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Chapter 623

The bearded man first handed Claire a cup of tea.

As a result, Claire glared at him and said: “The first cup is given to the guests.”

Without saying a word on the bearded man, she put the cup of tea in front of Alyssa: “Please drink tea!”

“Thank you.” Alyssa took the tea and poured it. She held it in her hand, but she looked around in the room.

This house is a small three-story house, not as spacious and exquisite as the villas in the city, simple but warm.

Alyssa did not see the servant’s shadow, nor did she see Grace.

Claire also looks completely different from before. Alyssa doesn’t know what happened to her, but it is certainly not a coincidence that Claire will be here.

Alyssa did not rush to ask more.

After the man poured a cup of tea for the two of them, he walked to the one-person sofa and sat down on the sofa. He took out his mobile phone and tapped his finger on it, as if he were playing a game.

Claire said coldly: “Have you come to see Grace?”

Hearing this, Alyssa looked back at her suddenly: “Is she here?”

“You will find her, don’t you know that Grace is here?” Claire leaned lazily on the sofa, and was about to continue talking, but at this time she coughed violently.

The man got up and went upstairs at this time, and soon came down.

There is an extra blanket in his hand.

He walked straight to Claire and threw the blanket on Claire.

Claire glanced at him dissatisfied, then turned around and said what she was about to say to Alyssa: “Grace is indeed with me, but you must be a little psychologically prepared.”

“What’s wrong with her?” Alyssa’s heart sank fiercely, and her expression changed slightly: “Karl told me that Grace is fine.”

“You know when you see her.” Claire glanced at her, her expression somewhat similar to Karl.

It is normal for twins to be similar.

After Claire finished speaking, she stood up.

Alyssa knew that Claire was going to take her to see Grace, and stood up immediately.

When she went upstairs, Alyssa followed Claire closely and noticed that Claire was very thin.

The loose sweater appeared empty with Claire’s movement upstairs.

Claire took Alyssa to the second floor and stopped at the door of the room.

Alyssa felt a little anxious at this time, seeing Claire not opening the door, she reached out to push the door.

However, Claire held her hand suddenly, preventing Alyssa from trying to open the door.

Alyssa suddenly felt that the hand that pressed her was as thin as bones, and her hand was terrible.

However, Alyssa was very anxious at this time and didn’t think much. She looked cold and asked: “What do you mean!”

“Don’t forget what I reminded you just now.” After Claire finished speaking, she let go of her hand.

Alyssa’s anxiety and panic reached the peak, her body stiffened holding the doorknob.

Even a little afraid to open this door.

Claire repeatedly made her mentally prepared, and she realized that Grace’s situation might not be that simple.

Claire didn’t persuade her, but quietly stepped aside and let Alyssa decide by herself.

It took a full half a minute for Alyssa to ventilate, twist the doorknob, and open the door.

The room is very warmly decorated, covered with plush carpets.

But Alyssa looked around, but did not see Grace.

She took a step inside and called out, “Grace?”

No response, she looked back at Claire, her eyes full of suspicion.

Claire also glanced inside, and walked in over her.

The bed in the room was placed sideways, and Claire walked straight into the bed.

When she reached the bedside, she stopped, looked back at Alyssa and motioned for Alyssa to pass.

Alyssa stood at the door, not daring to move for a while.

Claire turned her head, looked at the floor inside the bed, and said softly, “Grace, mom is here.”

Suddenly Alyssa realized something, and her eyes suddenly became red.

She stepped forward and quickly walked over, and she saw Grace, who was wearing a pink sweater, sitting on the ground leaning on the bed, holding a small plastic bottle in her hand and playing with herself, as if she didn’t find anyone coming.

Alyssa walked over and sat down on her knees opposite Grace, and said softly, “Grace?”

As if she hadn’t heard it, Grace continued to play with the small plastic bottle in her hand, lowering her head to immerse herself in her world.

“I’m your mother, Grace, look at your mother!” Alyssa said, reaching out to hug her.

However, as soon as her hand touched Grace, Grace slapped her hand away very resistingly.

Alyssa’s hands froze in midair just like that, looking at Grace at a loss.

After Grace patted Alyssa’s hand, she lowered her head to play with her own little bottle, completely free from their interference.

Alyssa’s eyes were sour, and she looked back at Claire, her voice trembling slightly: “Why… is this?”

Claire sighed slightly: “When Karl sent her to my side, she was like this. The time went up and down again and again. The situation a few days ago has improved a bit, but it quickly relapsed.”

Alyssa looked at Grace with gentle eyes, and muttered: “So when he first came back, Karl promised me that I could see Grace, but after a few days, he refused to let me see her because of this. She has a relapse again.”

“But why is she like this… Grace… used to be very lively…” Alyssa’s throat seemed to be stuffed with cotton, which was extremely uncomfortable, and even breathing was a bit difficult.

Alyssa opened her mouth slightly, raised her head and took two deep breaths in succession, before she forced the tears in her eyes back.

“I’ve seen a doctor. It’s useless to take medicine. You need a doctor for your heart disease. It’s better to help you. It might be good.”

What may be good means that it may not be good.

Alyssa pulled the corner of her lips and said, “Of course Grace will be fine!”

Alyssa spoke with Grace in the room for a long time, trying to tease her, but Grace didn’t say a word to her, just glanced at her.

However, it is better for Grace to look at her twice than to ignore her.

When it was dark outside, Alyssa was about to go downstairs to make dinner.

Claire left the room to Alyssa and Grace. When Alyssa went downstairs, she saw Claire nest on the sofa in the lobby with a recipe book and looked at it seriously.

Hearing the footsteps, Claire turned her head and looked over: “How’s it going?”

“She didn’t talk to me, but she would look at me when I talked about interesting things.” Alyssa smiled, with a touch of relief in her tone.

Claire was silent for a while and said: “With me, I don’t have to choose dinner, my craftsmanship is not good.”

Alyssa was surprised: “You can cook?”

Chapter 624

“No.” Claire put down the recipe with a serious expression: “May be food poisoned.”

Claire’s expression was too serious, and Alyssa could hardly suspect that Claire was not telling the truth.

Alyssa paused and asked her, “What does Grace eat?”

“I didn’t make her food.” Claire said this coldly and got up and walked towards the kitchen.

Since Alyssa didn’t plan to leave for the time being, and Claire didn’t know how to cook, she immediately followed Claire to the kitchen.

Claire just opened the refrigerator and heard the movement behind her, and asked Alyssa, “What are you doing?”

Alyssa did not say to cook, only said: “I will help you.”

Claire was not polite to her either, and took out several ingredients from the refrigerator one by one: “You help me wash these and cut them.”

Alyssa glanced at her, did not say anything, and quietly followed suit.

Alyssa often cooks, with first-class knives and quick cuts.

There was obviously a trace of appreciation in Claire’s eyes.

When Alyssa finished cutting the vegetables, Claire said again: “Since everything is cut, you can stir fry all the vegetables by the way.”

Alyssa: “…”

What Claire and Karl have in common is that they are somewhat domineering.

She didn’t know why Karl would hand Grace to Claire, but since he would hand Grace to Claire, he naturally had his reasons.

Although she still feels a little disgusted with Claire, she hasn’t shown it.

While Alyssa was cooking, Claire stood by and pointed.

“Less green onion!”

“Put this carrot a little more…”

“Don’t have too much soup.”

“I don’t eat spicy…”

Alyssa finished cooking with a cold face.

Finally, when eating, Alyssa didn’t care about Claire at all.

Claire tasted every dish, then put down her chopsticks and looked up at Alyssa: “Karl likes your dishes, right?”

Alyssa did not speak, which was considered a tacit understanding.

“It tastes very similar to my mother’s cooking.” Claire took a deep breath, as if remembering something in the past, she added: “It’s delicious.”

Alyssa looked at Claire in a bit of astonishment.

She has always known that Karl likes to eat the food she cooks, and she has some confidence in her own food.

However, she had never heard Karl said that the food she cooked resembled his mother’s hand.

Claire leaned back in the chair, her tone sounded a little complicated: “I haven’t eaten this kind of home cooking for many years.”

She is Adams’ eldest lady. When she lived at home, there was a special cook who cooked for her. The color, smell and taste were all good, and she couldn’t fault her.

When working outside, an assistant will order her meals in high-end restaurants.

She has been exquisite and elegant, she is the eldest Madam’s envied by countless people.

Alyssa didn’t know why Claire had to say these things. She lowered her head and ate in silence. After eating in a hurry, she went back to the kitchen to see the porridge she made for Grace.

Claire told her before that Grace’s appetite was not very good, and she was very picky. Sometimes she would eat more depending on her mood.

Alyssa filled a bowl of porridge and went upstairs to find Grace.

She opened the door, raised her foot and walked in, and said softly, “Grace? It’s time for dinner!”

Grace did not respond, neither looked at her nor spoke.

Alyssa felt terribly uncomfortable seeing her like this, but the most important thing at the moment was to coax Grace to eat first.

She put the porridge on the small table, and walked over to pick Grace up.

“Grace, will you go to dinner with your mother?” Alyssa asked Grace softly when she saw her.

But Grace still didn’t respond.

Alyssa pursed her lips and reached out to hug her.

Grace didn’t react at all, and then struggled, making a cry of resistance in her mouth.

Alyssa hugged her tightly: “Grace, it’s me…I’m your mother…”

Grace’s struggling movements gradually diminished, but it was still not stable.

Alyssa finally took her to the chair, but as soon as Grace sat down, she lowered her head and continued to play with her own rope.

Alyssa took a spoonful of porridge and handed it to Grace’s lips, she didn’t even look at it.

No matter how Alyssa coaxed, Grace was immersed in her own world.

Alyssa put the spoon back into the bowl, turned her back, stretched out her hand to cover her chest, and bit her lips forcefully.

Seeing Grace like this, her heart was twisted.

Suddenly, she heard a faint “ding-ding” sound from behind.

When she turned her head, she saw Douglas eating porridge with a spoon.

A beam of joy flashed on Alyssa’s face. Before she could speak, Grace looked at her vigilantly, and immediately threw the spoon into the bowl with a “ding” sound.

Alyssa was taken aback for a moment, hesitated for a moment, got up and walked outside.

After she went out, she closed the door, but it was not closed tightly, revealing a trace of the door crack, just in time to see the scene inside.

She saw that after she left, about ten minutes later, Grace looked around in the room as if she was suddenly thinking of something, as if looking for something.

Then, she stared at the porridge in front of her for a while, then stretched out her hand to take a spoon to eat the porridge.

Grace was very good when he ate before, and it is the same now.

After watching it for a while, Alyssa couldn’t stand it anymore, and her heart felt a little bitter.

She walked two steps aside, leaning her head up against the wall in a daze.

She didn’t expect Clifford to be so cruel to attack Grace.

Grace was still so young, was alone in the room when the fire broke out, and was later let down from the third floor by Karl…

How terrible is this series of things for a three and a half year old child?

But where is she?

Self-blame and guilt spread in her heart, growing like weeds.

Claire’s voice suddenly came from the side: “You feel very self-blame.”

What she said was a statement, and she could see what Alyssa was thinking.

Alyssa didn’t look at Claire, she didn’t want to talk to Claire now.

Claire walked up to her and said clearly and slowly: “You don’t have to blame yourself. Many things are hard to control. Compared to your biological mother and my father, you are already a good mother.”

Alyssa raised her head to retort her: “The standard of a good mother is not so low.”

Claire frowned: “Why are you like a stone?”

Alyssa kept her face away and didn’t look at her.

“Whatever you think.” Claire walked to the door and glanced inside, and said, “Grace eats very little food that she usually delivers. The bowl of porridge you brought her looks very good. She like to eat, she has finished eating.”

Alyssa found that Claire was indeed very different from before.

She stared at Claire and asked a question that had been circling in her heart for a long time: “Why did you return to the country?”

Claire stared at her for a while, then suddenly reached out and grabbed her hair, and pulled hard…

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