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Chapter 307

“What’s the matter? Is it possible that Kiki’s in trouble again?”

Rameen Tong had a bad feeling that even though she and Rameen Qi were twins, mentally, Rameen Qi was like a child, but she was a much more mature sister.

It’s all because the Tong family prefers sons to daughters

“No, Kiki’s been fine lately is Yarwen Tong.”

“Yarwen Tong, what happened? He’s dead.”

As long as Rameen Qi didn’t get into trouble, Rameen Tong felt that nothing was a big deal.

“If only he were dead. Your father is an old fool. He gave Yarwen Tong 10 shares.”

Hearing this, Rameen Tong immediately put the coffee in her hand on the table

“What even gave him 10 shares of our family’s liquor business, that’s what I saved, why should I give it to him”

Rameen was so angry!

Why is there so much patriarchy in the family?

“Mengmeng, calm down, listen to me, your father still feels indebted to them siblings, saying that he was poor and didn’t treat Yarwen Tong back then”

“He can’t be cured of that disease, and it’s a waste of money.”

“That’s right, that’s what I told your dad, but your dad wouldn’t listen, your dad said your grandfather had left a will and this wine business had their siblings.”


Rameen Tong was pissed off and had a headache.

“But don’t worry, it’s nominally Yarwen Tong’s shares, but the dividends are still in your father’s hands until Yarwen Tong is 20 years old, and only after he’s 20 will Yarwen Tong be given dividends, think about it, Yarwen Tong won’t live to see that time.It’s still something I fought for.”

Dusyman looked smug.

“What if he survives to that point even if he doesn’t and Jasmine Tong comes to rob him.”

Still, Rameen Tong was thoughtful.

Duthie sighed as well.

“That’s right, the most dangerous is still you a dead girl, she has a lot of eyes in her heart just in case she comes to rob Also ah, Meng Meng, you also have to watch out for Ah Ellen, they are broken up, but in the end together for such a long time, Jasmine Tong is now also red, be careful she comes back to rob with you”

How can Rameen Tong not be worried?

Every time she thought of the five years Jasmine Tong and Ellen Ron had been together, she would sit uneasily.

As long as Jasmine Tong is not removed, this heart of hers is not solid.

She couldn’t keep this scourge of siblings until she was married.

“Mom, Yarwen Tong’s heart condition can’t take the excitement,”

“Yeah, can’t stand excitement and can’t exercise hard.”

A wicked smile rippled across Rameen Tong’s face.

“Then I’ll give him a thrill.”

Rameen Tong’s face was fierce.

dark empire (i.e. empire of darkness)

Having just finished the meeting, Albert Ou’s face had an unmistakable weariness and his right arm was still slung around his neck.

Back in the empty office, Albert Ou looked at his phone, which still had no messages.

Sitting at his desk, he propped his head on his left hand and pressed his brow lightly.

Today is the twelfth day of Jasmine Tong’s absence.

He remembered every day that Jasmine Tong was gone.

Twelve days and no phone calls, no videos, no tweets for the two of them.

Every night, Albert Ou was incredibly difficult.

Russel Cheng walked in at this time.

“O, it’s time for lunch, you want something to eat, I’ll prepare it.”

Albert Ou didn’t speak for a long time.

Russel Cheng could also tell that Albert Ou was in poor condition these days, he had little appetite for his daily meals, and his food consumption had shrunk to half of what it was before, or even less.

“There’s no appetite, I’ll call you when I’m hungry.”

Albert Ou’s voice was also weak.

“Mr. Ou, how can you go on like this? You’ve been eating a lot less lately, and you’ve obviously lost weight.”

Albert Ou thought about it, looking up at Russel Cheng.

“I hear there’s a Jasmine’s Bakery opening up north of town.”

“Yes, it’s been good lately, I’ve heard my colleagues talk about it.”

“Go and get one of each of their desserts.”Albert Ou gave the order.

Russel Cheng was first stunned.

The Dark Empire’s restaurant also has desserts prepared and the chef hired was great.

And there’s a really good dessert house right underneath the Dark Empire building, and Mann’s house is just too far away to travel that far for dessert.

“What? No,”

“It’s a little far from home.”

“Go ahead, I’m in no hurry to eat.”

“All right then.”

It’s better to eat than not to eat, Russel Cheng still hardened his scalp and ran twenty kilometers to buy the dessert back from Man Man’s family.

It was only after going to Man Man’s house that Russel Cheng found out that the dessert was a partnership between the owner’s wife and someone else.

No wonder Albert Ou ordered the dessert from this place.

A dozen desserts were placed on Albert Ou’s table.

Albert Ou carefully unwrapped a box and scooped a bite into his mouth with a spoon in his left hand.

The smell is familiar.

Many of the baked desserts at Man Man’s store are recipes that Tong wrote herself and had the chef make.

The only difference from Tong’s own is that the person making the dessert is different, the rest all the same.

Naturally, the taste is similar.

It was very unpleasant for Albert Ou to taste this familiar taste.

He chewed slowly, bit by bit, afraid to waste a single bit.

It was as if they had found Jasmine Tong’s taste again, only it was still different from Jasmine Tong’s own hands.

Others may not be able to eat it, but he can.

After work, Albert Ou returned to Rainbow City.

When Jasmine Tong wasn’t in Rainbow City in the past, Albert Ou would always return to the Crystal Garden side.

But, all this time, he’s been living over here.

It was only when lying in that bed where he had once been with Jasmine Tong that Albert Ou felt Jasmine Tong’s presence.

Sometimes he wanted to run away from this feeling, but the more he wanted to run away, the more he wanted to seek out Tong’s taste and scent.

At night, the thoughts always come thicker and thicker.

Albert Ou stretched out his left arm and hugged the pillow where Jasmine Tong had lain as if he were holding Jasmine Tong.

Thoughts, like so many worms gnawing at his bones.

He finally couldn’t resist and picked up his phone and sent a WeChat to Jasmine Tong.

“Jasmine, I’ve missed you.”

I wanted to say too much, but in the end it was just “I miss you”.

For a long, long time, he did not receive a reply from Jasmine Tong.

Albert Ou closed his eyes in pain, his heart slowly sinking.

There was still an unbridgeable gulf between the two of them.

Over here in S City, Jasmine Tong is filming the night scene in full swing.

Her cell phone was in Landwehr’s hand.

Jasmine Tong does not rest, Lu Weiran and Xu Fang will always be on standby.

Sometimes Jasmine Tong is compassionate and always lets them go home early.

But the responsible Xu Fang will always persevere to the end.

Lu Wei Ran yawned and the phone in his hand rang.

It’s a wee message.

“Jasmine, I’ve missed you.”

Chapter 308

How could the thoughtful Lu Weiran not notice the trouble between Albert Ou and Jasmine Tong?

When she accompanied Jasmine Tong to the mountains before, the two of them did their best to make phone calls and send video messages.

And this time out, for the first time ever, she saw Albert Ou sending tweets to Jasmine Tong.

Albert Ou suddenly sent a message saying that he misses Jasmine Tong. Is this a reconciliation?

Lu Wei Ran tries to unlock Jasmine Tong’s phone.

But she tried several times and couldn’t open it.

She tried Albert Ou’s birthday, and also Jasmine Tong’s, and they both showed a password error.

“What are you doing?” came a rude voice.

It was the sound that Lu Wei Ran hated the most.

Xu release.

“Nothing.”Lu Wei Ran immediately stuffed the phone into his pocket.

Xu Fang looked at her and didn’t say anything, but Xu Fang didn’t leave her side again.

With Xu put, Lu Weiran naturally didn’t dare to continue unlocking Jasmine Tong’s phone.

Lu Wei Ran thought about it and said, “I’m going to go to the bathroom, you watch out for it.”

“Give me the wife’s phone.”

Lu Weiran stalked her neck, naturally she didn’t want to hand it over, otherwise why would she go to the bathroom?

“No, I’ll just take it.”

“In case your wife is delayed by some urgent call, you can’t afford it, you’d better give it to me.”

Xu Fang’s reasons were so good that he couldn’t allow Lu Wei Ran to refuse.

If she insisted on taking Jasmine Tong’s phone, she would be exposed.

Lu Wei Ran had to pull his phone out of his pocket and hand it over to Xu Fang, which was why he went to the bathroom.

Soon after, Jasmine Tong’s night scene was finished and she could call it a day.

Xu Fang immediately walked up to it.

“Ma’am, your phone.”

“Oh, thanks.”Jasmine Tong casually slipped her phone into her pocket.

“Ma’am, it’s so late, do you need some supper?”

“No, it’s late, let’s all get some rest.”


Back at the hotel, Jasmine Tong took a hasty shower with all her exhaustion and lay down on the bed.

She used to glance at her alarm clock time every night for the next day.

It turned out to be a wee message and was immediately opened.

“Jasmine, I’ve missed you.”

Albert Ou’s message came into view.

The message was sent at 10:00 a.m. It’s almost 1:00 a.m. Albert Ou’s probably asleep by now.

When she saw this news, Jasmine Tong didn’t know how she felt about it.

Although she was worried about waking up Albert Ou, Jasmine Tong replied to the message.

“I’m about to go back.”

Albert Ou was naturally disappointed when he didn’t receive a message from Jasmine Tong, but he kept holding on to the hope that Jasmine Tong would reply to the message and was asleep with his phone in his hand.

He jolted awake as the phone rang.

Seeing Jasmine Tong’s reply to the message, he was almost overjoyed.

“I’ll pick you up when you get back.”

“If all goes well, about a week, why aren’t you sleeping?”

Jasmine Tong didn’t think that Albert Ou was still awake.

“I woke up when you sent the message, just got back?”

“It’s a night play tonight, so I’m back late.Is the arm better?”

“Much better, go to bed early.”

“You too, good night.”

“Goodnight, let me know when you book your flight.”


Although the two men were talking to each other with much less intimacy than before, being able to talk like this had been a great improvement for them.

This night both of them slept incredibly well in different spaces.

dark empire (i.e. empire of darkness)

Albert Ou, who came to work in the morning, was beaming today, unlike the gloomy atmosphere before.

When Russel Cheng came to report in the morning, he clearly felt the change in Albert Ou.

“Secretary Cheng, all the meetings that need to take place next week have been brought forward to this week, and all the work that can be done next week has been brought forward to this week as much as possible.”

Russel Cheng was startled first.

“Mr. Ou, do you have something planned for next week?”

“There are very important arrangements.”

“Oh, well, I’ll go right away and get ready to schedule next week’s work as such as possible.”

“Go on.”

Albert Ou threw himself into his work with a full head of steam, and when Jasmine Tong returned, he wanted to spend time with her.

To make up for all that was missing.

The following week, Albert Ou was busy with work, Jasmine Tong’s filming was also intense, and the two of them only occasionally sent tweets.

A busy and difficult week is finally over.

Jasmine Tong is finally coming back

Having booked the plane tickets, Jasmine Tong sent them to Albert Ou and instructed him to stay hidden and not call anyone to find out.

Albert Ou arrived at the airport very early in the morning, and since he couldn’t drive because of his arm injury, he only brought a driver with him.

Waiting expectantly for the exit of the vip channel.

It was at this time that he received Jasmine Tong’s WeChat.

“Air traffic control, the plane is late, you’re coming in late, it’s now an hour late.”

Because he couldn’t really sit at home, Albert Ou came over almost an hour early.

Jasmine Tong is still sending out tweets to show that she’s not on a plane yet.

In other words, Albert Ou will have to wait at least three hours at the airport.

It doesn’t matter. He’s been waiting a week. Why would he care about a few hours?

Albert Ou sat in the lounge area and waited.

An hour later, Jasmine Tong’s tweets were sent again.

“Another hour late.”

At that moment Albert Ou’s heart was broken.

An hour later, Jasmine Tong’s tweets once again crushed Albert Ou.

“Or continue to be an hour late.”

Albert Ou has been around the airport for a few times now, seeing as how Jasmine Tong’s side hasn’t even taken off yet.

Jasmine Tong’s heart is also broken, and it’s not uncommon for her to be late for a flight.

She gives the bad news that Albert Ou is late over and over again.

Hour after hour after hour.

After another hour, the plane finally took off.

Albert Ou looked outside, it was dark.

The plane landed two hours later.

As Jasmine Tong came out of the passage with a tired face, she immediately saw Albert Ou.

This time, they were apart for another twenty days.

Because they had been having a falling out, the two men didn’t talk much, and this meeting both looked a little awkward.

Albert Ou kept rubbing his hands and walked away.

Jasmine Tong smiled slightly towards him.

“Go home.”


Jasmine Tong turned around.

“It’s been a long journey you two, go back, do you need a ride?”

“No, we’ll go by ourselves,” Xu Fang said.

“Well, we’ll be off then.”

Jasmine Tong took her luggage from Lu Wei Ran’s hand.

Lu Wei Ran angrily watched the backs of these two people leaving.

I can’t believe they’re back together again.

Albert Ou picked up Jasmine Tong’s luggage and led her all the way to the parking lot.

The ride back was also oddly awkward for the two men, neither of whom had much to say.

Albert Ou suddenly turned his head to look at Jasmine Tong.

Chapter 309

Jasmine Tong kept looking straight ahead.

Albert Ou dropped his head to look at Jasmine Tong’s hand, he carefully leaned in and gently placed his hand on Jasmine Tong’s hand.

Jasmine Tong immediately turned to him, and the two of them had only each other in their eyes.

Only then did Albert Ou have the courage to hold Jasmine Tong’s hand.

It was eleven o’clock at night when the two men arrived home.

Not wanting to disturb Aunt Fanny and Pearblossom, both entered lightly.

As soon as he entered the bedroom, not even opening it, Albert Ou pressed Jasmine Tong against the wall.

His left hand wrapped around Jasmine Tong’s waist, and his cold lips immediately k!ssed Jasmine Tong’s lips.

Unusually warm and passionate.

Albert Ou’s k!ss was patient this time, gentle and caring.

Jasmine Tong didn’t refuse, but was very patient and cooperative.

After a few moments of k!ssing, Albert Ou stopped without making his next move.

There was something quicker about his breathing and his voice was even more s*xy and charming.

“May I?”

It was rare for Albert Ou to be so gentlemanly.

Jasmine Tong blushed with shame.

Only then did Albert Ou continue the k!ss without any consideration.

Then k!ssed all the way to the bed, clothes falling all over the floor.

The temperature in the room slowly began to rise and the two men’s breath slowly became thicker and quicker.

All thoughts no longer need words to express.

The body mingling is proof of that.

lit. clouds rest and rain cease

Even Albert Ou admired his self-control if he only had to take Jasmine Tong once, and Jasmine Tong admired it even more.

Because of the fear of loss, everything became cautious.

Albert Ou used his left arm to hold Jasmine Tong in his arms.

Jasmine Tong’s face was flushed and nestled into Albert Ou’s chest.

Just now, during the process of making out, Albert Ou was vigorously whispering a phrase in Jasmine Tong’s ear, over and over again.

“Jasmine, I’ve missed you so much.”

Jasmine Tong’s lips gently turned upward.

Neither of them spoke at first, but it was Jasmine Tong who opened her mouth.

“Neither of us have been very normal lately, so why don’t you ask me what’s wrong.”

If it had been a normal day, he would have asked the question a hundred times already.

“Jasmine, you’re not allowed to laugh at me if I tell you.”

Albert Ou’s face was a serious one.

“I’m not laughing.”

“I’m afraid.”

Jasmine Tong immediately straightened up and looked at Albert Ou with one hand on her chin.


What could scare Albert Oui? In Jasmine Tong’s eyes, Albert Oui is not afraid of anything!

“Afraid of what?”

“Afraid like last time.”

Albert Ou dropped his eyes to look at Jasmine Tong.

“Last time,”

Last time Jasmine Tong said divorce and then disappeared for three days and nights.

“I’m afraid you’re going to tell me about the divorce, but I don’t want a divorce, I don’t want to be separated from you, I’ll pretend I don’t know anything about it, I’d rather keep it this awkward than be separated from you.”

Albert Ou had never been afraid of anything since he was a child, it was the only thing he was afraid of.

He never imagined that one day he would be so dependent on a woman.

Jasmine Tong would smile and snuggle into Albert Ou’s chest again.

“Jasmine, may I ask now?”


“What’s wrong with you I have to tell me what I’m doing wrong, what I’m doing wrong.”

Jasmine Tong let out a long sigh of relief.

“It’s okay, it’s not you, it’s me.”

Albert Ou frowned.

“Your own problems.”

Jasmine Tong nodded a bit.

“Well, it’s just my own problem, can you promise me one thing, don’t ask me what the problem is okay I’ve figured it out now and I’ve fixed it.”

“It’s really solved,”

Jasmine Tong solemnly nodded her head.

“Well, I promise you, no questions asked, no matter what.”

Albert Ou hugged Jasmine Tong hard as he said this.

Jasmine Tong smiled contentedly.

“Big baby, do you love me as much as you always have.”

Every girl actually has a positive answer in mind when she asks this question.


Albert Ou replied firmly.


Jasmine Tong immediately got up and looked at Albert Ou.

He doesn’t love himself anymore.

It’s not like Albert Ou is joking.

“I love you more than ever, a little more every day, more today than yesterday, and definitely more tomorrow than today.”

Jasmine Tong puffed out a laugh.

Lightly thumping Albert Ou’s chest.

“Why is your mouth as sweet as honey today?”

“Well, it’s smeared with honey, so why don’t you try it?”

Albert Ou winked with a bad smile.

“Don’t lie, you just want me to k!ss you.”

“So do you k!ss,”

“No k!ss.”

“Then I’ll k!ss you.”

Said Albert Ou and put his mouth on it, but Jasmine Tong covered his mouth with her hand.


“Good.”Albert Ou immediately behaved himself and stopped making a scene.

“Are you really mad at me for the last time you were in a car accident?”

Albert Ou fidgeted and didn’t say anything for a while, he was really angry that time.

“Should I say angry or should I say not angry I say angry you’re angry, or should I say not angry you’re angry.”

Jasmine Tong stared with her mouth open, not really knowing how to reply.

“Is your old man talking in a tongue twister?”

Jasmine Tong slowly breathed a sigh of relief.

Who cares if he’s angry or not, he’s going to have to explain himself anyway.

“I was actually recording that day, my phone was in my assistant’s hand and I didn’t get a call, and I didn’t know about your accident until after I finished recording, and I came over here first thing then.”

“Then why didn’t you come in I waited for you until two o’clock that night.”

He felt a little aggravated talking about it.

“I saw that suddenly Sister Celeste was there, and I’m sorry to come in.”


Albert Ou didn’t think those four words should be used here.

“You’re my wife, what’s there to be embarrassed about, embarrassed that it should be someone else.”

Jasmine Tong smiled and nodded her head.

“Well, I understand now that I’m your wife, and I should be the first one around you at all times, and next time I won’t hesitate to go in there, no matter who you have with you.”

“Next time you are not looking forward to my next car accident ah have you such a cruel wife?”

“Bah, bah, bah, wrong, wrong, no next time, absolutely no next time.”

This kind of talk Jasmine Tong herself is also very taboo.

Albert Ou hooked his lips and smiled.

“Do it again, and I’ll forgive you.”

Jasmine Tong really couldn’t do anything with him.

Turns out he was just too embarrassed to have her again and again and again.

The cheek was now back to its previous thickness.

“You’re dragging a broken arm.”

“What’s wrong with the broken arm? It was just fine. It worked so well together.”

Said Albert Ou, pulling Jasmine Tong into his arms.

Was preparing for a second fight.

A discordant voice came over.

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