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Chapter 675

Loving someone will leave traces, and there are traces to not loving.

After moving out of Karl’s villa for so long, Alyssa realized that she and Karl were really over for the first time.

She just…

It was really hard to accept, the man who once said that she would never escape his palm in his life, so he let go of her hand.

Her heart seemed to have broken open a big hole, and it was as if seawater poured into her heart, it was cold and painful, and her whole body was numb.

She was so numb that she couldn’t shed a tear.

No matter how deep and heavy the feeling is, will it eventually disappear?

Rachel did not love her, Colin did not love her, and Karl did not love her anymore.

Alyssa laughed lowly, her eyes dry and she couldn’t shed a single tear.


The phone in her pocket vibrated.

Alyssa lowered her eyes, took out the phone from her pocket, and answered the phone directly without seeing who was calling.

“Alyssa, where are you?”

It’s Mattie’s call.

The sound of a fire engine came from outside, and at the same time, the sound of a fire engine came from the other end of the phone, which was very close.

Mattie also noticed that Alyssa didn’t hear the sound of the fire truck very much. She asked incredulously: “Alyssa, are you still in the building?”

Alyssa looked around for a while, and asked in a very calm tone: “How’s the situation? I’ll get down right away.”

Mattie was stunned by Alyssa’s calm tone.

“There was not much fire, it was just a false alarm. But Alyssa, I didn’t mean you. Just now everyone was running for life. If you don’t run away with everyone, you can run up there? Do you want to live or not?”

“I see, coming down immediately.” Alyssa ignored the words behind her, hung up the phone and got up and walked downstairs.

Mattie said that there was not much fire, and Alyssa did not know what was going on, so she went down the stairs.

She ran into the fireman halfway through.

The fireman was also a little surprised when he saw her: “Miss, how did you get down from above?”

“I walked a little slower.” Alyssa explained.

Then this can be very slow, the entire building is basically evacuated, and Alyssa slowed down.

Despite this, the firefighter said in a serious tone: “Although it was just a false alarm this time, your safety awareness is not good! If you encounter this kind of thing again next time, you must follow everyone, you know?”

Alyssa was taught humbly: “I know, if this happens again, it will definitely not be like this.”

After the firefighter finished speaking, watching Alyssa’s complexion look ugly, he asked concerned: “Are you okay?”

Alyssa shook her head: “I’m fine.”

Alyssa said so, and the firefighters didn’t ask any more questions.

When she came out of the Adams’ Building, she was looking for Smith’s figure. She mainly wanted to find Grace.

However, before she found Smith, she saw Mattie first.

As soon as Mattie saw Alyssa, she walked over and pulled Alyssa aside, and said angrily, “What’s wrong with you? When signing the contract before, you looked like you didn’t want to stay home, didn’t you…”

“It’s related to Karl?” Mattie asked Alyssa tentatively.

Alyssa didn’t even blink, and Mattie couldn’t discern Alyssa’s true emotions. She could only ask herself: “If it’s really because of Karl, you can still follow the group when filming “Lost City 2″ Do you want me to find an excuse to block you?”

“No, I’m well-measured about work. I still have something to go.” Alyssa patted Mattie on the shoulder with gratitude.

She and Mattie can work together again in three years, because of fate and affection.

She is very grateful to Mattie.

Mattie didn’t say much, and asked uneasily: “How did you get here? Did you drive, or would you like me to take you back?”

Alyssa turned her head and waved to her to signal not to use it.

Mattie had to sigh and watch Alyssa walk away.

As soon as she left Mattie’s sight, Alyssa called Smith.

He answered the phone very quickly.

“Miss Alyssa.” Smith always seemed to have this calm and rigorous tone.

“Is Grace with you? Where are you? I’m looking for you.”

While answering the phone, Alyssa looked around, looking for Smith’s figure.

There was a moment of silence on the other side, and Smith’s voice sounded again: “I have already taken Grace and left.”

Alyssa was taken aback, then asked, “Where did you go?”

Before Smith out on the phone, Alyssa felt someone tap her on the shoulder, and then it was a familiar voice.


Alyssa half-covered the phone microphone and looked back at the place where the sound came from.

“Clifford?” Alyssa put down the phone, and her voice fell unconsciously: “Why are you here?”

“Aren’t you here too?” Clifford smiled, “It’s fate.”

Alyssa hung up directly.

Grace was taken by Smith, and Alyssa was relieved, when Clifford suddenly appeared, it was inconvenient for her to answer the phone.

“Didn’t you call? You continue, I’ll wait for you.” Clifford clasped his hands in front of him, looking like a gentleman.

“There is nothing to say about unimportant calls.” Alyssa put the phone directly in her pocket.

Last time, after Clifford rescued her and sent her back, he never looked for her again.

Until her wound healed, Clifford only occasionally sent WeChat to ask about her situation.

Alyssa doesn’t return most of the time.

She really doesn’t want to talk to him.

However, Clifford has saved her so many times. It’s impossible to ignore him if they really meet.

“I just saw you come out of the Adams building. I heard there was a fire inside? Are you okay?” Clifford looked at Alyssa for a short time.

“The university where you work is quite far from Adams’. It’s a coincidence that you showed up when Adams’ was on fire.” Alyssa also happened to think of this and said it smoothly.

She is no longer worried about offending Clifford at all, anyway, she and Karl have been separated, his goal has been achieved, and Alyssa is no longer afraid of him.

Clifford’s expression didn’t change the slightest, he didn’t look strange at all.

“The school is closed, can’t I just wander around?”

Clifford’s words sounded reasonable, but in Alyssa’s heart, Clifford was not a boring person who would hang out.

Alyssa originally just said casually, the more calm and clear Clifford was, the more she felt that this matter might have something to do with Clifford.

Alyssa sneered, her voice low: “If you tell a lot of lies, you think it is true? If you do too many bad things, you will get used to it. But sooner or later, you will get the punishment you deserve!”

Chapter 676

A crack appeared on Clifford’s face, “Alyssa hates me very much.”

“It’s fine if you know.” Alyssa looked at Clifford with a cold face.

After Alyssa finished speaking, she turned and left.

Clifford stopped her: “I’ll take you back.”

“No need.” Alyssa refused mercilessly and said bluntly: “What if you are in a bad mood and drive? I don’t want to die yet.”

Clifford still maintained a smile on his face, and his tone was light and fluttering: “Alyssa, you don’t have to deliberately say such hurtful things. If I want to harm people, there are ten million ways I don’t have to do it myself.”

Alyssa paused, but didn’t look back at him anymore, turned around and left quickly.

She walked to the side of the road and stopped the car. When she got in, she couldn’t help but glance back at Clifford.

Clifford hung his head, not knowing who he was calling, and did not notice Alyssa.

Alyssa sat in the car and kept staring at Clifford, until the taxi drove away, she looked back.

In front of her, Clifford no longer hides his background and strength at all, and became unscrupulous.

Alyssa was not sure what purpose Clifford had.

As long as Clifford appeared next to her, she felt that Clifford had another purpose, and this “other purpose” was absolutely unfriendly.

She looked back and felt that Robert would join those people to find her before, and it might be related to Clifford.

Alyssa thought about it all the way.

She reached the door of the house and took out the key to open the door. Because of her absent-mindedness, she did not put the key in the keyhole several times.

Alyssa was a little irritable in her heart, slightly frowned and bent over to aim at the keyhole, when she heard the sound of the doorknob turning inside.

With a “click”, the door was opened from the inside.

Alyssa froze for a moment, and when she raised her head, she met Karl’s dark eyes.

Alyssa squeezed the key’s fingers together, clenched the key in her hand tightly, and asked blankly, “Why are you here?”

Karl did not speak, turned around and walked inside.

Alyssa quickly opened the door and walked in.

How could Karl suddenly appear here?

Even if Karl wanted to find her for something, it would be fine to wait outside, waiting for her in the room!

Alyssa thought about it, remembering that Karl also had the key to her room before.

However, with the key to her room, does it mean that he can come in at any time?

Alyssa thought about these things as she walked in.

She only noticed the sound of the cartoon when she got into the room.

Looking upon the sofa, she found that Grace was sitting on the sofa watching TV with the remote control in her hands.

“Grace!” Alyssa strode over, sitting next to Grace and looking at her up and down.

Although Grace’s fire was only a false alarm, Grace had been set on fire by Clifford before, and Alyssa was very worried about her.

Grace was busy watching TV, only looked back at Alyssa, pointed at the TV, and said in a serious tone: “Watching TV.”

Seeing that there was nothing unusual about her, Alyssa felt relieved and smiled and touched her head.

Then she got up and looked at Karl.

The smile on her face also disappeared in an instant, walked up to Karl, and stretched her hands toward him. The cold tone was very similar to when Karl spoke: “Give me the key.”

Karl fell down and didn’t say much, he directly reached out and put the key in her palm.

It was just that the movements were slow, which made Alyssa a little impatient.

She put away the key and put it directly in her pocket: “Is there anything else going on, Mr. Adams? I’ll give it away if I’m fine.”

Karl’s expression was cold, and he couldn’t tell what he was thinking. He went out without saying much.

After Karl left, Alyssa sighed deeply, poured herself a glass of water to drink, and calmed down.

Now when she faced Karl, her mood was much more complicated than before.

Love or resentment, or something else… she doesn’t know.

The Adams’ fire quickly made headlines.

trending searches and headlines are just reports. No one knows the specific cause of the fire.

Alyssa went in and took a look, only to realize that there was really no big fire, but the thick fog caused by the unknown cause made people think that there was a big fire.

The entire building is owned by the Adams Group. Generally speaking, such things are not easy to happen.

After Alyssa finished reading the news, Tina called.

“Alyssa, what’s the matter with Adams’ fire? It’s not that you retaliated against Karl and ran to set the fire?” Tina said something unreliable.

Alyssa said sternly: “First of all, arson is illegal. Second, you have such a big brain. Become a screenwriter with me. You earn less than acting, but you also have fun.”

“Okay, okay…Don’t say it.” Tina said angrily, “I think this is the retribution of Karl’s chaos and abandonment!”

Alyssa was silent for a moment, she didn’t know if this was Karl’s retribution, it had nothing to do with her anyway.

Tina called and had nothing else to do, just discussing with her about Adams’ fire, and soon hung up.

As the New Year’s Eve was approaching, Alyssa was a little busy a while ago, and finally had time to go shopping.

But her car has not been retrieved yet.

Except for the fake police who came to look for her that time, no real police have come to look for her.

This made Alyssa feel a little puzzled.

Judging from the situation last time, Robert is determined to kill her.

However, after Robert suffered a loss from Clifford, there was no news except for the two fake policemen who came to the door.

It stands to reason that Robert had suffered such a big loss, and there should be a later move.

Could it be that Clifford did something?

Thinking about it this way, it is not impossible.

Robert is a villain with a gloomy mind. Clifford must have been having grudges that made him trouble her last time.

However, Clifford is not just an ordinary persimmon, but an iron plate too hard to kick. Robert definitely won’t get any benefit.

It has been so long, Alyssa intends to retrieve the car.

After taking the car, Alyssa took Grace to the supermarket.

Grace will spend the New Year with her this year. She wants to buy more things.

As New Year’s Eve was approaching, with people coming and going to the supermarket, Alyssa pushed the shopping cart and looked after Grace carefully to prevent her from leaving.

After Grace returned, she basically never visited a crowded place.

Alyssa originally thought she would be uncomfortable, but she didn’t expect that Grace was not scared at all. Once she went to the supermarket, she would look curiously here and there.

It doesn’t seem to be much different from before, but it’s not so lively.

Alyssa asked her the toys and snacks that Grace liked before, “Do you like it?”

What Grace likes will be picked up and put in the shopping cart.

Alyssa was relieved in her heart until someone called her name behind her.


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