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Chapter 655

Thinking about this, Alyssa chased after him.

“Dave, you wait.”

As expected, Dave stopped, his eyes silent: “Miss Alyssa, is there anything else?”

His expression was calm and indifferent.

Alyssa didn’t mean anything, and asked directly, “Why are you here?”

Dave’s tone was very casual: “Passing by.”

“Do you think I would believe it?” Alyssa blocked Dave’s way. Dave, who had originally planned to leave, had to look up at her.

Dave sneered: “Claire is going to a foreign country for treatment, she doesn’t need me anymore.”

Alyssa was a little surprised. The meaning in Dave’s dialect was… Claire didn’t want him?

She has always seen that Dave has a special meaning to Claire, but Claire is like the city…special, and a bit special, but a person like Claire will love Dave. Such a person?

Alyssa saw that Dave didn’t want to mention Claire more, so she stopped asking more.

She asked unconsciously, “Then where are you going next?”

“Isn’t it the same everywhere?” Dave sneered, there was a dashing breath of wandering prodigal between his eyes.

For some reason, Alyssa suddenly felt that Dave was nothing like a killer.

“Yes.” Alyssa nodded and suggested, “You helped me out today. Why don’t I invite you to dinner?”

The idea in Alyssa’s heart is very simple, she just wants to find Dave’s set to try.

Although Dave is most likely not to agree to her, what does it matter?

But to Alyssa’s surprise, Dave nodded and said generously: “Okay.”

Now, Alyssa was a little confused.

There is a barbecue restaurant nearby.

Dave was not picky, and followed Alyssa into the barbecue restaurant.

The waiter brought the menu, and Dave was not at all polite, and ordered a lot of meat.

But this kind of rotisserie stuff is very cheap, and it doesn’t cost much to order a lot.

The way Dave eats is not elegant, but it gives people a very gentle feeling.

Alyssa stared at him for a while, and couldn’t help laughing: “The killers in the TV series seem to be fierce, and they are utterly unscrupulous when eating.”

Dave took a sip of beer and looked up at Alyssa: “Ignorance.”

Alyssa was choked by him.

Forget it, don’t worry about Dave, he just helped her, and she also wanted to play with him.

“I haven’t seen it really. Of course, it’s just how you watch it on TV.” Alyssa leaned back, looking innocent.

Dave snorted, and then suddenly lowered his voice, using a voice that only two people could hear, and said in a low voice: “Do you know? The last deal I took was to be a a teacher in a middle school, which was enough to teach It took two years to find an opportunity to complete the transaction.”

When Dave usually speaks, he doesn’t seem to be good at it.

But when he said this in such a calm voice at this time, Alyssa felt a creepy feeling.

Dave is a killer, but he can be a tone teacher in a middle school! Two years of teaching, no flaws.

For two years deliberately to kill a person!

What shocked Alyssa even more was that Dave had the ability to be a a teacher!

No matter how you look at it, he should be a physical education teacher…

It may be that Alyssa’s surprise was too obvious. Dave twitched the corners of his mouth, revealing a smile but not a smile: “I know nothing less than Karl.”

This time it was Alyssa’s turn to pull the corners of her mouth.

She lowered her head, poked a piece of tofu in the evening with a bamboo stick, and did not pick up the topic of Dave.

Suddenly, she thought of something and suddenly raised her head to look towards Dave.

Seeing her with an expression of seeing a ghost, Dave frowned slightly: “You want to mention this topic yourself, but you can rest assured that I will not do anything to you without any grievances.”

Alyssa fixedly stared at Dave and asked, “Do you know a person named Clifford?”

“Who?” Dave thought for a moment: “I don’t know.”

Alyssa was lost in thought.

Dave just said that his last business had been latent in a middle school for two years.

And Clifford also took care of Alyssa for three years, completely gained her trust, and finally exposed himself.

How similar these two things are.

This made Alyssa had to suspect that Clifford might be related to the organization X.

“Really don’t know?”

The suspicion in Alyssa’s tone made Dave unhappy. He said with a cold face: “Everyone in the organization who acts outside has a specific code name, and we don’t know each other’s real names and identities.”

Alyssa was a little shocked when she heard this.

She didn’t even dare to write such a script.

And reality is often more dramatic than drama.

Although Alyssa wanted to know more about Organization X, she had asked too much tonight.

Dave would tell her this, maybe because he was in a good mood, or because he wanted to scare her so that she would not dare to ask about the organization X in the future.

After that, she never asked Dave about the organization X.

After the two had a barbecue, they said goodbye to each other.

However, after the two said goodbye, Alyssa found that Dave had not left, but followed her.

“What are you doing with me?” Alyssa certainly wouldn’t think that Dave was afraid that something would happen to her, so he wanted to escort her home.

Dave put his hands in the pockets of his shirt, put on his mask and hat again, looking no different from any ordinary passerby.

His exposed eyebrows moved, and his voice was not very clear under the mask: “I’m going home.”

Alyssa pointed to the road ahead: “Are you going here too?”

Dave was too lazy to talk to her, and walked forward after passing her.

Alyssa followed him, and watched him enter the complex where she lived, and then into the building where she lived.

At the entrance of the elevator, Dave stepped in and shouted to Alyssa who was standing outside: “Hey, can you go?”

Alyssa glanced at him, and walked in with his foot raised.

She glanced at the elevator floor that Dave pressed, her pupils shrank sharply.

Coincidentally, Dave not only lived in the same building as her, but also on the same floor.

Seeing that Alyssa didn’t press the floor, Dave asked her, “What floor?”

Alyssa didn’t say a word, Dave snorted, his tone of disdain: “I have seen so many women, what do you think I will do to you?”

Alyssa found that if Dave didn’t care about his past, some of his personalities and habits were no different from ordinary people.

“I haven’t thought about it this way, but I just think it’s a coincidence.” Alyssa retracted her gaze, staring down at her toes.

Then the two stopped talking.

When the elevator door opened, the two got out of the elevator one after another, and then walked towards the opposite room.

Chapter 656

Alyssa stood in front of her room, and deliberately slowly took out the key to open the door.

She just inserted the key into the keyhole when she heard the sound of opening and closing the door on the other end.

Alyssa looked back, just in time to see the opposite door closed.

Does Dave really live here?

Is it really just a coincidence?

Is there such a coincidence in the world?

Alyssa narrowed her eyes and thought for a while before opening the door and entering the room.

However, she entered the door with her front foot. On the other side, Dave, who had already closed the door, suddenly opened the door back.

He stood by the door, glanced at Alyssa’s door, took out his mobile phone and made a call.

“I met her, she should be a little suspicious of me.”

Not knowing what was said on the other end of the phone, Dave replied blankly: “I know.”

The next day.

When Alyssa went out, she deliberately glanced at the opposite door.

The door was closed tightly. don’t know if Dave is at home or out.

Alyssa also plans to go to Karl to see Grace first, and then go to Mattie’s studio.

She had breakfast outside, and when she passed by the cake shop, she bought a few delicate and beautiful little cakes, packed them and brought them to Grace.

She deliberately checked the time and confirmed that Karl had gone out before she drove to his villa.

When Alyssa drove to the door of Karl’s villa, she found a car parked at the door, the trunk was opened, and a bodyguard was putting luggage in the trunk.

It looks like someone is going to travel far.

Alyssa glanced at the villa, frowned slightly and said, “Karl is at home?”

The bodyguard knew who Alyssa was. Although she had left the villa now, Karl still allowed her to visit Grace, which showed that she still had status.

Therefore, the bodyguards are also very polite to her.

The bodyguard listened to her and said respectfully: “Sir left early in the morning.”

“Then what are you doing with your luggage? Who is leaving?”

Just as Alyssa questioned, before the bodyguard had spoken, Claire walked out of the villa and shouted, “Alyssa.”

Alyssa looked up and followed the sound, and saw the thickly wrapped Claire walking towards her.

Recalling what Dave said yesterday, Alyssa asked, “Are you leaving?”

“Going abroad for medical treatment.” Claire’s head is buried low, wearing a thick wool scarf and gloves. She looks very cold and weak.

She heard Dave talk about this yesterday, so Alyssa didn’t feel too surprised.

However, Alyssa’s calm expression fell in Claire’s eyes, and it became another meaning.

Claire thought that it was Alyssa and Karl who said something, that Karl would say those things to her and let her go for treatment.

Claire sniffed, her voice hoarse: “Thank you, Alyssa.”

Alyssa felt inexplicable: “Thank me for what?”

Claire thought that Alyssa didn’t want to mention this, but she just curled her lips and smiled.

Claire has a face today, but this face that is similar to Karl’s foundation is too good, even if it is weak, it is beautiful.

“Miss, the time is up.” The bodyguard on the side urged Claire.

Claire looked up at Alyssa again: “I’m leaving now, you and Karl should be fine.”

The tone was faint, with a feeling of explaining the future.

Alyssa asked her expressionlessly, “Where is Dave? Why is he not here?”

Claire was startled slightly, and then said quietly: “He has nothing to do with me, what shall I do with him.”

Dave didn’t go abroad with her.

But Claire also has her own pride. She would not tell Alyssa that she actually wanted Dave to go with her, but Dave did not go.

Claire’s thoughts about the twists and turns in the heart, Alyssa didn’t know.

She felt a little puzzled in her heart, but she didn’t expect that what Dave said was true, and Claire really didn’t bring Dave.

At this time, Alyssa was still in a complicated mood facing Claire, and finally only said two words: “Take care.”

“So do you.” Claire seemed to have something to say, but in the end she just got into the car short and hesitant.

Claire drove away and Alyssa entered the villa.

Dave and Claire were missing in the villa, and a group of bodyguards and servants remained, which seemed a bit empty.

“Madam…Miss Alyssa.” The servant still couldn’t change his words.

Alyssa nodded slightly, and went upstairs to find Grace.

Grace’s condition gradually improved. She heard the sound of the door opening, turned her head to see Alyssa, her eyes lit up, but she didn’t speak.

Alyssa stayed with Grace in the room for a while, coaxing her downstairs to watch TV.

Fortunately, cartoons are so powerful that a child can hardly resist.

Alyssa took her to the hall, and when she changed channels with the remote control, she saw the latest entertainment news.

“Last night, a reporter photographed a woman from Karl, the current CEO of Adams’ family, returning home. It is understood that the woman is Miana Palmer who had previously been married to Mr. Adams…”

Alyssa pursed her lips and changed the stage.

“Karl and his ex-fiancée got together…”

Unexpectedly, changing the channel would still be Karl’s entertainment news.

If this continues, Adams’s House has saved even advertising costs, and he doesn’t need to ask celebrities to endorse him at all. He carries a lot of traffic himself.

Alyssa gritted her teeth and continued to change channels.

Changing several channels in a row turned out to be Karl’s entertainment news.

Alyssa’s heating is up, and the TV is against her.

She turned her head, smiled and said to Grace: “Grace, we don’t watch TV anymore, there is nothing to watch today.”

Grace pointed at the TV, opened her eyes wide, and said clearly: “Look at Kalr.”

Grace also recognized Karl in the news.

“He doesn’t look good.” Alyssa tried to change the channel.

But Grace frowned her eyebrows: “He looks good.”

Alyssa: “…”

She had to change it back again.

Grace stared at the Karl on the TV with gusto, and then suddenly two words popped out: “Like me.”

“Ahem…” Alyssa was drinking water, and almost choked on hearing the words Grace.

Grace turned her head and glanced at Alyssa suspiciously: “You have a cold.”

“Yes… I have a cold… Cough cough…” Alyssa coughed kindly.

What did she just hear?

Grace said that Karl looks good, is it because he looks like her?

Grace said solemnly: “Take medicine.”

“I’ll take the medicine later.” Alyssa was a little bit dumbfounded.

She found that Grace had a lot to say today, but there was a high coldness similar to that of Karl’s fans.

Karl’s news was not long, and it was finished quickly.

This time Alyssa switched to the children’s channel to watch cartoons, but Grace didn’t say anything.

However, it didn’t take long before she heard Grace on the side saying lightly: “It’s boring, it doesn’t look good.”

Alyssa: “?????”

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