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Chapter 13

“How about actually you’re not at a disadvantage” Albert Ou raised his head towards Jasmine Tong.

Jasmine Tong’s expression became serious, “Azai, from the fact that you took time out of your busy schedule to save me today, I can tell that you are a kind person, I don’t think a kind person would force another kind person to sleep with him”

Albert Ou opened his mouth and looked at Jasmine Tong’s serious and earnest face, but couldn’t find the words to say for a moment.

“I made it very clear last time, the reason I slept with you and had a baby was for a reason, and now that my husband is back, I’m not going to do this kind of thing again, you said once and twice is no different, but in my case, the difference is huge.”

Jasmine Tong paused and then said, “As for my photos, feel free, if you want to leak them out, I can’t do anything about it, but it’s against the law to privately leak nude photos of her people, although I have no money and no power, but if you infringe on my power, I will definitely not let up”

After saying that, Jasmine Tong stood up and took out her wallet from her pocket, rummaging for a while before taking out the money and placing it on the table.

“You saved me, I’ll buy you dinner.”When she finished, she put the scattered wad of bills on the table and left.

“Hey you’re no fun ah” Albert Ou shouted, Jasmine Tong didn’t return her head.

Albert Ou looked with chagrin at the pile of bills, the largest denomination of which was twenty, the rest of which were ten, and five, which added up to a total of a hundred.

“So you really are poor as can be.”

Albert Ou laughed helplessly, honestly, he probably hadn’t even seen a bill of that denomination before.

After thinking about it, he made a phone call to Lin Lan Lan and was just about to leave when John Quan’s call came in.

Jasmine Tong took the last bus back home and remembered as she walked to the door that she had forgotten to buy medicine.

This neighborhood because the community lived so few families, there used to be some merchants around, but gradually all closed down, the pharmacy is expected to walk for miles to find.

“Forget it.”Jasmine Tong took the key and opened the door back to her house.

Lin Lan Lan was still sitting on the couch watching dramas, she really liked watching dramas, especially those Korean dramas.

Tong ignored her and went to the kitchen as usual with no dinner in sight, she was a little tired herself, cooked herself a bowl of hanging noodles and sat down to eat in the dining room.

After eating and washing the dishes, Jasmine Tong was just about to go upstairs when she suddenly remembered if there would be a potion at Lin Lan Lan’s place.

She’s going to be on the set of a movie in a little while, and her arms and legs are all bruised, and it’s too easy to get infected this time of year, so what if it’s not treated, what if it’s serious?

“Lan Lan, is there any potion at home to disinfect on it, I accidentally scratched my skin today.”Because of the need for help, Jasmine Tong spoke very politely.

Lin Lan Lan glanced at her and took a plastic bag out from under the coffee table and slipped it to her, “See how good I am to you, being in a good place”

Jasmine Tong opened that plastic bag and found that it had all the medicines to disinfect and clear wounds to make them heal faster, and, all of them were brand new.

“Thanks,” she said, and took the medicine upstairs.


The lighted venue was another night of passionate excitement.

A pole girl was performing right in the middle of the stage, which drew a lot of screams.

“Good job,” shouted a fair-skinned, jade faced boy with particularly large, shiny, dark eyes, squinting and badass.

John Quan, known as Quan Shao.

He took a double gulp from the bottle and turned around, putting an arm around Albert Ou’s shoulder.

“Asawa, you mean that your own wife your wife wanted to borrow your seed to have a child and cuckold you that day.”

Albert Ou glanced at him without speaking, minding his own business and drinking his own wine.

“I can tell you this, there’s a first time for this kind of woman, there’s a second time, there’s a second time, there’s a third time, there’s a third time, there’s a nth time, I can see the green light coming out of your head now hahaha.”

John said stroking Albert Ou’s head.

“f*ck off” Albert Ou glared hard at John and said in silence for a moment, “I threatened her with her picture and she wouldn’t even agree to sleep with me, plus I saved her, double test.”

“Bullsh!t double test you ah, or contact too little this woman ah, mouths say no, but the body is very honest, do not listen to their mouths, but listen to their hearts.”

Albert Ou was thoughtful.

Honestly, when Jasmine Tong rejected him today, he was secretly joyful inside, he wanted to be open with her, but after listening to what John Quan said, he felt that it wasn’t unreasonable.

Albert Ou suddenly turned his head, “Then why do you think she wants to have a child at her young age?”

“Hell knows you’re a strange enough wife, too.”

John stroked his chin that wasn’t bearded, “But maybe it’s an excuse because he wanted to steal food.”

Albert Ou narrowed his eyes.

“That’s not good I really can’t think of any young girl who wants to have children now, not to mention young girls, even women in their thirties who are already successful in their careers and don’t want to get married and have children.”

Albert Ou nodded, “Looks like I’m going to keep testing her.”

John Quan patted Albert Ou’s shoulder, “Okay, don’t think about that unlucky wife of yours, which chick do you fancy today, I’ll help you take you down you’re also considered to be an enlightenment, let you soothe today”

Albert Ou took John’s hand away in disgust, “I’m leaving.”

“Hey, don’t go, you’re broken, what’s the point of pretending to be pure?”

Without saying anything, Albert Ou strode away from the bar.

I don’t know what’s going on, but all the women here are heavily made up and bare chested, but he feels sick to his stomach.

Because she will soon enter the crew to shoot, she is the third woman in the drama, although not much, but, it is expected to take a month to go, she must arrange all the arrangements for Yarwen Tong before leaving, as well as to deal with their own graduation thesis.

This week seems to be Tong’s busiest week yet.

Honestly speaking, Jasmine Tong was a bit apprehensive the last time she was separated from Ze, but if this man published her photos in anger, wouldn’t she be miserable?

However, the past few days had been peaceful, so she put her mind at ease.

After writing her thesis and settling down with Yarwen Tong, Jasmine Tong finally breathed a sigh of relief.

Tomorrow was the day to go into the set and she needed to pack tonight.

As soon as he entered the house, Lin Lan Lan ran over, “How did you just get back sir is coming back today you hurry up and get ready”

Chapter 14

Jasmine Tong was stunned, not yet used to having a husband of her own.

She was so busy with her dissertation and the drama crew that she forgot about her husband.

“What are you waiting for? Go up and wash up,” urged Lin Lan Lan.

The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the newest products, and then you’ll be able to see them.

Jasmine Tong does not want to and her theory, this girl sharp teeth and sharp tongue, scolded people that is a set of a set of, why and her anger it

“Got it.”After saying that, Jasmine Tong went straight upstairs.

Lynne skimmed hard and went back to her room, standing in front of the mirror and looking at herself.

Efforts up to prop up their breasts, “also do not know what Mr. look at that woman what the breasts do not have my big face well, also do not have me good unfair really unfair.”

Jasmine Tong went upstairs and took a quick shower, this man could come back today, no matter what, he was his husband, he always had to let him know about his schedule.

To Jasmine Tong’s delight, she took a test two days ago and she was not pregnant.

That’s good, and saves you from not knowing who the baby in your belly is.

Even though this husband only showed up after a year, she still wanted to have a baby as soon as possible after all, and it was a good idea to discuss it with him today.

Thinking so, Jasmine Tong took a shower and packed her luggage.

She didn’t have much luggage, a small suitcase would suffice.

Set everything up and the man hasn’t come back yet.

Tomorrow morning, we will go to Goose City to shoot, Goose City is not the name of a city, but a shooting base, basically all costume dramas will be shot there, almost 50 kilometers from the city center of Slivestopol, not far.

It’s not far, but there’s an opening ceremony early in the morning, and this is her first one, so it’s a shame to miss it.

Jasmine Tong was a little sleepy before she knew it, and lay hard on the bed, falling asleep shortly after.

Albert Ou came over late at night, as usual, and as soon as he arrived, Lin Lan Lan turned off the electric switch in the house.

He had a really busy week, and then he found out that Jasmine Tong was going to be in the cast and had to come over, so he really missed it.

It’s good that he’s never touched a woman before, but he’s not going to get away with it.

Stepping into the room, he saw Jasmine Tong on the bed in her pajamas without a blanket, and that exquisite body posture made him spring to his feet.

Albert Ou pressed on without saying a word.

Jasmine Tong’s sleep wasn’t heavy, and she woke up as soon as Albert Ou came over, after all, she still had things to discuss with him.

“Wait a minute” Jasmine Tong had a hard time ducking out from under Albert Ou’s k!sses and she reached out to touch the lamp switch on the bedside table.


The lights didn’t even come on.

Jasmine Tong pressed back and forth several more times, but the light still didn’t come on.

what’s going on?

The lights are out.

Just as Jasmine Tong hesitated, Albert Ou had pulled her hand back and once again dominated her lips with a hot, wet k!ss.

She tried to open her mouth several times, but Albert Ou didn’t give her any chance.

Again, he ripped off her nightgown.

He wanted it so badly that she had even less chance to speak.

It continued until twelve o’clock at night, and when Albert Ou saw that Jasmine Tong underneath him was really tired as he could be, he stopped.

Albert Ou turned his back to her and began to dress, not sure how he managed to be able to tell his clothes apart in the darkness, but in any case, the darkness was more than enough to get him moving.

Jasmine Tong’s fingertips moved, tired, aching

But she still tried to raise her eyelids, “Honey.”

Hearing this voice, Albert Ou suddenly stopped his hand movements, and this airy voice made his brow suddenly have a hint of joy.

It’s the first time I’ve ever heard it called that.

Somehow, he liked it, he did.

“Let’s have a baby.”Tonto said weakly.

Albert Ou couldn’t speak for fear of exposing his identity, so he quickly dressed and left.

The tall figure flashed in the darkness, and the door slammed shut with a bang.

Jasmine Tong’s thoughts were a bit messy, he didn’t speak, whether he agreed or disagreed

Because she was so tired, she drifted off to sleep.

When Albert Ou came downstairs, Lin Lan Lan lit a few candles in the living room, which were still quite bright, and when she saw Albert Ou coming down, she immediately opened the electric gate and blew out the candles in the meantime.

“Sir, you’re tired, would you like some supper” Lin Lan Lan hurriedly came forward.

Albert Ou ignored her and sat on the couch, “Get me a pen and paper.”

Lin Lan Lan didn’t dare to slow down and quickly put pen and paper into Albert Ou’s hand.

Albert Ou quickly wrote something to give to Linelands.

When Lin Lan Lan looked at it, it seemed to be English words that she couldn’t quite understand.

“Tomorrow morning when the wife wakes up, give this to her and tell her to report her whereabouts to me in the future.”

“Yes, sir.

Albert Ou got up and left.

It was ten o’clock in the morning when Jasmine Tong woke up, she took a look at the time and missed the opening ceremony after all.

This morning’s opening ceremony was at nine o’clock. It’s probably over by now.

She lay down on the bed, allowing her body to sink deep under the covers.

That man always has to be so cruel.

It’s probably bruised and blue again.

There was only the opening ceremony today, and since she’d already missed it, she didn’t have to rush.

After a little more sleep, Jasmine Tong dawdled and got up, then dragged her own luggage downstairs.

She also ignored Lin Lan Lan and walked straight out, when Lin Lan Lan suddenly called out to her.

“Hey mister left you this note” Lin Lan Lan handed a small slip of paper to Jasmine Tong.

Jasmine Tong took the note over, and the English words on it were baffling, and she looked at Lin Lan Lan with a confused look on her face.

Lin Lan Lan cleared her throat, quite the master, “Sir said that in the future you will report your whereabouts to him.”

“Oh.”Jasmine Tong pondered carefully, she didn’t have her husband’s cell phone number, which probably should have been a micro signal

So, she took out her phone and tried to add it, and sure enough she found it.

It was all taken in by Lin Lan Lan.

Jasmine Tong coldly snorted, this man is also enough of a chicken thief, not even giving a phone number, the general people’s micro signal is also a cell phone number, but he is biased, it seems that he is also intentionally defending her.

“Lan Lan, my bedroom lamp is broken, it won’t come on yesterday no matter how I turn it on, please take a look at it and fix it if it’s broken.”

“You told me to fix the lamp” Lin Lan Lan glared at Jasmine Tong with her eyes crossed, with a great sense of what right do you have to order me around

“I don’t think your husband would be happy if he came home and the lamp in the house was broken.”

Lin Lan Lan snorted even more irrepressibly, “Don’t worry, mister doesn’t need a desk lamp he doesn’t need all household appliances”

Jasmine Tong frowned, seeming to hear something hidden from Lin Lan Lan’s lips, “What do you mean”

Chapter 15

“What do you mean” Lin Lan Lan was even more irrepressible, “You don’t understand? okay, then I’ll tell you plainly, your lamp probably isn’t broken, it’s just out of power.”

“The power’s out.”

“Yes, because the gentleman told me to turn off the electric switch ah this time and last time too and the gentleman said that as soon as he comes back, the electric switch must be turned off at home.”

When Lin Lan Lan said this, she was not to mention how proud she was of her eyebrows.


Jasmine Tong was a little puzzled.

“Why are you asking me why my husband doesn’t want to see you? You’re just a tool for him. Your face is disgusting to him.

This naturally sounded uncomfortable, but Jasmine Tong felt that this was by no means the reason, although her looks were not particularly outstanding, a girl majoring in acting would never be ugly

Lin Lan Lan looked at Jasmine Tong proudly, “Also, sir said that you are to be on call when you go to the theater to shoot a movie, in case sir needs you from time to time”

Jasmine Tong only felt trembling all over…

“You ah, at best, is an inflatable doll, don’t take yourself as a wife every day want me to say, you are not even as inflatable doll, the master of the inflatable doll also knows how to regularly flush a gas, clean it, you have to do it yourself”

Jasmine Tong was furious and cold, and she pulled her suitcase and left quickly.

Lin Lan Lan made a face at her, feeling extraordinarily relaxed, she might soon be able to replace this mistress!

Here, she quickly picked up the piece of paper that Jasmine Tong had dropped.

She immediately opened her MySpace search for the number and chose to request to be added as a friend.

Jasmine Tong got on the bus to Yancheng, her head leaning against the window, her head all in Lin Lanlan’s words.

“You are, at best, an inflatable doll.”



Jasmine Tong closed her eyes in pain, could it be that that man’s sudden appearance was to take his own lust out?

Why would he be married for a year and not show up, then suddenly show up a year later and use himself as a sex object?

It’s hard to feel bad.

All married, she had no choice but to think of divorce.

However, in the event of a divorce, the other party would surely demand the million dollars from a year ago, so where would she find a million dollars?

The car bumped for over an hour before arriving in Yancheng, and Jasmine Tong carried her luggage to the hotel designated by the crew.

The crew was stationed here for filming, this hotel was almost contracted out to the crew, and she was the third woman, so naturally she had her own place to stay.

If the entertainment industry is a big circle, then a crew is a small circle, and don’t look at just staying in a hotel, there are a lot of twists and turns in this.

Naturally, the first woman and the first man and the director have to stay in the best room, which is the suite here.

The second female and the second male and the other actors in the show who have a lot of drama and heavy parts, as well as some assistant directors and other creatives have to stay in slightly lesser rooms.

The rest of us will have to stay in even worse rooms, and those with very little drama may need two or even three people to share a room.

The rooms are assigned in advance by the crew’s support staff, and when you arrive at the hotel front desk, just give your name and you’ll receive your room card.

Jasmine Tong pulled her suitcase up to the hotel’s front desk, gave her name, and the person at the front desk simply gave her a room card.


Receiving her room card, Jasmine Tong was undoubtedly excited, it was her first time officially taking on a TV series, and she excitedly pulled her suitcase out and went to room 302.

When I opened the door, a little girl was sitting on the bed with a small mirror, putting on her makeup.

Jasmine Tong was startled, it was a double room.

The little girl seemed to realize that someone would be coming and continued to put on her own makeup without looking up.

Jasmine Tong was a little disappointed, but, on second thought, the two of them were good, so that they could still be companions, so she began to pack her things.

The little girl sitting on the bed was finally satisfied with the makeup on her face, and was a pretty good-looking girl, with big eyes and a melon face.

“Hey, my name is Song Yiwen, you can call me Wen Wen, I play the second female in the play, Princess Yuan Sheng’s personal maid.”

The girl named Song Yiwen had a sharp voice and a high tone, and she was quite proud of her role in the play.

She also knew the rules of this hotel, and those who could stay in double rooms were definitely minor characters, and her role as a personal maid, although she was only a personal maid, was a female second, and almost every time the second female appeared, she had a part to play, so it was indeed something to be proud of.

Jasmine Tong smiled towards her, “My name is Jasmine Tong, and I play the role of Rose.”

“Rosebud” hearing this role, Song Yiwen stared at it, “Isn’t that female number three?”

Jasmine Tong nodded.

“Then how do you live here? You can’t live in the best, at least it’s a single room,” Song Yiwen exclaimed.

Honestly, Jasmine Tong didn’t understand the rules of this, and after she was stunned, she continued to pack her own bags.

Song Yiwen still wanted to say something, opened her mouth, and then took back what she wanted to say.

She knows it too. Do you have to ask?

She’s a raw face and definitely has no access to the best room, unlike Rameen Tong who plays the second best woman, though she is the second best woman.

Why? She’s the boss of Eason International. Can’t he give her the best room?

This score house depends not only on the importance of the characters, but also on the backing behind them.

The two men didn’t talk much next, so they went about their business.

Packing up her luggage, Jasmine Tong took a few photos of the hotel and passed them on to her friends.

She was a very contented person, even if she was given a room that didn’t conform to the rules, she was still satisfied that this was a new beginning for her.

She posted the photo to her friends and wrote: New beginnings, Jasmine, Way to go!

In the evening, Song Yiwen was really bored, so she asked Jasmine Tong to go out with her for a walk to familiarize herself with the surroundings.

After chatting, Jasmine Tong also knew that Song Yiwen was from a science class, only 20 years old and a sophomore.

As soon as the two of them went out, they heard voices laughing not far away, and the naturally curious Song Yiwen looked over towards the source of the voices and immediately saw Rameen Tong.

I saw Rameen Tong being surrounded by a group of young girls.

She perked up and immediately waved her hand vigorously towards Rameen Tong, “Miss Rameen.”

Jasmine Tong was in a dilemma: in the past, her relationship with Rameen Tong was a bit hard to describe, but in the past, it was as if she didn’t fit in.

She had just joined the crew and didn’t want to be seen as out of place, so she had to walk hard with Song Yiwen.

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