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Chapter 166

Albert Ou’s palm directly probed into Jasmine Tong’s body.


Jasmine Tong sucked in a breath of cold air.


Only then did Albert Ou remember that he had no body temperature, and he quickly withdrew his hand, rubbing gently on her abdomen through Tong’s hospital gown.

The two men were lying face to face on the bed.

At that moment, Jasmine Tong raised her eyes to look at Albert Ou, who was concentrating on rubbing Jasmine Tong’s stomach without looking at her.

Last time, he did the same thing?

If it wasn’t for Albert Ou’s frantic confession a few days ago, Jasmine Tong would probably think that there was something else waiting for her later.

“I know you have a boyfriend who has been in love with you for five years, I know you have admirers who only love you alone, I know you’re with me only because of your brother, but I’m still fcking in love with you, Jasmine Tong I Albert Ou is simply sick I’m fcking sick.”

Albert Ou’s initial words echoed in her ears.

This man was truly in love with her.

After he pouted away from himself, he chose to come back even though he was hurt.

Albert Ou saw that Jasmine Tong had no reaction anymore, so he looked at her and bumped into Jasmine Tong’s gaze.

Jasmine Tong, embarrassed, looked away for a moment.

If it were a normal day, this man would have to poke fun at her and wouldn’t stop until he made her blush with amusement.

“Is it better?”

But today, he was incredibly gentle.


“Go to sleep, good night.”

“Good night.”

Jasmine Tong turned around with difficulty, and Albert Ou cradled her in his arms, his palm still rubbing gently on her abdomen.

It felt like when she was a child and her mother would rub her belly to help her eat bad food.

Jasmine Tong soon fell asleep.

It was a good night’s sleep.

The next morning, she was awakened by a noise.

Albert Ou is reprimanding Russel Cheng from outside.

Russel Cheng hung his head and didn’t say a word.

“How do you do things without protecting the wife even, and now let you investigate this matter, can not investigate to what use you have, a bunch of trash.”

Russel Cheng is also very aggrieved.

He had really done nothing all day yesterday and had set out to investigate the matter, but he had found nothing.

“Mr. Ou, I checked everything I could, the cab that left with the wife was a fake, they took the path through the airport, there was no surveillance at all, and there were really no clues left at the scene.”

Russel Cheng immediately argued.

“Go check again for me so organized and disciplined, it’s no coincidence, go investigate if the last few gangs have received any assignments.”

“Yes, I’ll check right away.”

Jasmine Tong looked out the window, looking a little trance-like.

The nurse saw that Jasmine Tong was awake and immediately came over.

When Albert Ou was not in the room, he would call the nurse to keep an eye on him.

“Ma’am, do you need something to eat when you wake up? Mr. Ou started cursing early in the morning, fierce, if I do anything wrong later, ma’am, you must plead for me.”

The little nurse hurriedly sought the shelter of Jasmine Tong.

Jasmine Tong pursed her lips and smiled.

“He’s not that powerful, don’t be afraid.”

“Ma’am, that’s for you, for the rest of us, Ou is not the fiercest, only fiercer.”

As he said that, Albert Ou walked in, the little nurse shut up for a moment and blinked at Jasmine Tong.

“Woke you up,” Albert Ou walked quickly to the bed.

I don’t know who was ranting just now, it felt like it was all going to be cannibalistic, and now the instant change in tone is a bit of a turn-off.


“Ma’am, eat something first, you’ll need an IV later.”The little nurse said evenly.

Jasmine Tong nodded.

The little nurse immediately fetched the sick meal, and Albert Ou fed her again, one bite at a time, even though her hands were free at the moment, and he insisted on feeding her.

After dinner, the nurse arrived in the room pushing the infusion bottles and tools that had been prepared.

Although Jasmine Tong was very thin, but the blood vessels on her hands were very thin, although the nurse had prepared the thinnest needle beforehand, but, looking at the blood vessels that were almost as thick as the needle, the nurse was sweating in a hurry.

The key was that Albert Ou was still around and even more scared.

After hesitating for a long time, the nurse finally got around to sticking the needle.

The moment the needle pierced into Jasmine Tong’s skin, Albert Ou immediately covered Tong’s eyes.

That startled Jasmine Tong.

But the nurse couldn’t get it into the blood vessel.

Had to pull the needle out.

Albert Ou saw her pull the needle out again and got antsy.

“You can’t even stick a needle in it.”

Jasmine Tong took away Albert Ou’s hand, and the nurse was already shaking a bit.

“O, O, Madam’s veins are too fine to stick in.”

“Go and get the best nurse you have here.”

“Yes yes yes,”

The nurse immediately pressed a cotton ball against the skin she had just punctured, and there was blood flowing out.

Albert Ou let her go while he held the place down, looking worriedly at Jasmine Tong.

“Does it hurt?”

Jasmine Tong laughed awkwardly, “Fine, don’t do that, you’re scaring people.”

“Okay, I’ll converse a little.”

Jasmine Tong stared at Albert Ou with wide eyes, so easy to talk to!

My God, is this still the Albert Ou Noe she knew?

The little nurse quickly brought in the head nurse of the hospital, who was a little older, and poured a needle into it.

The day’s infusion of this begins again.

Russel Cheng delivered Albert Ou’s office files to the hospital room while Jasmine Tong was infusing the infusion.

Jasmine Tong was bored and started playing with her phone with one hand while the other hand was infused.

In the news, the news of Rameen Tong taking over Sparrow Nirvana has taken up a lot of space.

“Former cheerleading princess takes on first cheerleading teen movie.”

Since her return from the United States, Rameen Tong has been known as the “Princess of Cheerleading”.

A lot of news is all about Rameen.

The newest member of the family is the former president of the United States of America.

Rameen Tong seems to have become a legend, and she stepped into the ranks of top-tier actresses in the shortest possible time.

Jasmine Tong couldn’t help but sigh.

It was this sigh that Albert Ou heard, and Albert Ou looked at Jasmine Tong.

Seeing that she didn’t look too good, he immediately got up and came over and sat on the edge of the bed.

A glance at Jasmine Tong’s phone screen.

Albert Ou put one hand on Jasmine Tong’s shoulder and enfolded her in his arms.

“Still reluctant?”

Jasmine Tong laughed bitterly.

How can you be willing to do that?


“It’s okay, just tell her to shoot this time, and I’ll organize the best team for you to shoot whatever you want later.”

Chapter 167

Such a gentle Albert Ou made Jasmine Tong a little uncomfortable.

She smiled and nodded towards Albert Ou.

You can shoot whatever you want.

He must have cared about her a lot.

Albert Ou reached out and ruffled Jasmine Tong’s soft hair.

“Isn’t it boring.”

“A little.”

Of course she’d be bored, with an IV in one hand, only able to lie in bed, unable to even get off the floor, and with only her phone at hand.

But she didn’t even have a game on her phone, and there was really nothing to do but check the news and flip through her friends.

Albert Ou got up and returned to his desk and brought his phone over.

He casually opened a folder on his phone’s desktop.

“It’s all a game in here, so you can watch yourself play it.”

Jasmine Tong set her eyes on it.

Oh, God.

Not worthy of a game genius’s phone, this folder is dense with games all over the place, randomly flipping through, completely unable to turn the bottom!

“Why do you have so many games on your phone?”

“Just testing game performance, here are almost all the games our company has put out, some of which have been deleted, as well as some games from rival companies.”

“But you can fit so many games on your phone.”

“My phone is privately made and has more memory, so you play around and call me if you need anything.”

Then, in order to make it easier for Jasmine Tong to play, Albert Ou also put a small tabletop for her, and even took a cell phone holder to fix it, so that she can easily play games with one hand.

The dazzling game made Jasmine Tong pick her eyes.

She’s never been much of a fan of things like games, even hates them, after all, as the old-timers used to say: playthings are lost.

But she turned out to be married to a game expert who specializes in making games.

Jasmine Tong chooses a game for fun. She doesn’t know how to play other games either.

I remember the game was so popular that many people in the cast added each other as friends, and we discussed the secret of the level.

It turns out this is produced by Albert Ou’s company.

Albert Ou gave her a look and then began to concentrate on the paperwork again.

The two men were surprisingly harmonious in this shared space without disturbing each other.

For almost the entire morning, Albert Ou was very busy, he had been back in Aiya for almost half a month, and the work that had piled up for the better part of the month was more than he could count.

Albert Ou hated reading these papers, so after working all morning, Albert Ou was irritated.

Seeing that Jasmine Tong was playing happily, he simply put down the pen in his hand and walked over.

Albert Ou went straight to bed and sat next to Jasmine Tong, one arm on Tong’s shoulder, intimately.

He looked at the screen, but Jasmine Tong had only passed a dozen levels.

Jasmine Tong was still struggling at the eighteenth hurdle, her brow furrowed.

As a game genius who founded the world’s largest game company, Albert Ou was surprised to find out that his wife was a game idiot!

Won’t people laugh at him if they find out?

Perhaps it was because as a game maker, he didn’t want people trampling on his finished product, and the irritation of dealing with paperwork, Albert Ou couldn’t restrain himself any longer.

“Aren’t you stupid you won’t look before you take the next step? Move there and you’ll obviously die.”

“There’s only one last step left, so can’t you do the math before you go?”

“Jasmine Tong, you’re a genius. You can’t even pass this level after eight times.”

“Is there a bug in your head game the first thirty levels, ninety percent of users can pass with three stars, this is to entice them to keep playing you see how many three stars you have”

“In order not to discourage users, every level, even if it’s a difficult level again, basically won’t let users play more than seven times to get through the level you can’t even get through ten times.”

Albert Ou scolded Jasmine Tong on the sidelines

Jasmine Tong, who was just a little bit interested in the game, was also suddenly unhappy when she heard this scolding from Albert Ou.

At first, she would have put up with it, after all, she did play a lot of vegetables.

But games are supposed to be entertainment. Who wants to be yelled at all the time?

“Jasmine Tong, you just moved over there didn’t you win it really stupid can ah pigs are stronger than you play”

When she heard this, Jasmine Tong couldn’t stand it any longer

She shoved the phone right back into Albert Ou’s arms.

“No fun what fun I just can’t play is pigs are stronger than me I don’t play, okay back to you”

After saying that, Jasmine Tong lay down and closed her eyes with her back to Albert Ou.

She’s a hellokitty if she doesn’t get mad.

Jasmine Tong’s tantrum also let Albert Ou know if he had just scolded too much

He started switching gentle mode again by the second and gently touched her shoulder.

“Okay, okay, I’m not going to yell at you, I’m going to teach you, okay”

This gentle voice made Jasmine Tong really wonder if she was dreaming.

“Jasmine, don’t be mad, you’re getting well now, eh”

Jasmine Tong trailed off, “You keep scolding me.”

“It’s all my fault, I’m not going to yell at you.”



Only then did Jasmine Tong sit up, and Albert Ou circled Jasmine Tong in his arms as he himself took the phone and instructed Jasmine Tong on how to pass.

In the process of Albert Ou instructing himself, Jasmine Tong had to admit that Albert Ou was really playing well.

She couldn’t die to get through a level that Albert Ou could basically handle in ten steps and pass with three stars.

From time to time, Jasmine Tong looked up at Albert Ou’s handsome and charming face, his eyes were especially beautiful.

It’s like blue glass, romantic and bright.

at night

When Jasmine Tong fell asleep, Albert Ou quietly got up again, turned on his computer, and entered the game making program.

In order not to wake up Jasmine Tong, he deliberately dimmed the computer screen and tapped his fingers on the keyboard as gently as possible.

The next day, when Jasmine Tong was ready to continue playing the game, Albert Ou opened another folder.

“You play these games today, whichever one you like.”

Jasmine Tong thought about it, but it didn’t seem to be in this folder yesterday.

“I made this for you last night, and when you can’t get past it, there’s the secret of the pass over here.”Albert Ou said as he covered up for Jasmine Tong.

Jasmine Tong looked at Albert Ou incredulously.

He got up again last night and made her a separate game on the fly.

Why are you being so nice to her?

Albert Ou stroked Jasmine Tong’s head, “Have fun, shout at me if you don’t understand, I have a bunch of papers to read today.”

Jasmine Tong also saw that Russel Cheng had delivered a huge pile of documents in the morning.

But he knew he was working so much, yet he still got up in the middle of the night to make himself games.

Chapter 168

The heart was all taken up with a warmth.

However, his kindness to her wasn’t over yet.

In the afternoon, an old herbalist came to the ward and cut Jasmine Tong’s pulse and looked at Tong’s foot injury.

“Mrs. Ou, this foot of yours is a stale injury, you should remember not to overexert yourself in the future, otherwise it will really leave a permanent problem in the future, I will prescribe you a pair of medicines here, every night if you have time, make a decoction to soak your feet, in addition, if it is cloudy and rainy and the pain is severe, put on these poultices, it will relieve some.”

“Oh, well, thanks.”

The old herbalist reminded some more about decoctions and foot soaks, and left some poultices and left.

Jasmine Tong looked at Albert Ou, she had only mentioned to him once that she had not made it to the US Championships because of her foot injury.

I can’t believe he remembered and personally invited a doctor to come and see her.

This man, isn’t he a new man?

Jasmine Tong suddenly felt sour in her heart, no one has ever been so nice to her before

While Jasmine Tong was on her lunch break, Albert Ou came to Yarwen Tong’s hospital room, as his condition was stable and Yarwen Tong had been transferred from the intensive care unit to the intensive care unit.

Zhou Li Cheng and Albert Ou are outside the hospital room.

It looked as if Zhou Lixin was particularly excited.

“Mr. Ou, Yarwen Tong’s physiological indicators are all very good it’s really amazing.”

“How’s it going?”

“It’s in very good condition and I’ve done some full checks on the state of his heart and found that it’s now fully comparable to a normal person.”

“And how long can he last in this state.”

Zhou Li Cheng shook his head, “Not quite sure, because it’s a bold attempt on our part and there’s no precedent, so everything is unknown, but as of now, he’s fine for now, but I’ll keep testing.”

Albert Ou nodded and pushed through the door.

Yarwen Tong was still lying in the hospital bed, looking much better.

The previous Yarwen Tong always looked a little pale because of his heart problems, but now there is a rare redness.

“Brother-in-law” Yarwen Tong immediately sat down, “How is my sister”

He had offered to go see Jasmine Tong several times, but he had been stopped by Zhou Licheng.

“She’s fine, just some flesh wounds.”

“Then you let me go see my sister, and they’re all stopping me from going.”

Albert Ou sat on the edge of the bed.

“You are now going to see your sister like this, isn’t it not a waste of time for her to worry? manman although there is nothing wrong, but also need to recuperate quietly, be good, here to recuperate first, wait until President Zhou says you can be discharged, change clothes and then go to see your sister is not too late, then as if you had not come to the hospital.”

Yarwen Tong felt that Albert Ou’s words made sense.

“So is my sister really okay?”

“It’s okay, I’ll take care of her.”

“That’s good, hard work, brother-in-law.”

It was too hard for him to run both ways, with Yarwen Tong on one side and Jasmine Tong on the other.

“As it should be, rest.”

It was during Jasmine Tong’s hospitalization that everyone had a golden holiday and the sound of the blossoms was released.

There were a lot of films released during this period, including Nirvana, directed by Qi Yuanyi, which was the most promising of all the films released.

The sound of blossoming flowers because of the subject matter restrictions, coupled with the public’s aesthetic fatigue of youth films, coupled with the lack of pre-publicity efforts, in addition to Mo Yiang and no box office security actors.

In the three aspects of timing, location and people, all have the disadvantage, so the major cinemas have a pitifully small schedule.

On the first day of release, Nirvana was the film favored by the theaters, with a schedule that was essentially in the mid-40s percent, and all the rest of the films dividing up the rest of the schedule.

So, on the first day, Nirvana scored 150 million at the box office.

This figure also breaks the previous record of 130 million at the box office on the first day of release, which also happens to be held by director Qi Yuanyi.

There is a lot of optimism out there.

The sound of blossoming flowers is so low, naturally, also can not get good box office, the first day to get 7 million box office, is not easy.

Those box office credits also have to go to Mo Yiang’s die-hard fans.

The future is dark.

On the second day of its release, major news outlets will naturally analyze the various films, with Qi Yuanyi’s Nirvana taking up almost all the pages with praise.

Other films, and just a few personalities from the media still know how to pay attention to some of them and analyze them.

Blossom’s voice is barely rated at all, except by Moichi Aang’s die-hard fans waving flags.

Jasmine Tong was also really stuffed when she looked at the box office receipts.

She’s also aware that the box office is a vicious circle of things.

The lower the number of releases, the lower the box office, and the lower the number of releases, the lower the box office, and so on in a vicious circle.

“What’s wrong” Albert Ou looked up at Jasmine Tong frowning.

“Not much, you’re busy.”

Jasmine Tong really didn’t want to disturb Albert Ou’s rest anymore.

Albert Ou quietly opened his phone and entered the tracking system, browsing the webpage Jasmine Tong had just browsed.

Turns out it was because of the movie’s box office.

“I’m going out for a minute.”Albert Ou stood up and walked out.

Jasmine Tong also ignored it.

Albert Ou made a direct call to Russel Cheng.

“Immediately call Mr. Zhang at the Thousand Saxon Cinema and tell him that all of the primetime movie schedule for tonight goes to Blossom Sound.”

“O, O, that’s unlikely,”

That’s not how you spoil your wife.

“It’s a matter of course, you tell Zhang that I’m responsible for ten times the damages tonight if you don’t come back within a week.”

“Okay, O, I’ll get right on it.”

Albert Ou hung up the phone and went back into the hospital room without saying anything.

Artisan International

When Nirvana was on fire, Rameen Tong could naturally laugh in her dreams, and her luck lately was simply not too good.

There are already official estimates that Nirvana is bound to make over two billion dollars at the box office.

By then, she’ll be a two billion dollar actress, already fast-tracked into the top tier of actresses, and Nirvana’s big sale will surely take her to the next level.

And, in the meantime, Desmond called her to tell her that the house was selling wine like crazy.

With the introduction of the concept of “health wine”, coupled with the packaging is very high, there are micro-business promotion and marketing, Tongji wine is indeed selling like crazy.

This month’s sales of Tong Kee Liquor reached tens of millions.

As the packaging improves and the health wine follows suit, the price naturally rises, so the profits from this sale are substantial.

The future is even brighter.

However, there was one more thing that bothered Rameen Tong.

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