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Chapter 539

Alyssa couldn’t sit still.

Clifford is such a thoughtful and prudent person. Today, he would hang up her phone, and she couldn’t get through.

This is not in line with common sense.

Alyssa really doubted that something might have happened to Clifford.

Although she didn’t know the origin of Clifford, Clifford had never harmed her since she knew Clifford until now, and she still he such great affection for her.

So, no matter what, if something happens to him, she can’t ignore it.

Besides, apart from her, Clifford has no friends in Rostenvel.

Alyssa got up and went out of the dining room, and saw Grace lying on the sofa again playing around with her painting book.

She walked over and squatted in front of the sofa: “Grace, shall we go upstairs and get ready for bed?”

“I’m painting an apple, I haven’t finished painting yet…” Grace was drawing vigorously, of course she didn’t want to go upstairs to sleep.

“You can go back to the room to paint and let auntie accompany you.” The aunt Alyssa said is a maid who takes care of Grace’s daily life.

Grace listened to her and asked, “Are you going up too?”

“I can hold you up, but I have other things to do later, and I can’t paint with you.” Alyssa explained to her.

“Oh.” Grace’s face collapsed, she stood up, and stretched out her arms towards Alyssa, asking her to hug her.

It might be because Karl went out early and returned late, often working away from home, so Grace was also able to adapt to Alyssa’s current state.

Although it will be a little unhappy, but it won’t be warm with Alyssa.

Alyssa sent her to the room, told the maid to take good care of her, then turned and left.

When passing by the door of Karl’s study, Alyssa stopped.

She is going to have a look at Clifford’s house now. Should I tell Karl?

Even if she didn’t tell him, he would definitely know afterwards, and she couldn’t help but look for Clifford.

Alyssa thought for a moment, then opened the study door and walked in.

Karl sat behind the desk, his eyes staring at the computer screen in front of him intently, and his fingers kept jumping on the keyboard.

Maybe because he heard the movement of Alyssa coming in, the movement on his hand paused very obviously.

However, when Alyssa walked to him, not only did he not raise his head, he did not even blink his eyes.

Alyssa knew that he deliberately didn’t care about her.

When this man is angry, he just doesn’t care about others.

Alyssa didn’t care whether he ignored her, and just said, “I have something to go out for.”

Karl’s hand movement stopped, and after a few seconds, he continued to type on the keyboard.

“Don’t send someone to follow me, I’ll tell you directly, I’m going to find Clifford.”

As soon as Alyssa’s words fell, Karl raised his head suddenly, and said with cold eyes: “Alyssa, do you really think I’m not going to do anything to you?”

Alyssa heating turned back with a smile, and asked, “You really think you are right in everything, do I have to listen to you?”

Karl’s eyes looked terrifying, as if he was about to beat her in the next second.

But fortunately, she knew that Karl would not hit women.

Even when he tossed Isabel back then, he just let Isabel beat herself.

Alyssa was a little worried. She checked the time, and it was already half an hour before Clifford finished the call.

She was really worried about what would happen to Clifford, so she didn’t have the mind to lose sight of Karl.

Karl was easy to get angry, and would not calm down for a while, Alyssa decided to leave him alone for the time being.

When she came into the study, she just told Karl that she was going out.

Karl disagreed, it was not within her consideration.

“Alyssa, stop for me!” Karl’s angry voice came from behind.

Not only did Alyssa fail to stop, but instead walked faster.

Karl lost his temper and could do everything. Maybe she would be forced and lock her at home and not let her go to Clifford.

Thinking like this, she couldn’t help speeding up her pace.

Go downstairs to get the car key, and walk outside the gate.

She drove out of the villa, and not long after driving, she saw a car behind her in the rearview mirror.

The car behind was still driving fast, and she subconsciously felt that the car might be Karl’s.

Sure enough, the car’s speed was getting faster and faster, and it quickly surpassed her, blocking her in front of her arbitrarily. She was forced to brake suddenly and then dropped the safety lock very cautiously.

Karl got out of the car and walked toward her car aggressively.

He knocked on her car window expressionlessly, using his eyes to indicate that she had better open the door now.

But Alyssa did not move.

She won’t open the car door.

Seeing that Alyssa was unmoved, he took out his mobile phone and called Alyssa.

As soon as Alyssa answered the phone, he said coldly, “Come down.”

His voice was like winter frost, and there was a feeling of cold scalp numb.

“No, I must go today.” She originally suspected that Clifford had something wrong, and couldn’t help but want to go and see it. Now that Karl stopped her like this, she couldn’t go.

Karl’s voice sounded a little frustrated: “Dare you!”

Alyssa glanced at his face through the car window, sighed and explained to him: “I called Clifford, but he didn’t answered it. I suspected that something might have happened to him, so I wanted to go to his home to confirm. Just a moment’s work.”

Karl didn’t care about what she said, he didn’t make sense at all, and his tone was a bit arrogant: “Don’t go!”

Alyssa had no patience to explain to Karl again.

She hung up the phone, looked straight ahead, and started the car.

Even if Karl stopped her, she still wanted to go.

Now, the most important thing for her is not to find Clifford, but to correct the prejudice in Karl’s heart.

It’s not what he thinks, it’s right.

The Karl outside the car realized that Alyssa was planning to hit his car directly, and couldn’t take care of that much. He rushed forward in two to three steps, got into the car and drove his car away.

He was very fast, and as soon as he drove the car straight, Alyssa’s car wiped his body and drove out from the side.

When Karl watched her car pass by his car safely, even his hands were shaking, fearing her accident.

Immediately, he slapped the steering wheel hard, gritted his teeth and called her name again.


It was already so late, Alyssa drove out by herself, but still went to Clifford. Of course, Karl would not let her go alone.

Although his heart was already raging, he still followed up with anxiety.

Chapter 540

Alyssa also noticed that Karl had been following her.

Since he wants to follow, just follow.

Another reason is that she couldn’t get away from Karl.

The two drove one after another to the community where Clifford was located.

After Alyssa got out of the car in front, she stood there waiting for Karl.

Karl walked to her with a dark face and stared at her firmly.

“Let’s go up together.” Alyssa wanted to be angry, but she couldn’t get angry looking at him like this.

Karl sneered and said, “Do you think I’m following here just to let you go up to see Clifford?”

“No.” Alyssa shook her head very sincerely: “Of course you won’t let me go up to see Clifford, so…”

Alyssa paused suddenly when she said that, took a step forward, reached out and took Karl’s hand, looked up at him, and then finished the rest of the story.

“Go up together.”

“Who wants…” Karl said, and Alyssa directly took him to the community.

Alyssa had lived here before, and the community security was very impressed with her, so he still remembered her, so he let her go.

As soon as she entered the community, she felt the low pressure emanating from Karl next to her, getting heavier and heavier.

As if he was very repulsive of this community.

In theory, it shouldn’t.

Karl also lived in this community for a period of time. Why is he so repulsive and hate this place?

The two entered the elevator and stood side by side.

Two people were reflected on the shiny elevator door. From the reflection of the elevator door, Alyssa saw that Karl’s expression was extremely bad.

She was a little puzzled, but she didn’t ask him why he hated it so much.


The elevator reached the floor where Clifford’s house was located.

The elevator opened, and the two of them took steps almost at the same time, and walked in outside the elevator door together.

The two of them subconsciously turned their heads to give each other a glance, and Karl gave a cold snort and turned his head first.

Alyssa also snorted out of anger.

Karl made trouble by himself unreasonably, and now it seemed that he was wrong!

Except for Karl, I am afraid that there are not a few men who are so arrogant and unreasonable.

Neither of them spoke to each other, and went straight to Clifford’s door.

Alyssa stepped forward and was about to knock on the door, but Karl, who was standing behind her, took advantage of his height and stretched out his hand to hold her back by the collar to carry her behind him.

Alyssa, who was carried behind him, was unwilling and wanted to step forward, but Karl seemed to have eyes from behind, so he grabbed her wrist with his backhand and knocked on the door with his free hand.

The door knocked, but no one came to open it.

After a while, Karl reached out and knocked on the door again, but no one came to open the door.

Alyssa felt a little anxious, and shouted inwardly, “Clifford, are you at home?”

As soon as the voice fell, the sound of opening the door came from inside.

At the next moment, the door was opened.

Alyssa tilted her head, and when she saw Clifford’s figure exposed from the door, the whole anxiety was completely relieved.

“Are you at home? Why don’t you answer my call? I thought something happened to you!” Alyssa was really worried about Clifford.

Clifford had no friends in Rostenvel. He lived alone. When Isabel wanted to harm her, she was fine, but Clifford, who was driving, was injured.

She had just prepared for the worst on the way here, guessing that he might have been hated by Isabel and retaliated.

Now that he is safe and sound, she feels relieved.

After listening to Alyssa’s words, Clifford smiled and said, “I left my phone in the consultation room and forgot to bring it back.”

He wore a black house suit. The color of pure black, illuminated by the incandescent lamp, looked unusually eye-catching. At the same time, there was also a somewhat inexplicable sense of violation.

Alyssa turned her head and glanced at Karl, and found that he was staring at Clifford steadily, his eyes were cold and he could not see any emotions.

After Clifford finished speaking, he turned his head to look at Karl.

Don’t know if it was Alyssa’s illusion. When Clifford saw Karl, his eyes flashed, and then he said softly, “Mr. Adams is here too. It seems that Mr. Adams is also very concerned about me.”

Karl sneered, and said blankly, “Yes, I am very concerned about when you die, so that I can prepare a grand funeral for you.”

Alyssa was taken aback for a moment, and quickly said to Clifford: “He is joking, don’t take it seriously.”

In a place where Clifford could not see, she reached out and twisted Karl’s waist, but she was still not willing to use much strength.

Karl suffered her “bad hand” and didn’t even blink his eyes: “I do what I say, no matter when you die, I will hold the grandest funeral for you.”

Alyssa: “…” She has nothing to say.

Clifford’s eyes narrowed slightly, and his face changed slightly, but he quickly returned to normal, his tone relaxed: “Then I Clifford, I would like to thank Mr. Adams for his kindness in advance.”

“It’s too late, so I won’t bother you to rest. Let’s go back first.” Alyssa didn’t dare to stay any longer, pulling Karl to leave.

Karl stood still on the spot, still staring straight at Clifford, with a leisurely tone: “What are you going to do? The person here is a guest. Wouldn’t Mr. Dixon invite us to sit in?”

“Karl.” Alyssa called to him, reminding him not to mess around.

It was Karl who refused to let her come before, but it was also him who refused to leave now.

Alyssa didn’t understand what Karl was thinking.

“Of course you can.” Clifford stood aside, stretched out his hand and made a gesture of asking: “Mr. Adams, please.”

Karl took Alyssa directly and walked in.

As soon as he entered the room, Alyssa found that the room was a bit messy.

Other things are still neatly arranged, but the carton water cups on the coffee table are not placed in any order.

Clifford is actually a very particular person. The house will be tidy, and he also has a fixed habit of placing things.

Alyssa and Karl sat down side by side on the sofa, and Clifford went to pour water for them both.

Alyssa asked him: “Are you busy lately?”

“Fortunately.” Clifford’s voice came.

That should be busy, otherwise, how could there be no time to clean up the house?

He brought two glasses of water and put them in front of Karl and Alyssa respectively.

“Thank you.” Alyssa picked up the water glass, took a sip, turned around and saw Karl seemingly curious, observing the room all the time.

Clifford sat down in front of them, “I make you worry, next time I will remember to bring my mobile phone.”

Alyssa heard the words and said, “I went to your clinic to look for you this afternoon, but you were not there.”

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