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Chapter 241

But I didn’t expect to get a call from He.

Thinking that she has been missing for so long, Xiao He and the others should be anxious, so they asked Biden Lu to pick it up and let her know.

Xiao He had come over from Fenghua with her, and they had been colleagues for several years, so she knew Xiao He’s personality, so she naturally trusted her.

In fact, He did live up to her trust.

Even though they knew of her return, they just kept it to themselves and didn’t reveal it to anyone.

Even though Child Shu was waiting right outside, she just casually made an excuse to get rid of the person.

On the same day, Tong Shu left from Xing Hui and after going back to find Clara, he told her about the process of going to Xing Hui to look for Jenny Jing and the result.

Clara panicked when she learned that Tong Shu hadn’t been convinced at all and hadn’t even pressed to see Jenny Jing.

“How is that possible?How could she not have come back when she had clearly fled?”

Tong Shu also felt puzzled.

She frowned and intoned, “Was there an accident?Or did you meet someone halfway who was taken away and that’s why you didn’t come back?”

“No way!”

Without even thinking about it, Clara just denied it.

At first, although she hadn’t seen Jenny escape with her own eyes, the four strong men in the secret room who had been knocked unconscious were real.

There was also the fact that it was later found out that Biden Lu had brought someone out in that vicinity, which was also true, so that there was no way that Jenny Jing hadn’t been taken away by Biden Lu.

So, what’s going on here?

Clara was very confused.

She didn’t understand, it was logical that since people were back and knew that she had done such an outrageous thing to herself, of course Jenny should stand up to her.

Why did you hide and deliberately pretend you never came back?

Clara and Tong Shu had thought about it for the entire night, but they couldn’t come up with anything.

Until the next day, someone on suddenly broke the news that Jenny Jing’s disappearance had a lot to do with Clara.

Because through the roadside surveillance video, the last taxi that Jenny Jing got into before he disappeared, the owner, surnamed Liu, had been Clara’s dedicated driver a few months ago.

Where in the world did such a coincidence occur?Jenny Jing disappeared after getting into a car that was owned by Clara’s driver.

This would make it impossible to convince everyone that Clara was innocent even if they wanted to.

There was another flurry of speculation and hot discussion on it.

All sorts of voices came out in confusion, saying all sorts of things, and even more imaginatively, combing out the various disputes between the two, some time ago, and quickly sorting them out.

It was only then that everyone realized what a messy and complicated relationship there was between these two.

One moment it’s Jenny accusing someone of setting her up, and the next it’s Clara suggesting that You Jenny covets her husband.

But with Aoi’s rumor-dispelling video, it is believed that she is innocent of what happened before Jenny.

On the other hand, although Clara has released a statement through her agency, claiming that she was framed and that she reserves the right to pursue the case, she hasn’t been able to produce any strong evidence to prove her innocence, thus making many people start to resent her.

Plus, with this blast, people are even more speechless about her.

Already, some ardent fans have started going to Clara’s ruff below to voice their disapproval.

Asking her to let Jenny go, she also AIT the police’s official blog to make them punish

Remove evil from evil.

Clara panicked when she saw the discussion sparked on it.

She wasn’t the only one, Tong Shu was also a little panicked.

“Did you remove all those marks?Why would you leave a surveillance video in there?”

Clara was also speechless.

“How do I know?I’ve obviously sent people to take care of it all ah, how do I know where they dug up another video from?”

Tong Shu was going mad at the news, and she sank down, forcing herself to calm down before saying, “Okay, the good news is that now we’ve only found that the driver is related to you, and we haven’t found any other evidence.

All we have to do is bite the bullet that you and the driver haven’t been in touch since he left office, that everything is just his personal behavior and has nothing to do with you, that they can’t come up with any other evidence, and that they can’t say anything even if they suspect otherwise.”

Clara nodded, but in the next second she was shaken violently.

Suddenly he said, “No!Since they turned up this surveillance video, that driver surnamed Liu should have been arrested as well, what if he gives me up?”

Tong Shu looked at her incredulously, “Don’t tell me that you went to contact him personally?”

Clara scratched her hair in irritation, “What can I do?Ever since Aoi was bribed by that b*tch Jenny, I don’t have another person I can trust around me to do these things for me, and if I don’t do it myself, am I going to just find someone else to do it?Isn’t that more dangerous?”

Tong Shu also knew that she was telling the truth.

But I was still angry.

Looking at Clara’s devastated look, she couldn’t say anything more heavy so as not to agitate her even more.

In the end, he could only wave his hand impatiently and said, “Alright, I’ll find someone to ask around, you should prepare more money for these two days, if that person is really caught, even if you have to seal someone’s mouth, you’ll need a large sum of money to do it.”

Only then did Clara, somewhat wasted, sit down in her chair, hold her head, and nod her head.

Tong Shu left.

Clara only felt that the most important piece of her heart seemed to have been taken away by something, and all of a sudden she lost her main focus.

She sat there with her head in her hands for a while before looking up.

Looking around the house at the lavish décor, eventually, walking over to the dresser and picking up the phone that was on top.

She stood there, took a deep breath, and for a moment, dialed a number.

“Grandma, this is Maya, I want to discuss something with you, is it convenient for you right now?”


This was the first time she had returned to the Jing family since Clara had married.

The atmosphere in the living room was dull, so dull that it all felt a little too serious.

On the main seat sat Kelly Wang and Kevin Jing, Yu Xiulian sat on the couch next to her, Clara sat on the single couch opposite her, and none of the people spoke.

Just now, Clara had explained the current situation, and her need for money.

She hadn’t done much filming for almost a year, and most of the money she had earned before that had been invested in Fenghua, and now she didn’t have much money on hand at all.

If you want to get money from Rovell, it will be even harder.

Forget about whether or not he would press her about kidnapping Jenny, I’m afraid he wouldn’t be willing to do so just by taking money to help her.

Instead of doing that, I’d rather go home to my family and figure out what to do.

That’s why Clara came home.

Chapter 242

Kelly Wang sat there with a sunken face, a heart that hadn’t yet recovered from the shock of having just heard the news.

Yu Xiu Lian looked at everyone worriedly, wanting to say something, but leaping several times, she did not summon the courage to say it.

Because of the improper ascendancy, even if Kelly Wang accepted her, Yu Xiulian has always had little to say in the Jing family.

Not to mention saying anything else at such a juncture.

Therefore, she looked at Jing almost pleadingly, just hoping that at this time he would stand up for Jing two words.

But Kevin Jing has always feared Kelly Wang, not to mention that now Clara has the audacity to kidnap someone, which is a crime.

The good thing is that Clara is now married, and many things have an excuse, so if the Jing family involves themselves in this, there’s no telling how much more they’ll be implicated later.

When he thought of this, he looked at Clara without grumbling.

Clara didn’t expect him to be this kind of attitude, and was so angry that his throat clogged up, only to feel a volcano building up in his chest, as if it was about to erupt.

It took a long time before Kelly Wang spoke.

“Is there any other lead in this matter than that driver?”

Clara shook her head incessantly.

“No, I’m sure there were four other people in that basement that I disposed of in secret.

In fact, that driver, I paid him a fortune to go away after the accident, and even the car was handled by me, I didn’t think his license plate number would be taken down.”

Kelly Wang nodded after hearing this.

“There’s no other evidence that’s good, in the end, this thing just goes to the driver and there’s no evidence that directly identifies you.

I’ll have your father withdraw a sum of money out to you later, don’t do this yourself, leave it to Tong Shu, she’ll know how to handle it.”

Clara nodded her head, indicating that she knew.

When Yu Xiu Lian saw Kelly Wang say this, she was relieved.

Turning to Clara, he worried, “What about that recording that’s circulating on now?There’s also the video of Aoi coming out to testify, this should have a big impact on your career as well, have you figured out how to handle it?”

At the mention of this, Clara was furious.

Think of the way she looked when she had her chest full of ideas for Aoi to set Jenny up, and then look at the results now.

It just felt as if there was a slap, a hard slap to her face.

She gritted her teeth and said angrily, “This little b*tch dares to betray me, I won’t let her go!”

Kevin Jing snorted, “How else can you not let her go?If she was willing to come out and testify for Jenny now, Jenny would definitely keep her.

Jenny Jing has nothing to be afraid of, just that the Biden Lu behind her is also mixed in, is it hard to imagine that you want our Jing family to go against Biden Lu?”

Clara choked as Kevin Jing said this, not knowing what to say for a moment.

As deep as Jenny’s power was in Visterdem, he didn’t dare to compare with the Lu family after all.

That’s the top dignitary in Kyoto.

Not to mention them, even the Mu and Hua families, who really dared to offend each other head-on?

Jing spoke, and Kelly Wang waved her hand impatiently.

“Come on, you’re a father, you net like to say such sarcastic things.”

She said, turning to Clara.

“You go back first, I’ll let your father transfer the money to you, go back and remember to give a clear explanation to Mu Shao as well, if there is anything the two of you can discuss, don’t hold back.”

Clara nodded.

After she left, Yu Xiu Lian Fang was deeply relieved and got up to go to the kitchen to prepare dinner.

Unexpectedly, as soon as she got up, she was called by Kelly Wang.

She looked at Yu Xiu Lian, her eyes no longer had the gentle and kind gaze she had just had, and said in a cold voice, “You come with me, I have something to tell you.”

Yu Xiu Lian paused and eventually nodded.


First floor, Kelly Wang’s bedroom.

Her body relaxed and sat in the dark red rattan wood rocking chair, looking at Yu standing across from her.

“The trouble Clara has caused this time can be big or small, Jenny that girl others don’t know her, but I know her well.

The way she played this time, it could be said that she set Maya up whole, and the slightest mistake would have sent her into a state of doom.”

Hearing her say that, Yu Xiu Lian also frowned with worry.

“Mom, do you have any idea what you’re doing?”

Kelly Wang nodded.

“Do you still remember that necklace that Jenny girl got back from me at first?”

Yu Xiu Lian was startled, “Remember, what’s wrong?”

“It was a very important token left by her mother, but unfortunately, it was a fake.”

Yu Xiu Lian’s pupils dilated in surprise.

Only Kelly Wang took out a mahogany brocade box from a nearby drawer.

Open the lid of the brocade box, and inside, wrapped in dark red velvet, was a rustic ruby necklace.


“Does it look like it?”

Yu Xiu Lian nodded her head in succession.

“At first, Mo Caiwei thought that none of us knew that she had switched that child, but unfortunately, ah, how could I not remember what my King’s child looked like?

Even though it’s just a baby in a cradle, its nose and eyes don’t look anything like Sao Tak’s. Does she really think I’m blind in one eye?

But this child has a lot of potential, it is not wrong to raise her, she is just a little girl, if one day she really recognizes her ancestors, can bring some richness also is not a waste of raising her.

I never thought that Jenny’s dead girl was a wolf and dog!For nothing I’ve been good to her for so many years, and since she’s so uninteresting, I don’t need to hurt her anymore.”

Kelly Wang was still speaking abruptly, but Yu Xiu Lian was already too shocked to speak.

Jenny’s life, she had a vague guess about it, but it was only a general guess, not that clear.

I thought the old lady hadn’t even found out about this, but I didn’t think she already knew.

Not only did she know, but everything was still on her plate!

Yu Xiu Lian did not turn pale, sweat dripping down her forehead, her spine chilled.

As if Kelly Wang didn’t see her face, she continued, “Now that something like this has happened to Clara, if Biden Lu really pursues the matter, even our Jing family won’t be able to keep her.

Therefore, the only way she can now replace Jenny Jing and truly become that person’s daughter is to clear her of these stigmas and help our Jing family soar, don’t you think so?”

Yu Xiu Lian didn’t know how to react well at this point, and after a moment’s pause, she could only reluctantly nod her head.

“You said it.”

“Then you understand what you have to do, right?”


Yu Xiu Lian suddenly understood something and stared incredulously.

Kelly Wang looked at her with a cold face, a pair of shrewd eyes seizing the light and glittering with power.

She opened her mouth for a half second, but nothing came out after all.

Finally, hang your head.

“I see.”

Chapter 243

Rumors about Clara buying a murderer to kidnap Jenny Jing continue to fester on.

Along with that earlier recording, and Aoi’s testimony, it brought the heat along with it.

For a time, King was notorious, and while there were those who stood her innocent, the hard evidence was so strong that most people still preferred to believe what they saw with their own eyes.

As a result, there were more curses from the upper to Clara.

That afternoon, Jenny was resting at home when he received a call from Mo Nan.

It said that someone had gone to the police station to see the driver, surnamed Liu, who was a well-known barrister in the industry.

Now after all, there hasn’t really been a conviction yet and the driver has the right to see a lawyer, so they’re not going to be able to stop them.

There was so much at stake in this case that the media was already guarding the outside of the police station on the news and would have loved to have dug up more inside information.

So at this time, Jenny must not appear, and even Biden Lu had better not appear.

She thought about it and said, “See by them, all right.”

Mo Nan was a little worried.

“In case that driver changes his statement, it will be very bad for you then.”

Jenny Jing coldly hooked his lips.

“Don’t worry, since I’ve already made up my mind that I’m going to make Clara fall one step to the bottom, there’s no way I’m just going to keep this one move.”

Hearing her say that, Mo Nan Fang put his mind at ease.

On the other hand, Tong Shu had a hard time finding someone to take care of that driver and was relieved.

Unsurprisingly, the police made another announcement that evening.

It was announced that the first crime scene had been found after Kingning was kidnapped at the time, and a photo and address of that secret room was also posted.

The announcement made it clear that although they had gone to great lengths to find the place, the others seemed to have sensed it in advance and had moved the people away.

In other words, Jenny still hadn’t found it.

Tonshu saw those pictures and almost got scared out of her wits.

He even went to Clara to confirm it.

When Clara looked at the photos that had been uploaded, she was also stunned.

No way!

She had clearly destroyed the scene, all traces of her and Jenny’s presence erased.

How could they have filmed it?

In the photo, the secret room was exactly the same as when Jenny was held.

The operating table in the centre was vaguely visible after someone had struggled.

And the last picture in the photo is of a ring.

Police claim that the ring was found at the scene of the crime, and after confirming to someone close to Kingning that the item was not hers.

That means that the ring, most likely, belongs to the person who planned the kidnapping.

The picture of the ring is very clear with a heart shaped diamond sparkling on top.

But Clara only felt a chill leap up her spine, as if she had been poured a pot of cold water over her head, shivering with cold.

How… how is that possible?

Didn’t this… Didn’t this ring break a long time ago?

I took it to her to fix it. Why is it here?


She thought of something suddenly and stared at it.

This damn girl!How dare they join forces to frame her!

Clara is about to go crazy, yet let her think that she is innocent, someone still picked up the photos of her previous attendance at the event.

And zooming in on the hand, I saw that the heart-shaped diamond ring was clearly on it.

“Oh my God!This woman is crazy, and she really did kidnap Jenny ah?”

“This ring seems to be a token of her and Mu Shao’s love, right?”

“It seems to be, I remember there was an interview where she admitted it herself, I’ll look for the video.”

Soon, that video was picked up by Friends.

It was shortly after Jenny had just crashed her female dry affair with Rovell, who had given her this ring at the engagement ceremony.

Clara was interviewed by a sharp-eyed reporter who stared at her and asked about it.

She then proudly showed them off.

At the time, she even raised her hand to face the camera to show the carefully cut diamond so that the camera could get a clear shot of the ring.

Unexpectedly, it became the evidence of her guilt today.

Clara’s entire face went white and stumbled a few steps, falling onto the couch.

Tong Shu no longer knew what to say, she held her head and sighed.

“I thought you said that all the evidence had been destroyed?What’s that all about?”

Clara shook her head.

The immense horror, as well as the helplessness, made her eyes red.

“I don’t know, I’ve obviously had that secret room destroyed, I’ve had everything in it, including the operating table, get rid of it, so why is it still here?”

She paused, and looked at Tong Shu with a pale face.

“Sister Tong, it must have been her plan long ago, being kidnapped by me in the first place was itself within her expectation, that’s why she was able to take these pictures!

These pictures must not have been taken after the fact, that’s simply not possible!And the ring, it couldn’t have been picked up at the crime scene either!

They must have joined forces to plot against me, and this time, it’s simply a pit she’s dug for me, just waiting for me to jump into it!”

Tong Shu tugged at the corner of his lips in mockery.

“Even if it’s a pit, won’t you jump?”

Clara: “…….”

Sensing the dissatisfaction in Tong Shu’s tone, she sank slightly.

“Is that even what you’re saying about me now?Or are even you disappointed in me and want to leave me?”

Tong Shu a lag.

Truth be told, she’s no better now than she used to be, though she has some credentials by virtue of having been in the industry for so many years.

But the waves of the Yangtze River pushed forward, and her ability to keep up with those offspring out of agents and publicists has long been out of date and somewhat out of touch, both in terms of experience and mindset.

Nowadays, Clara is considered the best artist she has, even if she doesn’t want Clara to be ruined for the sake of her future.

Thinking of this, Tong Shu sighed.

“Don’t be ridiculous, I didn’t mean it that way.”

She paused and said, “The situation is very bad for us, do you have any ideas?”

Clara shook her head.

“I don’t know, I’m so confused right now.”

In the meantime, Tong Shu thought about it.

“If it’s true, as you say, that this was Jenny’s scheme from the beginning, then the only way to find her now is to find her, and once it’s proven that she’s fine and free in person, then all the rumors from before will go away, and…”

Her gaze was deep, and her eyes had a sly glint.

“If we do it right, we might even be able to be Jedi and get back 10%.”

Clara froze and looked at her, “How do you bring back 10%?”

“Heh!What do you think people would think if the outside world knew that not only was Jenny fine, but that she had directed all of this and bribed the police to act with her just to frame you and drive you out of the entertainment industry so that she could dominate everything you have now?”

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