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Chapter 751

When the voice fell, Alyssa also parked the car on the side of the road.

Rachel’s expression recovered a little, and she asked, “Do you really know where Isabel is?”

Alyssa looked impatient and murmured, “Get out of the car!”

There was a glimmer of hope on Rachel’s face. Not only did she not get out of the car, but instead she leaned over and grabbed Alyssa’s arm and asked excitedly: “Why do you dare me to get out of the car and not answer my question? Do you really know where Isabel is?”

Isabel! It’s Isabel again!

Alyssa clenched her hand tightly, released it again, and coldly shook her hand away, staring at her with fixed eyes, and said word by word: “Please get out of the car now!”

Rachel was stunned. While such Alyssa made her feel a little scared, she was also shocked.

“You let me…get out of the car?” She looked at Alyssa in disbelief, couldn’t believe that this was what Alyssa had said.

Alyssa didn’t blink her eyes, and the chill in her eyes was even worse: “Is there a third person in the car?”

The corners of Rachel’s lips moved, but he couldn’t say a word.

Suddenly, she seemed to be thinking of something again. She grabbed Alyssa’s arm and said, “Clifford goes to a nursing home in the suburbs once a week. Did he hide Isabel there?”

Alyssa was about to rush her out of the car, and after hearing this, she paused slightly.

She looked at Rachel and asked: “Nursing home?”

Rachel replied immediately: “Yes, he will go to the nursing home in the suburbs once a week, sometimes for half a day, sometimes for a day, but every time he goes there will take a bunch of flowers.”

“Take a bunch of flowers?” Alyssa curled the corners of her lips without smiling. “Do you think Clifford will take a bunch of flowers to see Isabel?”

Rachel shook her head solemnly, and said, “I didn’t mean that, I have a hunch, Isabel is likely to be there.”

“She’s inside, you can just go find her.” Alyssa pulled her arm out of Rachel’s hand.

Rachel murmured: “The security in that sanatorium is very strict. Everyone who enters must register and verify their faces. You can’t get in when you fish in troubled waters!”

Alyssa was a little surprised, such a strict sanatorium, it looked like it was not an ordinary sanatorium.

If what Rachel said was true, then Clifford took a bunch of flowers to the nursing home every week, he must be visiting someone, most likely a woman, and this woman must not be Isabel.

Clifford is not an ordinary man, let alone a romantic man. But did he bring that bunch of flowers over, just for a visit?

Bring a bunch of flowers every week and put them in a vase. If you take good care of them, it is not impossible to maintain a week of freshness.

If Clifford went to the nursing home to bring flowers to the nursing home every week, as she guessed, it was to arrange flowers in the room of the person he was visiting, then the person he was visiting must be extremely close to him!

Very close woman!

Alyssa murmured, “Could it be his sister?”

“What did you say?” Alyssa’s voice was a little quiet and she spoke very quickly, so Rachel did not hear what she said.

Alyssa only said coldly: “It’s nothing.”

Then she got out of the car and went around to the other side, opened the door, and directly pulled Rachel down.

“Alyssa, what are you doing! Let go of me!” Rachel didn’t get what he wanted to know from Alyssa’s mouth, and was unwilling to get out of the car.

After Alyssa pulled Rachel out of the car, she stared at her and said, “If you want to find Isabel, just go and don’t come to me again. I have nothing to do with you, and Isabel has nothing to do with me. , You should go to Colin and Travis, they are Isabel’s relatives.”

After Alyssa finished speaking, she turned around and returned to the car and drove away.

“Alyssa!” Rachel unwillingly chased forward for a short while, Alyssa’s car had already driven far, so she had to stop and stomped angrily on the spot.

Alyssa was a little absent-minded while driving the car.

According to her previous guess, Clifford might have arranged his sister Muffi in the nursing home.

Muffi was very ill. When she was in the United States, Clifford also took her to see Muffi.

She did not forget the purpose of Clifford’s approach to her at the beginning. At that time, Clifford cared about her body very much. He wanted to use her to save Muffi.

But there were too many things that happened later, and Clifford never mentioned it again. Instead, he returned to the country and became a university professor as if nothing had happened.

She didn’t know what Clifford was thinking. He brought Muffi back to the country because he was in the country?

Did Clifford still not give up using her to save Muffi?

In the beginning, Clifford never made a move, because for him, Alyssa still has utility.

Now that Alyssa and Karl broke up for so long, Clifford did not move…

Alyssa was a little confused and at a loss for a while.

Alyssa didn’t know how she drove back home.

As soon as she entered the house, she kicked her shoes away, sat on the sofa and did not move.

Very confused in my mind.

For a while, it was a matter of arguing with Karl for custody, and for a while, Clifford grabbed her to rescue Muffi.

Alyssa stretched out her hands irritably and hugged her head, curled up into a ball and fell into the corner of the sofa, motionless.

don’t know how long it took, she heard the doorbell.

“Who?” Alyssa asked outside the door.

The doorbell didn’t ring.

Alyssa walked to the door barefoot, looked out of the cat’s eyes, and found that it was Dave, and opened the door.

Alyssa asked, “Anything?”

Dave had nothing to do with his eyebrows. He looked a little tangled, but he didn’t speak.

Alyssa asked curiously: “What’s wrong with you?”

“Can I come in and talk?” Dave looked up at her, his eyebrows tightened.

Alyssa thought for a while, then opened the door a little wider, stepped aside, and nodded towards Dave: “Come in.”

Dave walked in, still looking a little cautious.

Alyssa closed the door behind him and looked at Dave curiously.

Dave is a person who usually does not speak as much as possible, and when he needs to speak, he hopes that a sentence can be omitted and finished in one word.

What happened this time, asked him to knock on the door to find her, and he looked like he needed someone to enlighten…

Alyssa walked around him and pointed to the sofa: “Sit down, I will pour you some water.”

Dave really sat down.

Alyssa turned to look at Dave while pouring water.

Dave looked around, as if coming to her house for the first time.

Speaking of it, Dave has not come to her very much, and when he brought things, he basically gave them to her and left directly, let alone asked to come in like today…

Chapter 752

Alyssa poured the water, put it in front of Dave, and sat down opposite him: “Now you can talk about it, what happened to you?”

Dave held up the water glass to see Alyssa: “I’ll drink some water first.”

Alyssa nodded: “You drink.”

Dave drank the water, looking a little confused. After putting down the water glass, he squeezed his face as if he did not know how to speak.

Alyssa tilted her head slightly and leaned back with her arms around her, with a calm expression: “Dave, you are very abnormal today.”

“Yes?” Dave twitched the corner of his mouth, showing a very reluctant smile.

Alyssa felt even more weird.

She looked at Dave up and down. The clothes he wears are what he usually wears. After all, he only wears those two sets of clothes, Alyssa remembered it early.

He didn’t look hurt, and there was no sadness in his expression.

This was weird, Alyssa couldn’t think of anything that would make Dave so weird.

She looked blatantly, Dave was a little awkward and took a drink again, very uncomfortable.

After drinking the water, he looked at Alyssa: “Forget it, let’s not talk about me. What about you, do you have any hope of winning the lawsuit with Karl?”

Alyssa was taken aback, and then said, “There is no hope, but I must win.”

As if finally finding a suitable topic, Dave’s whole person became more natural: “You want to beat him, but it’s a bit difficult.”

“I know.”

“But there is still hope.”


“…” Dave pursed his lips and didn’t know what to say.

The two had nothing to talk about, but Alyssa was actually a bit embarrassed.

Suddenly, Dave “brushed” and stood up: “I remember that I still have soup at home, I will go back first.”

Without waiting for Alyssa to react, he fled and left Alyssa’s home.

When Alyssa looked back, she saw the door closed.

She was a little confused, what happened to Dave?


As soon as Dave closed the door, he took out his cell phone and made a call.

The owner of the phone was very active in answering the phone, and he answered after only two beeps.

“Karl, what do you think of me? I’m a bodyguard and not an old mother. What happened to your wife, let me talk about it? I’ll not tell you something like this next time…”

Karl interrupted him: “Did she say anything?”

Dave said in a bad tone: “Nothing.”

There was a moment of silence on the other side: “I see.”

Feeling that Karl was about to hang up, Dave remembered something, and asked: “Don’t hurry up to hang up. You know that Alyssa stays up late, and you know that she is sick, even if she is in a bad mood. Also know! You didn’t install a monitor in her house, did you?”

Dave wanted to ask Karl this question a long time ago, but either he forgot or he didn’t have time.

Karl didn’t give him any answer, so he hung up the phone.

Dave sneered and said to himself: “This pervert.”

Then put the phone back in his pocket and strode back to his home.

On the other side, Karl hung up Dave’s phone and called Smith: “Come in.”

Smith soon came in.

“Sir, what’s the matter?”

Karl commanded: “Check who Alyssa saw after leaving Best Day.”

Since Smith learned of Karl’s plan, Karl blatantly asked him to check Alyssa’s whereabouts.

“OK, Sir,” Smith responded and turned and walked out.

When he walked to the door, Karl’s voice came from behind: “Hurry up.”

Smith had to answer again before opening the door.

It didn’t take long before Smith returned.

Smith stood in front of Karl’s desk with a stack of documents in his hand, and said, “After Mrs. Alyssa left Best Day, she originally drove home, but there was a car following her on the road, but the person who followed her was her biological mother, Rachel.”

Karl was looking through the file while listening. When he heard the name, his hand paused.

“Rachel?” He hadn’t heard this name for a long time.

“Yeah.” Smith nodded and continued: “Madame Alyssa and her biological mother chatted for a while in the car, but it seemed that the conversation was not pleasant. The two had a dispute. Then Madam went back.”

Karl leaned back in the chair and frowned slightly: “Can you find out what they talked about?”

“I didn’t install a bug-listening device in the young lady’s car, how can I find out what they were talking about…”

Smith was originally just complaining, but after seeing Karl’s expression getting more and more serious, he asked incredulously: “Sir, you don’t really want to pretend to be eavesdropping in Madam’s car-listening Right?”

Karl’s eyes were deep, and he asked, “What do you think?”

“This… not so good.” Smith could understand Karl’s thoughts, but could not agree with his approach.

Karl lowered his head and turned his attention to the file again: “You go out.”

Smith turned around and walked out.

After walking to the door, Karl’s commanding voice came from behind: “Find a chance to get things done as soon as possible.”

When Smith heard this, a stagger almost fell to the ground.

He originally thought that Karl had already given up the idea of ​​installing a bug-listening device in Alyssa’s car, but he didn’t expect that Karl would actually do this…

“Sir…” Smith wanted to persuade him: “If the young lady knows about this, she will definitely be angry…”

The feelings between people are simple and complex.

Karl’s starting point is good because he cares about Alyssa, but this approach is not desirable…

Smith stood by the door and waited for a long time, but Karl did not look up at him either.

He knew that Karl had made up his mind to do this and couldn’t listen to other people’s advice.

Smith had to push the door out.

In the evening, when Grace was over from school, he drove to pick up Grace.

At the entrance of the kindergarten, he met Alyssa.

Alyssa took the initiative to greet him: “Mr. Smith.”

Smith smiled: “Miss Alyssa.”

Alyssa also smiled and said, “I plan to take Grace to my place today. I sent Karl a message, didn’t he tell you?”

“Sir didn’t say.” After Smith finished speaking, he patted his head: “I remembered that there was an emergency document that was not given to Sir. I’ll make a call first.”

After he finished speaking, he turned his back and walked a few steps forward, and dialed the number: “Find a chance to come over and puncture the tire.”

After hanging up the phone, he walked towards the entrance of the kindergarten again, and looked inside: “Grace is coming out soon.”

Alyssa nodded, feeling that today’s Smith was also a bit strange.

Not long after, Grace came out.

“Mom!” Grace happily ran up to Alyssa, and found Smith was also there, so she happily called out, “Uncle Smith.”

Then, a group of three people walked to the parking lot.

Smith just walked to the front of the car and said in shock, “Why did the tire break?”

Alyssa’s car stopped a little bit, and she turned her head to look at Smith after hearing this: “Mr. Smith, what happened to your tires?”

“Broken.” Smith frowned slightly, his expression a little ugly: “The tire was punctured.”

Alyssa thought that Smith had just called and said that there was an emergency document, so she offered: “Or I will take you for a ride, just on the way.”

Smith nodded, and said politely: “Then I can only trouble Miss Alyssa.”

He walked over to Alyssa and lied without changing his face: “Miss Alyssa, let me drive. I have an urgent business back to the company. After you and Grace arrive, can I drive your car to the company?”

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