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Chapter 653

Tina raised her bag and turned back to make a gesture to Peter to hit him. Peter immediately shut up obediently and stopped making a sound.

However, when he turned his head, his face was full of smiles: “Look at Tina, who is rude, to see if she can marry in this life, and don’t know when she will be gentler like Alyssa… …”

“Gentle?” Karl raised his eyebrows slightly: “You mean Alyssa?”

“Yeah, isn’t she very gentle in front of you…” Peter felt that Alyssa was better to Karl than Tina was to him.

Karl twitched the corner of his mouth, sneered, and said nothing.

The woman who slapped him the first time they met…

His sneer made Peter’s scalp tight: “I will ask someone to find Robert who is still not here.”

Peter did not know that Alyssa had gone to find Karl, let alone that Karl was in the same box with Robert.

He only thought that Karl was afraid that Robert would play foolishly in Best Day.

He took people into the elevator, and then realized it later: “How did Karl know that Robert was here?”

The waiter who followed him happened to receive Karl and Miana in between, and said, “Mr Adams and Mr. Scott were drinking in the same box before.”

“Are you sure you read it right?” Peter subconsciously suspected that the waiter had read it wrong.

After all, Karl usually hates dinking and doesn’t like to play outside. Even if he invites Karl out to drink, Karl is not willing to agree.

Not to mention someone like Robert who is not on the stage.

“It can’t be wrong, I even went in to pour wine. Mr. Adams has been here so many times in Best Day, I can’t read it wrong.” The waiter shook his head repeatedly, saying that he really didn’t read it wrong.

Peter was completely dumbfounded. Recently, Karl’s work was really confusing.

From Alyssa, to Miana, to Robert, this series of chaos is nothing like Karl’s style.

Peter thought for a long time, stretched out his hand and scratched his head a little irritably, and sighed: “Oh!”

I don’t think about it.

He took people to the box where Karl and Robert were drinking before.

There were still many people playing inside. When they saw Peter, they greeted him: “Mr. Grant?”

“What kind of wind brought CEO Grant over today!”

Peter is also regarded as a celebrity. There is a lot of rumors in the circle, and he eats very well. Many people give him face, and they greeted him one after another when they saw him.

“I happen to be here, just come over and take a look at some time.” Peter said, looking around calmly.

Did not see Robert’s figure.

But maybe Robert went to the bathroom?

Peter narrowed his eyes and asked casually, “You have a lot of people today.”

“I have visited several times. If you come here early, Mr. Adams and Scott would be there.”

“Really? They’re gone?”

“Just left, one after another.”

Just left…

Peter smiled and said, “Well, I think of something else. You keep yourself busy, and I’ll send you some fruit plates.”

“You’re so polite!”

“Everyone is a friend…”

Peter said a few words to them and then withdrew.

The box was full of smoke. After he came out, he took a long breath before heading to the elevator.

Karl was still waiting for Peter.

He sat blankly on the sofa in the hall, his hands propped on his separated knees, his back was straight, and the whole person showed a very tight state.

Peter, who was familiar with him, could tell at a glance, this was Karl’s anxious expression.

After Peter approached, he discovered that there was a glass of water in front of him, which should have been given to him by the waiter.

Hearing the footsteps, Karl turned his head back to look at Peter, with a sullen face, his tone low: “How’s it going? Has Robert gone?”

“He went out, soon after you.” Peter Grant sat down opposite Karl, and looked at Karl calmly.

Karl stood up and said, “I’m going back then.”

“Eh!” Peter stood up, with a sad tone: “Why are you like this? You are leaving now?”

How come one or two of them are like this, otherwise they will always be looking for him, and once the matter is finished, they will all leave him and go!

Is there any humanity?

Karl stopped and said, “Thank you.”

Peter “cut”: “Who wants you to thank me!”

After Karl left, Alyssa had nothing to do in Best Day, so she drove back.

On the way, she stopped at a convenience store to buy something, threw the things in the back seat, and then continued to drive.

It was already eleven o’clock in the evening.

At eleven o’clock in the winter night, there are not many people on the road.

Since it is such a residential area, there are not many people on the road.

She parked the car in the parking lot next to the community, and when she walked into the community, she vaguely felt that someone was following her.

But when Alyssa looked back, she found that there was nothing suspicious except for a few cars behind her in the lot.

Despite this, she was still a little uneasy.

Alyssa quickened her pace, and barely felt a little more at ease after entering the community.

The greening in the community is well done, but the street lights are a bit dim.

Alyssa had to turn on the phone torch to see the road clearly.

Occasionally, one or two people walked past and walked to a place where the street light was brighter, and Alyssa felt calmer.

At this moment, she heard the rustling footsteps of several people behind her.

Hearing the footsteps is a bit quicker.

Alyssa turned her head and saw several tall men walking towards her.

The man who lags behind is a bit familiar.

Alyssa’s eyes flashed, she squinted, and then her eyes widened sharply.

Isn’t that man Robert!

Alyssa secretly said that it was not good, turned around and ran.

However, how could she run past those men with long legs.

That is Robert’s bodyguards and they are professional.

Alyssa was surrounded by them before she ran far.

“What are you going to do?” Alyssa looked at them warily.

At this moment, Robert came over.

“Alyssa.” He emphasized his tone and clicked on her name, then laughed, and said with disdain: “Do you think Robert is the kind of person who can let you do it casually!”

It’s not that Alyssa never thought that Robert might trouble her, but she didn’t expect it to be so fast.

This is not the first time she has seen such a villain.

After a brief panic, she calmed down.

She raised her chin slightly, and her tone was very calm: “So, you are here for revenge now, bringing… four bodyguards to find me, a woman, for revenge?”

Chapter 654

Even a fool could hear Alyssa’s disdain in her tone.

Robert has seen all kinds of women, seen beautiful ones, and seen those who don’t know how to praise.

But he has never seen such a beautiful woman like Alyssa, who would not know how to promote herself when she is about to die.

He suddenly became more interested in Alyssa.

Robert waved his hand, motioning the bodyguard to step back.

The bodyguard stepped back, Robert walked up to Alyssa, shook his head, and said angrily: “Why? Four are too many? Then you are obedient, wash yourself and kneel down for me. If one admits the mistake to Robert Scott, everything will be fine, right?”

How could Alyssa couldn’t hear the obscene meaning in Robert’s words.

She can’t step on Robert to death now.

But now there are too many people, she is not their opponent, if there is only one Robert, she is really not afraid.

She took a deep breath, pursed the corners of her lips forbearingly, and said calmly, “Really? It’s that easy?”

“I told you a long time ago that I am a person who loves and cherishes jade, especially for someone who is a little bit like you, of course, I am more forgiving. The way is pointed out for you, and you choose yourself.”

It is said that looking at beauty under the lamp, Alyssa was standing under the street lamp at this time, Robert stood so close again, looking at Alyssa’s beautiful and bright face, he couldn’t wait to rush on immediately.

However, he should not be too anxious for the best products like Alyssa.

When the time comes, he gets it, and some are in need of time, to get and play with slowly.

Robert licked his lips, staring at Alyssa obscenely, making no secret of his intentions.

At this time, not many people come and go in the community.

Either an office worker who came home late, or an old lady who came back outside, the people who saw Alyssa surrounded by a group of men were curious to look over here, but no one came to ask her if she needed help.

It seems that it is impossible to expect others to help her.

And Robert in front of her was confident, as if everything was under control.

The fact is also true.

As long as Alyssa didn’t pay attention, she might be taken away by Robert.

She couldn’t help but think of what Miana said before.

Yes, now Karl is no longer her umbrella.

No one will be as efficient as Karl, who can find her as quickly as possible after an accident.

It’s impossible.

But what can she do?

She can only let it go.

Alyssa took a step forward and curled her lips together and smiled at Robert: “Mr. Scott is always a smart person, and I’m stupid. I also know that a person who knows the current affairs is a good man. How would Scott always think I would choose?”

Robert smiled triumphantly: “Hmph, your women are cheap, why bother in Best Day! Anyway, the final result is the same.”

“Yes.” Alyssa continued to laugh.

Robert put down his guard, and reached out to touch Alyssa’s face.

However, before his hand touched Alyssa, Alyssa violently raised her foot and kicked under Robert.

“Hi…ah…” Robert’s eyes widened suddenly, and he bent down in pain, spinning around in circles, unable to speak.

Robert’s bodyguard was personally hired by him to ensure his safety.

The bodyguards are all men. Seeing that Robert is doing this, they hurriedly gathered around and asked, “Mr. Scott! How are you?”

“I… Mom… is dying…” Robert struck his neck, almost squeezing such a sentence from his teeth.

Alyssa took advantage of the bodyguards around Robert, and ran out of the community.

There are only two guards in the community, and they are not very capable.

Alyssa rushed out of the community, planning to take a car and run away.

On the other end, Robert was sweating profusely with pain. He waved away the bodyguard’s hand and gritted his teeth and said: “Go! Get that woman back for me, as long as you get her back for me, no matter whether you live or die, you will be alone rewarded one million.”

The bodyguard heard Robert’s words and all of a sudden ran out.

After all, it was a million temptations and deceptions, and their potential was stimulated.

As soon as they left the community, they saw Alyssa.

“The woman is there! Chase!”

Alyssa heard their voices, the secret path is not good, are these bodyguards stepping on the hot wheels, running so fast one by one.

She doesn’t care about taking a taxi anymore. The roads here are narrow, I’m afraid she just got in the car, and the car will be pulled off by the bodyguards before the car leaves.

Alyssa’s heart touched her throat, her legs were a little numb, she knew she had to run fast, and she lost consciousness when she ran.

But her physical strength is not as good as the group of bodyguards.

After Alyssa ran for a while, she couldn’t run anymore, but the group of bodyguards ran faster and faster, seeing that they were about to catch up with her.

At this moment, a man appeared from nowhere, and hit the front of the group of bodyguards.

The bodyguard immediately cursed: “don’t know how to see are you blind!”

don’t know what the man who was hit by the bodyguards said, and then the two sides fought.

Alyssa was a little surprised.

A group of men fight in the street, and people passing by are inevitably onlookers.

Alyssa wanted to take the opportunity to run, but what if that man was not their opponent?

After thinking about it, she decided to stop and call the police before slipping away.

In a sense, that man also saved her.

However, when Alyssa took out her mobile phone to make a call, she found that Robert’s bodyguards had fallen to the ground one after another.

Is this… so powerful?

The man’s fighting tactics were extremely ruthless, he was quick and accurate, and he didn’t give the bodyguards a chance to react.

Alyssa was a little surprised, except for Karl, she had never seen anyone fight so fiercely.

She put the phone away, she may no longer need to call the police.

She walked over quickly: “Sir, are you all right?”

The man had his back to her just now, with a windbreaker hat on his head and a mask, Alyssa could not see his face clearly.

When she got closer, she looked at the man’s exposed eyes and cried out with some uncertainty: “Dave?”

Dave didn’t take the mask, and there was no obvious fluctuation in the bottom of his eyes: “Miss Alyssa, we meet again.”

“Are you okay?” Alyssa looked at Dave and found that he didn’t look injured.

It were Robert’s bodyguard.

They all fell to the ground and shrank into a ball, groaning in pain.

Dave shook his head, turned and left.

Alyssa was a little puzzled, shouldn’t Dave stay beside Claire in Karl’s villa?

How would he appear here?

Just today, she went to Peter to ask about organization X, but she didn’t ask anything about it. Now she just met Dave, so it’s better to follow him.

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