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Chapter 531

Alyssa didn’t know what was going on now, so she shook her head: “don’t know, I want to see it first.”

She didn’t even read the comments on her Twitter, and went directly to the trending search list.

Sure enough, the topic that ranked first on the trending search list was Karl’s fiancee wedding dress.

Alyssa was sure that the fiancee in this topic would definitely not be talking about her, almost always talking about Miana.

The second place is her name.

Alyssa took a deep breath, her tone a little helpless: “trending search again.”

Karl’s eyebrows frowned: “It’s related to Miana?”

Alyssa gave him a surprised look: “When did you learn to foretell? I haven’t said yet, you know it is related to her?”

After Alyssa finished speaking, she clicked into that topic.

“Yesterday, a reporter photographed Karl and his fiancee appearing at the bridal shop together. It seems that something good is coming. [Picture][Picture]”

The next two pictures are photos of Karl and Miana in the bridal shop.

From that perspective, the person who took the picture deliberately didn’t take the Alyssa who was on the side, but only took Karl and Miana in.

Didn’t Miana go to the bridal shop to hit him on purpose, just to take this photo?

The angles of several photos were deliberately not taking Alyssa in, or it might have taken her in, but deliberately cut her off.

“I said that Karl and his fiancée are only a couple. What is that Alyssa? She has no skills and no family background, and only knows that the shameless admiration of Karl’s tall branch is really embarrassing to us.”

“The stone hammers have all come out. Some people still don’t believe it. They can never wake up a person who pretends to sleep.”

Alyssa scrolled down a page and found that they were all Twitter saying good things about Miana.

Click into the blogger’s homepage to see it, and they are basically small accounts with few fans.

But those sane microblogs were suppressed to the end.

Alyssa sneered, “Karl, you are so charming.”

“You too.” Karl replied without emotion.

Alyssa shook her head and retorted Karl: “I can’t be compared to you, I don’t have a desperate suitor like Miana.”

“Clifford is not worse than Miana.” Karl sneered, his tone sounding sour.

On the matter of Clifford, Alyssa didn’t want to argue with Karl too much.

Because she found that Karl had completely preconceived that Clifford had other thoughts about her.

Therefore, Alyssa ignored him.

Today is a happy day, she doesn’t want to quarrel with Karl.

Even after seeing this trending search, the joy in her heart was not diminished much.

She thought this way, but it didn’t mean that Karl thought the same way.

Seeing that Alyssa didn’t speak, he said gloomily: “Are you tacitly acquiescing if you didn’t speak?”

“Karl, are you sure you want to discuss this topic with me?” Alyssa suppressed her emotions and asked him.

“Even if you know that Clifford is the doctor who hypnotized me, you still have to protect him, don’t you?” Every word spoken from Karl’s mouth seemed to be covered with frost. I feel cold in my ears.

“Is there evidence that Clifford is the hypnotist?” Alyssa had just tried her best to suppress her emotions. Now that she was so excited by Karl, she couldn’t help but raise the volume: “If it is proved He is the hypnotist, what do you want to do to him? Do you want me to watch you torture him, or watch you directly deal with him?”

Karl sneered, and said in a very affirmative tone: “You are determined to protect him.”

Alyssa closed her eyes, calmed down her emotions, and opened her eyes again, her voice calming a bit, “Now Clifford’s identity has not been determined, and it is useless for you to make these unnecessary assumptions.”

There is no evidence to prove that Clifford was the doctor who hypnotized Karl back then, and the arguing between Karl and her was meaningless.

What Clifford meant to her was just a friend who had helped her.

Clifford saved her life more than once.

She lay in the hospital bed for three years and spent three years as a vegetable. Clifford was taking care of her.

This kindness was something she couldn’t pay off in her entire life.

“Now you are thinking about protecting him. Even if his identity is confirmed one day in the future, you will still stand on his side.” Karl’s voice sounded a bit of gnashing his teeth, the temperature in the compartment It seems to have dropped down suddenly.

Even when the heating was turned on, Alyssa felt a little chilly.

She leaned back in her chair and said tiredly: “Karl, the reason why I didn’t promise to marry you in the first place is because we still have these problems. Even if we get married, we will sooner or later because of these problems and unsettled things make each other tired.”

Suddenly there was silence in the carriage.

Alyssa didn’t want to speak any more, and Karl did not speak either.

Don’t know how long it has been. When Alyssa thought that Karl would no longer speak, Karl suddenly said ghostly: “It turns out that you didn’t agree to marry me before because of Clifford. “

Alyssa was shocked.

She didn’t know why Karl thought so.

She felt that she had made it very clear.

“Don’t know why you think so, but it’s not what you think.” Alyssa grabbed her hair irritably: “You stop, I’ll go back to my place tonight.”

She said yesterday that she would not move things, and this is what she was waiting for.

Karl was uncertain, suspicious, and there would always be quarrels.

When the voice fell, Karl not only didn’t stop, but Alyssa also heard the sound of the lock.

Alyssa asked him mockingly: “Are you afraid of me jumping off the car?”

“Is there something you dare not do?” Karl’s tone was not much better.

The two of them returned home silently all the way.

Grace heard the sound of the car and ran out, followed by several servants.

“Little lady, slow down…”


Before Alyssa got out of the car, she heard Grace’s voice.

She was about to unfasten the seat belt and get out of the car when the man next to her leaned in and leaned over.

She shrank back consciously.

In the end, Karl just came over to help her untie the seat belt.

If it weren’t for Karl’s stinky face, Alyssa would doubt that the two of them had not quarreled just now.

She let Karl untie her seat belt, thinking of something, and said, “Don’t get angry with Grace!”

After removing her seat belt, Karl turned around and unfastened his own, saying without emotion, “I didn’t get angry with her.”

“Yes, Grace is so young, you don’t need to get angry, one look can scare her.”

Karl’s response was to get off the car directly.

Chapter 532

When Karl got out of the car, he saw Grace.

“Admires the green pepper.”

Grace seemed to be afraid of him getting angry, and quickly turned around and hid behind the servant, eager to save life and cried out, “Dad!”

Karl looked at Grace expressionlessly for a few seconds, then curled up his lips and smiled at Grace.

Alyssa said that he was angry with Grace, so he could laugh at Grace, right?

Although she didn’t think he had been mad at Grace.

As a result, it was okay for him not to laugh. His smile directly scared Grace into tears.

Alyssa got out of the car behind, not knowing what happened to the father and daughter, just in time to hear Grace crying “Wow”.

“What’s wrong? Grace.” When Alyssa heard the cry, she walked towards Grace and hugged her.

Grace pointed at Karl, and kept crying.

Alyssa also turned to look at him.

Before she could speak, Karl rushed in front of her and said, “I didn’t attack her, nor did I get angry with her.”

After he finished speaking, he lifted his foot into the villa gate.

The back looks full of anger.

Alyssa hugged Grace and walked behind, softly coaxing Grace, Grace stopped crying.

She leaned her body and stretched her neck long. After seeing Karl entering the house, she sniffed and stopped crying.

“Why are you crying? Dad murdered you?” Alyssa reached out and wiped her tears, and asked her gently.

“No…” Grace wiped the tears from her face, and said in a milky voice.

Alyssa was a little puzzled: “Why is that?”

When Grace was asked about her sadness, she squatted again to cry, but she still remembered to answer Alyssa’s question first.

“Dad, he smiled at me…oooooooooooooo…”

Alyssa: “…”

She opened her mouth and was speechless for a moment.

It was the first time she heard that the child was scared to cry by her father’s smile.

Mr. Adams is extraordinary.

Alyssa wanted to laugh a little, but seeing Grace crying so sad, she decided to comfort her first: “Daddy laughs at you, he likes you, he is happy, why are you crying?”

“Scary…” Grace said this word twitchingly, then buried her head in Alyssa’s arms. ‘

Alyssa couldn’t laugh or cry.

“How can it be scary, he smiles at you because he likes you.”

Grace cried louder.

It seems that she still doesn’t know enough about the way the two father and daughter get along, Karl’s smile can scare Grace into tears.

When she carried Grace into the hall, Grace had calmed down.

She put Grace down and looked around for Karl’s figure.

The servant saw that Alyssa was looking for Karl, so she took the initiative and said, “Madam, Sir is upstairs.”

“Yeah.” Alyssa nodded, and said to Grace: “You stay here I am going upstairs.”

“OK.” Grace sat on the sofa and played with toys.

A child is a child, who just cried so hard, now she is playing so hard.

Alyssa went upstairs and found Karl in the bedroom.

She opened the door and went in. Karl was changing clothes and just took off his p@nts.

Alyssa quickly turned around and said angrily, “You don’t know how to lock the door when you change your clothes!”

“No servant dared to enter my room without authorization. I changed clothes in my own room. You broke in by yourself. Blame me?” Karl put on his pants and walked towards her slowly: “Looking at my body , The wicked person first sue, Mrs. Adams, do you make sense?”

Alyssa felt that his voice was getting closer, and she raised her foot and walked to the door: “You change your clothes and come out by yourself.”

Karl stepped forward with long legs, and walked in front of her to block her way.

Alyssa was blocked, but saw that he was already dressed, so she looked up at him.

Karl also just lowered his head, his voice low and deep: “What are you running from? It’s not that you haven’t seen it.”

Alyssa didn’t want to talk about this topic with him, because once she continued this topic with him, she would be subdued by him, and the business would not be done.

“Laughing at my daughter, but scared her to cry, what do you feel?” Alyssa looked at him mockingly with her arms folded.

Karl’s complexion became stiff, but soon recovered, and sneered, “I don’t feel much.”

“You shouldn’t make a stern face at Grace, and smile more.” Alyssa said, reaching out and squeezing his face.

Karl leaned back and raised his head, frowning and resisting: “Don’t do anything!”

Alyssa: “…”

Karl even thinks she is doing things?

Alyssa retracted her hand and kicked his calf: “Get out of the way, I want to go out.”

Karl pursed his lips, and said coldly, “No.”

“You…” Alyssa was about to speak when she was interrupted by Karl: “I want to go out too.”

After he finished speaking, he turned around and opened the door and went out.

Alyssa followed him out and soon passed him and went to the front.

The two went downstairs one after another, keeping a short distance between each other.

As soon as Grace looked up, she saw Karl, smiled and called out, “Dad.”

Alyssa walked over to Grace and sat down, and Karl followed and sat down on the other side of Grace.

Grace had a dumb expression on her face.

She looked at Alyssa and Karl again, feeling like she was a little redundant.

So Grace silently turned over, slid down on the sofa with her toes, and slid off, holding the toy and walking on the opposite sofa to play.

The servant also saw that Karl and Alyssa were quarreling. They did not dare to speak, but they were amused by Grace’s actions.

However, they didn’t dare to laugh out loud, they all lowered their heads and laughed depressed.

Alyssa glanced at Karl, then quickly turned around and turned her back to him.

Don’t want to see him.

Karl hugged his arms and sat beside her expressionlessly, cold air all over his body.

The servant didn’t dare to call them when they were ready for dinner, so the curvy savior walked to Grace and called her: “Little Miss, it’s time to eat.”

“Oh! I’m eating.” In general, Grace is still very positive about eating.

She hugged a robot, slid off the sofa, and was about to follow the servant to the restaurant.

“Little Miss.” The servant gave her a light push and pointed at Alyssa and Karl.

Grace is a little clever ghost, ran to Alyssa to pull her hand, and said sweetly: “Mom is eating.”

Alyssa quarreled with Karl, but still smiled when she met Grace: “Okay.”

Grace turned to look at Karl again, blinked her eyes, and said unwillingly, “Eat.”

Karl was about to speak, and then thought that she had just scared her to cry, and her voice became softer than usual: “Who should I call for dinner?”

Grace glanced at him, and the cried out, “Daddy.”

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