alyssa is an ex-wife who has always wanted to get back with Karl.

Moreover, now Karl already has “fiancee” Miana and “daughter of fiancee”, Alyssa is still so stalking.

In the eyes of outsiders, Alyssa is now in such an embarrassing and completely unreasonable situation.

Alyssa pretended not to see their boredom, and continued to ask: “If I make an appointment, how long will it take to see him?”

The lady at the front desk made no secret of gloating in her tone: “The CEO’s itinerary has been scheduled for the next year. If you make an appointment now, you should be able to see him in half a year.”

After half a year, I can see him “just”.

This tone sounds like half a day.

“It will take so long…” Alyssa said with emotion. She always knew that Karl was very busy, but she didn’t expect him to be so busy.

The lady at the front desk added another sentence: “Yes, but after half a year, you may not be able to make an appointment.”

“It’s really hard to see him.” Alyssa said with a frustrated face.

When Smith parked the car and came in from the outside, he just heard Alyssa’s words.

His eyelids twitched, and he instinctively felt that this aunt was going to make trouble.

As soon as he was about to step forward, Alyssa looked back at him as if feeling, and gave him a “don’t care” look.

Smith had to pretend that he didn’t see Alyssa, and walked out again.

The lady at the front desk didn’t notice that Smith came in and went out.

“After all, our CEO is not an ordinary person.” The lady at the front desk talked to Alyssa for such a long time, and she was a little impatient: “Miss Alyssa, do you want to make an appointment?”

Alyssa pretended to be surprised and said, “So you really know me?”

“It’s really rare that you don’t know Miss Alyssa in the entire Rostenvel.” The front desk lady didn’t even bother to do it.

“Really?” Alyssa smiled: “Are you busy, I won’t bother you.”

“Miss Alyssa, don’t you make an appointment?”

“No, I’ll call him directly.” After Alyssa said, she smiled at the lady at the front desk, turned around and sat down on the sofa to call Karl.

The front desk didn’t put Alyssa’s words in her eyes at all, and when Alyssa turned and left, they still whispered about her.

“I have never seen such a shameless woman!”

“It’s all on the news, she dare to come to our CEO, and she doesn’t know where her face is!”

“Yes, our CEO even has a daughter, and she doesn’t give up!”

“Destroying other people’s feelings…”

Alyssa tilted her ears slightly and listened.

It turns out that these people are all evaluating her now.

Alyssa laughed, not caring at all.

She found a place to sit down and called Karl.

The phone rang twice and was connected.

As soon as Karl answered the phone, he asked, “What’s wrong?”

It seemed that every time he answered her phone, he would first ask questions like “what’s wrong” and “what happened?”

“I’m downstairs in your office. It’s really hard to see you, Mr. Adams. The schedule is already in half a year, and I can’t make an appointment if I want to make an appointment. What can I do?”

Karl heard the mockery in Alyssa’s tone.

He didn’t even change his tone, and asked her, “Where is Smith? Where has he gone?”

“I’m here to find you, what do you ask him to do?”

Only now was Karl sure, Alyssa wanted him to pick her up.

Although he didn’t know what Alyssa wanted to do, she wanted to come to him, and if she wanted him to pick her up in person, he went down in person.

“Wait for me a few minutes.”

Karl’s voice fell, and Alyssa heard the sound of his chair being pulled apart.

Alyssa knew that Karl was here to pick her up.

He agreed so easily, but it was really meaningless.

Alyssa hung up the phone and looked around boredly.

Karl said to wait a few minutes, but Alyssa really only waited a few minutes, and she saw Karl coming out of the elevator.

Alyssa had been paying attention to the elevator entrance, so she could see him as soon as Karl came out.

Karl also saw her at a glance.

After he saw her, he took his long legs and walked towards her in strides.

Alyssa hugged her arms and looked at him without expression.

There was no expression on Karl’s face, he looked at her up and down, and stretched out his hand to lead her: “Came here alone?”

Alyssa hid subconsciously, but was still held by Karl.

He pulled Alyssa up and led her to the elevator.

When the receptionists on the side saw this, they were so shocked that their eyes were about to fall out.

Alyssa thought that they were not stimulated enough, and turned around and waved at them: “I’ll go up first, work hard.”

Several front desks showed a stiff smile at the same time, since it was the front desk that hosted Alyssa just now, they smiled like they were about to cry.

After entering the elevator, Karl asked her, “Did they embarrass you?”

Alyssa knew that the “they” he was referring to were those front desks.

“No.” Their reaction was also the reaction of normal people, and it was not really embarrassing her.

Alyssa said no, and Karl stopped asking more questions.

When the elevator door opened, Karl asked her again, “Have you seen the wedding dress?”

“No.” Alyssa raised her head slightly, looking indifferently.

Karl took her hand and squeezed it tightly, Alyssa felt it, but said something.

“Tomorrow I will accompany you to see.”


Alyssa still showed little enthusiasm.

The two of them just walked to the door of Karl’s office.

He opened the door to let Alyssa walk in first, and then closed the door behind.

“What to drink?” Karl asked her.

“Boiled water.”

Karl got up and poured a glass of boiled water for her.

Alyssa took the water and saw Karl sitting down in front of her, and said, “Aren’t you busy?”

Without waiting for Karl’s answer, she continued: “Listen to them, your itinerary has been scheduled for half a year.”

“Even if the schedule is in the second half of your life, work is not as important as you.” Karl’s tone was serious, and it didn’t seem like he was deliberately coaxing her to say that.

Alyssa paused when she was about to drink water.

She glanced at Karl, held the cup to her lips, took a sip of water, and then said, “Really? I am so important?”

“Of course.” Karl looked at her fixedly, his eyes serious and focused: “At least, it’s more important than you think.”

Alyssa nodded, and said leisurely: “It’s useless to speak.”

Chapter 520

Hearing this, Karl narrowed his eyes slightly, and the expression in his eyes also changed slightly.

The two looked at each other in silence and did not speak for a long time.

For a long time, Karl was the first to speak.

“Then what if I give you Adams’s Group?”

Alyssa’s whole body froze, and there was a flash of shock in her eyes.

She didn’t expect that Karl would take the initiative to say this.

In fact, what she just wanted to talk about was the same thing.

Karl seemed to lack anything, as if he was invulnerable.

She does not deny his ability, but until now, most of his aura comes from Adams’s Group.

She couldn’t help but want to test Karl.

If you want to test, test the big one.

She temporarily changed her mind and asked Smith to send her to Adams’s Group, just to talk about it.

But she didn’t expect that Karl would say this first.

It could also be… he saw her thoughts.

But Karl was too deep, he could completely hide himself when he didn’t want people to see through his thoughts.

Alyssa looked into his eyes and couldn’t tell what he was thinking.

Since Karl had said so, Alyssa had to accept the move.

She stood straight, trying to make her tone sound calmer: “So generous?”

“Even I am yours, how about Adams’s Group giving it to you?” Karl held her hand and handed it to his lips to k!ss.

Such words that are close to sweet words, when they come out of his mouth, don’t have the feeling that sweet words should have, instead they seem to be taking an oath.

Solemn and genuine.

Alyssa felt that the terrible thing about Karl was not only because of his uncertain personality, but also because he seemed to be able to insight into everything at any time.

He is too smart. He knows how to make a person suffer the most, and he also knows how to move a person the most.

It’s just that he is too possessive and sometimes paranoid.

Alyssa was so surprised that she forgot to take her hand back.

Karl pulled her along, leaned over and k!ssed her l!ps, and then whispered in her ear, “You will come to the company again at this time tomorrow.”

Alyssa was still fainted until she got out of Adams’.

Karl asked her to come to office to find him again at this time tomorrow, is he really going to give the business to her?

She… She was just talking, she didn’t really want Adams’s House.

Alyssa was a little anxious.

It seems to be playing off a bit.


The phone vibrated a few times.

It is a reminder of new WeChat messages.

Alyssa opened WeChat and found that Tina had sent her a message.

Tina sent a voice message.

Alyssa started listening.

“My work is over, do you have time to eat out?”

“Okay.” After Alyssa replied, she was ready to take a taxi to fight Alyssa.

Smith didn’t know where it came from, and drove the car and stopped in front of her.

He got out of the car and opened the rear door: “Where is the young lady going, I will drop you.”

“Karl asked you to come?” Alyssa did not get into the car.

“Sir knew that you didn’t drive out, so let me see you off.”

“Karl’s schedule is up to next year. You are his special assistant. You should be very busy too. I can just take a taxi and leave.”

“Madam, please get in the car.” He nodded slightly, and didn’t mean to listen to her.

Alyssa had to get in the car.

She has been thinking about the previous things along the way, and she is now eager to find someone to talk to.

But she and Smith were the only ones in the car at this time, and Smith was Karl’s person. She definitely couldn’t talk with Smith.

She had only heard Smith’s words before, and was so dizzy that she ran to Adams’ to talk to Karl.

Smith noticed that Alyssa’s eyes were a little uncomfortable looking at him in the rearview mirror, she shrank her neck and quickly turned her face away.

At the place agreed by Alyssa and Tina, Alyssa got off the car and went straight into the restaurant.

Tina booked a box.

When Alyssa entered, she was looking at the menu.

“Let’s take a look at Alyssa, this restaurant has produced several interesting new dishes.” Tina spends money like water, cosmetics, bags, clothes, and food are not left behind.

Alyssa walked over and sat down beside her.

“A handful of snow? What is the name of this dish?” Alyssa couldn’t tell what this dish was.

“The name is interesting? Let’s order one to try.”

Alyssa glanced at the four-digit price below, and shook her head: “Prodigal.”

“I’m not a loser, it’s my own money that I spend.” Tina turned back again: “You have to order food too! Hurry up, I’ve been watched by the agent recently, and they won’t give me any good food. They say I am fat.”

Alyssa looked at Tina, and said honestly: “It seems to be a little fatter.”

“Believe it or not, I’ll hit you?” Tina hugged the menu, as if she was about to hit her.

Alyssa smiled: “It’s okay, you can eat, anyway, even if you are fat by then, you will be chased by your agent to lose weight.”

Tina picked up her chopsticks and knocked her: “Nothing sounds good.”

Alyssa put her bag aside: “Hurry up, I have something to say when I order it.”

Tina’s eyes lit up, and she likes to join in the fun.

She called the waiter to order.

Then she asked Alyssa curiously: “What is the business?”

Alyssa first said a less exciting news: “Karl proposed to me.”

“Oh.” Tina nodded, her expression very plain.

It can be seen from her reaction that Karl’s proposal to marry her is indeed not very exciting news.

Tina tilted her head, pulling up her two hands and looking left and right.

Then, she squeezed Alyssa’s fingers and asked her, “What about things?”


“Of course it is the ring!” Tina blinked her eyes and asked in disbelief, “Isn’t it about a proposal? There is no proposal for the ring? For such a big Adams’ group, the boss didn’t even buy a proposal ring. What do you marry for? Don’t marry!”

Alyssa didn’t care much about the ring.

She pursed her lips and said the second thing.

“I went to find Karl before and just came from his office.”

Tina whitened her eyes and looked back: “He didn’t buy you any proposal ring. Have you agreed to his proposal? Are you still catching up with him now?”

“No, I intend to negotiate terms with him.”

“What conditions?” The excitement in Tina’s tone has long since disappeared.

She had no hope of “negotiating terms” that Alyssa said.

“About Adams’s Group, I just hadn’t said it yet, he took the initiative to say it.”

Tina snorted and said, “You have a bit of a brain, do you want Adams’ shares? What did he say?”

“not me……”

Tina already felt that Karl’s attitude was not correct because of the previous ring. Before Alyssa finished speaking, she interrupted her: “He won’t give the shares? Don’t get married!”

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