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Chapter 22

Albert Ou angrily threw his phone away, and he just turned it off when John’s call came in once again.

He stared straight at the woman lying on the bed.

Blue pupils with burning flames.

Why is the woman Ellen Ron sent over Jasmine Tong and why is she still wearing a maid’s outfit at July Flower?

Albert Ou has a series of question marks in his head.

Does she do this kind of thing all the time just to keep cuckolding herself?

He walked over, hands on the edge of the bed, looking at that serene little face of Jasmine Tong, his anger was actually half gone.

Jasmine Tong quietly closed her eyes, as if her long butterfly-winged eyelashes were faintly quivering, as if she was seducing a person’s heart.

“So hot,” she mumbled, as if it were really hot, and she subconsciously tugged at her collar with one hand.

The skin on her chest was bare of a small patch of pinkness.

Albert Ou was startled, his Adam’s apple rolling up and down a bit.

The first time he had sex with Jasmine Tong, Tong was determined to turn off the lights because he was shy, and the other times he was at home, the room was dark and he couldn’t see.

This was the first time he had seen Jasmine Tong’s skin.

Just that small patch of pink skin made the anger in Albert Ou’s chest turn to a bath fire.

It’s his wife anyway. Let’s sleep on it first.

Albert Ou thought so, unconsciously moving his head down slowly, his lips moving closer and closer towards Jasmine Tong’s lips.

Just as the two of their lips were about to touch, Jasmine Tong suddenly opened her eyes.

As soon as she opened her eyes, she saw an enlarged and handsome face, and Jasmine Tong’s eyes widened.

Albert Ou was also shocked.

“Ah,” shrieked Jasmine Tong, subconsciously pushing and kicking with her hands and feet.

Albert Ou hastily stepped back.

Jasmine Tong immediately sat up, “Why are you here”

“I was going to ask why you’re here” Albert Ou glanced at her.

Jasmine Tong looked around, she doesn’t remember this place at all.

It seems like a hotel.

“Yeah, why am I here.”She scratched her head and thought carefully, suddenly remembering the glass of wine that Ellen Ron had given her, “There was something wrong in that glass of wine.”

Jasmine Tong looked at Albert Ou, but after she said this, Albert Ou didn’t even react, but stared straight at the

She followed Albert Ou’s gaze to see her bare chest and quickly covered it with her hand, seeing the blanket hastily pulled over next to her and wrapped herself tightly.


Albert Ou smirked, “It’s not like I haven’t seen it before, you forgot about us that time”

Jasmine Tong blushed with shame, “Get out.”

Albert Ou sighed quietly, “What did you just say, something wrong with the wine”

“I was going to accompany the wine, but, after Ellen Ron gave me that glass of wine, I suddenly felt very dizzy, and then I didn’t know, this Ellen Ron”

Jasmine Tong clenched her fist and punched the pillow beside her hard.

Albert Ou frowned, “You know Ellen Ron.”

“More than just knowing.”Jasmine Tong bit her lip.

“More than acquaintance so to speak, you know each other very well” Albert Ou continued to pry, it seems that there is a lot of water here.

Jasmine Tong raised her head to look at Albert Ou, “He’s my first love, five years in love, do you think he’s familiar”

Hearing this, Albert Ou subconsciously clenched his fist, not knowing that Jasmine Tong had a first boyfriend who had been in love for five years, and that person was Ellen Ron.

How much more is there to know about this woman that he doesn’t know?

“No, since you’ve been in love with Ellen Ron, then why would he send his woman here.”

“He shouldn’t know it was me, I was wearing a mask.”

“And how did you get to be a waitress at the July Flower” Albert Ou’s questions one after the other.

The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the product,” she said.”

“I” Albert Ou reached out his hand to knock Jasmine Tong’s head, “you should thank me, I’m your benefactor, is there such a thing as talking to a benefactor”

“The benefactor,”

“Yeah, I came here today to meet my client and I saw a guy carrying a girl and thought it must not be good, so I followed him and brought you here from the next room or I wouldn’t know who was in bed with you right now.”

In the meantime, Jasmine Tong said, “What did they get me here for?”

“I overheard which guy said that you were a gift from Ellen Ron to what’s called Chief Ou, the one who is the president of the Dark Empire, the one who is especially rich, smart, and handsome.”

Speaking of which, Albert Ou was really stingy with words of praise.

“This Ellen Ron” Jasmine Tong hated it with a passion.

“Yeah this Ellen Ron isn’t a good thing” Albert Ou chimed in.

“And you you’re no good either” Jasmine Tong yelled towards Albert Ou.

“What’s wrong with me? I saved you, you should be thanking me and yelling at me.”

Jasmine Tong sneered, “Then what were you doing just now wasn’t trying to take advantage of me fortunately I woke up, otherwise, maybe you would have given me “

Albert Ou saw Jasmine Tong’s red face, and was suddenly happy, “put what you gave to say ah.”

Jasmine Tong gave Albert Ou a fierce stare, “You know it in your heart.”

Albert Ou smiled and didn’t say anything.

The two men were at a standstill like this for a while, neither of them knowing what to do.

Suddenly, Jasmine Tong looked up at Albert Ou, “Can you turn on the air conditioner, it’s too hot in here.”

Albert Ou looked at the air conditioning display on the wall, “Twenty-four degrees and still hot.”

Jasmine Tong stretched out her hand and flicked it twice with her hand as a fan, “Isn’t it broken, it’s really hot, aren’t you hot?”

It was only at this time that Albert Ou noticed that Jasmine Tong’s face was slightly red, especially there on the cheekbones, two fleecy clouds of redness.

And the skin on her exposed neck was red.

This looks like he’s drunk or in a rut.

Jasmine Tong also felt the change in her body, her mouth was dry, she felt itchy, she looked at her arms, her skin was slowly reddening through.

No, the medicine Ellen Ron gave her definitely wasn’t just to put her in a coma.

Albert Ou seemed to see the door as well, “How about it, is it tough do you want me to help you, hmm”

Chapter 23

Albert Ou lifted his chin towards Jasmine Tong, his narrowed eyes revealing a light blue glow that was extremely seductive

Jasmine Tong gave him a hard stare, “Get out.”

But she couldn’t contain her reaction, and she bit her lip tightly as her reaction grew stronger.

She felt as if a fire was slowly burning inside her, and it was getting hotter and hotter, as if it was going to set her all on fire.

The skin has slowly turned pink and red from the very beginning

Albert Ou quirked his lips, “Actually, you don’t have to put up with it so much, it’s not the first time for us anyway”

Saying that, Albert Ou sat on Jasmine Tong’s side and put an arm around her shoulders.

This hug doesn’t matter, Jasmine Tong felt the fire burning even more, as if there was an electric current spreading from her shoulders all over her body.

Albert Ou saw Jasmine Tong panting so hard that he himself was a bit overwhelmed and slowly approached Jasmine Tong’s lips.

How could Jasmine Tong not know what Albert Ou wanted?

There were two villains fighting inside of her too.

Take it from him, at least it won’t be as hard as it is now, and the two of them have already had sex once anyway.

No, absolutely not, my husband is back and I can’t allow myself to be morally bankrupt.

Just as Albert Ou’s lips were about to touch Jasmine Tong’s, Jasmine Tong suddenly pushed hard and quickly got up, bouncing off the bed like a rabbit and scurrying straight into the bathroom.

Albert Ou was just reacting when he heard the sound of clattering water coming from the bathroom.

He clenched his fists and pounded the blanket.

What a great opportunity.

Jasmine Tong had gone to shoot a movie and didn’t know when he’d be home, he wanted to touch her like crazy.

John once said that a drugged woman is like a wild cat that makes men want to stop

He’d really like to get a taste of what this wild kitten really tasted like.

Tong turned on the shower in the bathroom, only she didn’t turn on the hot water, wanting to cool herself down with the cold water.

It wasn’t officially summer yet, and the cold water rushing over her body really helped, or at least made her feel better.

Tong turned off the shower and was about to walk out when she saw herself in the mirror

The black and white maid’s outfit was already all wet, how could a waitress wearing a dress like this use good fabric, this fabric was a big wet, the white parts were almost transparent, the black parts were better.

But that’s what makes it all so interesting.

This look is definitely not going to get you out.

She stood in the doorway of the bathroom.

Albert Ou seemed to hear the shower stop as well, “Hey, are you done yet?”

“That Asawa, could you go to Julyflower and get my clothes for me.”

She’s counting on him now.

As soon as he heard this, Albert Ou immediately understood that the girl must not have even taken off her clothes, but his mind immediately pictured Jasmine Tong’s wet appearance in her maid outfit.

That must have been very s*xy.

“Why should I help you get it I didn’t do any business today to save you and look at the way you treated me that”

Albert Ou suddenly became arrogant.

Jasmine Tong closed her eyes in pain and took a deep breath, “I was wrong just now, I shouldn’t have talked to you like that, I apologize, okay”

“Apologize. Show some sincerity.”

“I’ll buy you dinner.”

“I’m begging you, please spare me. Albert Ou doesn’t really like the last place, but it’s already an upscale meal for Jasmine Tong.

“How about I cook for you myself I’m good with my hands, I’ll never let you down.”

Albert Ou stared at the bathroom door with interest, “I can’t believe you can cook. You won’t poison me, will you?”

“How so? What good would poisoning you do me? I’m a really good cook, my brother especially likes my cooking, and the upperclassman”

Speaking of Ellen Ron, Jasmine Tong stopped talking, she didn’t want to mention him anymore.

Albert Ou snorted, “Okay, okay, I’ll go get your clothes then.”

Jasmine Tong told Albert Ou the location of the specific clothes, and the attendants all had their own dedicated lockers, which could be opened directly with a numbered tag.

How could Albert Ou run his own errands, he just made a phone call and the people from the July Flower immediately brought the clothes over.

After Albert Ou left, Tong’s reaction came back up and she had to turn on the shower again and rinse herself off.

He handed the clothes to Jasmine Tong through the door.

However, there was no sign of Jasmine Tong changing out of her clothes.

“You’ve been given the clothes, why don’t you come out.”

“It’s so powerful that I’m afraid it won’t work for a while, and it’s all I’ve got to wear in case I have to run cold water later.”

She was standing in the bathroom like that, in her wet clothes, her maid’s outfit almost clinging to her body, and dripping downward.

Albert Ou simply sat in the bathroom doorway.

Suddenly I heard the sound of huge water running, “What are you doing?”

“I fill the bathtub with water, maybe it’s better to soak in cold water.”Jasmine Tong echoed.

Albert Ou sighed deeply, if Jasmine Tong knew who he was now, it might be a pleasant evening.

However, he was still a bit complacent about Jasmine Tong’s attitude of preferring death over submission.

At least my own daughter-in-law didn’t sleep with someone just because she was drugged.

Jasmine Tong soaked herself in the cold water, the bone-chilling cold is slowly driving away the heat from her body.

“Asawa, you can actually go now, I have to get back to the crew when the drugs wear off.”

“Can I leave now that you’re like this? What if your medication doesn’t wear off and another man takes advantage of you?”

The daughter-in-law of your own family is still a keeper.

Jasmine Tong soaks in the tub and sips and smiles, but it seems the duck isn’t so bad.

In fact, if he really wanted to do something to himself, why couldn’t he do it?

He’s a grown man and he’s a little woman, there’s a huge disparity in strength, not to mention he’s been drugged, but he hasn’t, which means he’s not that bad.

“Hey, are you really good at cooking” Albert Ou asked suddenly.

“Yeah, it’s delicious, and you’re guaranteed to eat it once and want to eat it again.”

“That’s a deal, arrange it as soon as possible.”

“Well, I’ll let you know when my crew is on vacation.”

One of the two men was in the bathroom soaking in the tub, while the other sat outside the shower and turned on chat mode.

As we talked, there was suddenly no sound in it.

“Jasmine Tong, Jasmine Tong are you still alive?”

Oh, no.

Albert Ou immediately rushed into the bathroom.

Chapter 24

When he saw Jasmine Tong in the bathroom, he immediately stopped in his tracks and stood dumbfounded.

Jasmine Tong leaned her head against the bathtub and actually fell asleep.

Her body was still submerged in the cold water, her body falling together with her breath, also giving the water a slight tremor.

She was really tired, filming during the day and then going to July Flower at night, and July Flower’s job was making a lot of money, but it was also really tiring.

Now, even if her body is submerged in water, she can sleep.

Albert Ou actually felt that slight bit of distress.

He was just about to pull Jasmine Tong out of the water when Jasmine Tong woke up.

“Well why did I fall asleep”

“You ask me how I know that if I hadn’t come in here, you’d be drowning in the bathtub and no one would even know it. Get up, wipe yourself off and go to bed.”

Albert Ou snapped and walked right out.

Jasmine Tong dried herself off and put on her own clean clothes and walked out of the bathroom.

The roses on the bed were missing for some reason, and she looked warily at Albert Ou.

“Seeing as you’re sleepy like that you sleep here, I’ll go to another room and take you to the play in the morning.”After saying that, Albert Ou went straight out the door.

Jasmine Tong was too sleepy and fell asleep on the bed after locking the bedroom door.

The sleep lasted until almost dawn.

Albert Ou sent Jasmine Tong back to the set early in the morning, and Jasmine Tong felt dizzy, but still waved towards Albert Ou.

“Thank you for last night.”

“Don’t thank me, just remember to cook me dinner and let’s go.”Albert Ou turned the car around and just drove away.

dark empire (i.e. empire of darkness)

Office of the President

There was a lavishly decorated lounge at the back of Albert Ou’s office, and occasionally when he was too busy, he would just sleep in the lounge or take a nap during his lunch break.

The doors and windows were all tightly closed, so not even a hint of wind could get through.

“What are you saying you’re saying that Ellen Ron is your wife’s ex-boyfriend then your wife is Jasmine Tong” John Quan was quite shocked to hear the statement Albert Ou made last night.

Last night when he found out that Ellen Ron had given Albert Ou’s wife to Albert Ou, he had been calling Albert Ou.

But as it turned out, Albert Ou turned off his phone.

Albert Ou subconsciously frowned at Ellen Ron, “You know Jasmine Tong.”

John Quan nodded, “I’ve seen her a few times, occasionally Ellen Ron will bring her, they’ve been together for years”

Albert Ou clenched his fist, somehow hearing all of this caused a surge of anger to burn in his chest

John Quan stroked his chin, “Wow, Jasmine Tong just broke up with Ellen Ron over a year ago, and you and your wife also registered over a year ago, that is,”

Seeing Albert Ou’s face that was about to explode, John immediately swallowed back the rest of his words.

John doesn’t say it, and Albert Ou knows it in his heart.

In other words, Jasmine Tong broke up with Ellen Ron right after they got married.

“Why did the two of them break up” Albert Ou’s voice was low and strong, not angry.

This appearance of him was a bit frightening even to John Quan who was familiar with him.

“I’m not really sure, it’s like they say it’s a personality disagreement, and they’ve been together for five years and they’re as good as gold.”

Albert Ou felt even more uncomfortable when he heard “like glue”.

John Quan patted Albert Ou’s shoulder, “You’re quite a wife but buddy, I’ll remind you that the time she was with you wasn’t necessarily the first time.”

Albert Ou looked at John with a knitted brow, “I saw the blood on the sheets with my own eyes.”

John Quan acted like he was a little too young to see the world, “You ah, you should come out and walk around more, see the world, don’t always mess with your game you have enough money to spend in several lifetimes.”

Albert Ou grabbed John by the collar and almost lifted him up.

“Hey, hey, hey, you let go, let go.”

“It’s bleeding, why not the first time” Albert Ou asked through gritted teeth.

“You let go of me cough cough don’t you know who you are you’ll get me killed like this.”

Albert Ou lets go immediately and John gets his hands back on the ground.

He straightened his clothes, “I want me dead even though I know you’re three or four times as strong as a normal person, knowing that you’re you.”

“You talk,”

“That woman’s membrane can be repaired, and a procedure can be done for $300 or $400, and it’s not the first time it can bleed.”John answered simply.

Albert Ou pounded his fist on the table, which made a hole in the dent.

It scared John to the core, he knew Albert Ou was a dangerous man, no, he wasn’t just any man, he had his own special identity.

“I’m just saying it’s possible, after all, Ellen Ron and her have been together for over five years, think about it, what kind of person is Ellen Ron, to be together for that long and not want her body”

Albert Ou did not speak.

“However, this Jasmine Tong’s character is a bit strange, it’s all a matter of saying no, isn’t she not aware that you are her husband? go back and ask.”

Albert Ou let out a deep breath, it looked like he was going to continue his disguise around her.

Wild Goose Park in Xi’an

After her return, Jasmine Tong started a tight shooting schedule, and after a full day, she returned to her hotel room, only to feel as if her body had fallen apart.

She had been taking cold showers and soaking in cold water for so long last night that she felt so heavy that she was afraid she was going to catch a cold.

Jasmine Tong immediately went to the nearest pharmacy to buy medicine back, at this time, she must not catch a cold!

After taking her medication, she went to bed early.

The next day’s shooting was still in full swing.

After the first few days, the crew is starting to get into the swing of things and the filming is proceeding tightly.

Still feeling lethargic and with a constant sore throat, Jasmine Tong persevered through the day’s shooting and after calling it a day, continued to take her medication and prepared to sleep.

Because of the smooth shooting process, Jasmine Tong was able to finish early.

There was a big courtroom scene today, a night scene, and we all finished filming together to close out the day.

Rameen Tong purposely asked her assistant to buy some snacks and gathered in her suite.

“Miss Rameen, thank you for your hospitality today, there’s still good food at the end of the day, it’s fantastic” said Fang Wei as she ate the doughnut.

“Oh yes, Miss Rameen, I heard that Young Master Ron once gave you a string of pearl necklaces from the South China Sea, it’s especially beautiful, everyone is here today, let’s take a look at it”

Song Yiwen asked tentatively.

“It’s not a good thing to look at, so just look at it, brilliant, go to the bedroom dresser and get my necklace.”Rameen Tong commanded.

Huang Chan went immediately, and the crowd was talking and laughing when they heard a scream and Huang Chan rushed in.

“Oh no, Dream, the necklace is gone.”

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