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Chapter 247

The other party spoke very slowly, as if because Jasmine Tong couldn’t hear clearly.

Jasmine Tong heard her clearly, but she was in the clouds.

“Sorry, you have the wrong number, I didn’t have an abortion.”

She said Jasmine Tong was ready to hang up the phone.

“Wait a minute, please, aren’t you Miss Jasmine Tong?”

“I’m Jasmine Tong, but I didn’t have an abortion, you’re mistaken, maybe the same name.”

“That’s impossible, the information on our federation’s list is submitted by all the major hospitals, if you’re Jasmine Tong, there’s no mistaking it, how about we compare the information”

“There’s no need for that, I haven’t had the surgery, have I?”

Although Jasmine Tong felt that it was nonsense, the other party read out her information.

“Name Jasmine Tong, marital status married, husband Albert Ou, education university graduate, ID number on September 25 in z.y hospital for abortion surgery, the surgical procedure bleeding heavily”

Jasmine Tong stared fiercely.

They know everything about themselves. They’re right about everything.

Let’s say that only a handful of people knew about his marriage to Albert Ou, and the fact that the other party could even know about it meant that the department was real.

Eighty percent they only knew she was married when they pulled the file from the Civil Affairs Bureau.

“Miss Tong, am I right in what I’m saying?”

“Right, but I was indeed at Z.Y. Hospital on September 25th, only I didn’t have an abortion, I just had a little flesh wound.”

“There’s no mistake, we have this list that was reported from all the major hospitals, and if you didn’t have an abortion, that z.y hospital is not going to report it.You don’t have to be afraid, we just want to understand what caused the miscarriage and how to recover.”

“It’s absolutely impossible.” How could she have had an abortion?

“Let’s say, or maybe it’s a mistake over at Z.Y. Hospital, you go over to the hospital, take another look, and inquire as to what’s going on with them, and anyway, our list over here shows that you did have an abortion.”


Hanging up the phone, Jasmine Tong felt her hands trembling.

What is this all about?

The other side just said it’s possible that Z.Y Hospital got it wrong, but Jasmine Tong knows that it’s impossible for Z.Y Hospital to get her wrong.

Who doesn’t know she’s the owner of Z.Y. Hospital?

“Old Chen, go to Z.Y Hospital.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

The car immediately turned around and drove towards the z.y hospital.

Why are you holding the phone and reassuring yourself that it’s probably a mistake?

If she did have an abortion, how could Albert Ou not tell her?

Besides, she’s never been pregnant, so how could she have an abortion?

Jasmine Tong’s head feels like it’s about to explode.

She turned around and thought about how many strange things had happened during her stay in the hospital, and if she hadn’t gotten the call today, she might never have suspected anything, and now she did think there was a lot of suspicion.

She did wake up that morning with some nausea and queasiness, and was too busy to care.

Menstruation seems to be delayed, almost two months.

When she woke up in the hospital, Albert Ou told her that she was on her period.

could it be that…?

Jasmine Tong didn’t dare to think about it.

The car arrived at the z.y hospital.

As she has been in and out of the hospital several times, Jasmine Tong has become familiar with the hospital.

She went directly to the hospital room she had previously occupied, which was Albert Ou’s own exclusive room that no one was allowed to stay in.

So there’s no one here at this time of day, but, just for good measure, the nurses’ station is downstairs in this ward.

Jasmine Tong went straight down the stairs, and as soon as she did, she ran into one of the little nurses who had been in charge of taking care of her.

“Ma’am, what brings you here unwell?” the little nurse rushed over to us.

“It’s nothing, I’ve just been pretty laid back lately, and I came by the hospital to pick up some cold medicine and stop by to see you guys.”

Jasmine Tong also grew an eye, if Albert Ou tried to hide something from her in this hospital, but I’m sure all these nurses and doctors won’t tell her the truth.

“Yeah, I haven’t seen my wife in a long time, has she been doing any films lately?”

“Made a movie, it’s almost ready for release, are you busy now? Let’s go upstairs and talk.”

“Well, I don’t have anything going on right now.”

The two of them walked up the stairs together to the ward where Jasmine Tong was staying before.

“Ma’am, you’ve really been getting hotter lately.”

“What’s the fire? – Just like that. How’s your work?”

“Pretty good.”

Jasmine Tong mulled over the question, pretending to be unaware of it.

“Who was the last doctor who operated on me?”

“Ah,” the little nurse was stunned first, her eyes wide at Jasmine Tong.

“I’m just asking casually, I haven’t been feeling very well lately, so I wanted to ask if there were any after-effects from the surgery or anything like that.”

Because the last time she was hospitalized, Albert Ou ordered that no one was allowed to do anything about the abortion, saying, she was traumatized and did not need surgery.

But Jasmine Tong suddenly asked this, but the little nurse asked.

“Ma’am, you,”

Jasmine Tong looked as if she had a plan.

“I know all about it, why are you hiding it from me?”

That smile was easy and relaxed, not stressful or sad in the least.


The little nurse finally breathed a sigh of relief.

“I knew that Mr. Ou loves his wife the most, such a big thing, I didn’t say it at the time, I’m sure I’ll say it later, in fact, it’s nothing for a woman to have an abortion nowadays, our hospital does it every day, dozens of them.”

Jasmine Tong’s heart thumped.

Could it be that she really did have an abortion and that Albert Ou didn’t let everyone tell her.

Jasmine Tong is an actress, a natural actor at this time.

“Yeah, you’re right, it’s pretty sad to know later too, what might have happened people have to move on isn’t”

“Ma’am, that’s good of you to think so, the baby will always be there.”

“I’ll ask which doctor is operating on me, I haven’t been feeling well lately, and I’ll ask her to check me out.”

“Didn’t Mr. Ou tell you that it’s the best obstetrician and gynecologist in our hospital, Director Zhong Yu Ling Zhong.”

It’s her.

I still remember that time when she went home to recuperate for a period of time, so Albert Ou asked her why she had been unable to get pregnant and brought her in for a checkup, and the one in charge of checking her body at that time was also this Zhong Yu Ling

“Which office is Dr. Chung in?”

“I’m fine now too, let me take you there.”

The little nurse stood up and took Jasmine Tong to Zhong Yu Ling’s office.

Take the man to the little nurse and leave.

Zhong Yu Ling just happened to be in the office.

Jasmine Tong knocked on the door, and Zhong Yu Ling was taken aback when she saw Jasmine Tong.

“Mrs. Au, what can I do for you?”

Chapter 248

“You’re the one responsible for my abortion.”

The little nurse had already left, and there was no need for Jasmine Tong to hide her emotions.

Zhong Yu Ling was first stunned, then laughed awkwardly.

“Mrs. Au, what are you talking about? When did you have an abortion?”

“No need to lie to me, the nurse just brought me here and already told me everything.”

Zhong Yu Ling was silent for a moment and made his way to the door.

Jasmine Tong walked in.

As Zhong Yu Ling sat at her desk, she knew that she couldn’t hide this matter.

Jasmine Tong sat across from Zhong Yu Ling.

“Dr. Chung, you’re a doctor, and doctors are responsible for their patients, and I have a right to know about everything that happens to me in the hospital.”

Zhong Yu Ling silently sighed.

“Mrs. Ou, things have been going on for so long, is there still a need to pursue the matter? get well, it seems it’s still possible to get well.”

Jasmine Tong closed her eyes in pain, trying not to let her tears fall.

“I know, he must have explained to you that he can’t say a word to me, and I’m not embarrassed, don’t worry, I won’t tell him either, you told me that I really had an abortion.”

Zhong Yu Ling nodded.


“It was a few months ago.”

“It’s almost three months.”


Since it’s been so long, Jasmine Tong hangs her head and she doesn’t even know that

“The cycle of pregnancy is counted from the day you had your last period, and you’re too careless to have delayed your period for so long and not even know it, by that time you should have had an early pregnancy reaction.”

Jasmine Tong held out a hand to support her head.

Yeah, she did have a reaction, she just didn’t know it.

“I was up in the morning and always felt a little nauseous, but I was too busy and had suspected I was pregnant, but I never tested.”

Jasmine Tong’s voice was choked up.

She couldn’t hold back any longer, and tears were pounding down.

Zhong Yu Ling immediately brought her a tissue.

“When I came, it was already miscarried, or, he made the decision to have an abortion.”

This is Jasmine Tong’s main concern.

Was she the one who lost the baby because of the beating, or was he the one who wanted to abort his own child?

“You were hemorrhaging when you arrived, and if, instead of being delivered in time, you would have bled to death.”Zhong Yu Ling answered truthfully.

“Why does the hemorrhage happen?”

Jasmine Tong never thought that her life was once in danger.

“I reckon that you’ve actually been showing signs of miscarriage, I know from my conversation with Ou that you’ve been taking the contraceptive soup, which is supposed to have caused your miscarriage, and the trauma, which caused the bleeding.To put it bluntly, the baby wasn’t keepable in the first place, and you’re on birth control pills for a long time, so the baby is definitely not going to be born.”

Jasmine Tong’s pupils suddenly dilated

In the end, it’s all about those birth control pills.

Why is that, exactly?

Why is God so cruel to her?

Like a walking corpse, Jasmine Tong held onto the table and stood up.

Her eyes were hollow and she headed out.

“Mrs. Ou, Mrs. Ou.”

Zhong Yu Ling kept shouting from behind, but it was as if Jasmine Tong couldn’t hear her and walked straight towards the outside.

Zhong Yu Ling was going to chase after him, but his phone rang, and she was invited over to the emergency clinic for a consultation, there was nothing she could do about it, it was her duty to treat the sick and save lives.

Jasmine Tong returned to the car in a trance.

Sitting in the car with my head full of that big pile of terms.

Miscarriages, haemorrhages, contraceptive pills

“Ma’am, are we going home now?” asked Old Chen, opening his mouth.

Jasmine Tong stayed back in her seat, her eyes dull and dull.

“Ma’am Ma’am” Old Chen shouted several times in succession, “Ma’am, are you alright?”

“To the Dark Empire.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

When she finally spoke, Old Chen received the order and immediately started the engine.

Old Chen thought to himself that maybe his wife had some kind of illness and needed to go talk to Albert Ou, but he couldn’t ask.

Jasmine Tong remained in the same position, leaning against the seat like that.

Her hand gently lifted and stroked her belly.

There was once a little life beating here.

She blinked and tears streamed down the corners of her eyes.

Unfortunately, he had disappeared before she knew he existed.

Jasmine Tong bit her lips tightly.

Think back to that time.

Jasmine Tong only felt like a heartbeat.

The child she’d always wanted, once so close to her.

At this moment, Jasmine Tong is a million times more frustrated.

Her head was so messed up, it felt like it could explode at any moment.

Everything that had happened in those days had gone through her head.

Her chest was suddenly full of anger and even hatred.

He’s the one who killed their children.

That’s an indisputable fact.

While he lied to her about having a baby, he ruined her body by secretly giving her a contraceptive soup pill

He’s quietly being nice to her while hiding the fact that she had a miscarriage.

Jasmine Tong still can’t figure out which of Albert Ou’s words are true and which are not.

He said he loved her, but he killed their child with his own hands.

She shouldn’t have had so much hope in him from the beginning.

“Ma’am, ma’am,”

Jasmine Tong came back to her senses and immediately wiped the tears from her face.

“Here it is.”

Jasmine Tong put on her sunglasses and got out of the car straight away, entering the Dark Empire through the back door.

Taking the elevator to the door of the CEO’s office, she stood in the doorway and knocked on the door several times.

There was no response and she pushed the door open.

“Madam” Russel Cheng found Jasmine Tong.

“Where’s Ou?”

“Mr. Ou is in a meeting in the conference room, ma’am, wait a moment while I open the office door for you.”

Russel Cheng said walking away.

“No need, tell me where the conference room is.”

“Mr. Ou just went to a meeting, I guess it’s going to be a while, so Madam should wait a while.”

Russel Cheng saw that Jasmine Tong’s tone wasn’t quite right, and thought that something was probably wrong, but naturally he didn’t dare to take her to Albert Ou at this time.

“I told you to take me to the conference room, can’t you hear me?”

Russel Cheng was also stunned, after all, Jasmine Tong had always spoken to him pleasantly, never like this.

“I’ll find it myself.”

Saying that, Jasmine Tong walked in the other direction.

“Ma’am, I’ll take you there but don’t be impulsive, okay I’ll help you call Ou out.”

Jasmine Tong didn’t say anything, and Russel Cheng took her straight to the floor of the conference room.

“Ma’am, you wait here while I go call for Ou.”

Chapter 249

Russel Cheng quietly walked into the conference room.

The conference room was quiet at the moment, with no sound except for the one who was giving the summary report, and Albert Ou was sitting right in the middle of the front.

As soon as Russel Cheng approached Albert Ou, the conference room began to whisper.

Because everyone saw the woman standing in the doorway.

Jasmine Tong wore wide sunglasses, and no one could recognize her.

Before Albert Ou heard what Russel Cheng said, he saw Jasmine Tong in the doorway.

Naturally, Jasmine Tong’s appearance surprised and delighted him, and he ignored Russel Cheng and walked straight to the door.

“What are you doing here?”

There was no need for him to hide the fact that he was married in front of his own company’s employees.

Jasmine Tong held her sunglasses upward.

“Let me ask you, I was beaten up some time ago, did you find out who did it?”

Jasmine Tong tried to calm herself down, but there was still some gas depression in her chest.

How could she be calm knowing such a big thing?

“No ah, what’s wrong” Albert Ou didn’t expect Jasmine Tong to come over just to ask him about this.

It’s been so long. Why does she suddenly think about it?

“Is it you,”

“What isn’t me.”

Albert Ou didn’t know what Jasmine Tong was talking about yet.

“Did you send someone to beat me up or else, with your skills why haven’t you found out by now.”

Albert Ou looked backwards, the conference room all staring at them.

“Let’s go out and talk and save face.”

“Say it right here, and show your employees what a tough boss they are, too.”

“You keep your voice down.”

Because the conference room was so large and the doorway was some distance from the center of the room, the two of them whispered so quietly that they couldn’t be heard inside.

“What the hell is wrong with you?”

While in the car, Tong thought a lot about it.

Why would she be assaulted for no reason and Albert Ou couldn’t even find out who it was after all this time investigating.

Could it be because Albert Ou knew she was pregnant and wanted an excuse to abort his child.

Though she couldn’t believe that the man who professed to love her could do something so cruel.

But secretly giving himself the pill and destroying his own body is the work of the man who claims to love him.

“Let me ask you, every time after we share a room, Lin Lan Lan gives me a bowl of soup, that soup is for contraception, did you make her do this thing.”

Albert Ou stared at Jasmine Tong, he didn’t know how Jasmine Tong knew about this matter

It’s been so long since Lin Lan Lan was sacked that no one is supposed to know anymore

“Answer my question,” Jasmine Tong snapped.

“Let’s go home and talk, okay you save face, so many people here.”

Albert Ou muttered under his breath.

“Just answer me yes or no.”

“Yes.”Albert Ou dropped his head, he could only admit, “But you listen”


As soon as Albert Ou looked up, Jasmine Tong smacked him towards his face.

All the people in the conference room looked at the door in dismay.

Someone in the world dares to beat up Albert Ou!

Who the hell is a woman?

Is she the wife of the legendary Central European Sawano?

Albert Ou didn’t expect that Jasmine Tong would slap him in full view of the public.


Jasmine Tong quickly turned to leave, leaving Albert Ou with a stubborn back.

Her tears pounded down once more.

Really, it’s all true.

Jasmine Tong felt like her heart was being crushed, and she didn’t know how to put it back together.

Albert Ou was still standing in the doorway.

For the first time in my life, I was beaten by a woman in front of so many people.

“Meeting adjourned,” he bellowed and walked out the door as well.

Jasmine Tong got into the car and went straight back to Rainbow City.

It felt like the fire in her chest was trying to kill her.

She scratched hard with her hands, a few blood marks on her chest, even oozing beads of blood

She didn’t know how to calm herself down and paced back and forth across the room.


That’s right. She wants a divorce.

She’s leaving this cold-blooded, hypocritical man.

Albert Ou returns to his office and feels disgraced as he is slapped in public

But he also wanted to know what did Jasmine Tong know?

From the few questions Jasmine Tong asked him, he didn’t know exactly what Jasmine Tong knew about the content

He had to go back and ask for clarification, and sooner or later he would have to face it.

“Ching Ho, put off all my arrangements for the afternoon.”

Immediately after saying that, he walked out of the office and drove his car straight back to Rainbow City.

Aunt Fang was also surprised to see Albert Ou back so early.

“Where’s the wife?”

“The wife is in the bedroom, isn’t she?”

Albert Ou immediately ran up the stairs.

Aunt Fang just saw Jasmine Tong also rushed back, and now she doesn’t know what happened, what happened to these two people

Albert Ou pushed open the bedroom door and saw Jasmine Tong sitting on the bed with a suitcase at her feet.

Albert Ou suddenly returned, and Jasmine Tong was taken aback.

“You’re back just in time, let’s get a divorce, I have the divorce papers printed out, I don’t want anything.”

Jasmine Tong’s words were cold, as was her face now.

“Why the divorce?”

Last night, weren’t they all right? They’ve been so sweet all this time. Why the sudden divorce?

Jasmine Tong’s smile was icy cold to the extreme.

“Instead you have to ask me why I divorced you ask yourself what you have done Albert Ou Nao, if you just want to find a tool to vent your desire, trouble you let me go, there are many women in the world you want to find ten or eight are no problem so why do you need to pit me alone?”

Albert Ou stepped forward.

“Jasmine, why do you always say you’re a tool to let off steam you’re not, I love you Jasmine, I really do.”

Jasmine Tong covered her ears in pain.

“Stop saying that your love is secretly making me drink contraceptive soup and slowly destroying my body your love is aborting my child without my knowledge your love is lying to me while still paying lip service to loving me.”

Jasmine Tong’s tears fell indisputably.

“I’m sorry, I can’t afford such love please take back your love and don’t hurt me with it.”

Albert Ou looked at Jasmine Tong in surprise, not expecting her to even know about the pregnancy.

“Jasmine, I didn’t abort the baby, and I’m not the one who beat you, trust me, okay?”

“Even if it wasn’t you, the baby was killed by your own hands if you hadn’t given me all those birth control pills without my knowledge, how could I have miscarried you were the murderer of the child.”

Jasmine Tong held her head and roared out

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