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Chapter 235

The first time Jasmine Tong saw this pendant, it looked familiar.

She thought carefully, the girl from the flower store she met the last time she shot the sound of blossoms, whose name was Poppy, I think, was wearing one of those necklaces around her neck.

“Take this with you, this is something that will ward off evil.”

The Cold Lords’ expression was still very serious.

If he hadn’t been worried about Tong’s comfort, he probably wouldn’t have told Tong that fact in such a direct way.

“I’m not a superstitious person.”

If she brought this back, Albert Ou would definitely question her again, and then she wouldn’t be able to explain it.

The Leng Lords went directly to Jasmine Tong, and forcefully put the pendant on Jasmine Tong’s neck.

“If you really can’t bring it outside, at least you have to take it with you wherever you go, it’s something that can save your life at a critical moment.”

Jasmine Tong took a step backwards.

“Lords, I never thought you’d be so superstitious.”

“I’m telling you, my dear, it’s definitely not superstition, and one day you’ll find out that what I’m saying is true.”

Watching Leng枭 so serious serious expression, Jasmine Tong also did not dare to play fun again.

“Honey, did you delete my phone number and my tweets?”

“Uh that hey.”

Asking it so directly made Jasmine Tong somewhat embarrassed.

The cold lord smirked and shook his head.

“It’s okay, it would simply not be too easy for me to find you.”

Jasmine Tong was startled.

Yes, the Leng Lords is too mysterious a person, no matter where she is, he can find her.

“Baron, you’re not going to install a tracking system on me too or anything like that,”

The cold lord raised his eyebrows lightly.

“I’m not going to use that kind of dirty tricks like some guy, oh no, he’s not human.”

Jasmine Tong was silent.

She said her husband was a bad man.

“Well, I should go, don’t miss me too much.”

The Leng Lords smiled brightly towards Jasmine Tong and went to the window.

Just as he was about to open the window, he stopped abruptly again.

The cold lord seemed to have made up his mind and turned around again.

“Darling, can I ask you a few questions?”

“What do you want to ask?”

“Do you have a brother or sister above you?”

Jasmine Tong found the question somewhat baffling.

“I’m the boss of the family.”

“No, not being born counts.”

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you’re looking for.

“This really isn’t.”


The Leng Lords were thoughtful, and then raised their eyes to look at Jasmine Tong.

“What’s your mother’s name?”

“Ha baron brother, are you on the wrong medication today are you a cold baron?”

Jasmine Tong even brainstormed, wondering if the man in front of her had come in a human skin mask.

“Of course I am, answer my question, my dear.”

“My mother’s name is Tong Yu.”

Jasmine Tong had no choice but to answer the question with a hard scalp.

“Tong Yu, your father and your mother have the same last name.”


In the meantime, the Cold Lords have knitted their brows.

If the surname of Jasmine Tong’s family is a very common one, such as Zhang, Wang, Li and so on, probably the Leng Lords would not have any doubts.

The surname Tong would have been uncommon, two couples even surname the same surname, which is too strange.

“My mom always felt like it was meant to be between her and my dad.”

Jasmine Tong said slowly.

Sometimes she wondered if the family name had dragged her mother through life.

“So, did your mom ever mention that you don’t have any family on your grandparents’ side of the family?”

Once again, Jasmine Tong shook her head.

“No, I’ve never been to my grandparents’ house, but I’ve heard my mom talk about them.”

Jasmine Tong thought back carefully.

“She said something.”

Jasmine Tong scratched her head.

“Said my grandparents loved her and that she had a younger brother who was always fighting with her when she was little.”


“I can’t remember, I was too young at the time.Why are you asking about our family?”

“Nothing, just asking, wouldn’t it be nice to get to know the dear family a little better?”

Does it really help that he knows this?

After thinking about it, the Cold Lords once again walked in front of Jasmine Tong.

“Darling, if you’re in danger and want to find me, here’s this.”

The cold lord spread out his palm, which was a bullet-like object.

“Oh, baron, I don’t think, I don’t need it, he’s assigned me two bodyguards, so I shouldn’t be in danger.”

“It is he who is afraid of the danger.”

Leng Lords took Jasmine Tong’s hand and placed the bullet-like object in Jasmine Tong’s hand.

“Point this end up and smash it hard into the ground, and it’ll send a signal to me, and I’ll come to your rescue.”

Afterwards, the Cold Lords really left this time.

Jasmine Tong walked over and closed the window, and then looked out the window, has disappeared the cold lord’s shadow.

The man was forever coming and going, so fast that it was doubtful he wasn’t human.

Jasmine Tong put that bullet-like object away, in case she really needed it later, it was also a defensive item.

There was also the tooth-like collar that she had put away.

She suddenly remembered something.

Immediately look to your phone.

“It’s not over yet?”

“How much longer?”

“Little baby little baby little baby.”

A whole dozen messages.

From these messages, Jasmine Tong could sense how impatient Albert Ou was.


The man must be angry.

She sent a quick message to Mo Yiang.

“Send me some funny emojis right now.”

Mo Yiang, an Internet addict, basically kept his phone on him and replied to the message at the first opportunity.

“What do you need emojis for I thought you didn’t like this stuff?”

He was usually the one who gave her love packets, and Jasmine Tong was never very cool about it.

“Your brother-in-law’s angry. I have to coax him.”


Mo Yiang thinks he shouldn’t ask.

He quickly sent some funny emojis to Jasmine Tong.

“No, no, no, it needs to be that particularly ambiguous one, preferably with a bit of lust.”


Mo Yiang was literally hit by 10,000 points of violence.

These two are so affectionate with each other.

Mo Yiang had to take out his treasured emoticon and send it to Jasmine Tong.

Jasmine Tong saw that it was fine and immediately sent it to Albert Ou.

“Big baby, don’t be mad at me. I’m coming back.”

Albert Ou was originally very angry.

We agreed on a video, and all of a sudden this woman wants to talk to some director about something.

There wasn’t much time for them to video.

And it’s always occupied by random people.

But when he looked at the emoji on his phone screen, he burst out laughing

Chapter 236

One of the expressions is a moving picture.

A very cute little girl holding back her tears, the text above is: The Lun family did not mean it, this time let people go, light abuse, okay?

“Where did all this stuff come from?”

“Asking Black Earth for it, and still angry?”


“Don’t be mad, I didn’t mean to make you wait so long, go back and be nice to you.”

Sending these out, Jasmine Tong felt something wasn’t quite right.

Shouldn’t it be a man saying this to a woman? Why should she, a woman, say this to her husband?

“The abuse is bound to be abusive, and for the sake of the trouble you’ve taken to please me, it will be light.”

Jasmine Tong pouted at this arrogant man

“It’ll be a lot lighter.”

“A little bit dot dot dot.”

When she saw Albert Ou’s reply, Jasmine Tong was about to vomit blood.

That child, O’3.

Because and the cold owl delayed too long, apparently there is no time for video, Jasmine Tong still have to shoot tomorrow, Albert Ou also have to go to work tomorrow.

“Okay, no more chatting, I’m going to go home soon.”

“I’ll pick you up when you get back.”

I’ve been waiting for the stars and the moon, and finally this day has come.

Albert Ou felt like he’d been home alone for simply too long.

“We’re scheduled to shoot in two days, soon, soon.”

“Come back to me first thing when you’re done. Be a good boy and stay home.”

Albert Ou sent a wicked grin in passing.

For the emoji section, Albert Ou didn’t like to play either, and all of his expressions came with the system.

He never even used to talk about WeChat before, and it was only after he met Jasmine Tong.

“Go to sleep, good night.”

“No k!sses.”

Jasmine Tong immediately sent over a k!ssy expression.

Albert Ou replied to her one as well.

The two days of filming soon came to a close, and the romantic journey finally killed off, with everyone crossing half of the South.

The crew had a killing banquet together, and Jasmine Tong and Xing Chaoyang got on a plane back to Slivestopol together.

The first thing I noticed was the fact that there was a lot of people in the world who were not aware of this.

Two people on the plane were seated next to each other.

“Manny, do you have time to come to my house today at noon?”

Yesterday afternoon killed the banquet last night, and two people didn’t really need to take the first flight back this morning.

But the two men coincidentally chose the first flight, and perhaps were eager to get home.

“Ah” faced with Xing Chaoyang’s sudden invitation, Jasmine Tong was also at a loss.

She promised Albert Ou that she would return at the first opportunity.


“You have a work schedule.”


She doesn’t have a job, but she has a husband.

“Then come home with me, but I promised my wife that I would make sure to bring you home at noon today, she’s a big fan of yours and likes you a lot.”

It’s a lot easier for you to get the best out of the company.

In fact, in private, Jasmine Tong really wants to communicate more with Xing Chaoyang.

“How is it embarrassing? Even if it is embarrassing, you have to promise me, I’m swearing to my wife that if I don’t bring you back at noon today, I’ll probably get down on my knees scrubbing.”

This has made Jasmine Tong laugh. I didn’t think Xing Chaoyang was still a wife and disciplinarian in private.


“But we’ll leave together when we get off the plane.”

Jasmine Tong agreed.

Xing Chaoyang was finally relieved that he had completed the big task.

“You know what actually, my wife was very reluctant to let me take on Director Yan, I’ve worked with him before, and after seeing the movie, my wife was all over me saying that it was too perverted and she was determined not to let me take it in the future.”

“Then why did you pick it up later?”

In fact, the two times Jasmine Tong worked with Yanke, she knew that Yanke was too demanding.

She might not work with harsh next time either.

“Because when my wife heard you were going to play a woman, she immediately had me sign a contract, without even considering that the woman was very unruly and sold me on it.”

The two men laughed together.

“She liked you very much and said from the time you shot Huma Red World, look, this little girl is going to be a hit, and when Blossom was released, she painted it a total of six times and asked her studio to watch it.”

Jasmine Tong didn’t even know she had such a rabid fan base.

It can’t hurt to make an extra friend.

Since Albert Ou had a meeting this morning, he wasn’t prepared to pick up Jasmine Tong, but sent Russel Cheng over.

As soon as she got off the plane, Jasmine Tong immediately called Russel Cheng and said that she was going over to her friend’s place.

Xing Chaoyang’s agent came to pick up the plane and dropped them both off at Xing Chaoyang’s house.

Meng Jiajia had been waiting at home for a long time, and the moment the door opened, she was so excited that she hugged Jasmine Tong and almost cried out.

Xing Chaoyang was twelve years older than Meng Jiajia, so there wasn’t much of an age difference between Meng Jiajia and Jasmine Tong.

When they first got married, the world wasn’t very optimistic about the couple, but I didn’t think they’d always be in love.

Meng Jiajia’s grinning personality soon made Jasmine Tong remove the feeling of constraint.

“Mandy, I even cooked a couple of dishes myself to welcome you.”

Xing Chaoyang, who was next to him, had a lifeless expression.

“I say wife, people have come a long way, are you trying to make this trip the last one”

This words Jasmine Tong also heard that Meng Jiajia’s cooking skills were not very good.

And it’s Xing Chaoyang who is the top man in the family kitchen.

“I’m telling you, I’ve been learning these two dishes for days for Manny, I promise they’re delicious.”

As the three men were talking, the sound of a child crying came from the room.

Munchael went into the room and came out with a cute little girl in her arms.

Xing Chaoyang and Meng Jiajia’s daughter, who is now two years old, is a big-eyed adorable baby.

Xing Chaoyang has also had photos of his daughter on Weibo, but they are all mosaic or just a back view.

This time Jasmine Tong finally saw the real thing.

“This is my daughter, her nickname is Yaya, Yaya, you see we have a guest in the house, this is mommy’s idol, Sister Manny.”

Xing Chaoyang was not happy to hear the name.

“You told YaYa to call Mandy sister, what about me”

Meng Jiajia immediately glanced at Xing Chaoyang.

“Who called you old,”

“Then you had to marry me.”

The two couples’ daily grudge screen is also to make fun of Jasmine Tong, and then look at their daughter Ya Ya, a really happy family of three.

Chapter 237

After lunch, Xing Chaoyang took his daughter to bed, and Meng Jiajia and Jasmine Tong cleaned up the dishes together.

The two seemed to get along very well at first sight, and Meng Jiajia didn’t treat Jasmine Tong as an outsider.

When Jasmine Tong put the dishes in the cupboard, she found a lot of baked goods.

“Katya, do you like baking a lot too?”

At the mention of this, Munchael was embarrassed.

“I just like it, isn’t it very popular these days to come and do it, and I bought a whole bunch of stuff that I either can’t do well or am too lazy to do.”

Meng Jiajia smiled goofy and silly, “Maybe some people aren’t naturally suited to cooking ah, baking and such, I’m one of those people, haha.”

“So much material is wasted.”

Tong Mann took inventory.

“I’ll make you a mango mousse cake, later when Yaya wakes up, just so the three of you can eat together as a family.”

“Mandy, do you like to do this too? “Meng Jiajia stared at Jasmine Tong in amazement.

She can do whatever she wants with her idols.

“It’s just something I usually do occasionally, I’m more of a cook, and baking is something I’ve only recently started doing.”

Meng Jiajia watched as Jasmine Tong skillfully fused the pile of materials together, giving Meng Jiajia the steps as she did so.

What surprised Meng Jiajia even more was that some of the steps Jasmine Tong told were different from those she had looked up from the internet.

“Manny, this doesn’t seem to be what you’re talking about online.”

“It’s a little bit different, I’ve improved it after I’ve made it myself, there are all these foolproof tutorials on the internet, there are actually some steps that you can’t omit, and there are others that I’ve researched, they’re actually a lot of different ways to do it, and you can change them to suit everyone’s taste.”

Meng Jiajia listened to Jasmine Tong’s words and simply admired them.

Looking at the detailed processes online, he couldn’t even make them, and Jasmine Tong had already begun to change the steps to suit her own tastes.

They are not on the same level at all.

Suddenly, Munchausen snapped her fingers.

“Mandy, let’s partner up and open a bakery.”

“Ah,” Jasmine Tong looked over at Meng Jiajia as she stirred the ingredients.

“Or else you’re really wasting your good skills, we could open a more personalized bakery, a collection of leisure and baking all in one, which is very popular nowadays.”

Munchausen was wide-eyed and excited about her great idea.

Jasmine Tong laughed awkwardly.

“Kaja-san, I’m the one who doesn’t have a business mind, and if you belong to the group of people who were born unable to cook, then I was born unable to do business.”

Munchael clapped her hands.

“It doesn’t matter, you just have to work on products with a little more personality, then teach your methods to our clerks and leave the rest to me.”

Munchael patted her chest.

“But how much is this going to cost?”

She doesn’t have much money in her hands.

“How about we open a little store to try the water first, a few million should be enough and we split it fifty-fifty between the two of us.”

If it was a few million, she could still get it out, and although she had no interest in doing business, Jasmine Tong felt that the money stayed in the account as well.

If the store can make money, it leaves her with more money in her hands, and she can take it out for some charity.

After the mango mousse cake was ready, Mangia pulled Jasmine Tong to discuss the details of the bakery.

Throughout the afternoon, the two men discussed, among other things, a range of questions about the bakery’s store style, features, products, and more.

The more we discussed the two men, the more excited they became, and before you knew it, it was evening.

“Mandy, don’t leave tonight, have dinner at my house, and we’ll continue the discussion tonight.”

It was only at this time that Jasmine Tong looked out the window, so it was going to be dark.

There’s a big devil in the house waiting for you.

“No, Katya, I just got back from filming and I haven’t even entered the house yet, we’ll discuss it some other time.”

“Yeah, I’ve been tired from filming lately, and I’ve been pulling you into talking all afternoon with this excitement.”

“We’ll talk some other time then, I’m going home.”

“Okay, okay, where do you live? Or I’ll drop you off.”

“No need, you and Chaoyang haven’t seen each other for a long time, so let’s catch up.”

Meng Jiajia dropped Jasmine Tong off outside the door, and Lu Weiran and Xu Fang had already let Jasmine Tong go home, so she took a cab alone.

“Master, please drive faster, in a hurry.”

“Girl, you can’t drive fast enough at this time, it’s rush hour.”

Heck, it’s rush hour again and I don’t know what time I’ll be home.

“Master, then please try to drive as fast as you can.”


Jasmine Tong immediately turned on her phone.

Because she was worried about disturbing Yaya’s sleep, Jasmine Tong muted her phone, and she didn’t expect that she and Meng Jiajia would be delayed for so long.

There were countless tweets on the phone and two dozen missed calls.

She could even imagine how angry Albert Ou was.

“Big baby, I’m sorry for the extra delay, I’m sorry, I’m on my way back now, but there seems to be a bit of traffic, so I guess I’ll be a little late.”

“You don’t have to come back.”

Seeing the message from Albert Ou, Jasmine Tong really wanted to cry.

Really pissing off this Demon King, she definitely didn’t have a good thing to eat tonight.

But to no avail, there is a traffic jam going on at this time of the day.

It took Jasmine Tong a full hour and a half to get home.

As soon as I stepped into the house, I felt a depressing atmosphere.

Aunt Fanny came over immediately.

“Ma’am, just in time for you to come home and have dinner.”

“What do you want to eat? Dump the food.”

Not being able to Jasmine Tong spoke, a certain angry voice came through.

Albert Ou’s face was really hard to see.

Aunt Fang whispered, “Mr. came back very early, and when he came back and couldn’t see his wife, he hasn’t been in a good mood.”

“That what do you call flowers I’m talking, didn’t you hear me go and pour out the food”

Pearblossom, who had always been afraid of Albert Ou, immediately obeyed and dumped all the food on the table into the trash can.

Albert Ou saw that the food was gone, which satisfied him to go upstairs, not even looking at Jasmine Tong in the meantime.

Jasmine Tong took a deep breath, I’m afraid it’s still a good coaxing him.

Instead of going to the bedroom, Albert Ou went to the study.

Jasmine Tong immediately followed him in and saw that the guy had a book and was sitting at the desk reading it.


“Shut up! – Did you see that I was reading a book? You have no manners at all.”

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