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Chapter 25

Rameen Tong’s face changed abruptly and immediately stood up, “How?”

“I looked through the jewelry box and couldn’t find it” Huang Can looked anxious.

Rameen Tong and Huang Can returned to the bedroom together, and the two of them searched the dresser inside and out, but the result was still no sign of the necklace.

The crowd had no desire to eat and gathered in the bedroom together.

“Rameen-san, look for it again, did you put it somewhere and forget it.”Fanny cautiously warned.

Huang Can immediately shook his head, “No, that necklace is the Young Master Ron gave Meng sister, Meng sister very much like, but also afraid of losing, has been placed in the jewelry box has not worn, I also saw yesterday morning worth three million ah, how can this be good”.

Rameen Tong sat on the stool with her butt on the stool, and was in a state of sixes and sevens, “There’s a jade Buddha pendant under that necklace, Ellen went to the temple specifically to open the light.”

The people also looked at each other, not knowing what to do.

Suddenly, Song Yiwen said, “Since it’s been in the jewelry box, untouched, someone must have stolen it.”

This statement was immediately followed by a chorus of, “Yes, yes, someone must have stolen it.”

Rameen Tong raised her head, “If someone really took my necklace, please give it back to me, I can exchange it for other jewelry, this necklace is too valuable for me.”

The company has been in the process of developing the new product for the past two years.

“This hotel is all secured, people from the outside can’t even get in, they’re all from our crew, so this person must be from our crew, so we’ll just search each other.”Fanny suggested.

Huang Can is living with Rameen Tong, Rameen Tong lives in the master bedroom, she is the second bedroom, she should be the first suspect.

“Dream, I’ve only been following you for a short time, but I’m sure you understand what I have in mind for you, so search me first.”

Huang Can resolutely walked into his bedroom and lifted all the covers, even the mattress, to look at it.

“Since we’ve decided to search, how about we all, together, go to someone’s house and lift it up ourselves to show everyone,” suggested Song Yiwen.

The little girls in this house can be a human essence, after this happened, no one wants to let people suspicion on themselves, one by one immediately agreed and said no problem.

And so this search began.

One room at a time, then checked into Song Yiwen and Jasmine Tong’s room.

Song Yiwen stood in the doorway and took a deep breath to open the door with her room card.

Everyone swarmed in.

At the time, Jasmine Tong was sleeping and was dizzy, so much noise woke her up at once.

She rolled her eyes to see that there were even ten or so girls standing in the room, “What’s going on?”

“Jasmine Tong, Miss Rameen lost a necklace, all of us are under suspicion, so get up quickly and prove your innocence.”Fang Wei is an absolute supporter of Rameen Tong.

Jasmine Tong knew right off the bat that Rameen Tong was a demon.

She immediately laid back, “Get out of here.”

The voice had a slight hiss to it, but it was still strong.

“Jasmine Tong, what’s wrong, you still won’t let the search” Fang Wei immediately came up.

Song Yiwen’s eyes rolled around and immediately said, “Search me first.”

Afterwards, Song Yiwen lifted her own blanket before opening her suitcase for everyone to see very carefully.

Fang Wei immediately turned to Jasmine Tong, “Jasmine Tong, it’s your turn to get up quickly.”

Jasmine Tong didn’t move with her eyes closed, not wanting to pay attention to the gang.

“This Jasmine Tong do not let search, she must have a problem is probably her she and Rameen sister already have a problem,” said Fang Wei to everyone.

Rameen Tong also came up, “Sister, if you took it and you admit it, I won’t call the police or tell everyone to search you, you’re my sister and I won’t do anything to you, I can give you anything you want, except for that necklace.”

The fact that she was in tears made it even more touching.

Jasmine Tong slowly opened her eyes, “Rameen Tong, you act during the day and still act at night, don’t you feel tired”

“Sister, count me in, please, if you really took it, give it back to me, okay?”

“Okay, okay, Miss Rameen, don’t beg her, let’s search it out and go to the police” Fang Wei gave an order, she took the brunt of the blame and lifted Jasmine Tong’s blanket.

Others also swarmed around, lifting mattresses, rummaging through cabinets, and finally someone carried out Jasmine Tong’s suitcase and placed it on the floor, throwing things out one by one.

“What are you guys doing crazy? “Jasmine Tong sat up and saw the gang going through her stuff like a raid.

She was weak, coughing from time to time, and was no match for the gang at all.

Suddenly, Fang Wei took out a necklace from the side pocket of her suitcase, “Miss Rameen, see if this is your necklace.”

She took the necklace and came to Rameen Tong.

Rameen Tong hurriedly took the necklace over, looked left and right, and immediately nodded, “Yes, it’s mine.”

She cupped the necklace to her chest and breathed a sigh of relief, “Thank God, it’s not lost.”

Fang Wei forked her waist and looked at Jasmine Tong, “Jasmine Tong, this time you have nothing to say about it people booty call the police to arrest this thief.”

“Don’t, don’t call the police she is my sister, how can I call the police to arrest my own sister” Rameen Tong with tears in her eyes.

“Sister Rameen, you have shown her repeated mercy, look at her attitude such a sister is not worthy of your sympathy.”

“It is, it is,”

Jasmine Tong snorted, “Rameen Tong, don’t you feel tired from doing such a show in the middle of the night”

Fang Wei grabbed Jasmine Tong’s wrist, she was so strong that she directly grabbed Jasmine Tong off the bed, “Miss Rameen, look at what she said as if we falsely accused her like that we should send her to the Public Security Bureau and teach her some lessons”

“Let go of me” Jasmine Tong tried to get away from Fang Wei’s hands, but she was soft and had no strength at all, so she could only allow Fang Wei to clutch her wrist.

“If you say it wasn’t you, then how did this necklace end up in your suitcase? Could it have grown wings and flown in?”

Everyone has decided that Jasmine Tong is a thief.

Rameen Tong covered her face and cupped the necklace to her chest, her heart full of joy.

“I said it wasn’t me it was Rameen Tong planted” Jasmine Tong angrily scolded.

“Sister, you can frame me, everyone is very tired during the day shooting, I have that free time to calculate you” Rameen Tong once again cried, “I am so good to you, but you say this to me, it’s a pity I’m not willing to take this matter to the Public Security Bureau”

“Jasmine Tong has been so sneaky these past two days, she didn’t even come back that day, she only came back in the morning.”

“She came home early last night too, and wasn’t with us, so if it wasn’t her, who else could it be.”

Jasmine Tong was at a loss for words.

“Drag her to the police station” Fang Wei dragged Jasmine Tong out.

Chapter 26

Of course Jasmine Tong won’t go.

If she does go to the police, she won’t be able to wash her hands of it. In their line of work, reputation is very important.

I remember a popular flower made a movie that became a hit, and was paid like a top star, but it was revealed that she had stolen something when she was in college, and her reputation was suddenly ruined, never to be seen again.

“I said it wasn’t me,” Tong struggled.

In any case, she couldn’t admit it.

But she also knew in her heart that the stolen goods were stolen, and she had no idea how to explain how the necklace had gotten into her suitcase, not to mention the fact that there were so many witnesses in the

Oh, no.

The first thing you need to do is to look at Rameen Tong with hatred, Rameen Tong is trying to kill herself.

Fang Wei pulled Jasmine Tong all the way to the door, Jasmine Tong with one hand on the door to death do not go out.

Once she gets out of here, it’s really over.

“Don’t you even sleep in the middle of the night?” a voice came through the door.

The crowd was fixated on the fact that it was Xia Lian, Qin’s assistant, and behind Xia Lian was a series of tired colored Qin suddenly.

This Qin Yianran, although not as scenic as before, but in all these people together can not top her, one after another all dumb as if, do not dare to speak.

Rameen Tong wiped the tears on her own face and walked to the door, “Then suddenly Sister, I’m really sorry, I lost a necklace today, everyone was kind enough to help me find it together, but unfortunately I found it in Jasmine Tong’s luggage, so I’m sorry for disturbing you to sleep.”

When Qin turned around and smiled, “Is it the necklace you’re holding? Can I see it?”

Rameen Tong didn’t know what kind of drug was in Qin Yanyan’s gourd, so she had to hand over the necklace to Qin Yanyan, “Of course.”

When Qin turned around and took a closer look at the necklace, he then shook his head, “Miss Tong, I’m sorry, I think you’ve made a mistake.”

The people at the scene, including Jasmine Tong, were all staring at Qin Jianlian.

All don’t understand what this is all about.

“No way,”

“Why not that day Manny went to my bedroom to play and saw that this necklace of mine was quite pretty, so I let her take it for a couple of days, but I didn’t expect to cause such a misunderstanding.”

Qin turned around and explained with a cloud of lightness.

Rameen Tong’s face was extremely pale

“This is impossible this is Ellen gave it to me, how can it be yours” Rameen Tong did not have the slightest bit of a square chubby look.

“Miss Tong, even though you are Young Master Ron’s girlfriend, it doesn’t mean that others can’t have the same necklace, I won’t lie to you, I’ve been in contact with Young Master Ron a few times, I believe you know that Young Master Ron strongly invited me to join the big family of Yi Xin International, and last time he also gave me something that said it was a South Sea pearl necklace, pendant of a jade Buddha.”

When Qin turned around and touched the jade Buddha, “I do have an identical one for this necklace, if Miss Tong doesn’t believe me, you can ask Young Master Ron about it, because I usually prefer to keep my nails, so this jade Buddha has nail scratches on it, so you can take a look.”

Qin turned around and handed out the necklace.

Fang Wei was the first to snatch the necklace away, the jade Buddha did have a few shallow scratches on it, “There really is hey.”

“You’re talking nonsense this necklace is obviously mine” Rameen Tong without looking at the necklace, yelled towards Qin Yangyang.

Qin turned suddenly without any annoyance, “Miss Tong, you say this necklace is yours, then do you know what features it has?”


This is the first time I’ve ever been in a position to say that I’ve been in a position to do so.

“Miss Tong, mouth that the necklace is your own, could it be that there is some other hidden plot” Qin turned to say immediately afterwards.

Rameen Tong shook her fist and was too stunned to say a word, so she could only eat this dumb loss.

She thought carefully about it and turned to look at Jasmine Tong, “Sister, since you took this necklace from suddenly, why didn’t you say anything just now”

Jasmine Tong didn’t have a line strung out with Qin Liyuan beforehand, so naturally she didn’t know how to explain it, so Rameen Tong had to make a move on her.

“Manny and I were on the same page, she’s a newcomer who fought her way to female number three on her own merit, and she’s worried about getting too close to me and being told she’s borrowing my light, so naturally she doesn’t want to say anything.”

Qin turned around and explained.

Her explanation was so seamless that even Rameen Tong lost her temper.

Qin turned around and smiled towards Rameen Tong, “Miss Tong, it’s just a necklace, if you like it, this necklace will be given to you, it’s better not to toss it in the middle of the night.”

Then, she headed towards the crowd, “Everyone disperse, it’s so late, and we have to shoot tomorrow.”

Although there was no commanding tone to Qin’s sudden turn of phrase, a big name was a big name, and what he said was convincing.

“Scatter, scatter,” and everyone scattered.

The group of people who were just now rabble-rousing scattered in an instant.

“Isn’t this necklace a gift from Young Master Ron to Sister Rameen? Sister Rameen likes it so much, and then suddenly Sister Rameen actually has one, and it’s also a gift from Young Master Ron.”

“Yeah, yeah, what do you think this Young Master Ron means?”

The two little actors were whispering.

Rameen Tong heard this and went back to her room in anger, her nose crooked and she kicked the trash can far from the door as soon as she entered.

Huang Chan couldn’t even breathe.

“Rameen sister, this necklace is indeed let Song Yiwen get Jasmine Tong’s luggage to go inside, how come it became unexpectedly sister’s” Huang Can also somewhat do not understand.

“Can’t you see that Qin Liyuan is obviously helping that bitch” Rameen Tong clenched her teeth raw.

“But, she’s talking with a straight face, could it be that Young Master Ron really gave her a necklace exactly like that”

Rameen Tong stared hard at Huang Can, who immediately dared not speak up

That’s what she’s angry about.

Her man gave another woman an identical necklace, how could she face this?

The only people left in the corridor were Jasmine Tong and Qin Jianlian, as well as Qin Jianlian’s assistant.

“Then suddenly Sister” Jasmine Tong was just about to say thank you.

Then Qin turned around and lifted his hand, “No need to thank me, there are never any real friends in this circle, remember what I said.”

After saying that, Qin turned around and left with his assistant Xia Lian.

Jasmine Tong sighed silently, is there really no real friends in this circle?

She went back to her room and Song Yiwen was getting ready for bed.

The room was still a mess.

Jasmine Tong packs her suitcase and Song Yiwen also feels a little embarrassed, lying on her bed and playing with her phone.

“What did she give you,” said Jasmine Tong as she packed her bags.

Song Yiwen was startled.

Chapter 27

She looked around, “Manny, did you just talk to me?”

“What else? Is there anyone else in this house? “Jasmine Tong put the suitcase back in the cupboard.

“What are you talking about ah what benefits I didn’t understand.”Song Yiwen looked down at her phone with misty eyes.

“Don’t pretend, we’re the only two people in this room and you’re the only one who had a chance to put that necklace in my suitcase, I’m just curious, what did Rameen Tong give you to hurt me so much”

Jasmine Tong was very calm.

Song Yiwen is at a loss for words, “You’re persecution paranoid, I’m sleeping.”

After saying that, she just laid down on the bed and turned her back to Jasmine Tong.

“I just wanted to remind you that working with Rameen Tong won’t end well.”Jasmine Tong didn’t continue and fell asleep on the bed as well.

When Qin turned around and returned to her bedroom, she sat at her dressing table and sighed deeply, and Xia Lian brought her a glass of water.

“Then suddenly Sister, that Jasmine Tong is not related to us, why help her so offend Rameen, Rameen but Ellen Ron’s girlfriend, it is said that she is also almost engaged, in that case, suddenly Sister, want to sign a contract with Yixin International”

Charlene sighed silently at that.

Nowadays, there are newcomers in the entertainment industry, and it’s no longer the era where a hit can be a hit for a lifetime, some people can’t be a hit for a lifetime, and some can only be a hit for a while for 10 days and a half months.

Qin Liyuan is already considered to be very sturdy, however, Star King International has been really in the doldrums lately and her contract is about to expire.

She was already difficult, and now offended Rameen Tong, the new international side of the art is afraid of the chances.

“I’m just not used to Rameen Tong’s arrogant look, thinking I’m too stupid to be leisurely since I married into a rich family?”

Qin turned around and sneered.

“This Rameen Tong is also so stupid that she doesn’t even know what features her necklace has, and she still talks about how valuable it is, and I don’t know how a brain like hers is going to conquer Ellen Ron.”

Qin turned around and smiled, some people these days just had that much luck.

What she’d worked so long to get, someone else had at their fingertips.

It’s not fair, it’s just not fair.

“The Mansion”

“Then suddenly, sister, you and, in fact,”

Before Xia Lian could finish her words, Qin suddenly interrupted her, “You go to sleep, I’m going to sleep too.”

“Well, Sister Thenan, or else you can go find him, well, women, when they should be reserved, they should also be appropriately proactive,” Xia Lian saw that Qin turned around and didn’t open her mouth, so she said, “Sister Thenan, good night.”

After that, she went to the second bedroom.

When Qin turned around and brought her left hand up, she had a goose-yellow silk scarf tied around it, and she slowly untied it.

The scar on the wrist was immediately displayed, a scar like a tooth mark.

Her right hand gently stroked back and forth over the scar, and the memory was pulled back to five years ago.

After last night’s storm, the next day’s filming didn’t seem to be affected much, and it didn’t hurt that there were still the occasional comments to be made.

I just didn’t expect that she, Jasmine Tong, would also have a moment of luck.

That night the assistant director told her that several actors she’d recently played opposite couldn’t make their schedules and her scene might have to be pushed back, so she was able to take two days off.

When she heard the news of the holiday, Jasmine Tong was undoubtedly going to be very happy.

Immediately packed up her things and walked out of Goose Town, and as soon as she stepped out the door, a Ferrari Raphael pulled up next to her.

The window slowly lowered and the familiar evil face was slowly revealed to her.

“Hey Asawa, did you plant a bug on me?”

Jasmine Tong forked her waist and looked at Albert Ou.

Albert Ou quirked his lips, “Who says I can’t come here looking for business.”

Jasmineton looked back at the huge signboard of Goose City, “You still have business here.”

She covered her mouth for a moment, yes, all those famous actresses are very rich

“Come on, get in the car, you can pay me back what you owe me from time to time.”

Jasmine Tong thought about it and nodded, “Well, it just so happens that I have time today.”

She went straight to the car.

Albert Ou thought that Jasmine Tong would really take him back to Rainbow City Villa, but she took him to an unknown place.

The two of them first went to the market to buy food, then Jasmine Tong brought Albert Ou to an old school campus.

It’s an old, can’t-live-without-it complex, the neighborhood is full of towering buildings, but this place looks run-down.

Albert Ou didn’t even know that in a place as prosperous as Slivestopol, there would still be such an ancient complex of buildings.

Jasmine Tong lightly led Albert Ou to a building and walked right in.

The stairs in this building are broken as can be, and it’s gloomy and smells like mildew when you enter.

Jasmine Tong led Albert Ou to the rightmost door on the fourth floor and took out the key to open it, “Come in, this is my house.”

Albert Ou walked in suspiciously, and once inside suddenly felt a sense of clarity.

This rundown neighborhood and the cleanliness of the rooms are like two worlds.

The room had no decent furniture, but it was bright and clean, and everything was decorated in warm colors that made you feel comfortable all over.

“This is the house” Albert Ou looked around, “you live with your husband”

“Of course not, this is my brother and I’s house.”How could she take him to her and her husband’s place?

That’s a death wish.


Albert Ou found two bedrooms, one of which kept the door closed and the other open.

Generally speaking, people are interested in rooms with closed doors, and there’s nothing to see at a glance in the one with open doors.

“This is your room I guess I’ll go check.”Albert Ou walked straight over towards the room with the closed door.

Jasmine Tong immediately stopped him, “Hey hey hey why don’t you treat yourself as an outsider at all this is my brother’s room”

“I don’t believe there’s anything your brother, a boy, can’t enter the room” Albert Ou said about to barge in.

Jasmine Tong immediately blocked in front of Albert Ou, “My brother is a boy, but he’s been sick since he was little, he’s a bit withdrawn, his room doesn’t allow others to enter, not to mention you, not even me”

“You’re kidding me. This must be your room. You don’t want me to see it, so I’m going in.”

Albert Ou turned backwards, “Hey, your brother’s back.”

Jasmine Tong went towards Albert Ou’s back to look, and Albert Ou moved Jasmine Tong out of the way and opened the door to the room directly.

“Oh fell for it” Albert Ou looked at the room with a childish smile on his face.

“How do you” Jasmine Tong hadn’t finished her sentence and immediately lost her voice when she saw what was in the room.

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