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Nothing To Give But My Heart is a Chinese novel that revolves around the story of a young girl who encounters thorny situations being the ex-wife of someone. Her family forces her to marry a rich yet disabled guy. The story further enlightens us with how this young girl’s patience is tested by her husband and how she manages to live with such cruel life partner.

The story starts with the wedding day, but there is no excitement and amusement at all. Normally privileged people don’t go for simple wedding but the case was different here. Though they were getting married but there isn’t any celebration, no any banquet, there was only the groom in a wheel chair, waiting for his bride to come.

Nothing To Give But My Heart Novel

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The female lead character is a beautiful lady who is forced to marry this guy, on the other side is the privileged ugly guy with a wild temper. He also has a disease that has made him bounded to his wheel chair; he has an incurable infection in the legs that added to his violent temper.

Before getting married to him, female protagonist knew that this guy is marrying for the second time but later she came to know the truth that she is his sixth wife. According to the rumors, he already has killed five of his earlier wives; this is why even the greediest people of town were not willing to marry their daughters to him.

Nothing To Give My Heart Novel

If her parents already knew his reality then why did they force their daughter to marry him? It is because they are going through a difficult situation. Her father is on the edge of bankruptcy and they have no other option to get financially stable.

To get out of this situation they only have two options, to marry their younger daughter who is quite young, or to marry their lately divorced daughter.

Finally, they decide to marry their divorced daughter as they cannot sacrifice their innocent younger daughter. Now along with marrying this cruel guy, she has to pretend as the virgin daughter of the family to support her parents in this situation.

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Nothing To Give But Heart Novel

After marrying this guy the female protagonist came to know that he isn’t that ugly people told her about. He is different from what people rumored about. Still, he was so cruel that she can’t dare to look into his eyes.

On their wedding night, he reveals that he has all information about her identity. He is also aware about the fact that she has replaced her sister and married him instead. Furthermore he knows that she is the newly divorced daughter of their family.

After knowing all this, she became quite nervous and with a loud and fierce voice, he asks her to leave his house in just five minutes. After listening to this, she becomes puzzled as she cannot break her family’s expectations.

She also knows that stepping out of his house means offending him and his wealthy family. All she could say was “I have nothing to give but my heart.”

Nothing To Give But My Heart Chinese Novel

Image Of Nothing To Give But My Heart Chinese Novel

Though she didn’t like this guy but she cannot see her family to suffer anymore. So, she gathers some courage to raise her eyes and say ““Though I have been reluctantly agreeing to the arrangement so far, I am now determined to face it. I would stay here no matter what I face, please don’t send me back.”

To stand by her family in their hard times, she decides to give her best to praise this guy. Will she ever be able to make him love her? Will his hatred be turned into love? To know all the answers of these questions hit the read now button and read the whole story for free.

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