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Chapter 533

Alyssa glanced at Karl, snorted, and took Grace to the restaurant.

Karl sat alone, Alyssa and Grace sat opposite him.

A family of three stood in line, and they were very clearly divided.

Grace was still very good when she ate, and she pointed out what she wanted to eat, and asked Alyssa to pick up food for her.

“I want that cauliflower!”

“I want chicken legs…”

“It’s okay to eat chicken thighs, then eat another green vegetable…”

Little children don’t like vegetables very much.

Alyssa wanted Grace to eat vegetables, but she had to negotiate terms with her.

Although Grace didn’t like it very much, but for the chicken legs, she had to reluctantly take a bite.

Karl looked at the warm and harmonious mother and daughter opposite, and then looked down at the rice bowl in front of him, suddenly losing his appetite.

He put his chopsticks “pop” on the table: “I’m full.”

Seeing Alyssa didn’t respond, he deliberately repeated it loudly again: “I said, I’m full!”

Alyssa didn’t know that he threw the chopsticks so loudly on purpose, just to get her attention.

She raised her eyes and glanced at Karl lightly: “If you are full, you will be full. Grace and I have not eaten enough.”

Grace raised her head from his small bowl, and said with an urn voice, “Grace hasn’t eaten enough yet.”

“Okay, you continue to eat yours.” Alyssa picked Grace again.

Karl’s face was terribly cold, but Alyssa ignored him, and he couldn’t do anything to her.

He snorted and got up out of the restaurant.

As soon as he left with his front foot, Grace suddenly raised her head, looked at the direction Karl had just left, and then turned to look at Alyssa: “Dad is angry.”

Alyssa was stunned for a moment, but she didn’t expect Grace to say this.

She asked Grace curiously: “Where is he angry?”

“He’huh’!” Grace said, shaking her head, and letting out a “huh” like Karl.

Alyssa laughed out loud with a “pouch” and couldn’t help but stretched out her hand to pinch Grace’s face: “Why is my baby so cute?”

Grace raised her head and said sweetly, “Because of my mother, Alyssa.”

Alyssa taught Grace the names of her and Karl, as well as the names of Peter and Tina, and she also taught her, she remembered them all.

However, when she says Karl, she always habitually says “Kalr”.

Alyssa corrected her many times, and she would read it clearly occasionally, but in most cases, she would pronounce it as “Karl Adams”.

It may be used to it.

As long as she knew in her heart what her father’s name was, she would applaud her by calling “Kalr”, as it was a pet name between her and Karl’s father and daughter.

After Alyssa and Grace had eaten, she took Grace to the room to take a shower and get ready to sleep.

She heard from the servant that Grace did not take a nap today.

If Grace didn’t take a nap during the day, she would go to bed very early at night.

She soon put Grace to sleep.

After setting up Grace, Alyssa got up and went to the master bedroom.

She pushed open the door and found that there was no one inside.

Karl hadn’t gone to bed yet, but he was still in the study.

Alyssa walked gently to the door of the study, and quietly pushed the study door open a little bit, and saw Karl sitting behind the desk looking at something.

His brows were frowned, and there were several documents in front of him, as if he had encountered a very difficult problem.

Alyssa stood at the door for a moment, before closing the door and turning to leave.

But at this moment, Karl found someone at the door, looked at the door suddenly, and said sharply, “Who!”

After being discovered anyway, Alyssa stopped hiding and went straight in.

“it’s me.”

When Karl saw Alyssa, the expression on his face softened slightly.

Alyssa didn’t approach, but just stood not far from the door and said, “I will go back to my room and sleep first. It’s up to you if you come back.”

When she finished speaking, she turned and left.

Karl sat at the desk, and still somehow did not respond to the meaning in Alyssa’s words.

They had an unpleasant quarrel on the way back, and he thought Alyssa was going to sleep with Grace tonight.

What Alyssa meant just now… to go back to the master bedroom to sleep?

Karl thought about it this way, where there was any energy left to work, and after dealing with one or two things in his hands, he got up and went back to the master bedroom.

Alyssa was already lying on the bed after taking a shower.

When she heard the door opening, she wrapped her quilt tightly and turned her back to the direction of the door.

Karl walked in and looked at the bed.

Originally there was only one quilt on the bed, but at this time an extra quilt was added.

Alyssa slept on one side of the bed wrapped in a quilt, and more than half of the space was vacated, on which there was another quilt.

Karl walked to the bed and stood for a while, but in the end he didn’t say anything, then turned around and went to the bathroom.

Alyssa pulled the quilt down after listening to the sound of splashing water in the bathroom.

Together, she and Karl were nearly sixty years old, and the two of them hadn’t grown emotionally mature, and they quarreled all day long.

Sometimes she felt that quarreling with Karl was a bit naive, but it wouldn’t work if it wasn’t.

Karl always felt that she was favoring and protecting Clifford, and she felt that Karl was making trouble unreasonably.

She had tried to minimize meeting with Clifford, Karl still thought so, she felt that the problem was still with Karl himself.

She thought for a while, then took out her phone to check Twitter.

The recent trending search about Karl and Miana’s good news is still hanging on, not suppressed, and the heat continues.

She thought that this trending search would go down a long time, but the result hasn’t gone down yet.

What was Karl doing in the office just now?

Alyssa felt an unspeakable depression in her heart, and she threw the phone back.

This was originally caused by Karl himself, let him handle it…

After a while, Karl came out of the bathroom and lay down directly beside her.

This night, the two lie on the same bed with their backs to each other.

When Alyssa woke up the next morning, there was no one beside her.

She habitually took the phone over and saw Tina sent her several micro-reading messages.

“Come and watch the excitement.”

“Adams’ official has a secret rumor, and this slap is very powerful.”

Two screenshots of Twitter are also attached.

Alyssa opened it and took a look, then quickly exited the WeChat interface and logged into Twitter.

Sure enough, the first trending search is the words “Adams’ official micro-report”.

She clicked on the Twitter of Adams’ official Twitter handle. The top one was a popular tweet that brought the topic of Karl and Miana yesterday. The content was very brief: “Fake, the CEO doesn’t like the woman surnamed Palmer.”

This Tweet was sent early in the morning after last mid-night.

Chapter 534

Moreover, the popularity of this Tweet is unprecedentedly high.

The amount of forwarding and comments have exceeded 100,000, and it is still increasing.

After Alyssa was tied up and put on trending searchs, Karl simply and rudely suppressed those trending searchs.

Karl is a decisive person, too lazy to pay attention to them, only focusing on results.

This time, it was mainly because Miana was annoying him, so he would deal with it positively.

Adams’ official Twitter is also a big V with tens of millions of fans. If the official Twitter comes out to clarify, it will be very convincing.

Alyssa clicked on the comments below, almost all of which were applauded, but there were a few exceptions.

“This official blog is not hacked, right?”

“The marriage contract between Karl and Miss Palmer has been passed on for several years, so why must he wait until then to come out to clarify? Why did he go?”

“I think the same as upstairs. I suspect that this Karl has a leg with this Miss Palmer…”

There is a leg, there is a leg of your grandma.

Alyssa sneered, then slipped down again.

In the back, there are some people who don’t think it’s too big to be too busy.

“Hey @$$$, your chance is here.”

“Start a game, gamble on the possibility of Karl and his ex-wife reuniting.”

“So whose kid is that kid?”

“Mr. Karl, who is the mother of your little princess?”

Seeing they mentioned Grace again, Alyssa couldn’t help frowning.

Alyssa returned to her Twitter homepage, and the news notification was 99+ again.

She rarely posts on Twitter, but in the past few days, her news notifications have not stopped, and she can’t finish them.

Alyssa retired from Twitter and returned to WeChat to continue chatting with Tina.

When she first went to Twitter, Tina sent her many more messages.

“I especially want to know what Miana’s expression is.”

“You don’t know. In the past three years, Miana has often bought news articles…”

Since the events of the past three years had already happened, Alyssa didn’t care about the need.

What she worries about now is that those people pay too much attention to Grace.

Although Grace has not shown her face, it is hard to guarantee that a bold media reporter will try to sneak a photo of Grace.

It was originally a matter between adults, but the children were also involved.

Alyssa felt a little irritable.

“Aren’t you busy today?” She sent this message to Tina, and took the phone to the bathroom to wash.

She is going to Mattie today to discuss the script.

There is a bloody storm on the Internet, but it will not have any impact on her real life.

Now that the incident is so big, as Karl’s “ex-wife”, the media will naturally not let her go.

She has to be careful when she goes out today.

Alyssa chatted with Tina and put down the phone.

After changing her clothes, she went to Grace’s room.

Grace was already awake and was sitting on the bed playing with two dolls, whispering.

The servant stood by the bed, and when she saw Alyssa coming in, she immediately walked towards her: “Madam, young lady wouldn’t let me change her clothes, saying that she would wait for you.”

There is a maid dedicated to taking care of Grace. When Alyssa is away, the maids take care of Grace’s daily life.

Grace was a little engaged in playing, but she hadn’t noticed that Alyssa was coming.

Alyssa walked over and asked the maid in a low voice: “When I am away? Is she good at eating and dressing?”

When the maid heard this, she couldn’t help laughing, and said, “Very good.”

“I see.” Alyssa nodded: “I’ll take care of it, you go work.”

“Ok, Madam.” The maid retired.

Alyssa walked over and said warmly, “Grace, you’re getting up.”

Grace looked up and saw Alyssa, her eyes lit up: “Mom!”

Alyssa smiled and leaned over to hug her.

“Stand well, Mom will change your clothes.” Alyssa took the puppet in her hand: “Change clothes first, and play later.”

Alyssa helped her get dressed and took her downstairs to eat breakfast.

Seeing Grace obediently eating, Alyssa couldn’t bear to leave.

She wants to take Grace out together, but she is worried that she will be blocked by media reporters on the way.

At this time, it is better to be careful.

When Alyssa left, she coaxed Grace for a while before coaxing her well.

After that, Alyssa drove out.

She didn’t go far, and she felt a car following her behind her.

Is it a reporter?

Which reporter is so well informed that he even found the address of Karl’s new home?

Follow her when you go out, must have been lurking here before.

Alyssa tried to get rid of the car behind, but she found that it was just in vain and couldn’t get rid of it anyway.

Finally, she reached the door of Mattie’s studio.

She looked back in the rearview mirror, and the car that had been following her also stopped not far away.

Alyssa took out her mobile phone and called Mattie: “Someone is following me, you ask two security guards to come out and pick me up.”

As an entertainment worker, Mattie is very sensitive to entertainment news.

Mattie naturally knew what Adams’ official blog clarified early in the morning last night.

Without Alyssa’s explanation, Mattie knew what was going on.

She didn’t ask much, and said aloud: “I will bring people down right away.”

Mattie came down very quickly. Not only did she bring a security guard, but also two staff members from her studio, who were tall young guys.

She walked up to Alyssa and patted the car door: “Come down, where is the person you said was following you?”

Alyssa pointed to the black car behind him.

Mattie turned to look at the two staff members behind him, and pointed at Alyssa with her chin: “Take her up first.”

Alyssa got out of the car and saw that Mattie seemed to have no plans to go up. She couldn’t help but curiously asked, “What are you going to do?”

“It’s okay, help you see who is not long-eyed, even my people dare to move.”

Mattie was wearing a professional suit, with one hand propped on the car body, and she seemed a little bit formidable.

Alyssa glanced at her: “What do you mean?”

Mattie leaned close to her and said in a low voice, “Just kidding, there is a young man here, so I can save your face.”

Alyssa smiled and said nothing.

When she turned to look at the car following her, she found that the car had already driven away.

Mattie stood next to her, followed her gaze, and said with a puzzled look: “What’s the matter with that car? Are you sure it was following you? Maybe that car happened to be on the way with you? Where is the entertainment? The reporter let you go so easily?”

Entertainment news will always be the favorite life spice of the public.

Miana had already been denied by Karl, so Alyssa was the only woman who had had trouble with Karl.

This means that she has great news value.

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