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Chapter 316


How could she leave?

It’s been in and out of cpu’s for the last few years and every time it’s been a life or death battle.

“There’s no point in staying here, ma’am, so go get some rest.In case he wakes up, you take care of him.”

Zhou Liesheng said.

“Yeah, when Little Lei wakes up, you’re too exhausted to take care of him, so go get some sleep.You can’t help much.”

Jasmine Tong sighed leisurely and nodded her head.

Albert Ou brought Jasmine Tong to her previous hospital room.

After coming in, Albert Ou asked the nurse for a glass of milk.

Jasmine Tong lay weakly half on the bed, her eyes staring vacantly at the ceiling.

Albert Ou turned his back to Jasmine Tong and dropped a white pill in his hand into a glass of milk.

“Do you think Little Lei will make it through this time?”

Albert Ou shook the glass, hoping the pills would dissolve soon.

“It will, don’t you think too much.”

“I hope so.”

Jasmine Tong’s eyes were dull.

“I’m scared every time this happens, and even though I was ready for it a long, long time ago when the doctors told me that Lei wouldn’t live to be 17, I’m still really scared when it comes to that.”

Albert Ou came to the bedside with the milk.

“Don’t be ridiculous, he was in such good shape a while ago, this time it’s probably just a coincidence, drink the milk and get some sleep, maybe he’ll be fine tomorrow.”

Jasmine Tong drank the milk without even thinking about it.

Albert Ou lay with her on the bed.

At first Jasmine Tong was still mumbling a bit, but then she fell asleep.

And also gently tucked her in, got to leave the room immediately and came to the cpu.

There was only one person here, Zhou Li Cheng, and he had already branched out in advance of the others.

“How’s it going?”

Zhou Liesheng hung his head, somewhat afraid to say.

“Not too well, it’s almost entirely on life support with instruments and drugs now.”

Albert Ou immediately stretched his left arm out in front of Zhou Lixin.

“Draw blood immediately.”

Zhou Li Cheng pushed his glasses up.

“Ou, you’re also in need of blood right now, and don’t forget that you’re injured.”

Albert Ou’s arm injury was a complete accident, but vampires get hurt, too, and bones hurt and need to recover.

Because of the blood, they will recover faster than ordinary people.

Albert Ou is also in need of blood right now.

“Couldn’t care less, saving lives is important, hurry”

He won’t let anything happen to Yarwen Tong

Zhou Liesheng did it anyway, drawing the same blood as last time, then slowly injected it into Yarwen Tong’s infusion bottle.

He likewise prepared the blood for Albert Ou.

The blue liquid was slowly inputted into Yarwen Tong’s body.

Albert Ou drank the blood and felt that little bit better.

But the physical exhaustion is still heavy.

His blue eyes were also noticeably less bright than before.

He rested with his head propped up on a chair.

“How did this happen” Zhou Lixin suddenly issued a question.

Only then did Albert Ou look up.

“What’s going on?”

“After the last blood transfusion, all the physiological indicators, quickly reached normal values, but this time”

Albert Ou was starting to get worried.

“Didn’t work?”

“The indicator has also picked up, but it is still some way from normal.But there’s still a little bit left to lose, so we’ll wait and see.”

Zhou Li Cheng tried to calm himself down.

Albert Ou closed his eyes to rest, the effects of the blood draw were still severe after all.

When the last drop of blue liquid was entered into Yarwen Tong’s body, the physiological indicators still had not returned to normal values.

Seeing Zhou Li Cheng at his wits’ end, O Zeno bit his teeth.

“Keep smoking.”

“However, your own recovery will require blood as well, and if you continue to draw blood, I fear”

Zhou Li Cheng was also completely for Albert Ou’s sake.

“And all that crap, you’ll smoke when I tell you to.”

Albert Ou had his arm out at the ready.

Zhou Liesheng had to draw blood once again and once again injected it into Yarwen Tong’s infusion bottle.

For the first time, Albert Ou felt so tired, so tired that he felt as if he was going to fall asleep as soon as he closed his eyes.

“How’s it going?”

His voice was also weak.

Zhou Lixin was pleasantly surprised.

“The physiological parameters are back to normal and his heart is beating strongly again.”

Albert Ou finally breathed a sigh of relief and smiled a long-awaited smile.

He stood up holding onto the table and suddenly felt dizzy and stumbled

Zhou Li established immediately came up and helped him.

“Ou, you’ve drawn so much blood, you probably need to drink some more blood to replenish your strength, otherwise you won’t make it.”

Zhou Lixing told Albert Ou to rest and went to the blood bank to get two more bags of blood for him.

But the blood drank in, and Albert Ou’s exhaustion didn’t disappear too much.

“Ou, you really need to get some rest now.”

“I know about when Leigh will wake up.”

“Should be waking up in a minute.”

“Okay, I got it.”

In a short while, Yarwen Tong slowly opened his eyes.

“Little Lei,”

As soon as Yarwen Tong opened his eyes, he saw Albert Ou.

“Sister-in-law me,”

“This is a hospital.”

“Oh, where’s my sister,”

“I sent her to rest, you’re fine now.Never mind the news, that’s all made up by the media, I’ll take care of it, don’t worry.”

Yarwen Tong barely smiled.


“You get some rest, I’ll see if your sister is awake.”


Albert Ou leaves.

Yarwen Tong raised his eyes to his infusion bottle, the last bit of blue liquid slowly flowing downwards.

Albert Ou returned to the hospital room and snuggled up to Tong Komarai.

He was so tired that he went straight to sleep as soon as his head hit the pillow.

Jasmine Tong had taken sleeping pills, but in the end the dosage was small, and she woke up in the morning, sleeping just a little.

Seeing that Albert Ou was still asleep, she didn’t wake him up, but quietly got out of bed and went to the cpu.

“Little Lei,”

Zhou Liesheng has been guarding the cpu.

“Ma’am, he’s awake, and there’s nothing left to do, but he’s still asleep.”

Jasmine Tong finally let out a sigh of relief.

“Well, that’s good, that’s good, and God bless you, it’s survived another one.”

Jasmine Tong clasped her hands together, her face filled with joy.

Zhou Li Cheng was tempted to say that it wasn’t God’s blessing, but Albert Ou’s doing.

But he didn’t say it after all.

Yarwen Tong woke up and was transferred to a regular ward.

“Xiaolei, you must never fight in the future, don’t get angry over those things, don’t you know what kind of person Sis is?”

“But I can’t stand it when they talk about you like that, well, I know what to do next time, my brother-in-law is probably exhausted from guarding me all yesterday, sis, go see your brother-in-law.”


For a day and a night, Albert Ou had even been sleeping.

Chapter 317

Several times Jasmine Tong wanted to wake him up, but he kept frowning as if he was tired and couldn’t bear to do so.

It wasn’t until early in the morning a day and a night later that Albert Ou finally woke up.

Jasmine Tong breathed a deep sigh of relief.

“Finally, I’m awake and scared to death.”


Albert Ou showed his white teeth towards Jasmine Tong, but he still just looked tired.

“Lei is fine now, I saw him wake up yesterday.”

The first thing Albert Ou did when he woke up was to report to Jasmine Tong in a hurry.

He didn’t even know how long he had been asleep, he just kept feeling tired and couldn’t wake up.

“You said that was the day before yesterday, I know all about it, he’s fine and moved to the general ward, but you scared the hell out of me.”

“What’s wrong with me?”

Albert Ou reached out his hand and touched Jasmine Tong’s face.

“What’s wrong with you, you’ve been sleeping all day and night.”

“Has it been that long?”

“Can’t I lie to you with me? I even invited Dean Chow over to help me see what’s wrong with you, he said you’re fine, probably just too tired.How come you’re so tired that you slept all day and night”

Albert Ou laughed awkwardly, he had no idea that he had even slept this long.

“It’s been a long time since I’ve exercised since this arm hurt, and you’re making me go to bed early and get up early these days, but I couldn’t stand it when I stayed up late yesterday.”

“Luckily nothing’s wrong, I’ll go get you something to eat.”


Jasmine Tong got up and left the room.

Albert Ou closed his eyes to rest, not realizing he had slept so long.

It seems the loss of blood is affecting him quite a bit.

academy of fine arts

Huo Sijie gathered a few students and blocked Ma Xuhao and Zhang Dong from coming to the back of the school dormitory.

This area is a dead end, unmonitored and usually rarely visited, making it a special place for students to solve their private problems.

“Hoosier, you’re sick, we don’t seem to have offended you, is this a fight?”

The taller one was Ma Xuhao, while the other one with a slightly round face was Zhang Dong.

“What’s your guilty conscience? I just wanted to talk to you. Who said anything about a fight?”

The boys that Huo Sijie had brought with him were menacing one by one.

Ma Xuhao and Zhang Dong had no idea what was going on.

“Talk about what?”

“Talk about the bad things you two have been doing lately.”

A girl’s voice came over, and everyone turned around and saw Mo Yi Xin.

“Where did you and I do anything bad?”

Ma Xuhao’s eyes were a little wandering.

“You know best whether you’ve done something bad or not, you’d better be honest about it, or else this matter will go to the police station and someone will naturally investigate it.”

Mo Yi Xin was very proud of himself.

“No, I said you two should know the background of our family.”

Ma Xuhao and Zhang Dong were also terrified.

Especially Zhang Dong. He’s never been through anything like this.

He was so scared, he told me the truth right away.

“We really didn’t know Yarwen Tong was sick If we knew Yarwen Tong was sick, we definitely wouldn’t have taken the job.”

Zhang Dong was very aggrieved.

“Auntie, just let us live, we really didn’t know Yarwen Tong was sick, when someone approached us, they said to tell us about this news in front of him, the worse the better, and then they gave us 5,000 yuan each”

Mo Yi Xin and Huo Si Jie exchanged glances.

“Which means someone really ordered you to do it.”

“That’s right, otherwise we’d have nothing to eat and mess with Yarwen Tong for.”

zy hospital

Jasmine Tong guarded Yarwen Tong’s hospital room while Albert Ou ate something and fell asleep again.

Yarwen Tong’s color had basically recovered seven or eight points.

“Sis, is brother-in-law okay?”

“There’s nothing wrong, I’m just too tired from the last few days, I’ll be fine if I rest and rest.”

As soon as she said that, Jasmine Tong’s phone rang.

“It’s Xin Xin.”Jasmine Tong answered the phone.

“Auntie, how is Little Lei? Has he woken up yet?”

“Wake up, it’s nothing more.”

Yarwen Tong immediately turned his head to the side.

“That’s good, Auntie, I have something important to report to you that really was ordered.”

Jasmine Tong looked at Yarwen Tong and immediately stood up and walked out.

“Xin Xin, what did you mean by what you just said?”

“I thought it was weird from the start, no one in the school knew about it, I set up your global fan support group, and the last time someone bad-mouthed you, I gave them a lecture, no one in the school dared to bad-mouth you to my face, but those two boys were such a taboo so I investigated.”

“And then what,”

“They said someone asked them to say it on purpose, and they gave them $5,000 each, Auntie, I think it’s for you, and we got two of our classmates to record it, and they said they’d testify if they needed to, too.”

Jasmine Tong only felt her whole body trembling.

She thought it was just an accident, just because her news had reached the school and spread to Yarwen Tong.

I can’t believe someone did this on purpose.

“Auntie, are you listening to me?”

“Oh, Xin Xin, I know about this, thank you, don’t spread the word about this yet, I’ll get back to you when I need to.”


After hanging up the phone, Jasmine Tong still felt herself trembling all over.

This is clearly aimed at Yarwen Tong. There’s only one reason for Yarwen Tong to get sick.

It’s because of the conversation with Mo Yi Xin that day that Jasmine Tong knew that her classmates at school didn’t know that Yarwen Tong was sick.

The media didn’t even know that Jasmine Tong had a younger brother.

Jasmine Tong didn’t expect that they actually wanted to kill Yarwen Tong

“Damn this woman is too cruel no matter what, she’s also a half-brother, but she did it to death.”

Albert Ou punched his hand with his fist.

“And I really didn’t expect her to be so impatient.”

“What’s wrong” Albert Ou felt as if there was a cause.

“I gave him a call some time ago and said Tong Kee Liquor has 10 shares in Xiaolei, and he said it’s fair to us siblings, but the dividends on the shares won’t be given to Xiaolei until he’s 20.”

Albert Ou scoffed at this.

“That and no,”

What’s the difference?

But Albert Ou didn’t finish either, after all, this was a big taboo for Jasmine Tong.

“I guess it was Duthie’s idea that you have to be 20 years old to start receiving bonuses, and certain people have been sitting on the fence.”

Jasmine Tong clenched her fists tightly, her nails sinking into her flesh, she had never hated them as much as she did now

“They’re obviously trying to kill two birds with one stone, using the news to suppress you and then making Little Lei sick, okay, you don’t have to deal with this, I’ll handle it myself.”

Albert Ou was also furious.

“No, I’m going to deal with it in my own way, you don’t need to worry about it.”

Chapter 318

Jasmine Tong’s eyes were torchy and determined.

“What’s your way,”

“You don’t have to worry about that, I’m not going to be merciful any more anyway, she dares to poke me in the soft spot and I dare her to destroy what she holds most dear.”

Albert Ou looked at Jasmine Tong in surprise, seeing such a resentful expression from his woman for the first time.

If she’s so determined, let her give it a go.

He would always have her strongest back anyway.

The night is quiet and peaceful.

It’s already spring, but the cold isn’t far away, and these days it’s still cold at night.

Rameen Tong was sitting in the warm room, looking over, the original wedding photos that the photographer had just sent over.

Looking at the picture of herself and Ellen Ron’s talented boy and girl, Rameen Tong couldn’t help but raise the corners of her lips upwards.

The door opened, Rameen Tong immediately put down the mouse and walked out of the study, Ellen Ron came back.

“Back, have you eaten yet?”


Ellen Ron with a tired body, although this time with the help of Rameen Tong’s funds, he turned the tide and helped Yi Xin International through this crisis.

But he no longer dared to take it lightly.

“I’m looking at our wedding photos, want to come along?”

Ellen Ron didn’t seem very interested.

“Wedding photos are the same, there’s nothing to look at, just pick what you like, I’m a bit tired.”

Ellen Ron sat on that couch.

Rameen Tong and poured a cup of hot water for Ellen Ron, put it on the coffee table, and then sat beside him.

The two of them have been busy lately, one with the company and the other with the wedding.

Ellen Ron took the hot water and suddenly turned to look at Rameen Tong.

“Did you do that thing with Mandy?”

Recently, he has been busy with company matters, but Jasmine Tong’s news is so big this time, it’s impossible for him not to hear a little bit of it.

Rameen Tong was shocked.

“Why are you asking me that is my sister calling you or did she find you and tell you something”

“No, I guessed.This incident is so fierce that it must have been maliciously arranged by someone.”

Rameen Tong immediately pouted.

“So you suspect me.”

“I’m just asking.”

“I don’t have time to arrange this ah the wedding thing is already busy enough for me besides, I don’t like her very much but in the end she is also my half-sister and grew up together, what am I always counting on her for”

Rameen Tong was a hundred times unwilling.

The second half of Rameen Tong’s sentence, Ellen Ron didn’t believe, Rameen Tong used to calculate Jasmine Tong, Ellen Ron also knew.

It was only all competition between artists, no harm done, and he ignored it.

The first half of Rameen Tong’s sentence, Ellen Ron deeply agree, this wedding, from the wedding site, down to the small candy box, is all manipulated by Rameen Tong.

She was already so busy that she probably didn’t have the time and energy to deal with Jasmine Tong.

Moreover, this malicious incident is clearly intended to put Jasmine Tong to death, Rameen should not be so.

“Well, if it’s not you, it’s better if it’s not you, lest it come back to bite you.”

Ellen Ron stretched out his arms to embrace Rameen Tong.

Rameen Tong punched Ellen Ron’s chest like a spoiled child.

“As soon as something bad happens on my sister’s side, you think about me shouldn’t still be thinking about her.”

“How is that possible?”

“Actually, I know that the five-year relationship between the two of you isn’t that easy to just let go of, but there’s something I’d like to say, sister, this incident is raging, haven’t you ever thought that she did it herself?”

Rameen dreamed that Ellen Ron’s attitude wasn’t very tough and took the opportunity to speak up.

Ellen Ron did not reply.

“Take me for example, the company has pushed for me to become popular, but what about her her current movies are selling out one by one and her popularity is high, is there nothing fishy about this”


“What’s being said on Twitter and in the forums about her sleeping with some top brass, having an affair with someone, etc., is not just empty talk.We all know her situation very well, where would she be if she didn’t take the top spot.”

These things, Ellen Ron couldn’t understand better.

But that was the last thing she wanted to hear.

“Okay, stop it.”

“It’s the same whether you say it or not, my sister is long gone from the clean-cut Jasmine Tong she was.”

Ellen Ron turned his head to look at Rameen Tong.

“Then why don’t you go get cleaned up and wait for me.”

Rameen Tong burst out laughing.

“Why don’t we all get cleaned up together?”

The two men went to the bathroom hand in hand in agreement.

Soon there was a burst of laughter in the bathroom, followed by extremely ambiguous panting sounds.

Whenever Jasmine Tong was mentioned, Ellen Ron wanted Rameen Tong always badly.

He’s full of Jasmine Tong.

Five years of a relationship, and it all goes up in smoke just because she won’t give him her body.

zy hospital

Although Yarwen Tong’s condition had stabilized, he would need to continue to be observed in the hospital for some time, and Jasmine Tong did not let him out of the hospital.

On this day, Mo Yi Xin and Huo Si Jie came to visit Yarwen Tong.

“Auntie, I’ve come to see how Little Lei is doing.”

Mo Yi Xin and Huo Si Jie just happened to meet Jasmine Tong outside the door.

“It’s recovering nicely, you guys go in.”

Jasmine Tong walked into the hospital room with her two children.

“Xiaolei, your classmates are here to see you.”

Yarwen Tong was reading a book on his hospital bed, and when he looked up, he saw a smiling Mo Yi Xin and Huo Sijie.

His face immediately sank.

“They’re not my classmates, they’re not in the same class, we don’t know each other well.”

Yarwen Tong continued to read the book.

Mo Yi Xin and Huo Si Jie both felt quite embarrassed, Jasmine Tong felt the same.

“Xiaolei, people are coming to see you, isn’t it rude of you”

“Who cares if they come to see me” Yarwen Tong didn’t look up, continuing to read his book.

Jasmine Tong immediately laughed along with her.

“Xin Xin, why don’t you guys go back today, Xiaolei’s mood isn’t quite right today, I’ll talk to him later.”

“All right then.”

Mo Yi Xin handed over the fruits and nutrients she had bought to Jasmine Tong, and left with Huo Sijie.

The journey back was also very unpleasant for her.

“Xin Xin, why don’t I say forget it, look at the way Yarwen Tong treats you, if he was interested in you, you two would have become one long ago.”

Mo Yi Xin stared at Huo Sijie fiercely.

“If it were that easy to chase, someone else would have chased it away by now. I don’t believe in that.”

Mo Yi Xin vowed that he would not turn back until he hit the south wall.

Huo Sijie shook his head, there was no cure for this woman.


“Xiaolei, you weren’t like this before. What’s going on? Do you have a problem with them?”

Jasmine Tong asked cautiously.

“Mo Yi Xin has even written me three love letters.”

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