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Chapter 565


Karl called out her name in an aggravated tone, obviously expressing dissatisfaction with her investigation at this time.

Alyssa held down his hand and didn’t let him move, so he didn’t bother to care about that hand, and directly lowered his head and k!ssed her lips, and said vaguely, “What’s going on now is also business.”

Alyssa immediately released him, pushed him aside, pulled the quilt and put it on her head, isolating him.

Karl was also temporarily interested, but Alyssa didn’t want to do it, and he didn’t force it.

He undre$sed, lay on the bed, and hugged Alyssa into his arms through the quilt.

Although the heating is turned on in the room, it is still cold.

Of course Alyssa was not willing to let him catch the cold, so she opened the quilt and covered him.

Karl was not at all polite, and he reached out and fished Alyssa into his arms.

The room fell into silence, but Alyssa felt a little insomniac.

She wanted to turn over, but found that Karl was holding her waist, she couldn’t move at all.

“Can’t sleep?” Karl’s low voice sounded in her ears.

Alyssa didn’t speak, but stretched out her hand to cover the back of Karl’s hand.

“Since I can’t sleep, then we will settle the account.”

“What account?”

“The days in United States are too easy, you have forgotten how you came out?” Karl’s tone was normal, but there was a chill in his tone.

When he said that, Alyssa couldn’t even remember how she came out.

Before, she quietly bought a plane ticket when Karl was not at home, and when she was about to board the plane, she told Karl that she was coming to United States.

After thinking about it, Alyssa was very guilty.

Alyssa shook Karl’s hand, fearing that he was so angry, he started with her.

However, the next moment, Karl went on to say: “The wedding was also delayed, Alyssa, how would you like to pay me?”

Alyssa felt embarrassed at first, but after hearing Karl’s words, the more she felt that she had done a little too much.

Alyssa simply asked him: “What do you want?”

Karl was silent for a moment, and said, “Play with me in United States for a while.”

Alyssa was slightly surprised when she heard this, she did not expect Karl would make such a simple request.

Seeing Alyssa’s delay in answering, Karl put his arms around her waist and tightened a little bit, with a hint of threat in his tone: “Why? Disagree?”

“Agree.” Although she wanted to see Grace very much, she had to coax Karl first.

After Alyssa agreed to play with Karl in United States for a period of time, Karl gave her two days of cultivation time, and took her around for the rest of the time.

During this period, she went out with Karl in the morning almost every day, and did not return until the evening.

When they went out to play, not only did they not bring bodyguards, they did not bring them even all the time.

Smith seems to be busy too, often they go back after eating out at night, but Smith hasn’t gone back yet.

After a long time, Alyssa became suspicious.

On this day, when she and Karl were having breakfast together, she seemed to ask unconsciously: “What are you busy with? You leave early and return late all day long. If I didn’t believe in your character, I would suspect. There are women outside.”

The last half of the sentence was purely joking, but unexpectedly Smith happened to come in from outside and just heard her.

Smith said embarrassingly: “My wife asked me to buy cosmetics for her. I am not very familiar with women’s cosmetics, so I went to the counters to help her buy them these days…”

This explanation is quite credible.

Before Tina went abroad to participate in activities, she helped Smith wife with several skin care products.

Smith is such a rigid and rigorous person, running around the counter to help his wife buy cosmetics, this picture is unimaginable.

“You can ask me to help your wife take a look. Anyway, I’m also going outside with Karl these days.” Alyssa said this very sincerely, but dare you ask her to help you watch it Smith?

Smith shook his head and refused: “I will buy it myself, so it will appear more sincere.”

In the next few days, Alyssa and Karl still went out early and returned late.

Seeing that a week had passed, Karl still had no plans to return to the country. Alyssa found an opportunity to tentatively said, “Should we return to the country?”

Karl didn’t care about this: “Play for a few more days.”

In the past few days, she and Karl went out to play, just go shopping, climb mountains, and buy things.

She didn’t think it was fun, nor did she think Karl was too happy to think about it.

She even had a faint feeling that Karl didn’t seem to simply want to play with her in United States for a few more days, but as if he was dragging time and didn’t want to take her back to the country.

Once this idea came out in her heart, it grew wildly.

Alyssa began to pay attention to Karl’s words and deeds, paying attention to the time when Smith came back and how often the two talked together.

She found that he would buy a set of big-name cosmetics every day when he came back every day. It looked like he was really outside to buy cosmetics for his wife all day long.

Smith, as Karl’s right-hand man, was absolutely incomparable to ordinary people.

Although he doesn’t understand women’s cosmetics, even if he buys it according to his wife’s request and checks the address of the counter online, after so many days, if he buys eyeshadows and lipsticks, he should buy them all.

If something goes wrong, there must be a demon.

Smith was probably doing something to help Karl under the pretense of buying cosmetics for his wife, and Karl took her out to play every day, probably because he did not want her to know what Smith was doing.

These two people had something to hide from her, and it was a major event.

Karl wanted to hide from her, which meant that it was definitely not a good thing.

If Karl didn’t say anything, she couldn’t ask directly. If she asked directly, it would make Karl vigilant and make up any reason to fool her.

Alyssa’s little cleverness is not enough to see in front of Karl.

She suddenly remembered that that day, she followed Karl downstairs, and after hearing Smith’s words, Karl went to the basement with an ugly expression.

These days, she did not ask about Isabel, because Karl had said that he would handle it.

She was planted in Isabel’s hands this time, and Karl had the right to stop her from asking about Isabel again when she came to save her.

But now it seems that this matter may have something to do with Isabel.

Alyssa figured these things out in her heart, and waited for the opportunity with peace of mind.

Early the next morning.

Same as the previous few days, Karl planned to take Alyssa out to play early in the morning.

When she got out of the villa and got into the car, Alyssa rummaged in her bag, frowning and said, “It seems that I forgot to bring my lipstick.”

She turned her bag upside down and said to Karl: “Wait for me, I’ll go back and get the lipstick.”

Karl did not doubt that he was there: “Go.”

Alyssa warmed her lips and smiled, “I will be back soon.”

Chapter 566

Alyssa got off the car and entered the villa.

As she walked into the villa, she looked back out of the gate.

Until she couldn’t see Karl’s car outside the villa, she squatted on the ground and quickly walked to the small house that entered the basement.

After she entered, she closed the door and walked down the basement entrance.

The lights in the basement are bright, with bodyguards guarding them.

When the bodyguard saw Alyssa, his tone was a little puzzled: “Young lady?”

It was the first time they saw Alyssa come down to find Isabel in so many days.

Alyssa stopped and looked inside, only vaguely saw an outline, raised her head and asked the bodyguard: “Is she still refusing to speak?”

She didn’t know what Karl had asked Isabel, but this ambiguous question was enough to make the bodyguard believe that Karl knew what she knew.

Karl’s attitude towards Alyssa was all seen in his eyes. Hearing Alyssa’s question, he naturally thought that Karl had told her everything.

One of the bodyguards said: “She still didn’t say, her mouth is very stiff.”

Alyssa couldn’t ask too much, because she was afraid of being exposed.

“I’ll go see her.”

Alyssa walked inside and saw Isabel sitting on a chair with an ankle chain tied.

Isabel was locked in the dark basement for more than a week. Her face was pale and haggard. Although her clothes were dirty, she didn’t seem to have suffered any skin injuries.

Hearing the footsteps, Isabel raised her head lazily. When she saw that the person in front of her was Alyssa, a vicious glance passed in her eyes: “Is it you?”

Alyssa was actually a little surprised, would Karl be so kind to Isabel?

She thought that Karl would try his best to torture Isabel.

He didn’t even torture Isabel.

“Why? surprised to see me standing here so intact?” Isabel looked at her carefully, with a brief doubt in her eyes.

But soon, the doubt in Isabel’s eyes became clear.

“Don’t you know?” Isabel chuckled her lips and smiled so that her whole face was strangely distorted.

Alyssa sneered: “What should I know?”

“Haha!” Isabel raised her head and laughed, tears falling out of her smile, before she continued: “Alyssa, how could there be a mother like you in the world, and your daughters has been taken away. It’s sad to be so indifferent!”

Alyssa’s complexion changed, and there was a subtle trill in her voice: “What did you say?”

“So you don’t know?” Isabel shook her head and said in a weird voice: “Don’t Karl love you very much? He didn’t even tell you that your daughter was taken away. You, hahahaha…”

Alyssa had thought before that the people on Isabel’s side might attack Grace.

However, Karl told her that Grace was staying at home, and she had been making video calls with Grace during this time, which showed that Grace was still at home.

“Isabel, I also had a video call with Grace yesterday. Are you telling me that she is taken away?” Alyssa made an undisguised mockery on her face.

When Isabel heard the words, her face changed slightly, and she quickly returned to her proud look: “If your daughter is still at home, why haven’t you returned home for so long?”

These words immediately pinched Alyssa’s lifeline.

The speculation in her mind also had a reasonable explanation.

Grace was taken away, so Karl did not take her back to the country, fearing that she would find that Grace was not at home, and that she might be looking for Grace when she went out early and returned late during this period of time.

Everything makes sense.

Alyssa only felt a chill, which soaked her limbs in an instant.

She staggered for two steps, and after reacting, she turned around and wanted to find Karl.

However, when she turned around, she found that Karl didn’t know when she had arrived in the basement.

He stood at the entrance of the basement with a gloomy expression, and the two looked at each other.

Alyssa looked at him and didn’t even dare to ask him aloud whether what Isabel said was true.

Karl didn’t speak, and walked over.

After he approached, Alyssa could see his cold expression.

Karl walked past her, walked to Isabel with a gloomy breath, kicked the chair she was sitting on with one foot.

Isabel was just sitting on a chair, not tied to the chair. The chair was kicked to the wall by Karl and fell to pieces. Isabel also fell to the ground.


Karl’s expression was so gloomy as the angel of death who came to kill her, Isabel was so scared that she hugged her head and screamed, shivering and shrank into a ball.

However, Karl did not do anything to her.

Because of his mother, he almost never targeted women, even the vicious-minded Isabel.

Back then, Isabel nearly killed Alyssa. He was so anxious that he was just asking the bodyguards to cut her flesh and wanted to torture her to death, but he didn’t do it himself.

The same is true now.

Alyssa stood by, watching Karl’s series of actions with cold eyes.

She already understood many things without saying too clearly.

Karl lied to her from the very beginning, and Grace was taken away, and it has been several days since she was taken away.

And Karl tried to hide it from her, not letting her know.

Alyssa bit her lip, walked up to Isabel, stretched out her hand to pinch Isabel’s chin tightly, her voice was cold and hoarse: “I’m asking you, who took my daughter?”

Karl was still here. Isabel was very afraid of him. Although she hated Alyssa, she replied, “don’t know.”

“don’t know?” Alyssa pinched her chin and moved her fingers down, pinched her neck, and slowly tightened it.

At first, Isabel didn’t care about it, but Alyssa’s hands tightened and her breathing became more and more difficult before she realized that Alyssa was really killing her.

“Let go… let go… I… I really don’t know…” Isabel’s face turned blue and purple: “He… he will… actively find… you…”

Alyssa still didn’t let go, and continued to ask: “Take the initiative to find me?”

At this moment, a pulling force suddenly came from behind her, holding her arm with one hand, pulling her up.

Alyssa turned her head and saw Karl’s tight face, her lips tightly pressed, and anger brewing in her eyes.

“Kar…” Before Alyssa could call out his name, she was dragged out of the basement.

Karl’s movements were very rude, holding Alyssa’s wrist hurt.

Out of the basement, Karl shook her hand away and looked at her with a cold face: “Don’t interfere in this matter!”

“Why shouldn’t I intervene! They took Grace!” Alyssa’s eyes flushed, but did not shed a tear.

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