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Chapter 1043

Chen Wu’s worry is not unreasonable.

Although Chen Diancang captured sheldon’s parents and older sisters to Youlong Island, he did not embarrass them during this period and took good care of them. This has always been his heart disease.

Regardless of Chen Diancang’s promise that he is the successor of the Chen family, but after all, he is only the child adopted by Chen Diancang, and sheldon’s blood is flowing in his body.

If sheldon had not been removed, there might be a day when sheldon would take his place.

“You two come in for a while.” After thinking for a while, Chen Wu walked to the door of the room and said to the two henchmen standing outside.

“Brother Chen Wu.” The two hurried in and closed the door of the room.

“You all know the news that sheldon has arrived on Gongdao?” Chen Wu handed them a cigarette, lit one by himself, and sat on the stool with his legs up and asked.

“I know.” The two looked at each other.

“Tomorrow you go to Gongdao, and you will dispose of sheldon yourself. Remember to do it quickly, and it is best not to let others see it.” Chen Wu said in a low voice, narrowing his eyes.

“But Brother Chen Wu, didn’t the patriarch’s news say to test sheldon’s strength and not hurt him?” Both of them were puzzled. As Chen Wu’s confidants, they naturally knew Chen Diancang’s orders.

“I want you to solve sheldon, don’t you understand me?” Chen Wu suddenly frowned, “To tell you the truth, sheldon is a threat to me when I live, and I can only sit down if I let him disappear completely in the world. The position of the successor of the Chen family.”

“Understood!” Chen Wu said so, and the two knew what it meant.

“Now that I understand, I will prepare. I hope that tomorrow I can hear the news of your success. How many years I have been raising you, and it’s time to solve the trouble for me!” Chen Wu took a puff of cigarettes, half of the cigarettes burned out. He waved his hand.

“Okay!” The two did not speak much, they both knew that Chen Wu was in anger at this time.

After the two of them left, Chen Wu felt a little more comfortable. The two confidants that were personally cultivated were not weak in strength, and he was planning to send them to represent the Chen family to participate in the Cultivator Conference. His position in the Chen family will be even higher.

In this way, the position of the patriarch can be held tightly in his hand step by step.

“sheldon, if you’ve been in Huaxia, I wouldn’t take you in my eyes, but if you think of Youlong Island for trouble, let you go and never return!” Chen Wu squeezed the corner of the table and pressed hard. , Squeeze the corner of the table directly.

Chen Song has not been the impact of the situation to yesterday.

On the contrary, the ordinary residents on Gong Island are all cautious. They all know that the grandson of the patriarch lives on the island, and this grandson seems to have some grudges with the Chen family.

“From today, I will have to work hard for you.” sheldon called all the disciples of Xuanyang Palace in front of him, and said to them in a deep voice.

“Don’t worry, Brother Chen, with us here, you can definitely see this island over. No matter who arrives, you can be notified as soon as possible!” Everyone nodded quickly and replied in unison.

“Well, I’m relieved to have you there.” sheldon nodded with a smile.

When the voice fell, a dozen disciples from the Xuanyang Palace walked out. The two of them were guarded around the island separately. After what happened yesterday, sheldon felt that Chen Diancang would definitely not only test himself so simply. They will definitely send people from the Chen family over to make trouble.

sheldon was not afraid at first, but he was worried that they would act on the people around him.

Just like the last time Liang Lu was captured by Chen Tianzhao, once this happens again, it will make his situation more difficult, and sheldon definitely cannot put himself in this situation.

“What does the Chen family want to do? If you are still welcome as grandson, you should be invited back. If you are not welcome, you should be sent out. Why do you still want to test your strength?” Bai Xiaofei really I didn’t understand Chen Diancang’s approach, and couldn’t help asking.

“You ask me, I don’t know.” sheldon smiled and shook his head.

He didn’t know what Chen Diancang was thinking, but now he had no other way but to listen to the other party’s words. Only in this way could he have a chance to rescue his parents and sister.

“I can’t stay here all the time.” Bai Xiaofei spread his hands.

“Let’s take a look at the situation first. It is not without benefits that he sent someone over. We can also gradually understand the situation on Youlong Island. When the time comes, it is time for us to start.” sheldon took a deep breath, a little helpless. Said.

“You, you, better protect Ms. Liang Lu, she is your ultimate destination. Think about what happened the previous two days. If sheldon hadn’t found out in time, I’m afraid Liang Lu would have been killed by now.” Over time, Guishuan and Bai Xiaofei have gradually become familiar with each other. When they talk, they are not as unfamiliar and scrupulous as they used to be, and they often make fun of each other.

“She’s just my employer, what is homecoming!” Upon hearing this, Bai Xiaofei immediately exploded and quickly explained.

If there is such a savage girlfriend, it is not as comfortable as being single all the time.

“Okay, don’t say these things at this time. It’s better to go to rest when you have this time. When you don’t keep the balance, you will come into contact with the Chen family again.” sheldon frowned slightly and interrupted them.

“You don’t want me to fight with them.”

“Xiao Fei made sense. He wants to protect Ms. Liang Lu. I don’t have any effort. It makes no difference whether you rest or not, but I have something new about Haixintu. Understanding.”

“What?” sheldon asked quickly.

“I don’t know if you have thought about it. There should be a specific location of Youlong Island on the Sea Heart Map, but why is it not there.” The ghost operator walked to the door and closed the door tightly.

“I don’t know.” sheldon shook his head.

“I have been thinking about this for the past few days, and today I suddenly thought whether the place we are in is Youlong Island, because the map of the heart of the sea is pointing here.” The ghost operator drew the map of the sea of ​​the heart and pointed to it. Said the island marked in the middle of the map.

“You mean, it’s on this island?” sheldon stomped his feet.

“Of course not. What I mean is whether Youlong Island is the general name of this island. It does not refer to a specific island. It may be on our left or on our right, but it is definitely not a specific one. Which one?” The ghost operator stretched out his hand and drew a circle on the island in the middle of the map.

“It’s all Youlong Island?” sheldon frowned instantly when he heard the words of the ghost operator.

This idea of ​​Guishuan was beyond his expectation, and sheldon had never thought about it.

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