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Chapter 310


This discordant sound is a real deal.

Jasmine Tong didn’t know what the sound was at first.

“Is that your stomach screaming?”

Albert Ou’s face flashed with embarrassment.

“No, you misheard me, let’s continue.”

Just as he was about to k!ss Jasmine Tong, he continued to hear another one.


This one was louder and longer than the one just now.

Jasmine Tong immediately pressed her ear to Albert Ou’s stomach.

“It’s really your stomach that’s screaming.”

“I haven’t eaten in a day, so it’s weird if I don’t scream.”

Albert Ou was also a little embarrassed.

“How come you haven’t eaten all day?”

“I’ll be at the airport in the morning.”

Jasmine Tong was at a loss for words, she was just worried about Albert Ou going early, so she told Albert Ou immediately whenever the news came out late.

Why did he go so early anyway?

Only then did Albert Ou tell Jasmine Tong about his day’s experience.

“Even at the airport, there’s a restaurant there. Can’t you eat something?”

“How bad is the food at the airport?”

Jasmine Tong looked at Albert Ou and shook her head, there was still a reason for not eating.

“Let me go make you something to eat.”

“Fine, replenish some energy before you do it”

Jasmine Tong patted Albert Ou’s stomach.

“What do you want to do, just starve to death.”

Jasmine Tong immediately got up and dressed and gently went downstairs, after all, it was now one or two in the morning.

In order to get Albert Ou to eat quickly, Jasmine Tong, still decided to cook noodles for him.

The fragrant noodles were cooked, Jasmine Tong put the chopsticks on the table, and Albert Ou picked them up with his left hand and put them down again.


“I can’t use chopsticks with my left hand.”

Jasmine Tong taps his head, forgetting that Albert Ou’s right hand is hurt.

She had to pick up the chopsticks and feed Albert Ou one by one.

Albert Ou was so satisfied.

I can’t believe he’s being treated this way. Heh heh.

After eating two large bowls of noodles and filling his stomach, Albert Ou still hadn’t forgotten what he said before eating.

Pulling Jasmine Tong onto the bed, he fought another round.

It wasn’t until it was almost dawn that they both got into bed for a good night’s sleep.

Although it was already dawn before they went to sleep, their sleep was incredibly solid and restful.

It was afternoon by the time Albert Ou woke up.

He smiled at the sight of the woman he loved in his arms.

Leaning over to give Jasmine Tong a k!ss on the forehead.

Jasmine Tong grunted and turned around, apparently still awake.

Anyway, he finished his work early and had time to stay at home with Jasmine Tong all week, so he could simply sleep with her.

It was more than an hour before Jasmine Tong woke up.

But the head is so dizzy, I don’t even know if it’s morning or afternoon.

“What time is it?”

“Three o’clock in the afternoon. You still want to sleep?”

“Sleep again, the day is over, get up.”

Jasmine Tong sat up with a mess of hair on top of her head.

“Then get dressed, I’m going to wash up.”

Albert Ou was so energetic that he leapt up and rushed into the bathroom.

While brushing his teeth, Albert Ou visibly felt some pain in his right arm.

It actually hurt a bit last night, he just kept it to himself.

He gently rubbed his right arm with his left hand, wishing he could just move it.


Jasmine Tong suddenly appeared in front of the bathroom.

“It’s fine” Albert Ou immediately put his hand down and prepared to brush his teeth.

“Did you hurt your arm?”

Jasmine Tong came over immediately.

“No no,”

The more Albert Ou denied it, the more Jasmine Tong felt that there was no silver in the world.

“Let me see.”

Tong touched Albert Ou’s right arm, and Albert Ou ducked in a smooth motion, which caused another sharp pain.


Seeing that Albert Ou’s pain had turned pale, Jasmine Tong immediately put her hand down.

“It’s an injury right after dinner later we’ll go to the hospital.”

“No, it’s okay.”

“What’s okay is hurting like this, how can it be okay”


“We just got back together, and now we want to fight.”

With this reprimand from Jasmine Tong, Albert Ou immediately shut his mouth.

With Jasmine Tong’s help, Albert Ou brushed his teeth and washed his face, and the two of them went to ZY Hospital immediately after eating.

The doctor opened Albert Ou’s right arm, which was wrapped in gauze, and it had swollen somewhat.

“Ou, didn’t I warn you before that you must be careful not to touch it, and don’t do strenuous exercise, lest it’s bad if you get hurt.”

When she heard the word “vigorous exercise”, she blushed a little.

“It’s been over a month and I feel fine.”

“A hundred days of injury, you’ve got a fracture, you’ve got a cast off, but it’s still fixed, and you’ve got a nail in that right arm now.”

“Doc, is that serious?”

“It’s not serious, prescribe some medicine to go back and rub it in, it’s just a bit inflamed, but don’t ever do that again, fractures are not good to keep in the first place, and if you don’t keep them well you’ll end up with lifelong problems.”

“Okay, got it.”

Jasmine Tong looked at Albert Ou worriedly.

After getting the medication and doing a quick treatment, the two men sat in the car on the way back.

Albert Ou pulled Jasmine Tong’s arm.

“Don’t listen to his nonsense, it’s not that serious, what a lifelong problem, I’m in good health.”

Jasmine Tong turned her head and gave Albert Ou a hard stare.

“What’s going on? How come you’re hurting for good and you’re not telling me?”


Albert Ou immediately blossomed into a smile, revealing a mouthful of white teeth and looking at Jasmine Tong.

“Don’t you dare use the pretty boy trick on me honestly or I’ll get really angry.”

Jasmine Tong slammed her face.

Why is this man so childlike?

“Okay, okay, don’t get mad at me, I’ll tell you, okay?”


Albert Ou scratched his head with his left hand, really at a loss for words.

“Actually, last night, the first applause kind of hurt.”


Jasmine Tong didn’t react at first, but then figured out that Albert Ou should have been talking about when the two of them were making out.

The man’s wording has never been based on common sense.

“Then why didn’t you tell me?”

“I’m afraid if I tell you, you won’t let me touch you.”

Albert Ou threw up his tongue.

Jasmine Tong was about to explode with anger.

“From now on, don’t you dare touch me.”

Jasmine Tong turned her face away from Albert Ou, sitting at the far edge of her seat.

“Look, I’ll tell you I can’t tell you, and I’ll be even more afraid to tell you later when you’re like this.”

Jasmine Tong bit her lip.

“Can you not be so childish ah that’s your arm, in case something really goes wrong how do you even hide it from me that it’s okay”

“I’ll say it next time, okay don’t fight, just got back from a fight, last night it was fine.”

“Blame who?”

Chapter 311


Albert Ou answered neatly, though.

It directly made Jasmine Tong laugh.

“I’m sick and tired of having to worry about you.”

“Who called you my wife hehe I’ve said blame me, just don’t be angry, a slap in the face can’t all be blamed on me, right”

Albert Ou narrowed his eyes and leaned in to Jasmine Tong’s ear again.

“I can’t help it if you’re so charming.”

Jasmine Tong felt really good and funny.

“I haven’t had much work lately anyway, so I’ll stay home and take care of you for a few days.”

Jasmine Tong tilted her face up to reveal her white, straight teeth.

“But you’re not allowed to do that anymore.”

“Well I swear.”

What was supposed to be a very warm and happy week was shattered by the arrival of a piece of news that shattered the peace.

Almost overnight, an announcement was made all over town.

“Jasmine Tong cheated,” “How many boats does Jasmine Tong walk on?” “Jasmine Tong Mo Yiang.”

These topics were instantly fired up and made it onto the hot list.

It started from the last time when Jasmine Tong went to the mountains to shoot a movie and Albert Ou picked her up, after which the media captured a photo of the two together.

But for Albert Ou only the back or side of the face was captured.

Since there weren’t many waves stirred up and the two of them weren’t too intimate, Jasmine Tong didn’t respond.

There is, after all, too much of this sort of thing, and no need to respond to anything.

And this time it captured more intimate photos, cuddle photos, hand-holding photos, even hugging photos, and one k!ssing photo, all of it!

Some of them were taken at the airport this time and some were taken last time in the mountains.

Originally these were nothing.

The famous paparazzi “I am the sand monk” suddenly released a video yesterday.

“I just want to ask how chaotic Jasmine Tong, who is known as a goddess, really is in her life.”

Followed by a video.

This video shows it at Mo Yiang’s personal studio, and it only captures the geographical location of the studio, and then it stays framed in front of the rehearsal room.

It’s not the content on the video that matters, or the sound of the video.

“Ah you slow down, gently.”

“Oh it hurts, it hurts, gently gently.”

“Push, okay?”

A man and a woman, breathing hard, or a conversation like that, it’s really hard not to get imaginative.

Lastly, “I am a sand monk” also posted a tweet: “I want to know what happened next, listen to the rest of the story.

The message couldn’t be clearer, which means that this time, we’ll only be allowed to hear the sound, and next time it’ll likely be a really spicy video

When this incident came out, it was Mo Yiang’s fans who reflected the most strongly.

You know that in the early days of Jasmine Tong’s debut, a lot of her fans were from Mo Yiang’s side.

Mo Yiang’s fans know that Mo Yiang is interested in bringing up Jasmine Tong, and at first the fans were not happy, but still supported Mo Yiang.

When Jasmine Tong was awarded the posthumous trophy, most of Mo Yiang’s fans were accepting of Tong and even wanted the two to be together.

As soon as this incident came out, Mo Yiang’s fans blew up.

“Jasmine Tong, have you forgotten how Yiang promoted you?”

“Jasmine Tong, you owe Ieang an explanation. Who’s the guy who picked up the plane repeatedly?”

“Jasmine Tong also did not look in the mirror to see if she deserves a finger of an Aang and even step on two boats.”

The newest addition to the company’s portfolio is the newest addition to the company’s portfolio.

Without those photos of Jasmine Tong and Albert Ou in the same frame, even if this audio pops out, it’s understandable that there is such a thing as a man unmarried and a woman unmarried.

At best, I’d condemn them for a couple of sentences for doing such a thing in rehearsal.

But it’s different now.

The incident is still escalating, and some Twitter bloggers claiming to be some kind of staff or something have jumped on it.

“Jasmine Tong’s private life was already quite chaotic, and today it was finally exposed I saw several times strange men coming and going from her hotel room, and they were all different men oh”

“It’s great that the goddess has finally been skinned, she was originally a two-faced woman, how else do you think she got to the top so quickly, the Star Emperor’s top brass are actually”

“Before and Jasmine Tong a crew, this woman is really too good at pretending, always polite and careful in front of people, after people play big and snobbish, simply do not be too powerful”

All sorts of people all collectively attacked Jasmine Tong.

The last time Jasmine Tong’s mistress incident was successfully resolved, but this time it happened again and that incident was taken out once again.

“Flies don’t bite seamless eggs, it seems that Jasmine Tong is really unclean herself.”

“Hahaha, so the goddess is so open, want to have a go with me”

“A sleeping corpse is called a goddess.”

Netizens also began a collective siege, and Tong’s fans, like Tong, were very polite and could only be very polite in their online responses.

And these being polite is interpreted by others as being guilty of being a thief.

Jasmine Tong had to rush to Star King International to discuss strategies with Xu Xingru.

“Mandy, tell me if you’re in love.”

As soon as she entered the door, Xu Xingru loudly berated Jasmine Tong.

The last time a picture of Jasmine Tong and some man were exposed together, Xu Xingru intended to remind Jasmine Tong, but at the time, Jasmine Tong was injured and Xu Xingru didn’t have the good sense to say anything.

This time the pictures were all over the place.

She hadn’t really thought about it.


Jasmine Tong fidgeted, not knowing how to answer, she was married.

She and Albert Ou are legally married.


As soon as Xu Xingru looked at Jasmine Tong like this, she knew the answer was yes.

“What did I tell you in the first place, did I tell you that you couldn’t fall in love yet and what did you say to me?”

Xu Xingru raged.

“I’m sorry, Starru-san.”

Jasmine Tong hung her head in shame.

Actually, Albert Ou had done a very covert job of coming to pick her up, but I didn’t expect to be photographed in the end.

“Apologize now, what’s the point of apologizing when you’re so young and you’ve won a movie trophy, I don’t know how many pairs of eyes are staring at you, this incident is obviously what the other side was prepared for.”

“It was deliberately made.”

“What do you think otherwise? Everyone is staring at you like they agreed to bite you alone on this day, and it’s a coincidence that all the video photos are put on this day.”

Jasmine Tong bit her lip, who on earth was having trouble with her?

“It’s a very tricky thing and I haven’t figured out a way to do it yet.”

Xu Xingru sighed.

“Can you explain to me what’s going on with the video of you and Mo Yiang?”

Chapter 312

“That video was clearly taken out of context, there was only sound, no video, Mo Yiang and I were in the room pressing our legs, it’s not at all what people think”

At the time of Albert Ou’s misunderstanding, Jasmine Tong still felt that it was Albert Ou who was too petty.

Now, the dialogue as well as the voices of the two men really looked like they were doing something scrappy.

“I guess that’s it.”

Xu Xingru had a good understanding of Jasmine Tong’s character.

Although she also thought that Jasmine Tong and Mo Yiang might develop into lovers, but doing such a thing during rehearsals was something Jasmine Tong’s personality couldn’t do.

“But now the problem is very difficult.”

“That blogger online, he definitely couldn’t come up with a video with actual hammers, so it shouldn’t be a big deal.”

Xu Xingru laughed and shook her head.

“Just because he can’t produce it, he’s bluffing to make it look like he has solid video content in his possession, and we can only hope now that the public will slowly lose interest in this as they can’t produce the video.”

Xu Xingru was still very worried.

“So what do we do now?”

“There’s nothing I can do about it, but now we can only wait and see what happens, just in case the other side is still holding back.”

Jasmine Tong bit her lip and felt a crisis.

“This incident has had a detrimental effect on you, the Silver Lion Awards are now officially selecting the finalists, the Silver Lion Awards are very concerned about the character of the artist, once a taint is exposed, there’s definitely no way you can be shortlisted.”

It was only then that Jasmine Tong realized the impact of this incident.

It was much worse than she thought.

“One more thing, Manny I must remind you, you and Mo Yiang are too close, if you two want to fall in love, I don’t have much of a problem with it, but if you guys are unclear like this, you’ll be the ones to get hurt in the end.”

Jasmine Tong is also very helpless, why does everyone say that she and Mo Yiang have some special relationship?

“Sister Xingru, Mo Yiang and I are really just very good friends.”

Xu Xingru laughed.

“Mandy, you’re still too young for me to believe you, but do you think anyone else would believe that there’s no real pure friendship between a man and a woman, especially in the entertainment industry.”

Jasmine Tong thought that made sense.

“Let’s put it this way, go home and stay out of sight.”


As it turns out, the impact of this incident continues to grow.

Many good people have blown up photos or videos of Jasmine Tong and Mo Yiang interacting on Weibo and doing activities together, as well as filming on the set.

The two of them are so close that they really are like a couple.

The other mystery man and Tong’s intimate photos together have been unearthed even more.

It’s almost like Jasmine Tong’s feet are in two boats.

It has also been revealed that Jasmine Tong had a close relationship with a handsome looking duck when she was just starting out.

This whistleblower has a nose for words, and even more so, it has made Tong’s image in everyone’s eyes.

The former goddess of innocence is today labeled as having a messy private life.

The public naturally resents such a great contrast.

The internet is almost lopsidedly bashing Jasmine Tong.

The company’s fans have even taken the lead in launching a microblogging campaign to search for “Jasmine Tong to get out of the entertainment industry.

Xu Xingru hadn’t had time to think of a way to deal with this crisis and was already too busy to do anything about it.

Jasmine Tong received some endorsements, these endorsers, have called to urge this side to deal with this incident as soon as possible, if not as soon as possible, treated as a breach of contract.

When a star takes on an endorsement these days, the terms and conditions are marked with a note that there should be no gossip that damages the star’s own reputation for the duration of the endorsement.

Xu Xingru was busy as hell.

This incident was also really tricky, and Xu Xingru didn’t force Jasmine Tong to tell about her boyfriend because she didn’t think there was any point in telling or not telling.

The fact that she had a boyfriend while being inscrutable with Mo Yiang was the most offensive thing.

Star Hall International Conference Room

Because the incident involved two of the company’s artists, and two very important ones at that, the company’s top management held an emergency meeting.

“According to me the last time Jasmine Tong was exposed in the mistress incident, we should have snowed her we want such an artist, it will only discredit us.”

“Jasmine Tong is now on the rise, you look at what she has done so many movies and TV shows script in her hand, to take the book are limited to a high fee is not then Jasmine Tong and Xu Xingru is simply brain-dead”

“Who says it isn’t? So many endorsements came to us, Jasmine Tong then a hand to count over.”

“I’m not sure if I’m going to be able to do that, but I’m sure I’m going to be able to do that,” he said.

“Simply snowed it out red fast, black fast, but also gave aang also implicated such artists want her what use”

“Now the world is saying that Jasmine Tong, who is having an affair with us, the top brass, has brought our own reputation into disrepute.”

“You look at someone unexpectedly, their achievements have been so high, and now it’s still so hard and then look at Jasmine Tong is simply a negative example.”

Everyone is talking about Jasmine Tong’s crimes

John Quan looked at everyone, and you remained silent.

He also admired them for having the audacity to hide the boss’s wife.

You know that if Jasmine Tong is happy, if she says so, these people won’t be able to keep their jobs.

“Say something, Mr. Quan.”

Someone saw that John Quan had remained silent and hurriedly looked at him.

All eyes turned to John Quan.

The people like them could only be a suggestion more or less, and in the end Jasmine Tong’s power of life and death was still in John Quan’s hands.

John Quan cleared his throat.

“Jasmine Tong has only been on the scene for a short time and has made two films that have received such a high box office, so it’s clear that he’s a moldable talent and will definitely bring a lot of benefits to the company in the future, so let’s find a way to resolve this crisis.”

John kept laughing.

“Mr. Quan, then how do you think we can help Jasmine Tong with her own chaotic private life”


“This thing isn’t going to work out at all.”

“It’s better to stop in time.”

They’re all yakking again.

Someone from John tapped the table and there was immediate silence.

“Let’s go back and figure out what to do about this, meeting adjourned.”

After saying that, John left the door.

Rainbow City

Albert Ou is playing a game at home these days, but he’s able to play with one hand.

Jasmine Tong could only hold herself at home these days, so she stepped down to take care of Albert Ou.

Albert Ou’s phone rang.

“Jasmine, answer the phone for me.”

Jasmine Tong picked up her phone and looked at it, it was from John Quan.

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