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Chapter 593

Hearing this, Daisy stared at Alyssa with an unkind expression, but did not say anything, just turned her head to look at Clifford.

Clifford smiled slightly, showing no anger at all: “If you want Daisy to accompany you, you can.”

Daisy’s face changed slightly, and she yelled shortly, “Sir!”

Obviously she was very resistant to accompany Alyssa out.

Alyssa was not at all surprised by Daisy’s attitude. On the contrary, she felt that a cold-faced and cold-hearted woman like Daisy was so cute.

Alyssa tilted her head slightly and smiled and asked Clifford, “Then it’s settled?”

Clifford lowered his eyes slightly, his tone still gentle: “You go out together, Grace let her stay at home, the weather outside is too cold.”

Alyssa was stunned for a moment, then chuckled lightly: “Yes, the weather outside is too cold, she still can’t go out.”

After she finished speaking, she smiled and stood up and walked to the side to lead Grace out.

When she turned around, the smile on Alyssa’s face disappeared completely.

Alyssa said that she wanted Daisy to accompany her, but she didn’t want to go out with Clifford, and Clifford was not a fuel-efficient lamp.

What he meant just now, he said clearly, if she wants to go out with Daisy, she has to leave Grace here.

How cautious Clifford was, because he was afraid that Alyssa would go outside and try to slip away, so he wanted to leave Grace in the villa.

When a man who is good at disguising himself with a gentle and kind-hearted performance has revealed the most true selfishness and narrowness in his nature, stop having more illusions about him.

Clifford is no longer the Clifford he used to be.

Then, her relationship with Clifford could not go back anymore.

The so-called deadly friendship is nothing more than a false affection created by Clifford in order to achieve his own goals.

When the two people walked outside, she felt Grace in her sleeves.

She lowered her head and saw Grace looked up at her and asked in a low voice, “Mom, why are you angry?”

Alyssa touched Grace’s face: “Because your mother has encountered something very unhappy.”

Grace seemed to understand but said: “Then you are happy.”

Alyssa laughed: “I will be a lot happier with you.”

Alyssa did not agree to go out with Clifford, and Clifford did not force her.

However, Clifford did not go out, including Daisy staying in the villa.

Alyssa would rather look for Daisy if something is going on now, rather than seeing Clifford.

She didn’t want to see Clifford, but she wanted to take care of Grace’s emotions.

Grace saw Karl last night and was in a good mood, so she wanted to play in the lobby.

Alyssa had to accompany her.

She and Grace are in the lobby, and Clifford is also in the lobby.

When Grace played the puzzle, Clifford went to play with her.

Grace still has a good impression of Clifford, and has fun with him.

Alyssa stared at Clifford closely, and suddenly heard him say: “Grace is very happy?”

“Hmm!” Grace nodded heavily.

Clifford asked, “What happy things have happened, can you share it with Uncle Dixon?”

“I last night…” As Grace spoke, Alyssa’s heart touched her throat.

Grace didn’t mean to say, what happened in the room with Karl last night?

Alyssa thought in her heart, looking for a reason to interrupt Grace’s words.

However, at this moment, Grace turned her head and blinked mischievously at Clifford, whispering in a whisper, with a small hand covering her mouth, and said in a small voice, “Yesterday. I dreamed of Dad at night!”

Only a little bit, Alyssa was about to interrupt Grace’s words directly, she even thought about the reasons.

Grace turned such a big turn and said she dreamed of Karl…

Alyssa felt a little funny, and indeed laughed, but Clifford’s face was not so good.

After Grace finished speaking, she asked Clifford curiously: “Uncle Dixon, do you know my father?”

“I know.” Clifford barely maintained the gentleness on his face, smiling stiffly.

Grace blinked, and said embarrassingly, “Hehe, my father is super handsome.”

Alyssa had never heard Grace say such things, nor had she ever praised Karl for being handsome or anything. This should have been heard from Tina.

Tina likes to tease Grace, with a lively temper, Grace likes her very much.

The expression on Clifford’s face faded a bit again, he stood up and said to Grace: “You play first, Uncle Dixon has something to do.”

“Oh.” Grace was originally with keen temper, but at this time she was playing with him, no matter what Clifford’s expression was, she immediately lowered her head and continued to play with her own puzzle, appearing very unconscionable.

Alyssa didn’t say a word while sitting aside.

Clifford stood up and was about to leave, and walked in solemnly under his hands.


Clifford was in a bad mood at this time, and his tone was cold: “What’s the matter?”

After taking a look at Alyssa, his subordinates said something in Clifford’s ear.

Immediately afterwards, Alyssa saw that Clifford’s complexion changed drastically, and a flash of shock flashed in his eyes.

Alyssa frowned slightly, what happened?

Clifford also glanced at Alyssa, and said to his opponent, “Go out and have a look.”

The two went out, Alyssa also curiously wanted to go out to see what happened, which shocked Clifford.

“Grace.” Alyssa took Grace’s hand: “I want to go for a walk outside.”

“It’s cold outside.” Grace turned to look at her, speaking solemnly, the “cold” in the words added the accent and dragged the old man, and the old-fashioned tone was particularly cute.

Alyssa squeezed her nose: “I’m not afraid of cold, are you afraid of it?”

Grace hesitated for a while, stretched out her hand and drew twice, and said a little squeamishly: “Then you put me on that rabbit hat.”

“Okay!” Alyssa responded, went upstairs and took her hat down and put it on Grace, then led her out to watch the fun.

The yard was withered in winter, and even after careful care, it still looked depressed.

Clifford led people at the gate of the villa. There were too many people. Alyssa couldn’t see the situation there clearly, so she took Grace and walked a short distance to the flower bed, and she could see clearly.

After she stood still, she glanced over and saw a familiar figure standing among the crowd.

Alyssa’s face changed slightly, and she murmured, “Karl?”

“Mom, I want to watch too!” Grace stood aside, holding her leg pitifully and looking up at her.

Alyssa bent over and hugged Grace: “Who did you see?”

Grace pointed at the door of the villa, turned her head with excitement and said to Alyssa, “Dad!”

Alyssa was sure that she was right. Last night, Karl said that he would come to see them today. Alyssa thought he would climb the window again at night, but she did not expect him to come directly and honestly!

Chapter 594

Grace thought that Alyssa didn’t hear her, so she kept repeating: “Mom, I saw Dad, it’s Dad!”

“It’s Dad, I know.” Alyssa put her down: “You come down first, my hands are a little sore.”

She found that Karl was right. Grace had grown a little more thick recently, and her hands became sore after holding her for a while.

Alyssa put Grace on the ground, and Grace took her hand to walk to the door of the villa, still chanting: “Dad, Dad…”

Alyssa led Grace and walked over.

Just now the two of them stood on the flowerbed and had a positional advantage, it was easy to see Karl, but now they were standing on the ground, with a group of tall men in front of them, and they basically couldn’t see Grace.

Grace pulled to squeeze through the crevices to find Karl. Alyssa pulled Grace back, knelt down and said in a low voice to Grace, “Grace, don’t squeeze, dad will come in soon. Yes, we are waiting in the house.”

If Karl could find the door, he would naturally be able to enter the room. It would not be helpful for them to squeeze around here.

Grace pouted, a little lost, but still obediently said, “Okay.”

Alyssa led her back, and after walking a few steps, she looked back and then entered the room.

Not long after the two entered the room, Karl and Clifford entered together.

As soon as Karl entered the door, he saw Alyssa and Grace.

There was a slight smile flashing in his initially unmotivated eyes.

Alyssa understood the meaning in his eyes and seemed to be saying, “I said I would come to see you.”

She retracted her gaze, turned her face away and couldn’t help but laugh.

And Grace was more direct, and she happily ran directly to Karl: “Dad!”

Grace was small, so she could only hug his big legs when she ran over.

Karl bent over to pick her up, put her on the sofa to sit down, stretched out her hand and nodded on her forehead: “Dad has something else.”

After she finished speaking, she turned to look at Clifford: “Mr. Dixon’s hospitality is to let me stand here?”

Clifford only glanced at Alyssa without saying much. The men behind him moved forward towards the stairs and made a please gesture: “Please here.”

The situation is a bit delicate, Karl and Clifford are obviously already two people who are incompatible with each other, but when Karl came to the door, Clifford still needs to be polite.

It stands to reason that these two people should be opposite each other.

If everything can be resolved peacefully, it is of course the best, but the two parties now are Karl and Clifford, which are quite subtle.

Karl turned around and went straight upstairs, and went to the study with Clifford.

Alyssa stood there, a little at a loss.

Until Grace, who was sitting on the sofa, patted the position next to him, and shouted to Alyssa: “Mom, come and sit.”

Alyssa walked over and sat down beside Grace.

Grace grabbed Alyssa’s hand with a look of expectation: “Let’s wait for Dad together.”

Alyssa touched her face and said nothing.


As soon as Karl entered the door, he did not regard himself as a guest at all. Before Clifford could speak, he sat down on the sofa, and then raised his eyes to Clifford: “Coffee, no sugar.”

“Do you think I am running a restaurant here?” Clifford laughed angrily. He didn’t expect that Karl would dare to come to him so big.

Karl was sure that he would not hurt Alyssa, so he was so confident!

“Mr. Dixon has lived abroad since he was a child, and he may not know much about the hospitality. We are warm and hospitable people back in our country. When guests come to the door, we treat them with delicious food.”

Karl sat on the sofa with a loose tone, looking at Clifford with a smile but a smile that is looking extraordinarily calm.

Clifford stared at Karl fixedly for half a second, then called the servant: “Give Mr. Adams a cup of coffee, no sugar added.”

The three words “no sugar added” specially emphasized his tone.

In the hall.

Alyssa was very surprised to see the servant coming downstairs to bring coffee up.

Clifford was so polite to Karl?

After the servant delivered the coffee to Clifford’s study, he retired.

Only Karl and Clifford remained in the room.

Daisy came back from work outside and hurried in with a chill.

She walked in and saw Alyssa and Grace, and strode towards her, and asked directly, “Karl is here?”

Alyssa raised her head and glanced upstairs: “In the study.”

Daisy turned around and prepared to go upstairs, then suddenly turned around to look at Alyssa: “You don’t seem to worry about Karl at all. It’s not in the place where they admire the family. Are you really not worried at all?”

“What do I need to worry about?” Alyssa asked back when she turned around.

Daisy didn’t know what Alyssa meant, so she didn’t speak immediately.

Alyssa walked to Daisy and stopped only half a step away from her.

She stared at Daisy, lowered her voice, and said unhurriedly: “Worry about the car accident Clifford made before, or worry about the poison in the coffee that the servant just served?”

With a cold snort, Daisy went upstairs.

As soon as Daisy walked away, Alyssa heard Grace say: “You quarrel?”

“No, Aunt Daisy is chatting with me.” Seeing Grace’s unbelieving look, Alyssa explained: “She has been very serious and it’s okay.”

Grace blinked and nodded ignorantly.

Although Daisy looked indifferent, she was really not malicious towards Grace. There were even delicious snacks and fun little things that the servants would give to Grace.

Grace was smart, knowing that Daisy had no malice towards her, and she had a good feeling for Daisy.

Daisy went up in less than ten minutes and got down.

Alyssa immediately understood that Clifford was discussing matters with Karl in the study alone.

What can these two men talk about together?

Alyssa felt that she became a little tormented every minute.

But fortunately, it didn’t take long for Karl to come down from upstairs. He came out alone, and Clifford didn’t come out.

When Daisy saw Karl coming out, she hurried upstairs to see Clifford with a worried expression on her face.

Alyssa walked over to Karl, looked at him, and asked, “Is it okay?”

“It’s okay.” Karl lowered his eyes slightly and smiled at her.

“What did you say to Clifford?” Alyssa was really curious about what they said.

Karl paused, then said solemnly: “I told him that I am very grateful to him for taking care of my wife and daughter.”


Alyssa looked at Karl with a stunned look: “Do you think I can believe it?”

“I did say so.” Karl smiled again, but the smile didn’t reach the bottom of his eyes.

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