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Chapter 175

“You tell me what you’re buying that thing for.”

“Of course it’s contraception.”


Albert Ou immediately put his finger in the center of Jasmine Tong’s lips, signaling her not to continue.

“Won’t you even give me a chance to explain?”

“Then speak up,”

Albert Ou gently stroked Jasmine Tong’s hair, his eyes full of all the spoiling that flowed out of the corners of his eyes.

“You were hospitalized a while ago and used so many medications, I’m worried that if I get pregnant now, it won’t be good for the baby, so I can just use this time to treat your foot injury properly so you don’t have any future problems.”

Albert Ou’s words were very, very soft, as if he was really worried about Jasmine Tong.

Jasmine Tong slapped her head, yeah, she’d forgotten all about it.

I was hospitalized for many days for transfusions, and the topical medications were not missing, and this foot soak, most of which are blood-activating and stasis-reducing, and the most taboo thing about pregnancy is blood-activating.

It’s true that she’s not fit to be pregnant right now.

“But, Little Lei,”

“I asked President Zhou about Yarwen’s condition, and he said that he gave Yarwen an all-round examination, especially on his heart function, and that Yarwen has no problems at the moment, and if he takes his medication as usual, he still has a long life ahead of him.”

Jasmine Tong slowly let out a breath, but she and Yarwen Tong had actually talked on WeChat as well.

Yarwen Tong also said that recently, he felt his heart was much stronger.

Albert Ou lifted Jasmine Tong’s chin.

“I don’t want you to have a baby just for little Lei, after all, this baby is yours and mine, and I don’t want anything to go wrong with it, and I don’t think you do either.”

After all, this child is yours and mine.

So he really wants to have a baby with her now.

Jasmine Tong pursed her lips and smiled.

“Okay, I hear you.”

This was the first time Jasmine Tong had been so obedient.

Albert Ou k!ssed her directly on the lips, his breathing slowly starting to speed up as the wet heat of the k!ss.

His palms were becoming restless.

Jasmine Tong immediately grabbed his hand and looked a little alarmed.

“What’s wrong,” Albert Ou inquired, breathing roughly.


“I want you, Jasmine, don’t you, don’t you? How long has it been since we’ve done it, hmmm.”

Albert Ou took Jasmine Tong in his arms and said slowly in her ear.

Jasmine Tong also knew it in her heart, he had gone away for half a month on a gambling business trip, she had been hospitalized this time for over a month now, probably because of her injury, and he hadn’t touched her either.

Thinking of this, Jasmine Tong slowly loosened her hand and encircled Albert Ou’s neck.

The corners of Albert Ou’s mouth gently rose and k!ssed Jasmine Tong’s ear, Jasmine Tong immediately shrank her neck up.

Although he had been abstinent for almost two months, Albert Ou’s desire had reached its peak, but he was patient and k!ssed her from her lips to her neck and all the way down.

Gently removing her nightgown, she held her close in her arms.

The temperature in the room slowly rose.

The two men relived their old lingering moments.

Jasmine Tong thought that Albert Ou hadn’t touched her for a long time and should have struggled until dawn, but he only needed her twice and carried her to the bathroom.

Although she was recovering well, Albert Ou was also measured, so naturally he didn’t dare to push too hard or last too long for fear that Jasmine Tong wouldn’t be able to take it.

In Albert Ou’s arms, Jasmine Tong drifted off to sleep.

Albert Ou, however, couldn’t sleep.

Looking at the person in your arms, with the corners of your mouth still turned upwards, you should have a nice dream too.

But he was lying to her about everything.

Can you lie to her for a while? Can you lie to her forever?

When Jasmine Tong got well, she would definitely ask for a pregnancy again, and then he would really have no reason to refuse.

The doctor also said that taking the contraceptive tonic would only ruin Jasmine Tong and should not be used again.

What to do?

Albert Ou had a terrible headache.

He found that the more he loved her, the more painful it became.

If he just loved her body, he probably wouldn’t have had to worry about it.

He took a grudgingly slow breath and held her tighter.

The sound of the blossoms closed with a total of 2.6 billion at the box office.

The number doesn’t break the previous record of 3.2 billion set by director Qi Yuanyi, but there’s no comparison to the fact that Qi Yuanyi’s previous film was a New Year’s prime time movie and Blossom Sounds only caught up with the holiday for a few days.

If the sound of blossoming flowers had been placed during the golden period of the New Year, the result might have been different.

Along with the sound of the blossoming of the box office closing, the sound of the blossoming of the same won good word of mouth, whether it is the sense of picture, or the plot, as well as the acting skills of the actors, are highly praised.

At the same time, Nirvana also closed with a cumulative box office total of 1.5 billion, which is not bad for a domestic film, but this is Qi Yuanyi’s film, and his last film set a record of 3.2 billion.

Although the initial release set a record at the box office in a single day, it quickly declined due to poor word of mouth.

Everyone says that director Qi Yuanyi is becoming more and more commercialized and seems to be making the film to make money, and the plot is set up with many bugs, forced hilarity, and the synopsis is all old and nothing new.

What’s more, the actor he chose this time is really notorious, and Rameen Tong’s acting is even scolded by everyone.

What’s more, Rameen Tong is said to have ruined Qi Yuanyi’s entire film all by herself.

Many people say that director Qi Yuanyi is deteriorating, and if this continues, he will definitely ruin his reputation.

Moreover, this film is a big name, just all the actors’ fees alone took 100 million, plus director Qi Yuanyi likes special effects, and likes to shoot big scenes, this film is a full 800 million into it.

It was estimated at the time that the film would have to get at least $2 billion to make any money.

So the 1.5 billion box office is actually a very poor performance.

Tong’s popularity is on the rise, and her first starring role in a movie has grossed 2.6 billion at the box office, which is not something every star can do.

Xu Xingru calls Jasmine Tong and asks her how her injury is and if she’s ready to return.

In fact, she has missed the opportunity to rise in popularity, and now that the sound of the blossoms is closing, it can’t be missed again.

Jasmine Tong looked at the scars on her face and almost recovered, so she immediately gave John Quan a call.

“That, Quan, I don’t think I’m ready to work.”

“Manny, are you ready?”

“I’m well ah, I’m exceptionally well now, I’m perfectly capable of doing any job.”

“Oh, it’s no use asking me then, you can just ask your husband, I do what he says.”

“Uh this, that’s okay.”

I thought it would be ok to give John Quan a call, but I didn’t think the one who made the decision was the big devil in the house.

Chapter 176

In the afternoon, Jasmine Tong sent a special WeChat to ask Albert Ou what he wanted for dinner.

Naturally, Albert Ou couldn’t say anything, but told Jasmine Tong to watch and do it.

Jasmine Tong could show off her skills and cooked a table full of food, but of course it was Aunt Fang who gave her a hand.

As soon as Albert Ou came home and saw the table of food, Jasmine Tong was eagerly sandwiching the food, and there were various introductions, so I knew that this woman did not have good intentions.

After the meal, Albert Ou went to the study.

Jasmine Tong walked in with a tray.

Jasmine Tong smiled weakly as Albert Ou looked up at her.

“Don’t you like cookies dried this time specially made for you chocolate and matcha flavored, and red wine yogurt, today according to the online tutorial made one, the taste is not bad, try it”

Albert Ou put the mouse down and turned sideways to receive the red wine yogurt and the spoon from Jasmine Tong.

Then gulped it down.

The flavor of the red wine and the yogurt combine perfectly and that feeling is amazing.

Albert Ou only cared about eating, Jasmine Tong couldn’t even find a chance to open her mouth, it really drove her to death.

Seeing that the yogurt was finished and the cookies had gone down a small half-dish, Albert Ou continued to look at the computer, seemingly playing a game.

Jasmine Tong trailed off, too embarrassed to say when she saw how busy he was.

“Then I’ll leave you alone.”

After saying that, she was ready to leave, who knew that Albert Ou reached out and pulled, she was completely unprepared and fell unsteadily right into his lap.

Albert Ou circled her in his arms in a smooth motion.

“A man who offers nothing is either a traitor or a thief.”

Tonto grinned.

“Tell me what to do.”

“I’m all better now, am I able to come back to always staying home, it’s boring me to death.”

She felt like she was going to grow hair on her body if she didn’t get out and about.

“It’s really good,”

“Yeah, you see I’m getting fat.”Jasmine Tong squeezed her face, and it did have flesh.

These days, Auntie Fang is making soup for her everyday, especially chicken soup.

“I don’t see it, you have to prove it.”Albert Ou hooked his lips and smiled.

“How to prove it or I’ll give you a dance and a couple of bounces.”

Albert Ou leaned down to get close to Jasmine Tong’s ear.

“You’ll prove you’re good if you don’t breathe for 300 rounds tonight.”

Jasmineton glared at Albert Ou.

I knew he was up to no good.

Three hundred rounds and no breathing.

How is that possible?

“Care to give it a try?”

“You’re taking this too far then how can you not breathe?”

“I’d have to verify that to do so.”

“If I pass, will you let me back in?”


“Okay, then you test it.”

Albert Ou carried Jasmine Tong back to the bedroom in a smooth manner and directly pressed her down on the bed.

These last few times of making out, Albert Ou had only been spot on, also to allow Jasmine Tong to slowly adjust to being a couple again.

This time, it seems that he is going to “kill”.

Jasmine Tong has been carrying it hard, not begging for mercy, allowing Albert Ou to torment her, she has to prove that her body is getting better!

Otherwise this man…

“Is it okay? It’s been three times. I’m in perfect health.”

Albert Ou capped her lips, “It’s only three times.”


This night, Albert Ou didn’t dare to mess around, and when he saw that Jasmine Tong couldn’t hold on any longer, he let it go.

Before going to sleep, Jasmine Tong was hugging Albert Ou’s neck.

“Is it okay?”


When she heard Ou Zeno’s “yes”, Jasmine Tong fell asleep as if she had lost electricity.

Jasmine Tong is taking over the show again.

Rameen, who is busy filming for Nirvana, is currently filming in a gymnasium and the progress is slow.

The first thing that I want to do is to make sure that I’m not going to be able to do anything about it, but I’m not going to do anything about it.

He repeatedly asked to shoot over and over again, the number of times, Rameen Tong Miss temper committed, Du Yuan had to stop.

In addition, the fact that Rameen Tong was paid into the group also gave Du Yuan the feeling that he had taken someone’s short hand, and he couldn’t be cruel to Rameen Tong.

The process is really tough.

Du Yuan was also anxious, but helpless.

Rameen Tong is also anxious, knowing that this film can’t be a big hit, but it would be a real punch in the face if she didn’t pick it up, and now that she has, it’s this light again.

Nirvana has brought her some popularity though, and has increased the number of voices questioning her, and she must find an opportunity to prove herself.

Here Rameen Tong is filming Sparrow Nirvana while asking Rochen to contact the new movie.

Rameen Tong was ng eight more times in a row, and seeing that she was about to lose her temper again, Du Yuan barely got past it.

Rochen stepped quickly into the arena.

“Rameen, there’s good news.”

Rameen Tong immediately looked at Xu Yueru and directly asked Huang Can to tell Du Yuan that he had something to go out and walked out with Luo Chen.

Du Yuan is about to shoot his next scene when he receives news that Rameen Tong is out of town.

“I’ve never seen such an actor before, but it’s too powerful to play a big game. Where is it that you’ve hired a woman? It’s clearly that you’ve hired an aunt.”

Rameen Tong is not here, so this scene can’t be filmed.

Everybody’s waiting for her.

“Brother Chen, what good news ah” Rameen Tong is so much in need of good news lately.

“Director Yan Ke is making a new movie recently.”

“Teen Movie”

Director Yan Ke’s blossoming sound is once again taking away the youth film, and it is said that several places are now preparing youth films and even looking for youth novels to adapt on the Internet.

Rochen shook his head.

“No, he’s never liked to follow a routine, he’s just finished a youth film and I don’t think he’s going to continue making it any time soon, but this is a big production, a comedy.”


Yim Ko is making a comedy film, did she hear that right?

“Blossom is kind of a complete fire, Yanke is gaining momentum right now, and if you could do his film, it would be an absolute firestorm.”

Rameen Tong smashed her mouth twice.

“Minister, I don’t even have much confidence right now, the internet is now questioning my acting skills and I need to prove it.”

Rochen smiled and shook his head.

“Little girl, these days, it’s enough to have flow, to have any questionable acting skills shows that people are paying attention to you ah, paying attention to you, that is, there is flow, there is flow is popular, don’t worry about this problem, instead, it proves that you are popular.”

As soon as Luo Chen said that, Rameen Tong had a bottom line.

“So can this movie be won? I hear Yan Ke is eccentric and Jasmine Tong”

Yan Ke handpicked Jasmine Tong as the Voice of Blossom’s No. 1 woman, and the two must have a good friendship.

“Xu Xingru’s side didn’t hear any movement, Jasmine Tong hasn’t shown up for a long time, they’ve missed the best time to show up, don’t worry, Yan Ke is eccentric but this comedy film is a big production, our company invested 80 million, he wouldn’t dare not use you.”

Chapter 177

After hearing what Luo Chen said, Rameen Tong was relieved.

“But, Wren Dream, be prepared for this comedy to be particularly image-destroying, but it’s the kind of image-destroying role that will get your popularity climbing again.”

Rameen Tong nodded.

“Alright, go back and get busy, I still have to communicate with Yanke over there specifically.”


Back in the venue, the shooting continued, so many people were waiting for her alone, but Rameen Tong did not feel apologetic at all, but swaggered in.

Jasmine Tong has finally gotten approval from Albert Ou to film again.

Since she hadn’t shown up for a long time, she naturally needed to have a good discussion with Xu Xingru.

Star King International

“Manny, you’ve been away all this time, but I’ve been so busy looking for your endorsements and plays that my phone is bursting at the seams, but General Manager Quan’s side has given orders that you won’t be given any work, so have you offended General Manager Quan”

Xu Xingru’s worry was not unreasonable, John Quan had somehow given such an order, and it had scared her enough.

“Uh that’s not true, I’ve just been injured for a while, you can still see a little bit of my face.”

What if Xu Xingru thinks that Jasmine Tong has offended John Quan and doesn’t take her anymore she’d better tell the truth.

“Oh, so that’s it, I thought you offended Quan, I’m glad you didn’t.”

“What are we going to do now, then, Sister Starru,”

“There are quite a few films looking for you to make, but I don’t think there are many that really suit you, forget about endorsements, and those products have a time limit, and we’re definitely inferior again now that we’re looking back.Well, there is a suitable film, but I gave you a push a while ago.”

“Ah what piece of film”

“The film directed by Yanke.”

“No way, Director Yan just finished one film, followed by another, that’s not his character.”

“His character is synonymous with eccentricity, and he supposedly got a particularly good script for a comedy that he’s never done before and wanted to challenge, but I’ve put you off because I got orders from Quan.”

“It’s okay, I’ll give Director Yan a call, the last time we filmed we got along pretty well, I’ll just call and ask, success, not success forget it.”

Xu Xingru nodded her head, at this time it was the best solution for the artist to go and communicate with the director, instead of having the agent appear, there was no sincerity.

Jasmine Tong immediately dialed Yan Ke’s phone.

“Hey, Manny.”

“Director Yan, it’s been a long time since you left the crew.”

“Okay, stop, stop, don’t follow me on this, just say what you want.”

Jasmine Tong smiled apologetically.

“Look, you can’t hide anything from me, I heard you were doing a comedy film, and I was approached.”

“Yeah, but your agent said you haven’t been acting lately, Manny, how come you haven’t been showing your face lately, the movie is selling so well, you’re out and about more, it’ll help your popularity go up.”

“Had a little accident, scratched my face a bit, not fit to come out, I’m able to film now, have you found the right person for your role?”

“What you can shoot again that’s of course you lah geez, I finally don’t have to worry about it, then this thing is settled ah”

“Okay, okay.”

Jasmine Tong hung up the phone and gave Xu Xingru a “ok” gesture.

Xu Xingru was also really convinced.

“It seems you’ve really gotten into Yanke’s good graces, and this eccentric and temperamental director isn’t really one to put up with.”

Tong shrugged his shoulders and smiled.

dark empire (i.e. empire of darkness)

In the president’s office, Albert Ou looked serious, and in front of him stood a very hard woman with a slightly more heroic face.

Russel Cheng stood aside.

“Mr. Ou, this is the bodyguard and assistant I picked for my wife, a special forces soldier named Lu Wei Ran.”

Albert Ou’s eyes looked up and down at Lu Wei Ran.

“Kung Fu has to be not only good, but you have to be able to take care of people.”

“Yes. It was with that in mind that I chose her.”

Albert Ou gave Russel Cheng a wink, and Russel Cheng immediately turned to Lu Wei Ran.

“You go out for a minute.”

Lu Wei Ran nodded, and with a sunny glance at Albert Ou out of the corner of his eye, he left the office.

This was the employer Young Master Quan had arranged for him that day, and he was truly a talent.

Unfortunately, by the time she got to the bar that day, she was already there.

Knowing that the person she is going to serve is Albert Ou, she follows him for a long time, and then she realizes that it’s Jasmine Tong who stole her man!

“Give me the information on this woman.”

Russel Cheng immediately submitted Lu Wei Ran’s information.

Albert Ou looked it over carefully and indeed couldn’t see anything wrong.

Lu Weiran used to be a selected special soldier and one of the first female soldiers in the country’s special forces, but because she failed the final assessment, she gave up on herself and retired directly from the army, because she didn’t meet the army’s regulations, so she didn’t have the retirement protection that she should have.

After retiring from the military, she worked as a fitness instructor and was very popular.

“She should be making quite a bit of money as a fitness instructor, so why would she want to come over here and be a bouncer?”

“Oh, I asked her about it, and she said it was because some of the members under her hand, all rich people, and one of them looked at her lustfully because she was pretty and couldn’t stand the inevitable tofu-eating at work, so she resigned.”

That’s a plausible reason.

Albert Ou nodded.

“Put her in charge of keeping the wife safe, and make sure that she can’t leave the house for twenty-four hours as long as she’s out there.”


The last incident left Albert Ou still reeling, he hadn’t found out who was trying to hurt Jasmine Tong and had to be prepared for anything.

In addition, Jasmine Tong did lack an assistant to serve tea and water.

Russel Cheng walked out.

“Secretary Cheng, has Mr. Ou decided to use me?”

“It’s decided, from now on you will follow your wife, your wife has not been well lately, you are not only responsible for her safety, but also for taking care of her, Mr. Ou is very attentive to her, you must do it well.”

“That’s natural.”

“Ou’s salary here won’t treat you badly either, 80,000 a month, that’s a top level in the circle, I’m sure you know that.”

Lu Wei Ran nodded, “I’ll do it right, but when do I start working.”

“You can go back and get ready, Mrs. will be in the crew in a while, and in the meantime, there’s someone from Ou’s side to keep an eye on.”

“Err why don’t Secretary Cheng take me to meet Madam as well as get acquainted with each other first, I also feel Madam’s temper.”

Russel Cheng thought, “Fine, then I’ll take you to meet your wife first.”

After saying that, Russel Cheng led Lu Wei Ran straight to Rainbow City.

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