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Chapter 817


Smith thought he had heard it wrong.

Why are you going to block Alyssa’s door?

“She doesn’t want to go abroad, I have to force her to go abroad!” After Karl said, he slammed the door and got into the car.

Afterwards, he drove away directly.

Hania asked Smith: “What’s the matter?”

Smith looked solemn: “Sir wants to take Miss Alyssa away and advance the plan.”

Hania sighed: “Can you persuade him?”

She felt that if Karl did this, if Alyssa knew about it in the end, she would not dare to imagine the consequences.

“If I could persuade him, I would have persuaded him a long time ago.” Smith shook his head: “He has always had this temperament, putting everything down on himself, acting paranoid, even if Miss Alyssa persuade him it is useless.”

When eating at night, Alyssa always felt that there was someone at the door.

Alyssa looked outside through the cat’s eyes, and she saw someone outside.

They are all journalists with cameras.

She called the security room.

When the security came, the person at the door disappeared again.

As soon as the security went away, those people appeared again.

Alyssa has never seen such an organized paparazzi, just like brown candy, sticking to it.

Alyssa didn’t even dare to leave the house.

This community was originally based on strong confidentiality as its selling point, but it was unexpected that such a thing could happen.

Alyssa did not dare to go out at night.

The next morning, when Tina came over, she was blocked by the media reporters.

Alyssa heard the movement and told Grace to stay in the room obediently, and she took the key to open the door and went out.

Tina was besieged by the reporters and backed away again and again.

When she saw Alyssa come out, her face changed slightly: “Why are you coming out?”

Alyssa tilted her head helplessly: You are like this, can I not come out.

When the reporters saw Alyssa, they swarmed up.

“Miss Alyssa, please tell me about what happened in the restaurant that day.”

“Why does Miana want to find you all of a sudden?”

“Apart from the rivalry relationship between you and Miana, do you have other grievances?”

“Can you answer me? Miss Alyssa?”

These reporters came up with one question after another.

Alyssa’s face was cold and calmly said, “Can you all go back? My shoulder injury hasn’t healed yet.”

Upon hearing this, the reporters stepped back.

Alyssa said, “Before I answer the question, I want to know who sent you here.”

The reporters fell silent for a while, staring at each other without making a sound.

Seeing that no one of them was speaking, Alyssa continued: “No one instructed, it doesn’t matter at all, how could you block the door of my house? Even the security guards can’t help it.”

“This community is so confidential, they will not self-destruct their signs and let you in.”

But these reporters just came in again. This can only show that the person behind these reporters is very powerful.

After she finished speaking, she looked over one by one and found that the expressions of the reporters were a little uncomfortable.

“As long as you said who asked you to come, I’m willing to accept your interview.” Alyssa pulled her hair down and said slowly.

At this time, the elevator door opened and a group of security guards came up.

They rushed over: “Who are you! What do you do! Please leave immediately!”

When all of them were around Alyssa just now, Tina was relieved and called the security room.

Chapter 818

After the group of reporters were bombed away, Alyssa and Tina entered the room.

Grace sat on the sofa obediently and waited for Alyssa.

When she saw Alyssa coming in, she yelled, “Mom.”

“Grace.” Tina walked over and hugged Grace amused.

Alyssa went to the side to pour water for Tina, and Tina followed.

“What do you mean by what you just said? Someone deliberately brought the reporter to you?” Tina asked.

Alyssa nodded in a daze, and handed the water in her hand to Tina.

Tina took a sip and put it aside: “Who could it be? Miana is still in the detention center. She won’t have a chance to do this kind of thing, right? Who wants to make trouble for you in the mess?”

“Probably someone strong.” Alyssa turned her head and looked at Tina, “Didn’t you say you want to travel with us before? Is the time set?”

“I can do it at any time. The work in the past six months has been very loose. The first few scripts I received will be filmed at the beginning of next year at the earliest.” When it comes to traveling abroad, Tina is also excited.

At the end, she said: “There are so many things now, and it’s too chaotic. Traveling abroad is just a good way to relax and avoid.”

Alyssa and Tina decided to travel abroad and set about preparing.

In fact, there is nothing to prepare, there is another thing that is not easy to handle.

That is the matter of suing Miana.

Alyssa has made up her mind and must sue Miana.

However, a series of procedures have gone down, and the time for the hearing has not been determined.

Alyssa had already contacted a lawyer before, but the process was a bit slow

As a client, Alyssa naturally has to keep in touch with the lawyer at any time.

In the case of Miana, as long as Alyssa wanted to sue, she would definitely put Miana in jail.

After Alyssa asked Tina to look after Grace for a while, she went out to meet with the lawyer.

She is idle at home now. If she wants to talk about work in the future, she will often go out, and she can’t always take Grace with her.

She has to find a nanny as soon as possible.

After meeting with the lawyer, Alyssa was about to drive home.

As soon as she arrived in the parking lot, she was stopped by a middle-aged man.

Middle-aged men’s shirts and trousers look very strict.

“Miss Alyssa, our boss wants to have a cup of tea with you.” His tone was very polite, but there was an inexplicable arrogance in his eyes.

Alyssa could probably guess who sent him.

She raised her eyebrows: “What if I say I don’t want to have tea today?”

The middle-aged man said in a hurry, “Ms. Alyssa always wants to have tea.”

This clearly meant that Alyssa had to go if she didn’t go, this is not an option.

Alyssa looked straight, and said in a calm tone: “Trouble you to lead the way.”

Alyssa was taken to a tea room that looked very low-key and simple.

It doesn’t look big on the outside, the signs are small, and the doors are not big.

Entering inside, she found that there was something else.

The inside of the tea room is very large. Unlike other tea rooms, it is decorated in a retro style. The decorations and tea tables in this tea room are very elegant.

It’s a bit original.

The middle-aged man took Alyssa to the door of a box.

“Sir, Miss Alyssa is here.”

“Please come in.” The man’s calm voice sounded inside, sounding older than the middle-aged man.

The middle-aged man opened the box door and stood aside: “Miss Alyssa, please come in.”

After Alyssa entered, the middle-aged man closed the door outside.

The boxes in the tea room are small and very quiet.

At the tea table sat a kind-faced old man over 50 years old.

Said he was an old man, but he looked very energetic.

He smiled gently at Alyssa, raised his hand slightly, and made a “please sit down” gesture.

Alyssa sat down opposite him.

“Miss Alyssa, please have tea.” The old man poured tea for her.

Alyssa stretched out her hands to hold the tea cup, thanked him politely, took a sip to her lips, and put it back.

“How does Miss Alyssa feel about this tea?” the old man asked her.

Alyssa smiled and said, “I don’t usually drink tea, and don’t know how to taste tea.”

The old man laughed, his expression still very calm: “It’s okay, just drink more.”

Alyssa didn’t go down the pole, but said coldly: “But I don’t like tea.”

The old man squinted and stared at Alyssa for a long time before saying, “Miss Alyssa, it’s different from what I heard.”

Alyssa replied: “Mr. Palmer is also different from what I imagined.”

That’s right, the man in front of her is named Norven Palmer.

Norven Palmer, Miana’s father.

In this rumor, his power is so powerful that countless people will give him three points of the thin-faced Miana’s father.

When Alyssa invited a lawyer to sue Miana, the lawyer told her something about Norven.

She just probably know Norven’s official position and his age.

As for the others, Alyssa didn’t know anything about it.

Norven heard Alyssa’s words and was startled for a moment, then laughed: “Since Miss Alyssa knows who I am, she probably knows what I am doing today, right?”

“I don’t know what to say, how do I know?” Alyssa lowered her eyes, unconsciously stretched out her hand and shook the tea cup in front of her, pretending to not understand the meaning of Norven’s words.

Norven sought her because of Miana.

Since Norven took the initiative to look for her, he must have an attitude of proactively asking for help.

If Alyssa took the initiative to tell Norven’s purpose for looking for her, wouldn’t it have lost the initiative.

On the other hand, Alyssa is biased against Norven.

Because he is Miana’s father.

Which of the things Miana has done is not disgusting?

In the restaurant that day, if it weren’t for Alyssa’s keen awareness of the strangeness.

I am afraid that not only will something happen to her, but even Grace would have to face it.

Thinking of these, Alyssa couldn’t have a good expression on Norven.

She looked at Norven with a cold face, waiting for him to speak.

Norven noticed Alyssa’s expression and smiled: “Young people are always uncomfortable and impulsive.”

“Miana was quite calm. Three years ago, she joined Claire and deceived Karl. Three years later, because of her own personal enmity, she caused others to break her leg, and she took a knife to kill me in public.”

After Alyssa spoke with a mocking expression, she noticed that Norven’s complexion had become very ugly.

Since she came in, Norven has been taking caution, relying on his high position, relying on the old to sell the old, and teaching her!

If he just came to her as a father and wanted to reconcile with her, Alyssa might still want to hear his thoughts.

But in this situation, Alyssa stopped listening to him, and didn’t even want to sit more.

“I know Mr. Palmer is busy on official business, and I also have my own business to be busy with, goodbye.” Alyssa finished speaking, picked up the tea in front of her, drank it, and got up to leave.

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