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Chapter 595

Karl is not a person who loves to laugh, especially when he laughs from the bottom of his heart, he is even more pitiful.

Alyssa felt that when Karl laughed like this, it was especially frightening.

She didn’t speak either, just looking at Karl.

Karl suddenly reached out and touched her head. This was a very int!mate behavior at first, and Alyssa felt his gentleness even more.

“I’ll leave first and come back tonight.”

After he finished speaking, he withdrew his hand, as if waiting for Alyssa to respond to him.

Alyssa was stunned for more than ten seconds, and then asked him in a low voice with a blank face, “Why are you here at night?”

Karl said quietly, “Of course I come in.”

“You…” Alyssa was now a little confused by Karl’s actions.

He suddenly came to Clifford with a swagger, went to the study and stayed with Clifford for a while, and said he would come again at night.

Didn’t he come to take her and Grace away?

According to Karl’s character, since he came, he would naturally take her and Grace away!

Karl could naturally see Alyssa’s doubts, “When I came, I sent a message out to notify the media.”

He explained this, Alyssa immediately understood.

Karl is a celebrity in the business world, but because the Adams’ family’s industries are all over the world, involving all walks of life, his influence cannot be underestimated. The car accident a few days ago hit the headlines, and now he suddenly appears intact. It will naturally attract the attention of the media.

When he came to Clifford, there must be reporters with him. Whether it was a domestic reporter or a foreign reporter, he must have come after him, wanting to get first-hand news.

Clifford is in United States, and he is also a well-known person in the psychology industry. If Karl comes in and does not go out, things will be lively.

Therefore, Karl dared to walk in swaggeringly, and went out without incident, even saying that he would come again at night.

Alyssa figured this out, and felt a little dumb.

Karl could think of such a way of having the best of both worlds without sacrificing soldiers.

This method is good for Karl, but it is very bad for Clifford.

A few days ago, Clifford told her that Karl was the same person as him. In his subconscious, he seemed to feel that Karl was inferior to him, and he might still have a complicated aversion to Karl.

And Karl came to the door now, but Clifford couldn’t do anything to him, Alyssa couldn’t imagine Clifford’s mood at this time.

Alyssa still had something to ask, but Karl gave her a look of peace and tranquility, and then turned around and went out.

Alyssa subconsciously wanted to send Karl out, but she was stopped by the bodyguard within two steps.

Karl, who was walking in front, turned his head when he heard the movement, his eyes stopped for a second on the bodyguard who was blocking Alyssa, and without saying a word, he turned his head and continued walking outside.

The bodyguard was just looked at by Karl, and he felt that his scalp was a little numb.

Alyssa originally had a lot to say to Karl, but the timing was wrong now.

She turned around and saw Grace standing behind her, looking at the door blankly, her heart was a little sore.

She walked to Grace and squatted down and hugged her.

Grace put her arms around her neck, still looking out the door.

Alyssa knew that she was watching Karl, she was probably wondering at the moment, why did her father come and go, but didn’t take her home.

This is something that cannot be explained clearly.

Alyssa is undoubtedly a not-so-perfect mother, she couldn’t even find a suitable explanation to Grace for a while.

Grace may have felt something vaguely. When Alyssa hugged her upstairs and returned to her room, she was abnormally silent.

at the same time.

There was a mess in Clifford’s study.

When Daisy opened the door to enter, Clifford was angrily hitting something in the study.

Coffee cups, books, vases… everything he could get, all hit to the ground.

Daisy walked carefully towards Clifford in a mess.



Accompanied by Clifford’s roar, a porcelain ornament slammed towards Daisy.

Daisy leaned her head and hid, the porcelain ornament fell to pieces on the ground, and the slag bounced off the floor and hit her upper leg. It didn’t hurt, but she still frowned fiercely. .

She stepped back two steps without saying a word, letting Clifford smash things to vent.

After a while, Clifford finally stopped.

His arms dropped, his hands clasped firmly on the desk, and his chest was constantly rising and falling, showing that he was still suppressing anger at this time.

Daisy waited for a while, seeing that Clifford didn’t mean to speak, he squatted on the ground and began to clean up the mess in the study.

Clifford quickly calmed down. After he calmed down, he slowly walked to the chair behind the desk and sat down.

He didn’t even look at Daisy who was tidying up the room. He had obviously become accustomed to it.

After a long while, he asked Daisy aloud: “When was the last time I dropped something?”

Daisy thought for a while, then looked up at him and said, “I saw it with my own eyes. Three years ago, when in was in Rostenvel, don’t know if you ever dropped something.”

Clifford sneered when he heard the words, and took out a box of medicine from the drawer beside the desk.

Upon seeing this, Daisy said quickly, “I’ll get you water.”

“No.” Clifford refused aloud, pouring out a few pills from the box.

He was about to put the medicine into his mouth. He didn’t know what he thought of. He suddenly became a little agitated. He took the medicine box and poured a handful from it and delivered it directly to his mouth.

Daisy’s expression changed, and she quickly walked over, holding his arm to prevent him from taking so many medicines at once.

“These medicines are inherently harmful to your body. You can’t take so much anymore.” Daisy shook his head and pleaded with a face: “I beg you, don’t take it anymore.”

Three points of poison is used as medicine, so how much damage to the human body will be if such a small amount of medicine is put in.

Clifford didn’t even look at Daisy, but said coldly, “Let go.”

“I won’t!” Daisy has always been the most loyal to Clifford, but at this time, she can’t let him go.

Clifford didn’t say any more, and directly slashed a hand knife on Daisy’s wrist. Daisy let go after a pain, and could only watch as Clifford swallowed the small amount of medicine.

Outside the door, Alyssa saw Clifford taking so many medicines through the crack of the door, and a flash of surprise flashed across her face.

What’s wrong with Clifford? Why he has to take so many medicines at once?

She just took Grace back to the room, thinking about it, and wanted to come to the study to have a look. Before entering the door, she heard the roar of Clifford inside.

She tried to open the door a crack, but Clifford and Daisy inside she couldn’t see, but let her see the situation clearly.

Chapter 596

With a gloomy face, Clifford swallowed the small amount of medicine abruptly.

Daisy stood behind him with a distressed face: “It doesn’t matter if you don’t take medicine! Whether you are Clifford or not, I won’t…”

Clifford swallowed the medicine with some effort, his voice was a little hoarse, but there was a coldness: “Shut up.”

Daisy stopped talking, just looked at him hesitantly.

“I’m me.” When Clifford spoke, his hands on the desk clenched involuntarily.

Daisy still couldn’t hold back, and said: “If it wasn’t because of your illness this time, would you carry out the plan, and would you introduce Alyssa to United States?”

Clifford turned his head to look at Daisy. From Alyssa’s perspective, only Clifford’s profile could be seen, but this profile was also awkward.

Clifford’s expression must be very ugly, and Daisy’s voice is a little lacking in confidence: “Do you really like Alyssa? You have forgotten your original purpose, have you? Muffi is still in the hospital. Living on the oxygen machine…”


Daisy’s words were interrupted by Clifford’s slap.

Alyssa outside the door was also startled by Clifford’s sudden slap.

Although it has long been known that Clifford is not a really a good person, Alyssa never thought that he would beat a woman, so Daisy was so loyal to him and so good.

Clifford’s slap was a bit cruel, and Daisy stumbled before she could stand firmly. She didn’t even reach out to touch her face, lowered her head slightly, and said nothing.

She is a stubborn and arrogant woman.

Clifford stood up and turned his back to the door. Alyssa couldn’t see his expression, and could only hear his voice: “What should I do, is it your turn to remind me?”

After a while, Daisy’s voice came in a low voice: “I’m sorry, I passed.”

Clifford turned around, his face was dark, and his voice was very cold: “Get out.”

“Yes.” Daisy nodded slightly, looking very respectful.

Seeing that Daisy was about to come out, Alyssa hurriedly closed the door carefully, turned around and walked quickly and lightly to Grace’s room.

As Alyssa walked, she thought about the conversation between Clifford and Daisy that she had just heard at the door.

Clifford liked her or not, she didn’t know, she wanted to know what Clifford’s ultimate goal was.

But Daisy only said half of what he said just now, and she didn’t clearly say what Clifford’s purpose was when he approached her.

Also, who is that Muffi?

If Muffi is a personal name, it sounds like a girl’s name.

—— Muffi She is still living on the oxygen machine in the hospital.

This is what Daisy said, and the amount of information that can be parsed in this sentence is not small.

Muffi, maybe a girl.

Listening to Daisy’s tone, Muffi should be a girl who has something to do with Clifford, and it should be very important. If it is not important, Clifford does not need to care whether the “Muffi” is alive by the tickle machine or is dead.

For a man, there are two important women, one is a lover and the other is a relative.

Judging from Clifford’s scheming and calculating character, Muffi is most likely just his relatives.

Daisy admired Clifford, if Muffi was Clifford’s lover, when she mentioned Muffi, her tone would not be as usual.

Alyssa sorted out the things that she had analyzed in her heart and came to the final conclusion.

Clifford did have an ulterior motive. For this purpose, Daisy knew that there was a very important person to him named Muffi, a girl who was seriously ill.

Daisy is a bone, her mouth is so hard, just like Clifford. To find a little bit of information from these two of them, the difficulty is no different from reaching the sky.

Therefore, the remaining breakthrough is the girl named Muffi.

However, Alyssa is not entirely certain that she is a girl, what if it is a boy? Although this possibility is very small.

Alyssa thought about it all the way and returned to Grace’s room.

Grace sat on the carpet, boringly arranging all the dolls in a row, playing house.

Although Clifford didn’t restrict them very much, she was not as good as the family. Alyssa was also worried that someone would be unfavorable to Grace, so she would always bring Grace by her side and keep her in her sight.

In this way, Grace’s activity space became very small.

She is now at an active age, but she can only stay in the villa all day, and she can’t go out to play, and she rarely makes trouble, which makes people feel distressed.

Grace heard the sound, looked up and saw Alyssa come in, and smiled at Alyssa with a small face raised: “Mom!”

“What are you playing?” Alyssa sat down beside Grace and watched her play with the doll.

Grace was particularly interested in explaining to her who these dolls are and what their names are.

Before Grace told Alyssa the names of the dolls, there was a knock on the door outside.

Alyssa hesitated for a while, wondering if Daisy found out that she had eavesdropped on something before, so she came to her now.

Then she got up to open the door.

The person standing outside the door really was Daisy.

Daisy said blankly, “Mr. Dixon is looking for you in the study.”

After she said that, she turned and left without waiting for a second.

Alyssa looked back at Grace. Seeing that she was still sitting on the ground playing with her doll very deeply, Alyssa called her out: “Grace.”

“Huh?” Grace looked up at her with a blank face.

Alyssa smiled and waved to her: “Come here, let’s go to Uncle Dixon’s study.”

“Okay!” Grace got up from the ground with her small arms. Although the heating was turned on in the room, she still dressed a lot, so she looked a little clumsy.

But also clumsy and cute.

After Grace stood up, she quickly ran in the direction of Alyssa, ran to her and grabbed Alyssa’s hand directly.

Alyssa led her to the door of Clifford’s study, first raised her hand and knocked on the door, and waited for the owner of the study to invite them in.

However, Alyssa didn’t wait until Clifford inside called them in. Because Clifford came over and opened the door by himself.

With a click, the door was opened from the inside.

Clifford stood at the door with a gentle face. When he saw Alyssa, he smiled and said, “Here.”

The door of the room opened a bit wide, and Alyssa glanced in from behind Clifford, and found that the study room had long since disappeared from the previous mess, and it had become very tidy.

And Clifford also seemed to have been sorted out with the study, the expression on his face was gentle and calm, and she couldn’t find the shadow of the hysterics like before.

Alyssa became more sure that Clifford might have some special disease.

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