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Chapter 10

She heard the door slam shut behind her with an “ah”.

Jasmine Tong gets pushed right to the ground with a mouthful of sh!t.

By the time she climbed back up to the door, it wouldn’t budge.

She clapped a few times, yelled “help” a few times, and heard an echo.

When she followed the so-called staff member over here, she thought the place was so secluded that she could see people at first, but then, she didn’t even see anyone.

Presumably, it was counted.

The person who was counting her had already calculated that no one would come to this place, so that’s why she was brought here.

Tong turned around to check out the place, it was pitch black and only one of what looked like exhaust vents could get some light.

She turned on the flashlight function on her phone, which revealed that this should be a conference room, except that there was no meeting right now, so it wouldn’t be needed here, naturally.

She looked around and noticed that there were two doors, one for the front door she had just come in, and one for the back door, but the back door was also blocked off.

What should we do?

The first thing I noticed was that my phone had no signal.

Yeah, this is the basement, so unless you’ve installed a signal booster, you won’t get a signal.

“Grandma’s leg,” Jasmine Tong couldn’t help but curse.

I knew this world was complicated. I didn’t know she’d be scheming before she even stepped foot in it.

There was no exit right now, so she had to call for help, but the phone had no signal.

She spun around carefully with the phone in her hand, suddenly stopping, in a place where the signal was even a faint fraction of a second.

Tong Koman looked up to see where the vent was.

When I was about to make the call, the faintest fraction of a second was gone.

This little cell is sometimes there, sometimes not.

Jasmine Tong looked up at the vent, but it looked like the only way she could get her phone signal boosted a little bit was to climb up there.

She moved a chair to cushion her feet and climbed up into the tiny vent place, which was so small that she had to sit there and keep her head so low that she wouldn’t really be able to stand if her body wasn’t so pliable.

But she climbed up and realized who she was calling on this phone.


How so?

You’d be considered crazy if you said you’d been framed and trapped in an underground conference room.

But she couldn’t really find anyone in her address book to come to her rescue, and although she had a husband, she had never even seen his face, let alone had her phone number.

Jasmine Tong opened her own phone’s call log, the two most recent one was from Yarwen Tong, and one was

The man from the other day.

Thinking of that man, Jasmine Tong couldn’t help but have her heartbeat quicken.

Should we call him?

Is he coming?

Her finger rested on the phone number that didn’t have a name stored in it, and suddenly her hand slipped, her finger pressed the name, and the call went out

Jasmine Tong couldn’t care less about her phone and changed her position, too tired to maintain one pose for too long.

Just then, the phone answered.

“Hello” Although she had met him twice, Jasmine Tong was familiar with his voice.

“Hey, I’m-I’m trapped, can you come rescue me?”

“What? Where are you now? You don’t have a good signal over there, you’re moving somewhere else, there’s a murmur.”

“It’s already the best signal I’ve got here.”Jasmine Tong told the man on the phone where she was, and as soon as she finished, the phone cut off.

I don’t know if the man hung up, or if the phone cut itself out because of the signal.

I don’t know if he heard the address he said, let alone if he’ll come.

Jasmine Tong couldn’t hold on any longer, she had come down from that place again, it was still up to her, so let’s look for possible exits.

After almost an hour, Jasmine Tong had tried everything, even trying to try to climb out of that vent, but it was impossible.

It was stuffy and hot in here, and after all this, Jasmine Tong’s energy was almost spent, as she sat on the seat, sweating profusely and gasping for air.

If no one ever found out she was trapped, was she going to suffocate in here?

Because now she was feeling a little out of breath.

“Jasmine Tong,” came a voice from the doorway.

Jasmine Tong immediately braced herself and moved to the door, “I’m in.”

“This is the place, open the door.”The man’s voice came from the doorway.

The door was quickly opened and a flashlight light shone in, Jasmine Tong immediately closed her eyes and turned her head to the side.

After spending so much time in this dark place, she wasn’t used to the glare.

“It’s okay.”Albert Ou waved his hand towards the staff who opened the door, and the staff immediately left.

He turned to look at Jasmine Tong, “Hey, you can come out didn’t stay in there long enough.”

Jasmine Tong moved to her feet, and as soon as she came out, her legs went weak and she was ready to fall, but fortunately, Albert Ou was quick to fish her up.

“Why are you touching the porcelain?”

“Dizzy.”Jasmine Tong’s eyes were closed and her voice was weak.

Albert Ou directly embraced Jasmine Tong in his arms, “It’s too stuffy here, go out and sit somewhere for a while.”

Jasmine Tong took a few breaths and broke free from Albert Ou’s embrace, looking up at him, “Good.”

Albert Ou brought Jasmine Tong to the first floor in seven turns and found a place with chairs to rest.

Suddenly, Jasmine Tong slapped her thigh violently, “Oh no.”

“What are you doing all this panic” Albert Ou knitted his brows.

“I’m here for an audition today, and I still have to audition now” Jasmine Tong immediately stood up and hurriedly ran towards the room where she had auditioned before.

By the time we got to that room, the lounge was empty and a staff member was cleaning up.

“Excuse me, but is this audition for female number three over for today?”

“It’s over. What took you so long?” the staff asked carelessly. Everyone wants to be a star these days, and no one is late.

Tonto ran to the room next door, the one next door to the one where the real audition was held.

The two assistant directors each had a pile of information in their hands, and were chatting as they sorted through it.

“Director, I haven’t auditioned yet.”

The two assistant directors looked up at her together, one of them was obviously a bit impatient, “Young lady, the most important thing in this business is to know the rules, you don’t even know basic rules like time, how can you still enter the business, next time.”

“Yeah, it’s been over for half an hour.”The other director chimed in.

Chapter 11

“But, director, please give me a chance, will you? I really need this chance,” begged Jasmine Tong.

If she didn’t get picked, it was a bad skill, but if she was late because she was set up to be late, she really wasn’t happy about it

“Young lady, look which one here doesn’t need this opportunity” a director slapped the information in his hand dismissively.

“Young lady, this time I’ll let you know a little bit about the rules of this circle, so next time you’ll have a long memory and you didn’t come for nothing.”Without looking up, the director made eye contact with another director, and the two men stood up with the information.

“Director, please, I really”

The two directors didn’t pay any more attention to her, not even looking at her when they passed her, and as assistant directors, they had seen simply not too many girls like that.

Jasmine Tong just watched as the two assistant directors left.

Albert Ou happened to come over and looked at Jasmine Tong’s lost eyes and couldn’t help but ask, “What’s wrong?”

Jasmine Tong shook her head, “The audition is over, I don’t have a chance, let’s go.”

Albert Ou frowned, “Where is there a bathroom here?”

Jasmine Tong pointed to the left, “You follow this all the way to the end and turn left and you’ll see it.”

“Good, then you wait for me, don’t slip ah I saved you today, if you slip, it is too inhumane” said, Albert Ou followed the direction of Jasmine Tong’s finger and left.

Jasmine Tong sighed, she did not want to slip, although she knew that this man is not a good thing, but after all, he saved himself today, she still understands the reasoning of repaying kindness, besides, he still has her nude photos.

She found a chair and sat down, waiting quietly for Albert Ou.

I don’t know if the man went on the tuba, but 20 minutes have passed since then.

Just when Jasmine Tong wondered if the man would have gone away already, he appeared in her field of vision again.

“I thought you’d fallen down the toilet for so long.”

“Don’t worry, I’m too tall to fall in,” responded Albert Ou.

“Let’s go.”

The two of them were preparing to leave together when a staff member came over, “You must be Jasmine Tong.”

Jasmine Tong nodded.

“It’s like this, the role of female number three has been discussed by the director’s team and there hasn’t been a suitable one, so when I heard from the assistant director that there’s someone else like you, I decided to give you a chance.”

Jasmine Tong was stunned, because the last time she also said something about extra opportunities, she was really a little bit scared.

“It’s not another trap,”

“What are you afraid of I’ll go with you” Albert Ou put one hand on Jasmine Tong’s shoulder.

Jasmine Tong immediately took his hand away, “Okay then.”

The staff took Jasmine Tong and Albert Ou all the way upstairs, and in one of the rooms upstairs, he stopped, “Miss Tong, go inside, the directors are waiting.”

Jasmine Tong subconsciously looked at Albert Ou.

“I’ll be at the door if it’s all right, but if you need help, yell for help and I’ll rush in.”

Jasmine Tong nodded her head, this is the third floor, the window is sunny, nothing should happen, besides, this man is right outside.

She pushed open the door and walked in, and as soon as she entered, she saw director Lin Chuan sitting in the middle of the room discussing with the two assistant directors who had just been there

Oh, my God! She auditioned for Director Hayakawa himself!

Jasmine Tong’s heart went to her throat.

When the assistant next to director Lin Chuan saw Jasmine Tong come in, he immediately walked over to her and handed her a piece of paper, “Here are the lines, read them first, you have three minutes to prepare.”

Jasmine Tong took the piece of paper over, her hands shaking.

Seeing her like this, the assistant shook her head, not even a little bit brave, I’m afraid.

Jasmine Tong tried to take a deep breath to calm herself down and started memorizing the lines on paper.

There aren’t many lines on paper, and there are no scene descriptions, so you have to use that line to figure out the scenario.

The three minutes went by quickly.

The assistant reminded the director of Hayakawa, who then stopped the discussion with the two assistant directors.

“Okay, you can start now, don’t be nervous, feel free to play.”Director Hayakawa said.

Jasmine Tong nodded her head and came right in the middle of the directors.

No costumes, no music, no situational descriptions, just a handful of lines.

It’s a huge challenge for any actor, but it’s another opportunity, and there’s more room to play after all.

The two assistant directors who had just lambasted Jasmine Tong also raised their heads.

While everyone was waiting for her performance, Jasmine Tong suddenly fell to the ground with a poof.

Not to mention the two assistant directors just now, even director Lin Chuan was shocked, not knowing what kind of path this was.

After lying on the ground, Jasmine Tong’s body trembled slightly, then slowly climbed up, her arms barely supporting her body, her body trembling as if she was going to fall down in the next second.

“Lian Wei and I grew up together since we were kids, childhood sweethearts, two little kids, he’s extremely nice to me and puts up with me in every way, I love him, I love him a lot, and only him.”

Jasmine Tong’s eyes had glistening tears in them, but the tears framed in their sockets just wouldn’t flow out, making those eyes particularly touching and revealing a stubbornness in them.

She was biting her lip tightly as she said her lines.

After saying her lines, she closed her eyes in pain, tears coming out slowly this way.

Director Hayakawa looked at the girl, her hair was a bit messy and she seemed to have some wounds on her body, which seemed especially fitting against such a line.

Clearly the performance was only two minutes long, but the three directors couldn’t get back to it for a long time, as if their emotions were being brought in.

Jasmine Tong wiped her face and stood up from the floor, “Director, I’m done performing.”

Director Lin Chuan stroked his beard, “This performance of yours is quite special, some of you said the line with particular joy, some of you cried miserably, and you were partial to the middle of the fold.”

Jasmine Tong laughed, “Director, I’m not going to lie to you, I may have taken a shortcut because I’ve read the novel and when I saw this line, I remembered the part where Rose was beaten, so, that’s why I did this performance.”

This ancient drama was based on a novel, so Jasmine Tong finished reading that novel overnight.

“There are over two million words in that novel, and you’ve read them all” Director Lin Chuan was quite surprised.

Jasmine Tong nodded her head, “Yes, read all of it.”

“So tell me what you think of the role.”

“The girl Rose is the first love of the male protagonist Lian Wei and his childhood sweetheart, her humble status makes her have some inferiority complex, she is always a bit soft and weak in the novel, but in reality, she does not compete, she has a stubborn bone, I think the author named her Rose should also be a thorn in the side of the words.”

Chapter 12:

Lin Chuan nodded frequently, “It seems like you know the characters pretty well, even if people who have read the novel before think that Rose is too weak a woman.”

Hearing Director Lin Chuan say that, the two assistant directors beside her hurriedly agreed, “Yes, although this little girl is a newcomer, she has just performed with very appropriate emotions.”

“Not only were the emotions in place, but the expressions were especially full when saying the lines, especially the tears that were held all the way to the end before they fell.”

Lin Chuan nodded, “Okay, then the role is yours, we’ll inform your agent later.”

Jasmine Tong laughed awkwardly, “I don’t have an agent and I’m not signed, so just call the phone number I left when filming starts.”

Lin Chuan was quite surprised, nowadays young people of all sizes almost all have contracted companies, this little girl has the looks, the performance skills, but still has not signed.

“That’s fine, wait for the notice later.”

“Thank you, director” Jasmine Tong bowed deeply, and she dramatically took the role.

Jasmine Tong walked out of the room, still feeling light on her feet, like she was dreaming.

Albert Ou leaned in, “How’s it going?”

Jasmine Tong looked blankly at Albert Ou, “I was hired for this role and I took it.”

With that Albert Ou let out a sigh of relief and reached out to tap her on the head, “How are you going to thank me.”

Jasmine Tong patted Albert Ou’s shoulder, “Let me buy you dinner.”

“Fine, but let’s go to the hospital before we eat.”Albert Ou saw the wounds on Jasmine Tong’s body.

It was only then that Jasmine Tong noticed that while climbing up and down in the basement, she had accidentally scuffed all of her arms and thighs in several places, oozing blood.

“It’s not a problem, it’s a small wound, just go back and buy some salve to disinfect it.”

The two of them walked out together, and Albert Ou drove the Ferrari Raphael as usual, following Jasmine Tong’s directions to a large stall.

Well, it is indeed a large stall.

At a glance at just this surroundings, Albert Ou’s brow furrowed.

At his price, how could he have ever entered such an environment?

Jasmine Tong very familiarly greeted the somewhat hunchbacked owner and ordered a bunch of skewers and two small casseroles, which was a good enough meal for her.

Albert Ou coughed, “That, Jasmine Tong, do you think my car doesn’t go well with this place?”

Jasmine Tong looked at the sapphire blue Ferrari Raphael parked on the side of the road, which was indeed out of place with what the world saw as a dirty environment.

“But I can’t afford you anywhere else” she shrugged helplessly “I’m poor, would you believe me if I told you that my purse is cleaner than my face”

Albert Ou snorted softly, not speaking.

“How did you know my name was Tong Koman?”

Jasmine Tong remembered the first time we met, she was worried that she would be entangled in the future, so she didn’t tell the other party her name, the second time we met was also a hasty goodbye, didn’t mention any name ah!

“That “Albert Ou was momentarily speechless, he didn’t want to call her name, but in that situation this afternoon, he could only call her name, and come to think of it, she indeed didn’t mention her name to him, “You forgot in the library, you swiped your card to get in, I’ll just ask around, don’t I know.”

“That sister guarding the swipe card really doesn’t care about anything when she sees a handsome guy” Jasmine Tong couldn’t help but complain, “By the way, I still don’t know what your name is”

“Well you can just call me Asawa.”Albert Ou didn’t want her to know so soon that he was her husband, after all, he hadn’t even tried the things he wanted to test out yet

“Oh, what do you do,”

Albert Ou wasn’t really sure how to answer, as he hesitated.

Jasmine Tong suddenly slapped the table, “I know, you’re a duck, right?”


“Yeah, look at you driving such a nice car, but the clothes on your body are floor goods, and you’re still scurrying around in bars and places like that, handsome and in good shape, you must be a duck.”

Jasmine Tong said with narrowed eyes.

She had heard her own classmates mention that there were a lot of ducks out at the bar, so the thought of having a baby made her go to the bar as well, although it was a little more risky, but only the ducks wouldn’t pester her.

“Erm” Albert Ou was really at a loss for words.

He’s wearing a simple t-shirt, but it’s a high order from a certain brand, and yes, he’s even wearing a simple t-shirt in a high order

“No need to be embarrassed, I’m a person who would never look at you through tinted glasses.”Jasmine Tong heroically patted Albert Ou on the shoulder.

Albert Ou didn’t argue either.

“Thank you so much for today.”Jasmine Tong smiled brightly.

Albert Ou waited for a while, but couldn’t wait for Jasmine Tong’s following words, “It’s over.”

Jasmine Tong’s eyes dribbled around, “It’s over.”

“Just say thank you when you thank me and that’s it” or for the first time I knew thanking someone could be so simple.

“It’s a kebab for you, too.”

Albert Ou shook his head in disdain, “Don’t you forget that I still have your picture, plus I saved you this time, if it wasn’t for me, you might not have been able to choose your role today, here and there, shouldn’t you repay me a little”

Jasmine Tong thought that by getting along with this man, she might be able to muddle through with the photo thing, but who knew he was still thinking about it.

“And how do you want me to repay you?”

“I made it clear last time,” Albert Ou leaned closer to Jasmine Tong, “sleep with me again.”

Jasmine Tong bit her lip, “I mean, there are plenty of people you can sleep with every day in your profession, and there’s still money to be made, so what’s the point of sleeping with me?”

“Of course it makes sense, you tender, my profession sleeps with rich women, a half old woman, what’s the point Besides, I can also give you money ah.”

She calls him a duck, and he goes along with it.

“Can’t we just be friends and behave ourselves?”

“No fun.”

Jasmine Tong sighed, “I know you must not have many friends in your line of work, I think we can be friends ah, I don’t mind you.”

Albert Ou waved his hand, not liking to hear this set, “Jasmine Tong, wasn’t it nice when you slept with me last time? isn’t there a difference between sleeping once and sleeping twice? besides, didn’t you enjoy yourself in bed last time”

Jasmine Tong’s face immediately turned livid.

If she didn’t sleep with him once, she was probably bound to leak pictures of herself.

Albert Ou knew something was up when he saw Jasmine Tong’s expression.

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