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Chapter 677

After hearing this sound for too long, Alyssa didn’t react for a while.

When she turned her head, she saw Rachel walking towards her with surprise on her face.

“Alyssa, it’s really you…” Rachel’s face was even more surprised, and her eyes fixedly looked at Alyssa.

Those who didn’t know though that Rachel was really happy because she saw Alyssa.

But Alyssa knew better than anyone that Rachel would never be happy because she saw her.

Alyssa looked at Rachel, silently blocked Grace behind her, and looked at Rachel without saying a word.

She didn’t know what trick Rachel was going to play.

It has been a long time since she saw Rachel last time. This time, she looked good as a whole. Although it was a little clear, she looked very energetic.

Alyssa didn’t know why she paid special attention to Rachel’s mental outlook, but she just subconsciously compared it in her heart.

Rachel was so enthusiastic, but Alyssa didn’t say a word, Rachel didn’t feel embarrassed, but continued to smile and said, “What are you buying? The New Year is coming, are you… come home?”

“You stopped me, you specifically asked me if I would come home?” Alyssa looked at Rachel like a clown, the mockery in her eyes was obvious.

But Rachel didn’t seem to have seen it. She smiled and said, “After all, you are my biological daughter. Of course I care about whether you will come home during the New Year.”

Alyssa was too lazy to listen to Rachel’s hypocritical words, her patience was exhausted: “I will leave without telling.”

Only then did Rachel become anxious and hurriedly stopped her: “Alyssa, don’t leave! I…”

Alyssa took back the steps she had just taken, and looked at Rachel with impatience and said, “If you have anything to say.”

Grace had been blocked behind Alyssa intentionally or unintentionally. At this time, she was already curiously peeking out from behind Alyssa to look at Rachel.

Rachel also saw Grace. The little girl looked like a snowy girl, and the baby on face was fat and white, her eyes were round and black, and her brows looked familiar.

But Rachel knew that this was definitely the first time she saw this little girl.

The fact that Alyssa and Karl gave birth to a daughter has not been announced to the public except for Adams’ family and some friends around them.

Before the media was catching up on the news, in the end, they didn’t know.

Even if people outside believed that Karl has a daughter, they would only think that this daughter belonged to Karl and Miana.

After all, she quietly gave birth to Grace abroad three years ago, and she has not been reported by any media.

Alyssa noticed Rachel’s gaze and moved aside to block Grace.

Rachel raised her head, with a little surprise in her eyes: “She is…”

Alyssa frowned, a cold light flashed under her eyes, and forced back what Rachel hadn’t said from behind.

Alyssa has experienced so many things in the past few years. In addition to being more grateful to the people around her, when facing other people, her sharp edge is revealed and she looks a little cold.

Rachel was a little afraid of Alyssa, so she calmly asked Alyssa, “Alyssa, have you… have you seen Isabel recently?”


Speaking of it, Alyssa has indeed not seen Isabel for a long time.

When she left the United States, she was taken away by Isabel, and only then did a series of things happened.

After Karl went to the United States to rescue her, she locked up Isabel, and then she went to Clifford, and she didn’t know about Isabel.

According to Karl’s personality, Alyssa felt that Isabel was more likely to be more fierce than good.

She felt that Karl had kindness in his bones, but most of the time, Karl acted cruelly, not to mention Isabel had already stepped on Karl’s bottom line.

“She is your daughter, not my daughter! You don’t know where she is, how do I know?” Alyssa looked at Rachel expressionlessly, with mockery.

“However, when she left home at that time, she said she was going to find you…” Rachel’s voice became quieter, with some guilty conscience not daring to look at Alyssa.

“Looking for me?” Alyssa heating said with a reversal smile: “Then do you know what she was going to do with me?”

“I…” Rachel’s eyes dodged, and she simply turned away from Alyssa, “I” couldn’t speak for a long time.

After Gerald’s death, Isabel counted all the accounts on Alyssa and Karl, and wanted to recover all the grievances and hatred from them.

How could Rachel not know that Isabel was so obvious?

After all, in Rachel’s heart, Isabel is still more important.

Even though Isabel didn’t take her seriously and only treated Rachel as a servant, Rachel still treated her as a daughter.

Better than to her biological daughter.

She was injured on the island and spent three years as a vegetable. Rachel had never looked for her like this.

Rachel really worked hard for Isabel. If she was not Rachel’s biological daughter, she would be touched.

A stepmother treats the daughter born to her husband’s ex-wife for ten years, even if that daughter doesn’t take her to heart, she will never leave her.

It sounds really touching.

Alyssa was scrupulous that Grace was behind her. She took a step forward, lowered her head to Rachel’s ear, lowered her voice, and said in a voice that only two people could hear: “Isabel has always been the most deadly, maybe she is dying alone somewhere, waiting for you to collect her body.”

Rachel’s expression changed drastically when she heard this, and she pointed to Alyssa’s voice and trembled: “Do you…know where she is?”

“You’re her mother, and I’m not, how do I know?” Alyssa gave her a cold glance, and then took Grace away.


Rachel was still calling her name behind her, and Alyssa took a step further and walked faster. There were already many people in the supermarket, and Alyssa quickly squeezed into the crowd with Grace and disappeared.

Rachel couldn’t see Alyssa, stomping her feet in an anxious place. But it was Alyssa’s words that made her believe that Alyssa must know something.

She will not give up easily.

Rachel didn’t plan to leave like this, she planned to go to the exit of the supermarket and wait. But there are a lot of exits from the supermarket. After thinking about it, she thinks that waiting at the exit is better than going to the exit of the parking lot.

Alyssa must have come by car.

But she missed a bit. Although Alyssa came by car, there was too much traffic here. Her car did not come in and was parked in the underground parking lot under the mall.

Alyssa didn’t go to the negative first floor after shopping, but directly pushed the shopping cart out, went to the parking lot next to it, put the things in and left.

Chapter 678

Rachel waited at the exit of the underground parking lot, waiting left and right, but did not wait until Alyssa’s car came out.

The vehicles drove out from the parking lot at full speed, enough for her to see if the people inside were Alyssa.

She was sure that she hadn’t missed any cars, but she just didn’t see Alyssa.

Didn’t Alyssa come by car? Or did Alyssa know that she was waiting here, so she didn’t come here directly?

The more Rachel thought about it, the more she felt that Alyssa had deliberately avoided her.

She turned back to the car and said to the driver: “Let’s go back.”

Back at Hunt’s house, Rachel collided with Travis who came back from the company temporarily to get the documents.

“Travis, why are you at home?” Rachel slowed down her tone, very gentle.

Travis frowned, obviously not thinking about talking to Rachel: “Come back and get the file.”

“Oh.” Rachel knew Isabel’s temper very well, but she didn’t get along well with Travis.

Rachel had nothing to say when Travis was so cold.

Travis felt boring, and didn’t want to talk to Rachel at first, and walked out with the file.

Rachel saw that Travis was about to go out, gritted her teeth and called him: “Travis, wait.”

“What else do you have?” Travis couldn’t say that he hated Rachel, let alone didn’t like her, just a little bit of indifference. So he doesn’t usually talk to this stepmother.

“I just met Alyssa in the supermarket.”

Rachel’s expression was hesitant to speak, and the expression on Travis’s face was slightly stagnant: “Who? Alyssa? Are you looking for her again?”

“I suspect she knows your sister’s news. She didn’t pay much attention to me when I asked her. Afterward, I went to the parking lot exit to wait for her. She didn’t even go to the parking lot. She was willing to hide from me!”

The more Rachel said, the more he felt that this was the case, and his expression became more determined.

Travis frowned, as if he had heard a joke, and said nonchalantly: “Thank you for reflecting on what you have done to Alyssa, okay? If I were her, I wouldn’t want to talk to you either!”

“Travis, why do you say that? Don’t you worry about your sister at all? She is your sister!”

“Alyssa is still your daughter!”

Travis made Rachel speechless in a word.

He was not helping Alyssa to speak, Alyssa was very good when he was a child, and he didn’t hate her.

After Rachel entered the Hunt’s house, she always focused on Isabel. Isabel was used to getting sick, and Rachel was also credited with it.

Good and evil are inherent things in human nature.

However, Travis was basically stocked when he was a child, and Colin was busy with work and had no time to care for him. Rachel wanted to get close to him but couldn’t get close. He has always been the most neutral person in the family.

Until he was racing with those friends, Colin couldn’t stand it anymore, so he sent him abroad to practice.

After all, he and Alyssa don’t have any deep hatred. To him, Alyssa is just a sister who he doesn’t hate but is not close.

Probably because of their blood relationship, he is closer than others.

What Rachel did to Alyssa, Travis also felt a little overdone, a little weird, but he didn’t bother to care.

After all, it has nothing to do with him.

Rachel turned a blank face and pulled Travis’s sleeves: “Travis, listen to me, I really think that Isabel’s disappearance must have something to do with Alyssa. You have a good relationship with her, and she refuses to accept it. I, if you go to her, she will definitely tell you! Otherwise…”

Rachel thought for a while, and said, “Otherwise we will call the police!”

Travis has always looked down upon Rachel, his face turned black when she held his sleeves like this.

Shaking off Rachel, he straightened his sleeves with a look of disgust: “don’t know that Isabel is your biological daughter. Did you pick it up for Alyssa?”

“Travis, what do you mean…” Until now, Rachel didn’t feel that there was anything wrong with what she was doing.

The things that Isabel did had disappointed her, but she still couldn’t ignore Isabel.

After all, she has been hurting Isabel for so many years, and she is better than her own.

“Humph!” Travis snorted coldly, not wanting to talk nonsense with her, and left.

After Alyssa took Grace home, she arranged the things she bought and started to prepare lunch.

She has always taken great pains to cook for Grace, trying her best to make it beautiful and delicious.

Grace went to bed after eating.

After Alyssa coaxed her, when she returned to the dining room to clean up the tableware, she heard the sound of someone knocking on the door.

At first, Alyssa thought she had heard it wrong.

She stood up straight, listened carefully, and found that someone was knocking on the door, so she got up and walked to the door.

She usually doesn’t have many friends, and it seems that not many people have come to her these days.

Alyssa walked to the door and looked out of the cat’s eyes. When she found that the person standing outside was Travis, she was taken aback.

It’s another person who she hasn’t seen for a long time.

She thought of Rachel who she saw in the supermarket today, and vaguely understood the reason why Travis came to her door.

The relationship between her and Travis was tepid, neither close nor unusual. Alyssa’s attitude towards him was better than that of Rachel.

In the end, she opened the door.

Alyssa hesitated, but still called out, “Big Brother.”

Of the three children in the family, Travis is the oldest, Isabel is second, and Alyssa is the youngest.

If Isabel was not so frantic, Alyssa would call her second sister.

“Alyssa, long time no see.” Travis hadn’t seen Alyssa for a long time, and she was very uncomfortable when he spoke, and the smile on her face was a little bit happy.

“Come in and talk.” Alyssa leaned aside and let Travis in.

Travis walked in and looked around the room.

The house is small for him.

Alyssa took him to the sofa and sat down. Travis put his hands on his knees and asked, “You live here alone?”

Alyssa was noncommittal, took a cup and asked him, “What to drink?”

“No trouble, I’m not thirsty.” Travis waved his hand and motioned to her not to drink.

Alyssa poured him a glass of boiled water and put it in front of him.

“Big Gothic came to me, what’s the matter?” Alyssa really doesn’t like asking this question every time she comes by one person, but he came to her because of something.

Travis shook his hand, squeezed his jaw, and thoughtfully said: “Rachel told me that she met you in the supermarket.”

It wasn’t a matter of a day or two that he called Rachel directly, and Alyssa didn’t think it was strange.

“Yeah.” Alyssa sat down opposite him, her eyes fixed on him.

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