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Chapter 625

With Claire’s effort, the wig on her head was torn off, revealing her original hair.

Once, Claire also had very beautifully maintained hair.

But at this moment, after Claire lost the cover of her wig, she only had sparse and dry hair on her head, and she could still see a large scalp.

Alyssa was a little frightened: “You…”

Claire said one word very calmly: “Cancer.”

After she finished speaking lightly, she put the wig back on.

The movements are so proficient, as if already used to doing this.

Alyssa thought for a while and asked, “Why not stay abroad for treatment? The medical conditions abroad are better.”

“There is an old saying ‘fallen leaves return to their roots’.” Claire raised her chin, her arrogance in her bones remained undiminished: “Although I have lived abroad for many years, to me, it is just a foreign country. If I die, I want to bury where I was born.”

Alyssa understood what she meant. Claire had completely given up treatment. She lives here now, just waiting to die!

The once majestic Claire, with infinite scenery and the envy of countless people, waited for her death in such a simple courtyard.

Alyssa’s mood is very complicated.

If she wants to say a few words of sympathy, she really has no special sympathy for Claire.

But in retrospect, Claire has not really done anything inexcusable.

Although Claire had separated her and Karl for three years, she still raised Grace well during those three years.

If Claire is vicious enough, she would kill them all.

Claire is not so vicious that her sins are inexcusable, nor is she a kind person.

From another perspective, she is Karl’s sister and Grace’s aunt.

She is even Karl’s few relatives left in this world.

“Alyssa, do you know the expression on your face?” Claire’s words brought back Alyssa’s thoughts.

Alyssa subconsciously reached out and touched her face.

Claire said with a look of interest: “Your face is full of sympathy!”

Alyssa denied: “I don’t have one.”

“That’s good.” Claire chuckled, “Even if I am about to die, my life will be beautiful, but it’s much better than yours.”

Alyssa stared at Claire, strangely seeing the far-fetched smile behind Claire’s smile.

If Claire really feels that this life is enough to live a beautiful life, why bother to come back to find Karl?

Although she is no longer working at Adams’, she still has money that can’t be used up. She can take the money and spend it lavishly.

People have the right to be forgiven unless they have committed an unforgivable mistake.

Claire probably…woke up.

When sleeping at night, Alyssa wanted to sleep with Grace.

However, Grace still resisted her very much, and she slept very late.

Alyssa stood guard at the door until almost eleven o’clock before Grace fell asleep on the carpet.

Only then did Alyssa walk in, hugged Grace onto the bed, and carefully covered the quilt.

She sat by the bed for a while, then got up and went downstairs to pour water.

When she came out of the kitchen after pouring the water, she heard a knock on the door outside.

Who will it be so late?

Alyssa frowned slightly, and was about to see if she wanted to go there, when she heard footsteps.

She turned her head and saw the bearded man coming down from the stairs, and he was getting dressed while walking.

According to Claire, this bearded man is called Dave and he is a bodyguard.

But Alyssa always felt that he was more than just a bodyguard.

With so many bodyguards around Karl, Alyssa has never seen a bodyguard like Dave, who has a pair of sharp eyes, and sometimes gives people a gloomy feeling.

Seeing Alyssa in the hall, Dave paused and said, “I’ll open the door.”

His tone was dry and decisive, and after speaking, he strode out.

Alyssa did not follow, waiting in the hall for Dave to return.

A few minutes later, she heard the footsteps of Dave coming back.

Just listening to the sound of footsteps, Alyssa found that Dave was not alone, but there was also the footsteps of another person.

With a “creak”, the door was pushed open.

As soon as Alyssa looked up, she saw Karl’s familiar figure just stepping into the room, and Dave was following him.

Alyssa was taken aback for a moment, and greeted him: “Why are you here?”

Karl did not ask how she knew about this place or how she came here.

He stared at her for a long time, then looked upstairs and asked, “Have you seen Grace?”

Speaking of Grace, the atmosphere was a bit frozen for a while.

Alyssa’s face slightly condensed: “I have met her.”

She turned around and went to sit on the sofa, and Karl followed.

Dave went upstairs very wintry, leaving the hall to Alyssa and Karl.

The two sat side by side on the sofa, speechless.

At this time, Alyssa had no intention of continuing to compete with Karl, nor did she want to tell Karl who was responsible for Grace becoming like this.

She just wanted Grace to get better soon.

For a long time, Karl took the lead to speak: “Grace’s current situation is an instinctive self-enclosure after encountering a crisis situation in order to seek a sense of security. As long as she lives in a stable environment, sooner or later she will get better. “

Alyssa pursed her lips and said nothing.

“She just fell asleep, do you want to go up and have a look?” Alyssa asked him, turning her head.

“Yeah.” Karl nodded.

The two went upstairs one after another to see Grace.

When Alyssa came out before, she left a small lamp for Grace in the room.

When she pushed the door in, she found Grace, who was supposed to be asleep, was sitting on the quilt at this moment, lowering her head to play around.


Alyssa called out her name, and Grace raised her head suddenly, shrank back in shock, and then quickly returned to the quilt, pulling the quilt over her head, covering herself tightly.

Alyssa turned her head and glanced at Karl before walking quickly to the bedside.

She tentatively stretched out her hand, trying to pull Grace’s quilt away a bit.

However, when her hand touched the quilt, she heard Grace scream.

Alyssa retracted her hand suddenly like an electric shock.

Karl saw her reaction in his eyes, wrinkled his brows and strode over, stretched out his hand to hOld her quilt and opened it.

“What are you doing!” Alyssa let out a low voice, trying to stop him.

But who could stop what Karl had to do.

On the sheets, Grace curled up in a ball, not looking at them.

Karl stretched out his arms and hugged Grace directly.

Grace frowned, resisting like when Alyssa hugged her before, and punched Karl with a small fleshy fist.

Chapter 626

Karl let Grace hit him a few times before reaching out and grabbing Grace’s hand.

Grace’s small brows frowned more severely, and he was about to lose control.

Karl tilted his head and k!ssed Grace’s face: “Call me Dad.”

Grace was strangely quiet, although she was still a little bit resistant, but it was not as intense as before.

Alyssa looked at Karl in surprise.

She didn’t expect Karl’s move to work.

Although Grace was not calling Dad, she was much better than before.

Alyssa saw fear in Grace’s eyes.

Karl was a stern father, Grace always liked him and was afraid of him. That kind of fear was deeply rooted, and even now she was still a little afraid of Karl.

Karl put Grace back on the bed: “Sleep.”

As soon as Grace got on the bed, she got into the quilt and looked at Karl warily.

The small appearance looks particularly pitiful.

Alyssa was soft-hearted, and pulled Karl’s arm, and whispered, “Otherwise you should go out.”

“I’m not going out.” Karl glanced at Alyssa before sitting down by the bed.

As soon as Grace saw Karl coming over, she directly retracted into the quilt, completely hidden from view.

Karl pulled the quilt away, revealing Grace’s head.

Grace was still shrinking inside, and Karl simply held her down.

Grace couldn’t move, staring at Karl like a shackled little beast.

But it’s not fierce at all.

Finally, Grace fell asleep because it was too late.

Alyssa and Karl came out of Grace’s room, it was close to two o’clock in the morning.

Late at night was exhausting, but neither of them was sleepy.

Alyssa closed the door with her backhand. Before she said anything, she heard the sound of opening the door on the other side.

She followed the sound and saw Claire opened the door and walked out.

Claire was covered in a broad coat, which made her look even thinner.

Alyssa noticed that Claire was wearing a wig, but she didn’t wear it as neatly as during the day, and looked like she put it on in a hurry.

She guessed that it might have been Claire who knew that Karl was coming, so she put it on again.

Claire and Karl are two siblings…

Alyssa sighed inaudibly and turned to look at Karl.

Claire approached, her gaze swept over the two of them, and finally fell on Karl’s body, only to say a little shallowly: “Here.”

There was no expression on Karl’s face, so he just replied, “Yes.”

Claire seemed to want to say something more, maybe because Karl’s expression was so cold that she didn’t say anything further.

“You can sleep with Alyssa. You have everything, the ones you used when you came last time.” After Claire finished speaking, she turned around to go back to the room.

However, when she walked to the door, she seemed to think of something again, and then asked: “It takes several hours to come from Rostenvel. Did you come here right after work? Did you have dinner?”

Although Claire’s words were asking Karl, her eyes looked at Alyssa.

Alyssa understood that Claire said this to her.

When Karl arrived here, it was already very late, and Alyssa didn’t have any extra thoughts to think about other things. Naturally, it was even more impossible to notice whether Karl had dinner.

After Claire finished speaking, she left the sentence “I’m going to sleep first” and left Alyssa and Karl in the corridor.

Alyssa asked Karl, “Did you not have dinner?”

Before Karl could answer, Alyssa said: “Come with me, I’ll go to the kitchen and get you something to eat.”

She understood Karl’s temper very well.

Smith told her Grace’s address, and she knew that if Karl knew about it, he would lose his temper.

Therefore, Smith most likely took the initiative to tell Karl.

As soon as Karl knew about this, where he was still in the mood for dinner, he would definitely drive over.

Alyssa took Karl to the kitchen, found some eggs and carrots in the refrigerator, and planned to make an egg fried rice for Karl.

The kitchen and dining room are connected.

While Alyssa was cooking him fried rice, Karl sat at the dining table and looked at her.

After the fried rice was cooked, Alyssa cooked him a simple vegetable soup.

Except for onions, Karl is not picky. After Alyssa brought it over to him, he buried his head and started eating.

There is nothing left to eat very much.

Alyssa sat opposite Karl, watching him eating a plate of fried rice with a spoon in his hand, she felt sour inexplicably.

If Karl was not with her, he would have no weakness. It would not be like this at the moment, in the middle of the night, driving a few hours of wind-dust to drive to such a place.

If he has no weaknesses, he will still be the lofty Adams’ family’s man.

No one can stand him.

And she and Grace became Karl’s weakness.

Seeing Karl finished eating, Alyssa yelled lowly, “Karl.”

“What?” Karl glanced at her, stood up, picked up the plate he ate, and said, “I will take the plate to the kitchen first.”

As he said, he pulled the chair away and walked towards the kitchen.

It may be influenced by Grace. When Alyssa rented out by herself before, Grace took Karl to collect the bowls by herself, which later became his habit.

When there were no servants and only a few of them were cooking and eating, Karl developed the habit of collecting bowls by himself.

Alyssa’s eyes followed Karl into the kitchen.

After Karl entered, he didn’t directly throw the dishes in the sink and then came out. Instead, he bent slightly to wash the dishes and put them aside before returning to the restaurant.

The two sat face to face, rare peace of mind.

Alyssa asked him: “Did you scold Mr. Smith?”

Speaking of Smith, Karl curled his eyebrows slightly: “If I don’t scold him, should I praise him?”

Listen to the tone of hating iron but not steel…

“I forced him, don’t blame him. Besides, if you are willing to tell me, shall I force him?” Alyssa’s tone contained a hint of blame.

Karl’s lips tightened, and there was no sound.

“Karl, Grace has happened such a big thing, you still want to hide from me, what do you think of me? When can you look at our family relationship? I am not just Alyssa, not that I need you to protect Alyssa all the time. I am still your wife and I can share the troubles for you. I am also Grace’s mother. I care about everything about her, and everything about her is also related to you.”

After Alyssa finished speaking, she let out a sigh of relief.

She wanted to say these things to Karl a long time ago.

But he always couldn’t listen.

After a long time, Karl said, “But, in my heart, you are just Alyssa.”

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