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Chapter 980

is very kind, a few days later.

Tang Yuxin’s mother Wang Yuehong was discharged from the hospital.

And this day is also a new day for them to stay in the villa.

Sheldon had asked Tang Yuxin and Tang De to go back to pack up the clothes and useful items, and then they headed towards the villa together.

As for other things, there is no need.

Anyway, all kinds of furniture and electrical appliances in the villa are all available, already fully equipped.

Sheldon brought Tang Yuxin’s family to the villa.

When the three of them walked into the villa, they were immediately shocked.

“Oh my God, this is great too!”

Tang De suddenly exclaimed as soon as he entered.

Don’t talk about Tang De, even Wang Yuehong and Tang Yuxin were surprised and excited.

They really didn’t expect that they could live in such a good house one day.

“Little Chen, we… can we really live here?”

Tang De looked at Sheldon again in disbelief, thinking he was dreaming.

Sheldon nodded firmly and replied: “Uncle, of course it is true. I will live here for you in the future. Don’t worry, this is my house. No one will harass you, and you don’t need to pay for the utility bills.

Yes .” Hearing what Sheldon said, Tang De was really surprised. He felt that he had really met God.

“Little Chen, can you tell me what you do?” After

calming down, Tang De looked at Sheldon and asked.

“Yeah, Xiao Chen, you have to tell us what you do, otherwise we really dare not live. You have such a great kindness to our family. We must thank you very much.”

Wang Yuehong also echoed Following Tang De’s words, he asked Sheldon.

The three of them wanted to know the identity of Sheldon.

“Uncles and aunts, Yuxin, since I have said everything for this purpose, then I will not hide it from you. I am actually the chairman of Yaojiang Group. All the villas around here are owned by our Yaojiang Group. I used it to live in the group’s employees, and because I have a free villa, so I will live in you.”

Sheldon also knew that he couldn’t hide it, or he would just show them his identity.

After hearing this, Tang De’s eyes couldn’t be widened, even Tang Yuxin was full of shock.

She really didn’t expect Sheldon to be the chairman of Yaojiang Group. It’s no wonder that Sheldon could spend hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical expenses and live with them in such a good place. It turns out that she knew a top person. .

They certainly knew how powerful Yaojiang Group was, but they didn’t expect that they would have a relationship with the chairman of Yaojiang Group, let alone get the help of the chairman of Yaojiang Group.

“Little Chen, I didn’t expect you to be the chairman of Yaojiang Group!”

Tang De exclaimed in shock, his face was really full of incredible expressions.

“Uncle, this is just a title. I don’t want to be too public. It’s better to be a low-key person.”

Sheldon also explained it modestly.

Hearing Sheldon’s words, the three Tang De nodded in understanding. After all, it is better to hide an identity like Sheldon, otherwise it will cause a huge sensation.

Soon, Tang De and Tang Yuxin began to simply clean up in the villa.

Until the evening, Tang Yuxin and Sheldon were sitting on the sofa in the living room downstairs, while Tang De was taking care of Wang Yuehong upstairs. They didn’t want to disturb their daughter’s chance to be alone with Sheldon.

“Senior, you are really hiding too deep, it really surprised me too much.”

Tang Yuxin looked at Sheldon in surprise and said.

“Haha, Yuxin, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to hide it from you.”

Sheldon looked at Tang Yuxin and smiled and explained.

“It’s okay, I know your worries, I didn’t blame you.”

Tang Yuxin also responded very understandingly.

“By the way, Yuxin, in fact, Tianhai University has already been acquired by me. I think I still have to let you know about this.”

Then Sheldon told Tang Yuxin another thing.

Tang Yuxin was surprised again after hearing this.

Just kidding, you can buy a university at will, which only Sheldon can do.

“That means you are now the largest shareholder of Tianhai University. No wonder you are not afraid of the Four Young

Masters of Tianhai .” Tang Yuxin looked at Sheldon clearly.

In fact, Tang Yuxin was wrong about this. Even if Sheldon hadn’t acquired Tianhai University, he would not be afraid of the Four Young Masters of Tianhai.

Because in front of Sheldon’s eyes, he hadn’t put Tianhai Four Young Masters in his eyes at all.

The four young masters of Tianhai are just four dudes, not to be afraid.

As long as they don’t trouble themselves, Sheldon is totally unwilling to pay attention to them, but on the contrary, Sheldon will destroy them and the family behind them.

After all, it is not a good thing to offend Yaojiang Group, it is all a devastating blow.

Until late at night, Sheldon said goodbye to Tang Yuxin and left the villa before returning to the villa where he lived.

The reason why I didn’t stay too much time is because tomorrow is the weekend.

Sheldon promised Lin Xueer to take Lin Xueer to the amusement park, so Sheldon had to go back early, and then get up early tomorrow morning.

It’s nine o’clock in the evening to return to his villa.

As soon as he walked in, Sheldon saw Lin Xueer and Zhou Nuo sitting on the sofa watching TV as usual. The two of them were laughing while watching TV.

Seeing Sheldon’s return, the eyes and attention of the two moved away from the TV in an instant.

“Uncle Sheldon, you are back!”

Lin Xueer immediately jumped up from the sofa and shouted to Sheldon.

For Lin Xueer, Sheldon is of course much more important than TV series.

“Yes, I promised Xueer, I will take you to the amusement park tomorrow!”

Sheldon smiled and looked at Lin Xueer before preaching.

After Lin Xueer heard this, she immediately cheered.


“Uncle Sheldon, you are the best!”

Seeing Lin Xue’er so happy, Sheldon and Zhou Nuo also smiled gladly.

The child’s innocent smile is really healing.

Looking at Lin Xueer’s joy, Sheldon felt that the whole person was relaxed a lot, and felt very warm.

“Zhou Nuo, you will go and book three tickets for Happy Valley Amusement Park

later . The three of us will go tomorrow.” Then Sheldon looked at Zhou Nuo and ordered.

After Zhou Nuo heard this, he immediately nodded in response: “Okay, Dong Chen!”

“Hehe, Sister Zhou Nuo, can I sleep with you tonight?”

Then just listen to Lin Xueer. With a playful expression, he came to suggest to Zhou Nuo.

When Zhou Nuo heard this, he was stunned for a moment, and then responded with a smile.

“Of course it’s

good !” “Great!”

Lin Xueer cheered again when Zhou Nuo promised herself.

Sheldon and Zhou Nuo would do their best to satisfy Lin Xueer’s any request, and give Lin Xueer the greatest possible care.

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