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Chapter 667

Tina immediately chased Alyssa and asked, “What’s the matter? If you didn’t reconcile, what would he invest in your script? He has AdamPic Media, if he is interested in the entertainment industry. , It’s better to invest in prosperity.”

“Maybe it’s boring.” Alyssa couldn’t figure out what Karl was thinking. Although she thought this reason was a bit nonsense, she felt reasonable after thinking about it.

Karl is not someone who spends his energy on meaningless things. Since they are no longer together, he also deliberately invested in the scenes made by her script. Isn’t it boring?

Oh, it may also meet the requirements of Miana.

Isn’t Miana just trying to trouble her and suppress her now?

Adams’s invested in “Lost City 2” and Karl became the supporter of Miana. As Karl’s girlfriend, Miana wants to be aggressive in the crew of “Lost City 2”.

At least, it is possible that Miana is picky about Alyssa and making trouble.

Thinking of this, Alyssa felt simply boring.

Tina twitched the corners of her mouth. After thinking for a while, she said very seriously: “I don’t believe it, the big boss has a relapse of his old illness and amnesia again?”

Her tone was so serious that Alyssa almost believed it.

But the fact is that Karl is very well, there is no problem with his body, he just decided whether to be with her.

“No, quarreled, and then he drove me away…”

Before Alyssa finished speaking, Tina exploded: “What? You said that Karl would drive you away? Who can’t afford a house or something, drive his sister!”

Alyssa waited for Tina to finish her complaints before continuing, “I left at the time, but after thinking about it, I always felt that Karl might not really want to be separated from me. There might be other reasons. After all… …He used to be a man who wanted to save my life…”

When she doesn’t think about it, it does’t feel like there is anything.

But once she remembered the past, Alyssa found that she and Karl shared too many memories.

Except for the occasional paranoia, Karl was fine.

Tina slapped her thigh, agreeing: “Yes! I don’t believe it either! Does the big boss have any difficulties?”

Alyssa noticed that Tina was talking about “big boss” this time.

Tina’s temperament is so straightforward. When she complained, she called Karl directly. At this moment, she felt that Alyssa’s words made sense, so he changed his name to the big boss.

“I thought about that too.” Alyssa took a deep breath and continued, “So I went to him.”

Then, Alyssa told Tina what happened after they ate in Best Day last time, she went to the box to find Karl by herself.

Tina’s first reaction was to ask Alyssa: “What did Robert do to you, right?”

“No, I didn’t suffer, but Karl didn’t say a word from beginning to end, even if Robert treated me like that, he never stood up.” Alyssa laughed at herself.

Tina moved her lips, but didn’t know what to say.

She thought that although Karl looked fierce, he was not so completely impot3nt, and he looked very affectionate.

She would never believe that Karl would dump Alyssa just like that.

However, what Alyssa said made her have to believe that Karl was determined not to follow Alyssa.

Karl is a domineering person, and is indifferent to Alyssa in front of Robert. What does this mean?

This shows that he really doesn’t like Alyssa anymore!

She turned her head to look at Alyssa. Although Alyssa’s face was calm, she still saw the loneliness in her eyes.

Karl would stop Alyssa as soon as he was so unfeeling, Alyssa still loved him.

She would come to Alyssa because she really thought that Alyssa and Karl had been reconciled, but she didn’t expect that not only did they not reconcile, they were separated completely.

Tina feels a little irritable, Alyssa must be very uncomfortable in her heart these few days, she even came to the door to talk about this…

“Alyssa, I’m sorry, I am not…”

Alyssa glared at her pretendingly: “Tina, put away your expression. Isn’t it normal for adults to fall in love and break up? I’m fine.”

Tina curled her lips: “Just say it well.”

They are all grown up, and they are no longer as stubborn as they were when they were teenagers about why they want an accurate answer and explanation.

Even if Tina could clearly see Alyssa’s sadness and sorrow, but Alyssa said she was fine, and Tina couldn’t explain it.

Even if it is broken, she and Alyssa are friends, very good friends.

But feelings and friendship are not the same. For Alyssa, Karl is her medicine for feelings.

She couldn’t help Alyssa.

If so, then help her be happy.

Tina thought for a while, and turned her head to look at Alyssa: “Let’s go out and play!”

Alyssa looked back at her: “What are you playing?”

“Go to our previous school and we’ll find something.”


Tina smiled mysteriously at her, then took out her cell phone and walked aside to call her agent.

After a while, Tina’s agent came with two big bags in his hands.

The agent knew that Tina and Alyssa had a good relationship, so he didn’t wait much, threw the things down and left.

Before leaving, she only exhorted Tina: “Don’t play too crazy.”

Tina made an “OK” gesture and drove the agent away.

When the agent left, Tina opened the two bags.

Alyssa walked over and saw that what was in her bag turned out to be two sets of high school uniforms.

“Surprise, right?” Tina took out her school uniform and asked Alyssa excitedly as she gestured on her.

“…Fortunately.” To be honest, she didn’t feel any surprises.

“You should cosplay with me. The next play I will take is a school play. Let me review the feeling of my student days in advance.”

Tina saw that Alyssa was not very interested, so she stuffed her school uniform on her body: “Hurry up and change it.”

Alyssa couldn’t bear to waste a piece of cold pains, and directly put the school uniform jacket on the outside of the sweater.

Tina saw that Alyssa was wearing her school uniform, and she said: “After so many years, I see you wearing this school uniform again, I always feel…very lu$ty and affectionate.”

Alyssa was startled, took the pillow on the side, and smashed it on Tina’s body: “You’re so charming and passionate! Who are you talking about? You tell me again.

At Alyssa’s age, she has fully grown up. She has black hair and snow skin, fresh eyebrows and beautiful eyes. She really feels like a uniform Play in school uniform.

Tina stood up and ran from end to end of the sofa, yelling as she ran: “Alyssa wears school uniforms-s3xy, love!”

Alyssa jumped on the sofa and chased after her.

Chapter 668

Alyssa and Tina had a fuss for a while, then packed up and prepared to go out.

When the two went out in high school uniforms, the opposite Dave also opened the door.

Dave’s gaze swept back and forth over the two of them mechanically.

Then, he took out his cell phone and dialed a call.

Soon, Alyssa’s hand bell rang.

Alyssa took out the phone and raised it to face Dave, looking a little embarrassed.

Dave was so surprised that he wondered if she was Alyssa, so he called her.

Alyssa was extremely embarrassed. She had just had a fuss with Tina in the room and ran into Dave as soon as she came out.

Embarrassing enough.

Dave’s complexion quickly returned to the original condition, and while putting his phone back, he asked, “Are you going out?”

“Well, going out with friends.” Alyssa nodded and replied.

Tina on the side poked Alyssa’s arm, and whispered: “Who is this? He still has to take care of where you go?”

As soon as she finished speaking, Tina heard the opposite Dave say: “Miss Weber, I am Miss Alyssa’s bodyguard.”

Tina opened her eyes in surprise when she heard this.

Does this person have a thousand ears? Can he hear such a small voice?

Alyssa patted Tina’s hand and said, “We are going out, you don’t need to follow us.”

Dave nodded and turned to enter the house.

They are well dressed, he still doesn’t want to follow them.

After Dave left, Tina pulled Alyssa and asked, “Did something happen to you? Why did you suddenly find a bodyguard?”

“Beware of Robert.” Alyssa said with a smile.

“That’s right, Robert will retort for sure. It’s not a thing, it’s better to guard against it.”

After all, Alyssa stood in front of her alive, and Tina naturally believed Alyssa’s words.

“However, your bodyguard also looks scary, not like a bodyguard at all.”

“His identity is a bit complicated, but very powerful.”

“Yeah.” Tina would also bring bodyguards when she went out.

After all, she is a public figure and has many fans, so she’s afraid that there will be some irrational fans…

Alyssa and Tina went to the high school where they used to study.

The winter vacation is now, and there is no one in the school.

Alyssa didn’t think it at first, but after coming out, she felt silly wearing school uniform.

Even if they have to pretend to be students, how do they explain to the security that they come to school in school uniforms this time?

After the holiday, which female classmate is not always wearing her own uniform and wants to dress beautifully?

Tina also considered this question, and said with an idea: “Then we…over the wall?”

Without giving Alyssa a chance to react, Tina dragged Alyssa to the back of the school.

As she walked, she said, “Didn’t there used to be a low wall? We used to climb in from there.”

“But it’s been so many years, can you still go in?” Alyssa felt that almost nine times out of ten could not get in.

Tina said, “It should be there.”

Two walked for a while before they reached the low wall.

At this time, the sky was already dark, and the street behind this low wall was a bit desolate, with few pedestrians and dim street lights.

The two stood outside the low wall, smiled at each other, and then reached out their hands to climb the wall in a tacit understanding, and turned inside.

This high school is not a key school, and its construction is very general, so there are old buildings that are vacant.

Even after so many years, Tina could still find the direction accurately.

Tina took her to the old building.

“It was in this building that year. You saved me. See if you can find the broken classroom back then.”

Tina was talking about the first time they met.

In fact, it’s not the first time they have met.

Tina was a celebrity in school at the time, the kind of girl who would shine in the crowd. Beautiful and lively, very likable, even if you do something illegal, as long as it doesn’t cause bad effects, the teacher will always open one eye.

Whether it is a boy or a girl, many people liked her.

Alyssa knew her before that, but their first official contact was in the building.

After growing up, the memories of youth are always involuntarily cherished and moved.

Alyssa thought for a while, and said unsurely: “I remember it was the first classroom on the second floor?”

“Is it the second floor? How do I think it is the first floor?”

“It’s the second floor, right?”

“First floor!”

The two argued for a while, and finally when they went up the stairs on the second floor, Tina suddenly said, “It is indeed the second floor. At that time, you scared those people away, so you carried me downstairs. I remember very much. clearly.”

“I said it was the second floor.” Alyssa walked in front and pushed open the door of the first classroom on the second floor.

The smell of dust rushed in, and a dim light poured in from the window, and the outline of the room could be seen roughly.

There are a few old desks in the classroom, as well as some papers and books.

Tina walked to a desk and said to Alyssa, “They just pressed me here and beat me back then!”

She is angry now when she speaks: “My mother has never beaten me like that. I have always beaten others. Several high school children dare to beat me.”

“I haven’t asked, how did you transfer them?” Alyssa was a little curious. Afterwards, she only knew that the female classmates who bullied Tina had been transferred to another school. At that time, she and Tina were not particularly acquainted, so Never asked what else happened.

Tina said in a sentence: “I was timid, I was scared.”

“Don’t talk about it.” Tina walked over, put a hand on Alyssa’s shoulder, and exclaimed: “I can still think of your cool look. I wanted to worship you at that time.”

Alyssa teased her: “If you are not as cool as you, you are fighting and drinking outside. The teacher still thinks you are a good student, and your classmates like you.”

Tina screamed: “I was an adult, okay? I drunk legally. As for fighting, it’s not like that, they provoke me.”

Indeed, Tina would fight back then. In addition to the girls who were jealous of her asking for troubles, there were also a lot of boys who didn’t want to treat her wrongly.

The two talked a lot more before they knew it.

After chatting started, they went to the classroom again.

When they looked at the classroom, they were spotted by the guards on patrol.

“Who is there?”

The bright flashlight shone, Alyssa and Tina ran out together.

The guard also ran behind them.

When the two passed the Fame Wall, Alyssa pointed to the photo above: “Tina, there is also your photo!”

“Run! If you are caught by the guard, I won’t be able to hang my photos on it.”


Alyssa couldn’t help but laughed out loud.

The two covered their faces all the way and ran out of the school gate.

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